Trans Pedophile [Biological Male] Who Sexually Abused His Own Daughter, Age 7, for Warped Porn Videos is Inmate of Women’s Prison ‘Despite Still Having Penis…’

Trans Pedophile [Biological Male] Who Sexually Abused His Own Daughter, Age 7, for Warped Porn Videos is Inmate of Women’s Prison ‘Despite Still Having Penis…’

Transgenderism is not only a men’s rights movement, but it’s being used as an excuse so that any male pervert can play the “I’m a transwoman” card to get out of negative consequences for their actions, or get off much easier.

The POS in the news story below should be slowly shoved alive into a woodchipper, not housed in a prison, especially not in a women’s prison.

Also note that marriage and parenthood do not make people more godly, loving, ethical, mature, responsible, etc, as so many marriage- and parenthood- idolizing conservatives like to assume or teach.

(Link): Trans pedophile who sexually abused her own daughter, 7, for warped porn videos is inmate of New Jersey women’s prison ‘despite still having PENIS – and wants to marry trans accomplice so they can share a cell’

May 3, 2023
by Neirin Gray Desai

A transgender female pedophile who filmed her [his] seven year-old daughter being sexually abused for horrific porn videos is being housed in a New Jersey women’s prison despite still having a penis, it is claimed.

Marina Volz, 34, is serving her 25 year sentence at the notorious Edna Mahan Correctional Facility alongside her [his] accomplice Ashley Romero, 30 [a biological male whose real first name is Adam], who joined in the abuse of the girl.

Volz, born a man named Matthew, is now recorded as ‘female’ in official prison records, with his presence at Edna Mahan said to be causing terror among biological women housed there.

Shockingly, Volz is even said to want to marry Romero, so they can share a cell together, Reduxx reported, after the publication spoke to other inmates there.

Volz, Romero and two others were found guilty for their roles in sexually abusing Volz’s daughter in the basement of her New Jersey home as part of a scheme to create pornographic films.

Volz, who ran a transgender fetish porn studio, took the youngster from her mother’s home in Oregon, then brought her back to New Jersey, where she was subjected to horrific sexual abuse, the details of which are too graphic to repeat.

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Oregon Woman Sues State for Rejecting Adoption Application Over Opposition to Child Gender Transition

Oregon Woman Sues State for Rejecting Adoption Application Over Opposition to Child Gender Transition

Oregon Woman Sues State for Rejecting Adoption Application over Opposition to Child Gender Transition


[A widowed woman who already had five children felt that God was calling her to adopt a child]

… But while Bates’s Christian faith is the reason she felt called to adopt in the first place, that same faith is the reason she is not being allowed to, according to a lawsuit filed Monday against leaders of Oregon’s Department of Human Services in federal court.

According to the lawsuit, state officials denied Bates’s application to adopt, not because of a lack of financial resources or any history of abuse or neglect, but because she acknowledged that her Christian faith informs her that gender and sex aren’t a choice. She was also denied because she said she would be unwilling to use pronouns that don’t align with a child’s sex or to take a child to an appointment to receive cross-sex hormone treatments.

Bates and her lawyers argue that the state’s adoption rules and regulations, specifically around mandated beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity, clearly violate Bates’s First Amendment rights to free speech and to freely exercise her religion.

“Pronouns and words that you use, those carry a message,” said ADF lawyer Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse. “In this case, they’re forcing her to affirm the message that you can choose your gender, and that gender can be different from your biological sex, which violates her religious beliefs, but it also compels her to speak a message that she disagrees with.”

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Muslim Lady Comedian Under Attack by Progressive LGBTQ Activist Slime Balls for Calling Out Grooming Behavior by Non-Binary Creep Jeffrey Marsh

Muslim Lady Comedian Under Attack by Progressive LGBTQ Activist Slime Balls for Calling Out Grooming Behavior by Non-Binary Creep Jeffrey Marsh

Well, I guess that settles that question!

A few years ago, when I was just becoming aware of progressive “intersectionalism” (I didn’t even know that term yet),  and I wrote a blog post about it back then, I wondered where exactly LGBTQ persons were in the far left’s Totem Pole of Oppression.

It was clear to me a few years ago that progressives were throwing women of all skin colors (especially white women) under the bus, but I couldn’t at that time figure out if it came down to it, if it were a Muslim Vs. a Black Man, or a Muslim Vs. a Transgender person, for example, which one would the neo-Marxist progressives side with?

It wasn’t yet clear to me who they considered to be the biggest victim group.

I thought at that time that possibly that Muslims would always beat out any LGBTQs, but that is not so!

Recently, a Muslim lady, Shumirun Nessa, made a TikTok video or two calling out LGBTQ weirdo and deviant Jeffrey Marsh for his grooming-like behavior.

The progressive nutcases didn’t like that at all! They started sending threats to the Muslim lady, and the progressive LGBTQ harassment got so bad (they even mentioned her daughters to her in their threats), that she issued a tear-filled TikTok video saying she’s since deleted all ofher Jeffrey Marsh content, but that didn’t seem to make the harassment go away.

Marsh’s behavior is in fact creepy, disturbing, and grooming-like.

If Marsh’s end goal is to educate children about Narcissistic Abuse, he is going about it the wrong way.

Marsh does engage in predatory- and grooming- like behavior, where he tells children to go “No Contact” with the adults in their lives (for most, that would be their parents), and he was telling them to contact him instead, and that he will be their family.

Often, one will hear the phrase “No Contact” in regards to cutting off a toxic or abusive person from one’s life – the phrase is most commonly associated with how to deal with a pathological narcissist in one’s life.

If Marsh is truly interested in the welfare of children dealing with difficult home lives, he’ll direct them to more appropriate persons or professional institutions to which they can refer, but he points children to himself on his private Patreon page, or something of that nature. That is highly inappropriate behavior.

As much as I take issue with Islam (it has problems with systemic sexism, as much as Christian gender complementarianism does), I don’t have a problem with people who practice Islam peacefully.

I am opposed to Marsh or any of his LGBTQ allies harassing this Muslim woman for her speaking her concerns and views about Marsh’s disgusting and suspicious behavior. They are acting like total dirt bags for harassing her and for stalking her.

This is another example of why I use a pen name. If you’re going to make videos, tweets, or blog posts, you should strongly reconsider using your real name online. I discussed that topic more in (Link): this recent post.

There are a lot of un-hinged wackos out there (of any and all political persuasions), some of whom will harass you, stalk you, or try to get you fired from your job.

Some of them, probably most of them, though, are progressive, and the progressives don’t believe in freedom of expression: if you publish material that is in opposition to their progressive, Marxist beliefs, they will harass you if given a chance, and they won’t limit this to online harassment but some take it to real life, too.

I’m not saying that people who do release material under their actual names are to blame if they are targeted, only that you need to think long and hard if you do want to write or vlog under your real name in light of all the kooks out there.

Here are some links and more information about this situation:

Muslim Comedian Under Attack for Calling Out Grooming Behavior by Non-binary Creep Jeffrey Marsh


… Jeffrey Marsh, the self-described non-binary TikTok personality, openly engages in this kind of grooming. He encourages children to go “no contact” with their parents if their families don’t support their identity.

It’s not in dispute that he does this regularly. There are many videos of him saying just that. He also makes videos for “kids only,” or asks parents to stop listening and let the kids have the device.

… A Muslim comedian named Shumirun Nessa made several TikTok videos exposing Marsh’s behavior. All she did was expose what Marsh himself had put out there and ask why this man is encouraging minors to join a private Patreon group where Marsh said they could talk more freely.

Someone posted one of Marsh’s private videos on Patreon that he encourages kids to access, and it’s about sex with his husband.

…After Nessa’s videos went viral, a wave of trans-activists started harassing her online. She says they have doxed her address and sent threatening emails that tell her what schools her daughters attend (and they’re right).

Nessa also says her car has been vandalized and trolls have posted photos of her without her hijab to shame her. She took down all the videos she made about Marsh and apologized to the terrorizers and asked them to stop stalking her.

BRAVE MOM Tearfully Begs Woke Mob Not To Hurt Her Children After Receiving Threats For Exposing Popular Transgender’s Grooming Messages Directed at Troubled Kids [VIDEO]

Popular social media figure Shumirun Nessa has been doxxed, and her kids have been threatened after she created a video calling out TikToker Jeffrey Marsh for being a groomer.

By Patty McMurray
Mar. 14, 2023

100 Percent Fed Up reports -Jeffrey Marsh, a transgender social media influencer, posts a lot of inappropriate videos encouraging children to join his Patreon so he can chat privately with them. Many of his videos are aimed directly at children, specifically those who don’t have a good relationship with their families.

Nessa made a video questioning the appropriateness of Marsh targeting kids and trying to get a private audience with them on social media.

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Man Considers Assisted Suicide After Gender Transition Goes Horribly Wrong: ‘I Was So Confused as to Why I Didn’t Have a Penis Anymore’

Man Considers Assisted Suicide After Gender Transition Goes Horribly Wrong: ‘I Was So Confused as to Why I Didn’t Have a Penis Anymore’

Welcome to the house of horrors that are Leftist Sexual Queer Politics: encouraging troubled, confused people to get their bodies mutilated and later regretting it – to the point they want to die. This is trans-activism!

(Link): A Canadian trans woman is killing themselves because they regret their transition

(Link): Man considers assisted suicide after gender transition goes horribly wrong: ‘I was so confused as to why I didn’t have a penis anymore’

January 19, 2023
by Cortney Weil

A Canadian man has reportedly begun the process of applying for assisted suicide through his country’s “medical assistance in dying” law after years of mental and physical anguish as a result of so-called gender transition surgery.

The man known on Twitter as “Duchess Lois” describes himself as “a sterilized first nations person of treaty 6,” meaning he is an indigenous person, “who is also a post-op transsexual woman of 14 years.”

In various recent posts, Lois has stated that he felt “the system” rushed him into undergoing a vaginoplasty at a young age and that he “wasn’t yet ready for” it.

According to a tweet thread posted on January 17, Lois began experiencing severe complications with the surgery a few years ago.

His surgically created vaginal opening had begun to close, and he needed to add more dilations to an already difficult regimen to help keep it open.

He sought medical help for this “depth loss” in June 2021, but the doctor he saw dismissed his concerns. “[W]e as females experience vaginal atrophy,” she reportedly told him.

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Dean of Chicago School Says Students Shown Dildos, Butt Plugs While Teaching About Queer Sex – Progressives are Perverted Groomers

Dean of Chicago School Says Students Shown Dildos, Butt Plugs While Teaching About Queer Sex – Progressives Are Perverted Groomers

I notice that all the progressives, atheists, and “exvangelical” malcontents or loons on Twitter who complain constantly about Republican, conservative, or Christian emphasis on sexual purity, sexual abstinence, or Purity Culture, never criticize the leftist perverted obsession with forcing age-inappropriate sexual content down the throats of public school children.

Why, they actually love it!

Progressives, Liberals, and ex-Christians, the types who regularly gripe about Trump voters, Republicans, Purity Culture, or evangelicals, are themselves groomers and Pedo-Enablers. What a bunch of dirt bags – hypocritical dirt bags.

(Link): Project Veritas: Chicago school’s dean of students talks about how he enjoys teaching “queer sex” to kids with sex toys

(Link): Undercover video reveals dean of elite Chicago school bragging about handing out dildos, butt plugs and lube to students as young as 14 – and bringing a drag queen to ‘hang out’ during lessons about queer sex

Dec 8, 2022
by Hope Sloop

The dean of an elite school in Chicago has been caught on video openly discussing how students as young as 14 were handed dildos and butt plugs during ‘comprehensive’ sex education classes.

In the video, Joseph Bruno, 41, told an undercover reporter from the conservative news website Project Veritas that the school aims to teach students at the Francis W. Parker School all about queer sexual intercourse.

‘During Pride — we do a Pride Week every year – I had like our LGBTQ+ Health Center come in. They were passing around butt-plugs and dildos to my students — talking about queer sex, using lube versus using spit,’ Bruno says.

He also disclosed that a drag queen had been invited into the classroom, who took photos with the children and handed out cookies.

The video, shared to Project Veritas’ Twitter account, which has one million followers, has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

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House Democrats Block Religious Liberty Amendment to Same-Sex Marriage Bill

House Democrats Block Religious Liberty Amendment to Same-Sex Marriage Bill

(Link): House Democrats block religious liberty amendment to same-sex marriage bill

Dec 6, 2022
by Chris Pandolfo

House Democrats have blocked a Republican amendment that would have strengthened religious liberty protections in the Respect for Marriage Act, a bipartisan bill that would require the federal government to recognize all marriages, including same-sex marriages, that are legal in the state where they took place.

The House Rules Committee held a hearing Monday afternoon on an amendment offered by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, that would have prohibited the federal government from retaliating against any individual or organization that opposes same-sex marriage on religious or moral grounds.

Committee Chairman Rep. James McGovern, D-Mass., refused to allow Roy’s amendment to advance to the House floor, explaining that Democrats want to pass the Respect for Marriage Act during the lame-duck session of Congress before Republicans take over the House next year.

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Trans and HIV Activist, 39, Arrested for ‘Soliciting Pedophile Hunter Posing as a 14-Year-Old Boy on Grindr’

Trans and HIV Activist, 39, Arrested for ‘Soliciting Pedophile Hunter Posing as a 14-Year-Old Boy on Grindr’

So many pedophiles are claiming to be transgender – usually “MtF” (male to female).

This trans movement is very dangerous, especially for biological females of all ages and for children.

The Trans Agenda is being exploited and used to justify pedophilia, men sexually harassing women in women’s locker rooms (etc), and as a cover for pedophiles and sexual harassers. It needs to stop.

I do not take issue with people who genuinely have “gender dysphoria,” who have been diagnosed with it by a doctor, who don’t infringe on the rights and safety of biological females, who don’t make unreasonable demands that everyone should date them, or who don’t mock womanhood (by way of regressive gender stereotypes), etc.

But for the self-identified transgender men (the ones who claim to be women) who keep using transgenderism as a rationale or excuse to harass or harm women, who act entitled, etc, yes, I do take issue.

Transgenderism is being used and exploited by immoral men to harass girls and women and to perpetuate sexist stereotypes about women.

The Transgender movement is by and large a Pedophile’s Rights Movement and a Men’s Rights Movement, and many liberals and all progressives and the Democrat Party are supporting this sexist garbage.

(Link): Trans and HIV activist, 39, arrested for ‘soliciting pedophile hunter posing as a 14-year-old boy on Grindr’

by Ronny Reyes
November 3, 2022

A prominent New York City transgender and HIV activist has been arrested and charged for allegedly soliciting a minor on Grindr and asking him for oral sex.

Lailani Muniz, 39, was taken into custody after corresponding with a man working with the NY Creeps Spotlight nonprofit, who posed as a 14-year-old boy named Josh on the LGBTQ dating app, Fox reports.

Muniz, who identifies as female and is HIV positive, works as the Chief Operations Officer for the New York Transgender Bodybuilding Federation and was honored earlier this year at Bronx Borough Hall during Pride Month.

NY Creeps Spotlight, which works to expose people who target children, posted chats Muniz allegedly had with the disguised man, who only identified himself as FM.

The messages show Muniz wanted to have sex with the minor, offering weed and ecstasy to make him ‘feel horny’, and asked him for oral sex even after finding out he was underaged.

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‘Comparing Muslims to HITLER’: Lefties Are Trying to Get Muslim Parents Fired for Speaking Out Against Sexually Explicit Books in Schools

‘Comparing Muslims to HITLER’: Lefties Are Trying to Get Muslim Parents Fired for Speaking Out Against Sexually Explicit Books in Schools

I just posted about this topic about two days ago here, (Link): Arab-Americans Form Unlikely Alliance in Bid to Ban Explicit LGBTQ Books from School Libraries

This is the awkwardness that happens thanks to progressive victimhood ideology – far left liberals and progressives put everyone in a group, insist that some groups have things worse than others, are more oppressed than others (intersectionality),
then when one of the liberal “pet groups” (Muslims) speaks out against another pet group (LGBTQ) or liberal pet cause,
the progressives either start behaving like hypocrites (throwing one of their own pet groups under the bus), or, it leaves them meshed in confusion.

It’s pretty funny to watch liberals “eat their own.” This is where their woke, intersectional ideology leads.

What is the deal with so many liberals and progressives comparing anyone they do not like with Hitler?

When you use the Hitler comparison as often as progressives and liberals do, it dilutes the meaning and the horrors of Hitler.
If everyone is a Hitler (for not agreeing with every last portion of progressive views) than nobody is Hitler.

I do not like Islam (Islam has huge problems with systemic sexism and violence against girls and women, which most liberals and progressives will not admit or discuss),
but so long as Muslims peacefully practice their religion in the United States, they have every right to do that and to speak out against LGBTQ being indoctrinated into public school children if they wish to.

(Link): ‘Comparing Muslims to HITLER’: Lefties are trying to get Muslim parents fired for speaking out against sexually explicit books in schools (thread)

So the Left is now going after Muslims for disagreeing with sexually explicit materials in schools. That figures.

Hey, when they show you who they really are, especially people on the Left, BELIEVE THEM.

Look at this thread:

Pure insanity?


Welcome to 2022.

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Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

I don’t have an issue with churches (or whatever group) making homosexual people feel welcome, that’s all find and dandy, but there’s a line there between welcoming someone, and celebrating, endorsing, or affirming everything they say, think, or do, and also involving children in whatever that is.

(Link): Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

Church sponsoring LGBTQ pride event says, ‘We mean it about inclusivity’

By Jessica Chasmar | Fox News

A church-sponsored LGBTQ pride event in Kentucky is advertising “kid’s activities” and “drag shows” in the state’s capital this weekend.

Capital Pride Kentucky is hosting a festival on Saturday at the Old Capitol Lawn in Frankfort, where children can partake in activities like jewelry making and a scavenger hunt.

Banners advertising the event posted on the LGBTQ group’s Facebook page list a number of activities for attendees, including “drag shows,” “vendor fair,” “kid’s activities,” “entertainment,” “food & beer,” and “fun for everyone.”

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Homosexual Actor Inexplicably Blames Heterosexuals For Failure of Homosexual Rom Com Movie Tanking at Box Office

Homosexual Actor Inexplicably Blames Heterosexuals For Failure of Homosexual Rom Com Movie Tanking at Box Office

I have no idea how straights can be blamed for a homosexual rom com movie failing to make big bucks at the box office. But here we are.

Why would the director (co-writer?), Eichner, who I think also had a role in this movie, assume that heterosexuals would want to sit through a movie about homosexual guys?

Especially when the marketing indicated that the movie would take pot shots at heterosexuals (joking about how heterosexuals are “so over”), the marketing and Eichner, the film’s co-writer, hit people over the head with the notion that the movie was primarily for and about LGBT persons.

I also think with all the streaming services and with the impact of Covid that people just don’t go to the movies so much any more – unless it’s Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun Maverick.”

Also – I am a conservative. I’ve been told by Hollywood – most of whom are far left wingers – that persons with my political views are not welcome. They have said in years past they hate conservatives and don’t want us to see their movies.

In addition, I have no desire to see two men kiss each other, get romantic or sexual (I’m also not a fan of hetero couples getting it on in movies, either).

Hollywood spends a lot of time lecturing and insulting white, non-homosexual people but then they get bent out of shape when we quite understandably don’t want to see whatever movies they’re putting out, especially if it’s about a revered pet group of theirs, such as LGBT.

I am under NO OBLIGATION to attend any movie. None.

I am under NO OBLIGATION to validate anyone.

I am under no obligation to validate or celebrate anyone’s life style choices, which includes their sexual behavior.

I don’t think progressives can accept that others don’t owe them affirmation.

This homosexual actor/script writer should stop blaming heterosexuals for his failures, especially given today’s climate, where far left Hollywood constantly shames white, straight, Christians, and conservatives for being white, straight, Christian, and/or conservative.

It’s so narcissistic to expect people to take abuse off of you but then also support you. You can’t have it both ways.

(Link): Billy Eichner says he’s disappointed as Bros finished in fourth place on its opening weekend

Bros writer and actor Billy Eichner took to Twitter on Sunday to reflect on the disappointing performance of his gay romcom at the box office following its opening weekend.

The 44-year-old actor-comedian issued a series of tweets about the film, which is the first LGBTQ romantic comedy given a large release by a major studio.

Despite a $22million production budget and rave reviews, the film took in just $4.8million and landed fourth place at the US box office.


(Link): Hollywood’s Latest Box Office Bomb Is Your Fault, According to Billy Eichner 

Billy Eichner’s gay romantic comedy performed dismally. He sees where the fault lies, and it is not with his film.

This is an occurrence that happens infrequently yet consistently over the years in Hollywood. A new property arrives and it is declared “Important,” — t bears all the earmarks of progressive activism, and that is all the reason to promote it heavily and expect great returns. Then, when things go sideways, the next thing to do is to not look at the problems with your product but rage at what is said to be “the true cause” of your poor result – the audience.

(Link): Nolte: Woke ‘Bros’ Delivers Another Weekend Box Office Bust


by John Nolte

The woketards at TheWrap assured us Bros, an R-rated, homosexual romantic comedy released in 3,350 theaters, would — and I quote — “Kick Off Box Office Revival.”

Why would anyone think that?

I’ll confess I didn’t expect Bros to die-die-die with a, lol, $4.8 million opening, but…

How bubbled do you have to be to predict a gay movie filled with gay sex and gay talking points disguised as dialogue would succeed at the box office?

The American people have no problem with gay-themed comedies. Twenty-seven years ago, The Birdcage (1996) was a huge hit that drew $124 million domestic. In today’s dollars, that’s almost a quarter of a billion — with “B” — dollars domestic.

Can you imagine any comedy making $250 million domestic these days? Comedies suck today.

So why did the public flock to The Birdcage and avoid Bros like the plague?

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LGBTQ Community Triggered by Accurate Label on Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Show Identifying Him as Homosexual

LGBTQ Community Triggered by Accurate Label on Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Show Identifying Him as Homosexual

Why would homosexuals get upset over this? I’m a hetero person who acknowledges that some serial killers or mass murderers are hetero, such as Ted Bundy.

Not only was Dahmer homosexual, but so too was John Gacy (he may have possibly been bi-sexual?) There was some famous homosexual serial killer in the UK, I forget his name, but he had a pet dog named Buttons – or Bleep?

Anyway. I am so tired of this leftist identity political garage where each liberal, progressive pet group refuses to acknowledge that members of their own group can be, or have been, guilty of heinous acts. It’s not just white, hetero, biological men who’ve done bad stuff, but also “people of color,” women, homosexuals, and transgender people.

Not every single homosexual person (or hetero) is an innocent little angel. Some homosexuals (like some hetero persons) are evil, twisted, or great big jerks.

(Link): Netflix drops LGBTQ tag on Jeffrey Dahmer series amid backlash

(Link):  Netflix REMOVES LGBTQ tag for Jeffrey Dahmer series after backlash over classification 

(Link):  Netflix removes LGBTQ tag from “Dahmer” due to LGBTQ complaints: “This is not the representation we’re looking for.”

Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay, pedophile, cannibalistic serial killer who was finally caught in the early 1990s. Netflix’s adaptation of his story appropriately labeled LGBTQ.

However, within two days, the tag was removed as LGBTQ subscribers freaked out that the streaming giant would remind everyone that Dahmer was a homosexual.

As one LGBTQ subscriber wrote, “This is not the representation we’re looking for.”

(Link): Netflix removes ‘LGBTQ’ tag from Jeffrey Dahmer biopic following backlash: Report


Netflix has reportedly accommodated the demands of social media users who recently became enraged after the streaming service giant tagged a biopic about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as “LGBTQ” content.

On September 21, Netflix debuted “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a 10-part, fictional dramatization of the life, confession, arrest, and conviction of Dahmer. Dahmer pled guilty by reason of insanity to murdering 16 men and underage boys in Milwaukee and Ohio between 1978 and 1991, though a jury later found him to be mentally competent. He was charged with but not convicted of another murder.

…Most of Dahmer’s victims were gay and racial or ethnic minorities.

Ostensibly because Dahmer was a homosexual and most of his victims identified as members of the gay community, Netflix tagged the series as “LGBTQ” content. Many on social media then complained about the association between Dahmer and the LGBTQ community.

(Link): LGBTQ community TRIGGERED by accurate label on Jeffrey Dahmer show identifying as him as gay

Jack Posobiec tweeted, “Netflix hit with backlash after tagging Jeffrey Dahmer series as ‘LGBTQ’ despite Jeffrey Dahmer being gay.”

Sept 25, 2022

Netflix’s new series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” premiered on September 21 and faced immediate backlash for tagging the show as part of the streaming network’s LGBTQ content, despite the fact that the cannibal was a gay man.

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Homosexual Couple Charged with Using Their Adopted Children to Make Child Porn

Homosexual Couple Charged with Using Their Adopted Children to Make Child Porn

I’ve noticed that in coverage of child rape, child porn, or other sorts of crimes and sins that the media are loathe to admit if the perps are homosexuals, transgender, or if they are married.

Liberals and progressives – many of whom comprise most of the field of journalism – will mention is a perp is a single (unmarried) or a hetero, however.

There was a similar news story from around 15 years ago, where a homosexual couple sexually molested their adopted son. People who knew about that abuse were reluctant to go to authorities for fear of being branded “homophobic.”

I acknowledge that not all homosexual persons are child molesters and rapists, so if you’re a homosexual person, you don’t need to leave me nasty comments screaming at me about this. But this is a problem – and many won’t call it out, because it would be politically incorrect.

(Link): Atlanta Couple Used Adoptive Children to Film Child Porn, Cops Allege

(Link):  Georgia couple arrested for allegedly producing child sexual abuse material (using their children, one of whom was adopted)

The two men each face charges of aggravated child molestation, sexual exploitation of children and enticing a child for indecent purposes

August 7, 2022

A couple in Oxford, Georgia, has been arrested after authorities allegedly discovered they produced homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one adopted child who lived with them.

… After interviewing the unidentified suspect, who admitted to collecting child porn, police allegedly learned of another individual in the county who was “producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

Detectives collected evidence confirming that the second suspect engaged in sexually abusive acts against the children and documented the acts on video.

Police executed a search and arrest warrant that same night at a home in Oxford, and arrested Zachary Zulock and William Zulock, adoptive fathers of a pair of brothers.

(Link): Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn

August 7, 2022
By Patrick Reilly

A Georgia couple [who are homosexual males] has been charged with using their two adopted children to record child pornography, police said.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office raided a home in Loganville July 27 on reports that a man there was downloading child porn.

After interviewing the suspect, who was not identified, police said they learned there was another suspect in the county who was “producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home,” the sheriff’s office said Thursday.

Around 11:30 p.m. that same night, executed a search warrant in Oxford at the home of William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35.

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