Woman Who Helped Inmates Make Prison Break Cheated on Her Husbands – Her First Husband Claims

Woman Who Helped Inmates Make Prison Break Cheated on Her Husbands Her First Husband Claims

Early this morning, I was watching news coverage about the woman who helped the two guys escape from some prison.

The anchor person said that the woman’s first husband said that she had two or more affairs on him when they were married, and I believe the news program said she was cheating on husband two with one of the inmates, or was being flirted with by the inmates, which is why she helped them.

I find this funny.

And I am so terribly sorry to keep beating this very dead horse here on my blog, but, any time I come across news stories of married people behaving badly – whether they are having affairs, mugging little old ladies, or helping inmates in prison breaks – It makes me laugh.

I grew up in a Baptist and evangelical culture that told me constantly, in sermons, books, TV shows and so on, that being married (and a parent) were necessary milestones in life. That if you remain single and/or childless, you are obviously immature and ungodly.

A lot of conservative Christians really feel that marriage and pro-creation are necessary life steps to attain maturity and other positive characteristics.

The Bible, of course, teaches none of this CRAP, but these assumptions by 95% of conservative Christians never stop.

Here are links about the woman who helped the men to escape (and again, she was married. I do not know if she had children or not).

I will see if I can find online reports confirming that she had affairs in the past, or with the inmates.

After having read more stories about this woman, Joyce Mitchell, she sounds like a whore-bag.

(Link):  EXCLUSIVE: Prison worker who agreed to drive ‘Shawshank’ escapees is ‘a troublemaker’ and a ‘serial cheater’ claims EX-HUSBAND, who says he could see her falling for someone in prison

  • Joyce Mitchell, 51, known at Tillie, worked at Clinton Correctional Facility and confessed she planned to drive getaway car for escapees
  • Tillie is suspected of helping the two killers escape, thinking that she had a future with one of them – Richard Matt
  • Her ex-husband Tobey Premo, 51, tells Daily Mail Online that his wife was a serial cheater
  • ‘I was devastated,’ he said. ‘I kissed her on the bus when I was 16 and I liked her ever after’
  • Former colleague Nancy Hewitt tells Daily Mail Online Tillie was caught having sex on the railroad tracks near her former place of employment
  • She was cheating on Premo with Lyle Mitchell, her current husband

(Link): Watch Live: Cuomo, Shumlin give update on prison break

  • After all the meticulous planning Richard Matt and David Sweat put into breaking out of prison, their plan on the run may be much less sophisticated.
  • Two convicted killers escaped from the maximum-security facility in Dannemora, N.Y.
  • He said officers have been asked to be “extra vigilant” in light of the continuing search. “My windows are locked and everything”. They were married for five years until she had at least two affairs, according to the Daily Mail. Among them is Joyce Mitchell, a training supervisor in the tailor shop where Sweat and Matt worked.

Investigators believe Mitchell planned to pick up the inmates after their escape, but changed her mind at the last minute, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN.

(Link):  Prison employee arrested, charged with aiding escape of two murderers

  • The female prison employee at the center of an investigation into the escape of two killers was arrested Thursday and charged with helping them flee the maximum security facility.
  • Maj. Charles Guess of the New York State Police told an evening press conference Joyce Mitchell, 51, faced one felony and one misdemeanor charge related to aiding Richard Matt and David Sweat, who escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York one week ago.

(Link):  Prison worker is ARRESTED for helping ‘Shawshank’ escapees – amid claims she ‘gave them hacksaws, had affairs with BOTH of them and that her husband helped too’ 

  • Mitchell ‘admitted to giving Richard Matt and David Sweat prohibited items’
  • These included hacksaw blades, drill bits and goggles with attached lights
  • Married mother-of-one also ‘agreed to be getaway driver, but got cold feet’
  • The female prison worker who allegedly helped two murderers escape from a New York prison last weekend by supplying them with prohibited items has been charged in the breakout.

  • Joyce Mitchell, an industrial training supervisor at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, also reportedly agreed to be the getaway driver for Richard Matt and David Sweat, but got cold feet.

  • The 51-year-old grandmother was arrested on Friday evening on charges that she aided the pair in their extraordinary escape last Saturday.

  • She will be arraigned on counts of promoting prison contraband in the first degree – a felony – and criminal facilitation in the fourth degree – a misdemeanor – on Friday night, officials said.

  • Mitchell is rumored to have had affairs with both Matt, 48, and Sweat, 34, before providing them with contraband for their escape, including hacksaw blades, drill bits and goggles with lights.

(Link):  Prison Worker in Love Arrested for Helping Murderers Break Out of Prison

  • Joyce Mitchell, an industrial training supervisor in the tailor shop at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, has been arrested for her part in helping two convicted murderers, Richard Matt and David Sweat, break out of the prison.
  • Mitchell had developed a romantic relationship with Richard Matt, 48, who violently tortured and killed his elderly boss in 1997 before gruesomely dismembering him with a hacksaw.  The relationship had been the subject of a complaint by a co-worker earlier this year, but the department of corrections’ investigation came back inconclusive.