Top Trans Medical Org Recommends Castration for Those with ‘Eunuch’ Identity

Top Trans Medical Org Recommends Castration for Those with ‘Eunuch’ Identity

The left – progressives – are getting way out of hand with now wanting to classify each and every perversion or fetish, or what not, as being legitimate sexual identities – and then they demand that we all bow down and accept, tolerate, and worship these new identity groups / deviant / pathological behavior.

And if you don’t go along with it, they’ll refer to you as a “-phobe” of some sort.

This cycle and behavior has been so predictable for years now. After a push for “acceptance” of “eunuchs” as a sexual identity, a few years from now, these progressive lunatics will be holding “eunuch pride parades” and insisting we all celebrate right along with.

Are these weirdos going to cause the far left to update their wacko “pride” flag once more, to include some color combination or symbol to represent eunuchs?

(Link): Top Trans Medical Org Recommends Castration For Those With ‘Eunuch’ Identity

(Link): Top trans medical org recommends castration for those with ‘eunuch’ Identity

by Laurel Duggan
Sept 26, 2022

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which sets medical standards for transgender-related procedures, recognized eunuchs as a gender identity group in its newest guidelines, recommending castration as a treatment option.

Eunuchs are males who wish to remove all male genitals, genital functioning or other masculine attributes, according to WPATH.

Eunuchs are listed alongside gender identities and sexual conditions like “nonbinary” and “intersex” in the eighth edition of WPATH’s standards of care, which states that eunuchs need “gender-affirming care” that can include physical and chemical castration in order to live out their identities.

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Sex Education Book Instructs Parents To Let Their Young Children Watch Them Have Sex

Sex Education Book Instructs Parents To Let Their Young Children Watch Them Have Sex

And some atheists and anti-purity culture, progressive Christians have the nerve to complain about Christians giving 1980s or 1990s era sexual purity lectures in Bible classes, where they used chewing gum analogies or whatever for pre-marital sex.

The atheistic, secular, and progressive attempts at “sex education” are far, far worse.

The left is sexualizing children… the end goal of progressive “queer theory” is to normalize pedophilia and other perverted behaviors, by the way. It’s in their academic literature and journals.

(Link):  Sex Education Book Instructs Parents To Let Their Young Children Watch Them Have Sex


by Christina Buttons
September 8, 2022

A screenshot of an excerpt from a sex education book that recommends parents invite their young children into bed to watch while they have sexual relations circulated on social media on Thursday.

The book, “Sex Education for 8-12 Year Olds: Kids Book for Good Parents,” purportedly written by Ana Leblanc, was removed from Amazon following dozens of one-star reviews and comments from readers who were disturbed by the book’s content.

Courage Is A Habit, an account dedicated to “creat[ing] tools & strategies for the average parent so they can defend their child from indoctrination in the K-12 system,” shared screenshots to Twitter of the book which immediately went viral.

But there remains a legitimate concern that some could have bought the book seeking genuine advice.

Page 47 of “Sex Education for 8-12 Year Olds: Kids Book for Good Parents” begins by explaining to readers that “it is not uncommon for children to overhear or even ‘catch’ their parents making love.”

“A child should be gradually introduced to the ordinary mechanics of love-making and allowed to enter into the parent’s circle of love,” says the authoor. “Instead of being shut out completely and left to wonder how daddy and mommy do it,” she adds.

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Oakland ‘Church’ Gives Out Mushrooms and Pot to Help People ‘Experience God’

Oakland ‘Church’ Gives Out Mushrooms and Pot to Help People ‘Experience God’

This is insipid and wrong. A person doesn’t have to abuse drugs to “experience God.” If you’re looking to “experience God,” you can try prayer, reading the Bible, or taking a walk outside and observing nature, or maybe try helping someone in need.

(Link): Oakland ‘church’ gives out mushrooms and pot to help people ‘experience god’

by John Sexton
August 17, 2022

This is one of those only in the Bay Area stories. An organization that calls itself the Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants opened its doors in 2019. The leader of the group says he gave weekly sermons until the pandemic made that impossible. But he continues to give out drugs to those who pay a monthly membership fee plus donations.

Church founder Dave Hodges said when the church opened, he conducted weekly sermons at the Oakland building but basically stopped during the pandemic.

During the sermons, he dressed in robes adorned with pictures of cannabis plants and talked about “the insights” he experienced when going into “these deep realms” after taking mushrooms.

Prior to COVID, Hodges would pass out joints to his members before giving his sermon. The church does not allow people to take mushrooms on-site due to safety issues and instead encourages people to take psychedelics in a place where they won’t have to drive for at least 8 hours.

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Zuckerberg Tells Rogan Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

Zuckerberg Tells Rogan Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

I don’t normally make purely political type posts like this one at this blog, but one reason I was kicked off Twitter for months and months was over Twitter censorship over this stupid Hunter Biden lap top story.

I posted a link or two about the Hunter Biden lap top scandal, Twitter didn’t like it, accused me of “suspicious behavior” on their platform, and they locked me out of my account for months.

It also just ticks me off how Big Tech is nothing but an extension for the Democrat Party and progressive ideals – god help you if you tweet or Facebook anything critical about Biden or the trans-lunatic agenda, because those platforms will suspend you or whatever.

I’ve had friends on Facebook get put into “time out” over posting stuff critical about Biden.

I am fed up with the anti-conservative bias on these garbage social media sites – they CLEARLY favor progressive views and causes.

(Link): Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan Facebook was wrong to ban The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story

August 25, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg finally admitted on Thursday that Facebook dropped the ball when the company banned the sharing of The Post’s exclusive report on Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 election.

The billionaire CEO of Meta said he regretted Facebook’s handling of the bombshell story during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” — but he still defended the process as “pretty reasonable.”

Zuckerberg opened up about the controversial media suppression after the host pressed him to explain his views on how tech platforms should handle content moderation on sensitive subjects.

“When something like that turns out to be real, is there regret for not having it evenly distributed and for throttling the distribution of that story?” Rogan asked about The Post’s Hunter Biden scoop.

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The Obnoxious Abuse Survivor Community Is Targeting Julie Roys Again – this time begun by R L Stollar

The Obnoxious Abuse Survivor Community Is Targeting Julie Roys Again – this time the witch hunt was begun by R L Stollar

The “abuse survivor community” has taken their pitchforks out again, and again their pitchforks and torches are for journalist Julie Roys.

This time, the bullying is being carried out by a R L Stollar, a name I’ve seen on twitter off and on in the last few years.

I believe he originally began speaking out against harms caused by Christian homeschooling? Good on him for that (I mean that, that was not snark).

Beyond that, though, I’m not familiar with Stollar. He may have even tweeted a few things in the past I saw shared by others I follow on Twitter that I agreed with.

To Julie Anne (“Defend the Sheep” on twitter) – why are you  participating in this continued pile on?

(Edit: I believe Julie Anne “Liked” some of the comments in that thread, or I saw her share it on her Twitter account, which is how I became aware of it in the first place)

Why are you, Julie Anne, continuing to associate with people who behave this way?
I’m sorry if you feel that Roys did not credit you or friends of yours or whatever on older reportage she did (which she tried to discuss with you), but what is the deal with cozying up to the people singling her out every few weeks?

Anyway. Roys is being bullied online again, and this time it was started by Stollar.

Yes, I said “again” – see (Link): my previous post about this weird, disturbing anti-Roys obsession from the Amy Smiths, Ashley Easters, and other so-called abuse survivor advocates.

If you take note of this obnoxious behavior, as I did, (that is, noting their bullying and mob mentality where they target someone), some of them will erroneously misconstrue you as being a “Julie Roys Stan,” or use that as an ad hominem against you (see embedded tweets below for more on that).

Birth Control Movie

Now, the “abuse survivor community” is targeting Roys for having once appeared in a several years old (conservative created, I believe) movie about birth control and the sexual revolution.

I’ve not seen the movie they are referring to, but I did watch and listen to a clip of Roys presumably from the film (that clip located in a tweet by someone else here), and the comments Roys made were pretty conventional.

There was  nothing “far out” there by Roys in that clip, not unless, I suppose, you’re operating from a faulty, far left liberal paradigm, in which case pointing out that sexual behaviors with little- to- no boundaries can result in things like disease or other harmful ramifications will sound judgmental, fuddy duddy, and stodgy.

Speaking of which:

(Link): Monkeypox virus could become entrenched as new STD in the US – via ABC News (warning: auto-playing video file with audio on that page)


The spread of monkeypox in the U.S. could represent the dawn of a new sexually transmitted disease, though some health officials say the virus that causes pimple-like bumps might yet be contained before it gets firmly established

By Mike Stobbe AP Medical Writer
July 22, 2022

… So far, more than 2,800 U.S. cases have been reported as part of an international outbreak that emerged two months ago. About 99% have been men who reported having sex with other men, health officials say.
— end excerpts —

Secular Criticisms of Birth Control and the Sexual Revolution

In the past year, a few secular books criticizing the consequences of the sexual revolution (including the role of the advent of birth control pills) have been published
(which I’ve blogged about here (Where the Sexual Revolution Went Wrong by Maria Albano) and here (The Sexual Revolution Has Backfired on Women by S. Moore),
so it’s not only those evangelicals all you hipster “Exvangelicals” despise pointing out the flaws and dangers with no-holds-barred sexual behavior.

In the past few years, more and more liberals and feminists have been speaking out about the excesses and harms of loose sexual behavior; these are just a couple of examples on my blog:

(Link): Why Sex-Positive Feminism is Falling Out of Fashion by S. Greenberg – excerpts via New York Times

(Link): Did Hell Freeze Over?: Liberal Rag Promotes Idea that Celibacy is Acceptable, and a Valid Life Choice / Re: 2016 Study Says Millennials Aren’t Having Much Sex

Progressives / Abuse Advocates Define Christianity to = Democrat Party, Progressive Values and Views

Many of the abuse advocates under consideration in this blog post I am discussing are politically driven (or some have left-leaning sympathies).

They conflate Christianity with leftism, progressive views, causes, and the Democratic Party, and reject anyone who doesn’t agree with all their socio-political views.

Here is my reaction to what got the ball rolling (tweet link – my comment – and here is a link to the original R L Stollar comment I was replying to):

Link to Tweet embedded below.

So this Stollar guy initially did a tweet with a link to this page (also linked to below, with excerpt) at Right Wing Watch – of course he did.

Does Stollar ever follow sites with names like “Left Wing Watch” (i.e., any accounts that are critical of progressive ideology?) – probably not.

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Dictionary Site Changes Definitions of “Girl” and “Female”

Dictionary Site Changes Definitions of “Girl” and “Female”

I will edit this post after the fact to add new articles, if I come across any. For now, the information I do have:

This is behind a paywall, only the first few paragraphs are free to read:

(Link): At some point, Merriam-Webster amended their definition of ‘female’ to keep up with our modern times

(Link): A new gender term just dropped 🎉 🙌

(Link): Merriam-Webster’s ‘female’ definition now includes nod to gender identity


by Matt Delaney
July 20, 2022

Merriam-Webster has broadened its definition of “female.”

The dictionary, often treated as the authoritative source when it comes to modern definitions, added to its online definition of female that the word can mean “having a gender identity that is opposite of male.”

 For the 1a, or primary, definition, female means “of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs.”

The National Review noted that, in the dictionary’s 10th edition, the words “typically have the capacity to” are not found, nor have they been added to the dictionary’s kids version online.

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Oregon Law Seeks to Put Tampons Into Boy’s Public School Bathrooms, One Mother Sues To Halt This

Oregon Law Seeks to Put Tampons Into Boy’s Public School Bathrooms, One Mother Sues To Halt This – Progressives Are Anti-Science

Any group (and I refer to gender ideologues, progressives, many liberals, and Democrats) that promotes the idea that boys and men can and do get menstrual periods is anti-science.

If you’re on other sites or your social media mocking or insulting conservatives or Christians for believing in “Young Earth Creationism,” or for disagreeing with you over climate change, and scream that those people are “unscientific,” you really have no leg to stand on for that,
and you’re completely hypocritical,
considering “your side” (liberals, progressives, Democrats, trans activists, and tree huggers of all political persuasions) are anti-science and science-deniers, since they teach falsehoods like men can get periods, men can get pregnant, and women have penises.

If you’re not familiar with this story from May 2022:

(Link): They’re Cotton-Picking Committed: Oregon Education Stocks the Boys Room With Tampons


By Alex Parker | May 15, 2022

In 2021, Democrat Governor Kate Brown signed into law the Menstrual Dignity Act, which stipulates thusly:

Each public education provider shall ensure that both tampons and sanitary pads are available at no cost to students through dispensers located in at least two student bathrooms of every public school building.
To be clear:

“Student bathroom” means a bathroom that is accessible by students, including a gender-neutral bathroom, a bathroom designated for females, and a bathroom designated for males.

House Bill 3294 is set to become active by July 1st. So for the 2022-23 school year, boys will have access to period care while at school.

As pointed out by Fox News, the law covers restrooms “regardless of age.”

Tampons have really absorbed the spotlight as of late:

(Link): UCLA Stocks Its Men’s Restrooms With Tampons

(Link): California Eyes a Near-Million-Dollar Menstrual Bill for Women, Men and the Nonbinary


(Link): NBC: Transgender Men Face More Suffering From Their Periods Than Women Do

(Link): Is Sex Real? Do Women Menstruate? Author Gets #Canceled For Standing With J.K. Rowling

(Link): GirlPower 2019: Instagram Feminist Regularly Covers Her Face in Menstrual Blood to Encourage Women

Historically, menstrual products have very rarely found themselves front and center, period. Hopefully, they’re really soaking it up.

Meanwhile, not everyone’s psyched over boys finding ovarian accoutrements next to their toilets. That includes GOP gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton.

She offers harsh words concerning the soft supplements:

“This is an absolute implosion of the family; it’s a violation of the family.”

The way Bridget sees it, confusion may result:

“It’s very confusing for children, and then, when they hit puberty, they have even more confusion about their bodies and have real difficulty understanding what’s going on in their world, a lot of them go into depression, they act out, and we’re seeing more and more evidence that is causing kids to become confused, depressed, and to have to act out and have very serious problems going forward.”

It’s not difficult to imagine a boy asking, “Where do I put this?” Hopefully, he’ll find the answers he needs.
— end excerpts —

And now, in July 2022, there is this:

(Link): Oregon mom challenges state law requiring tampons in boy’s bathrooms

Eagle Point School District board member Cherylene Stritenberg said it was a waste of money to put tampons in the boys’ room.

July 11, 2022

An Oregon mom is taking on a state law that requires schools provide free tampons to students, including in boys’ bathrooms.

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First it Was Christian Complementarians Telling Me To Shut Up, Then Trans Activists, and Now, It’s Intersectional Feminist, Black, Pro-Choice Tik Tokers

First it Was Christian Complementarians Telling Me To Shut Up, Then Trans Activists, and Now, It’s Intersectional Feminist, Black, Pro-Choice Tik Tokers

I actually did a post covering similar territory a few weeks ago – I noted in that post how members of the progressive transgender movement constantly tell women to shut up – as did the Christian gender complementarians I grew up with, or whose teachings I was exposed to, as my parents were Southern Baptists, and Baptists push that sexist tripe but claim it’s “biblical.”

I’ve also seen secular (and religious) conservative men either imply all women should shut up, or they suggest that all women should not have the right to vote (I wrote about that here, among other posts I’ve done on the topic)

Now, here we have a black, pro-choice woman on Tik Tok insisting that white women shut up.

I’m part white but also part Native American. I will not shut up. If I have an opinion and want to express it, I will express it.

I don’t allow church, complementarians, progressives, trans activists, pro choicers, or sexist conservatives to silence me or tell me what to do.

(Link): ‘If you value your life…shut the f*** up’: CRAZY MAD TikToker threatens white women over Roe reversal

‘This is what happens when social media gives people who used to take classes in the basement and wear a helmet a platform’

by BlazeTV Staff
June 30, 2022

On the latest episode of “Fearless,” BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock and contributor Shemeka Michelle try to make sense of a very angry TikToker’s racist rant about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“So, we all see what has happened with this Roe v. Wade situation. We already knew this was how it was going to go down,” said the blue-lipped TikToker and self-described “Priestess Warrior.”

“Dear white women, listen. Your only play in this, if you value your life, is to shut the f*** up!” she continued.

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Queer Owned Business Shut Down by Employees For Not Being Woke Enough – by Libs Of Tik Tok – Another Journey Into Intersectional Clown World

Queer Owned Business Shut Down by Employees For Not Being Woke Enough – by Libs Of Tik Tok – Another Journey Into Intersectional Clown World

(Link): Queer-owned business shut down by employees for not being woke enough


by Libs of Tik Tok
July 5, 2022

Mina’s World, a cafe in Philadelphia that prided itself in being “Queer-owned,” has officially closed its doors after a woke employee revolt. The cafe was owned by Kate Egghart and Sonam Parikh, two queer activists who started Mina’s in an effort to create an inclusive coffee shop.

However, their employees have claimed Egghart and Parikh are anti-black and “gentrifiers.” Gentrifier is a woke term used to describe those who purposely contribute to the displacement of low-income families.

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Leftist Intersectional Feminism is An Anti-White Woman Belief System: Progressives Once More Blame White Women For How They Voted

Leftist Intersectional Feminism is An Anti-White Woman Belief System: Progressives Once More Blame White Women For How They Voted

Women (and men) who believe in and practice Intersectional Feminism hate white women.

Racism, contra progressives and their dippy neo-Marxist beliefs, is not just about who has power in a culture, but it’s also an attitude – and I see plenty of non-whites who are racist against white people.

It doesn’t take a position of power to harbor racism or sexism against others, anyone is capable of it.

Women can be sexist against men, even though men tend to have more authority in culture.

Furthermore, women (and the men) who advocate for Intersectional Feminism fully accept the misogynistic movement known as “Trans Rights Activism,” which consists of a lot of narcissistic biological men who insist every one call them by female pronouns and be permitted into women’s locker rooms, so they can flash their nude penises at actual women, and so they can have access to women’s prisons if arrested, so that they can rape actual women.

The only white women who go along with any of this glaringly obvious sexism  are liberal white women who allow themselves to be gas-light and are easily lured into guilt trips by “POC” women.

As I’ve long pointed out on this blog, (and though I am a conservative), I’ve noted that both the right and left of the American political spectrum are sexist. Both sides each have their own issues and end up mistreating women.

Earlier today, this editorial by Pamela Paul was published by the New York Times:

(Link): The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count – hosted on The New York Times, July 3, 2022, by Pamela Paul

That editorial, which I’m largely in agreement with (though not on the portion where the author laments the over turn Roe V Wade, since I am pro-life, but I do recognize that many conservatives can be sexist on other topics) angered progressive women.

The author, Paul, was hounded off Twitter; her account was suspended.

Anyway, according to this article on Fox News, progressive women began attacking the editorial and/or the author herself, and some even jumped in to bash white women for some having had voted for Trump back in 2016 – more on this below the link and excerpt:

(Link): Washington Posts columnists slam a New York Times op-ed that criticizing the ‘far left’ for erasing women

July 3, 2022

Fellow progressives echoed her criticism of the New York Times op-ed.

By Lindsay Kornick | Fox News

Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah blasted the New York Times on Twitter Sunday for an op-ed that criticized progressives for erasing women.

The Times published a Sunday op-ed titled “The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count” in which, columnist Pamela Paul argued how the far left’s concern for appealing to a transgender minority is belittling and rebuking women.

“Tolerance for one group need not mean intolerance for another. We can respect transgender women without castigating females who point out that biological women still constitute a category of their own — with their own specific needs and prerogatives,” Paul wrote.

Specifically, she called out the insistence of using terms such as “pregnant people” and “menstruators” to avoid using the general word “women” out of fear of offending a small group. Paul even equated this with what she considered to be “stripping women of fundamental rights” by overturning Roe v. Wade.

Although Attiah did not cite or link the article on her account, she blasted this comparison as an example of “both-sides pattycake.”

“That NYT op-ed equating inclusive language to widespread legislative oppression is a reminder that many white, cis women would rather gatekeep and maintain privilege than work in solidarity with other groups. Patriarchy is crushing us, but y’all wanna play both-sides pattycake,” Attiah tweeted.

She also added “I’m a cis woman who is clearly able to see that we are under a system-wide assault on bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. We will need a politics of solidarity and community building to resist this, which is not something that white women have historically had to do.”

She concluded her thread sharing another Twitter thread criticizing the failures of white women to help their communities.

“This tweet thread on white women and their failures with community building is worth a look. Read, then discuss amongst yourselves,” Attiah tweeted.

Other progressive journalists voiced their support for Attiah’s comments.

The Daily Beast’s Wajahat Ali tweeted “Majority of white women voted for Trump both times and have voted Republican since the 1950s. Whenever someone brings this up apparently its very offensive but those are the receipts.”

… Attiah’s thread was also retweeted by far-left commentator Keith Olbermann and failed progressive congressional candidate Nina Turner.
— end excerpts —

So there we have, once again, white women being shamed and blamed for how they voted by liberals and progressives, an activity which white conservative men also periodically engage in.

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Conservatives Are So Gay by Michael Warren Davis – Many Conservatives Will Cave In to Today’s Progressive Causes in Another Five to Ten Years

Conservatives Are So Gay by Michael Warren Davis – Many Conservatives Will Cave In to Today’s Progressive Causes in Another Five to Ten Years

Below this link with excerpts, I will offer a few comments:

Conservatives Are So Gay by Michael Warren Davis


by Michael Warren Davis

The GOP should surrender once again, this time on the rainbow flag

June 28, 2022

[The author begins by describing the changes to the homosexual “Pride” flag, which began with the colors of the rainbow, but which has been changed the last year or two by progressives to include design elements to reflect Transgender persons and other sexualities. The author says that his town is flying the old-school, traditional “Pride” rainbow flag on main street, rather than the updated version of the flag with the Trans colors, etc, in it.]

… What’s infinitely more likely, though, is that gays and lesbians have been passé since Obergefell v. Hodges was decided in 2015. Most of the left’s talking points now revolve almost exclusively around blacks and transsexuals. It’s an attempt to represent the whole progressivist movement in a single banner. That’s what “intersectionality” means. Black is queer, and queer is black.

… Couldn’t it be argued that anyone flying an old rainbow flag in 2022 is dog-whistling to the far-right?prideFlag - Copy

The old rainbow flag has essentially become a reactionary symbol. What if the Republican Party claimed it as its own?

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‘Gays Against Groomers’ Vows to Push Back Against Radical LGBTQ Activists Who Target Children

‘Gays Against Groomers’ Vows to Push Back Against Radical LGBTQ Activists Who Target Children

Online, I’ve seen some homosexual people react in annoyance, disgust, or anger in the last few years over how extreme the far left has become in promoting LGBTQ views or causes, including shoving sexuality or sex acts into the faces of children, even ones as young as kindergarten, and some of them have had enough.

As a conservative, I could’ve told you we’d arrive here.

A lot of us conservatives did say so (the slippery slope argument), back when debates about the legalization of homosexual marriage were at fever pitch.

A lot of conservatives back then pointed out that today it’s two men wanting to marry, tomorrow, it will be a guy wanting to marry his pet dog, or pedophiles openly arguing that sexual attraction to children is just another sexual orientation, they were “born” that way, so society should accept it – but we conservatives were ridiculed for those warnings. But now, here we are!

(Yes, there are actually people arguing that pedophilia should be legalized, that it’s another legitimate sexual orientation, bestiality is just another sexual orientation, (Link): incest should not be illegal, etc)

I personally never cared much if two men (or two women) wanted to date each other – where I got annoyed in years past was how liberals or some homosexual persons themselves weren’t content to live and let live (even after culture caved in and legalized homosexual marriage),
but the left went on to vilify and harass anyone who didn’t, or wouldn’t, agree with homosexuality, who would only tolerate it but not “celebrate” it, or that anyone with a religious conviction didn’t feel right about baking a wedding cake for a homosexual wedding.

Today’s trans-activists are like yesterday’s super pushy, obnoxious homosexuality advocates.

Today, we now have trans-activists absurdly complaining that biological women who are lesbian should have sexual relations with biological men who identify as women. Trans-activists are also harassing biological men who identify as homosexual into having sexual relations with biological women who identify as men (transmen). It’s ridiculous.

Maybe many of the homosexuals from 10 – 30 years ago who screamed and pitched fits about how conservatives or conservative Christians wouldn’t approve of homosexuality or act OK about the legalization of homosexual marriage have started to realize,
in light of today’s progressive, excessive push for trans rights and hosting drag queen shows for children – that there should be some limits on sexuality, or that it’s a good idea, after all, in allowing your neighbor to disagree with your choices without harassing them for not openly affirming your lifestyle.

I do think it’s good to see LGB persons standing against exposing children to sexual / age-inappropriate material and speaking up against the far left bullies on this.

(Link): ‘Gays Against Groomers’ vows to push back against radical LGBTQ activists who target children

June 29, 2022
by Jarryd Jaeger

A new coalition, “Gays Against Groomers,” aims to push back against those who have hijacked their community to target and sexualize children.

Through social media, the group is raising awareness of the fact that most people who fall under the LGBTQ umbrella are not on board with the (Link): ideas espoused by radical activists.

The group outlined their mission in a (Link): recent Twitter thread.

“Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years,” they wrote.

The group pointed out that the overwhelming majority of gay people do not accept the radical movement being pushed by activists in their name, accusing school boards, governments, the “woke media,” and corporations of being complicit in spreading the ideas the activists espouse.

“Gays Against Groomers directly opposes the sexualization of children,” they reiterated. “This includes drag queen story hours, drag shows involving children, the transitioning and medicalization of minors, and gender theory being taught in the classroom.”

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