Married South Dakota Couple Die of Cancer Hours Apart on the Same Day – Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness, Great Health

Married South Dakota Couple Die of Cancer Hours Apart on the Same Day – Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness, Great Health

Such real life stories blow the lid off conservative marriage and nuclear family propaganda. I’m a conservative myself, and I am not against marriage or the nuclear family, but so many other conservatives have elevated marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family to such an absurd degree that they’ve deified it.

Studies have shown that marriage does not make people healthier or happier, but I’ve seen some conservatives, including Christian ones, such as Al Mohler, gleefully (gleefully!) share inaccurate studies that claim to show that single adults are unhappy, miserable, and die younger.

Imagine how perverse and deep into pro-marriage and pro-nuclear family propaganda and idolization you have to be to TAKE DELIGHT in studies that (falsely) purport to show that single adults are unhappy or die younger.

Look at the married couple in the example here – being married (and they had children too) didn’t guarantee them a super long life and never-ending bliss. They’re both dead of cancer in their 50s.

(Link): South Dakota EMS worker, 58, and his ‘soulmate’ wife, 52, both die of different forms of cancer just 10 hours apart – two days before Christmas – leaving their three children devastated

Dec 27, 2022
by Keith Griffith

A married couple in their 50s from South Dakota both died of cancer within 10 hours, two days before Christmas, leaving their three children distraught.

Steve Hawkins, 58, and Wendy Hawkins, 52, died from different types of cancer in the same hospital in Yankton on Friday, family members said.

Steve had been battling the disease for five years, while Wendy died after a shorter illness, according to a statement confirming the deaths from the Yankton County EMS, which Steve had overseen since 2009. It remains unclear what type of cancer each of them had.

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Newlywed Christian Husband Fatally Shot by Stray Bullet as He Slept With Wife

Newlywed Christian Husband Fatally Shot by Stray Bullet as He Slept With Wife

You can get married and still end up all alone – if your spouse dies on or shortly after your wedding (or years later) – but how about these news stories where the bride and/or groom get killed shortly before, after, or during their own wedding?

Towards the end of this news report, someone is quoted as requesting prayer for the widow, that she’s in grief. I bet she is. And I’m sorry for her loss.

However, I wonder why isn’t the church acknowledging the grief of marriage-desiring single women (or men) who remain single? Where are the church’s prayers for the singles who’d like to marry but can’t seem to meet anyone in real life or on dating sites?

Getting married is not a guarantee of happiness, good health, or a long life, as the news story below demonstrates (and I have other examples on my blog of this):

(Link): Newlywed Christian husband fatally shot by stray bullet as he slept with wife


by Leonardo Blair
January 6, 2023

An Alabama church and its extended Christian family are now grappling with grief and trauma after one of its members, who got married last February, was fatally struck by a stray bullet while in bed with his wife on Wednesday morning.

Huntsville Police Department investigators said 27-year-old Decatur Baptist Church member Andrew Gilliam was the victim of the shooting at the Sunlake at Edgewater apartments off Lakefront Drive around 3 a.m., WAAY reports.

Officials say they found Gilliam with gunshot wounds when they got to the apartment, which he shares with his wife, Robin.

He died from his injuries at Huntsville Hospital. Investigators have still not identified a suspect in the shooting but noted that two other apartments were fired upon, but no one else was injured.

Authorities urge anyone with information that can help with the investigation to call 256-722-7100.

…He further described Gilliam as a “quality individual” who was “very faithful and loyal to his wife” during an interview with WAAY.

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Tragedy as Man Dies Two Weeks After His Fiancee Was Killed in House Fire – Pending Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee Health or Happiness

Tragedy as Man Dies Two Weeks After His Fiancee Was Killed in House Fire – Pending Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee Health or Happiness

Yet another news story that shatters the conservative narrative about marriage – that it will make you happy and healthy (and I say this as a conservative myself).

Both members of this couple (who were slated to get married weeks away) are now dead.

I’d rather be ‘single and alive’ than ‘planning to get married shortly yet dead from a fire.’

(I have other examples on my blog of people who died during their wedding, or shortly before or after.)

(Link): Tragedy as man dies in hospital on Boxing Day two weeks after his fiancée was killed in a fire that ripped through their home – as heartbroken family say ‘perfect couple’ are now ‘reunited forever’

Dec 28, 2022

A man has died following a deadly fire at a home in Cheshire just two weeks after it claimed the life of his fiancée, as their grieving families say they are ‘reunited forever’.

Kieran Naylor, 33, died on Boxing Day after spending two weeks in a critical condition in hospital after the fire in the early hours of December 12 at their home on Delph Lane, Daresbury.

Partner Rebecca Foster, 32, died from her injuries on December 13, leaving Mr Naylor fighting for his life at Whiston Hospital.

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Guy Cheats On His Wife And Divorces Her, Expects Her To Mother His Kids From The Affair After His Second Wife’s Death

Guy Cheats On His Wife And Divorces Her, Expects Her To Mother His Kids From The Affair After His Second Wife’s Death

So what we have here is a guy who had an affair on his first wife.

(A sixteen year old girl wrote in asking for advice about all this. This guy she’s talking about is her father.)

This guy and Wife 1 had two children together, a boy and a girl.

Wife 1 divorced him (or he divorced her), and the guy married his mistress, who became Wife 2, “Kate.” 

The guy and Kate had two kids together, “Ellie” and “Tommy.”

Ellie was a product of the guy’s affair – that is, while this guy was married to Wife 1, he committed adultery with Kate, and Kate got knocked up with Ellie. Tommy, the boy, was born AFTER the guy married Kate.

After X number of years of marriage, Kate died. 

Now, the two kids of Kate and the guy (Ellie and Tommy) miss their mother and miss having a maternal figure in their lives, and they – and the ex Husband (their biological father) – are now demanding that Wife 1 act as their mother and start including them in holidays, “babying” them, acting maternal towards them, and what not.

Wife 1 and her kids from the first marriage want nothing to do with this arrangement. (And I don’t blame them.)

If I remember right, Kate’s family cut ties with Kate and the guy and their two kids (Ellie and Tommy) because they were upset, offended, or angry that Kate was a mistress who stole this guy away from his first wife. 

Look, I feel for those kids (Ellie and Tommy). It has to be difficult to lose your mother especially at a young age, but it’s not Wife 1’s responsibility to step up to the plate to “mother” the two kids popped out by Former Mistress Kate (who became Wife 2). 

I think that the dad (the ex husband) is entitled here – very entitled. It’s bad enough this ass hat cheated on Wife 1 with Kate, but he’s also now demanding that Wife 1 take over “mother” duties for the kids he and Kate had together.

Let me tell you – if you’re a single woman on a dating site or app, watch out for things like this.

Dating a parent (a person with children from a previous marriage) can be a huge mistake. This guy is probably on dating apps and sites right now, seeking Wife 3, or, if he’s not on dating sites now, he will probably join one in the future.

On any of his dating site profiles, he will probably omit that he lost Wife 1 via divorce due to his affair with “Kate.” He’ll leave that out, and just expect YOU to baby and take care of his children by Kate.

Avoid guys like this. Avoid, avoid, avoid. It’s better to stay single than get mixed up in taking on responsibilities and selfish, irresponsible, entitled ass clowns like this guy.

It’s not Wife 1’s job or duty to be a care taker and/or free therapist to his two children by Kate who are probably in the grieving process.

This father in this example needs to be spending time with both his children, attending to their emotional needs as they are grieving their mother. He also probably needs to take them each to separate, regular therapy sessions for a couple of years, so they can talk and cry to a therapist and work through their grief.

He may also want to try signing them up for free Grief Share meetings, that tend to meet regularly at churches around the nation (Grief Share meetings are free). They can sit in a circle of other people and talk through their feelings of loss and get their emotional needs met that way.

I do feel bad for the kids who are currently around ages 9 and 11. At that age, all they know is, their real mom is gone, they are grieving her, and they are wanting a maternal figure they can go to.

From their perspective, they aren’t going to see why it’s a big deal for the step-mom to step up and act as their mother now. I can totally understand from THEIR view why and how they can feel that way.

It’s a sad situation… because from the adult perspective, the step-mother owes the 9 and 11 year old nothing, but the kids are going to have a difficult time understanding or accepting that. The choice is hers, the adult woman, as to whether or not take on the role of acting like a maternal figure to them.

Sounds to me as though this guy is selfish and doesn’t want to do any parenting; he just wants to dump the two kids off at the ex-wife’s (Wife 1’s) house and have her cater to them as they cry and weep over their dead mom.

If this guy wants his second batch of two kids to have a mother, he needs to get re-married. It’s not the responsibility of Wife 1 to “act as a mother figure” to his second set of kids by his mistress Kate. That this guy would even THINK this is acceptable is a clue to me he’s probably a narcissist. 

This dad should stop using his 16 year old daughter by Wife 1 as a pawn in all this. He’s going to her, the teen daughter, to get her to try to convince Wife 1 to be a mother figure to his second set of kids. 

Also: notice how being married and a father did NOT make this man more ethical, responsible, mature, or godly.

(Link): Guy Cheats On His Wife And Divorces Her, Expects Her To Mother His Kids From The Affair After His Second Wife’s Death

Excerpts (the site summarizes the story while also providing screen shots of the original poster’s text):

by Konstancija Gasaitytė and Monika Pašukonytė

…Despite thinking that family is something that makes us feel safe and secure, sometimes because of certain twists and turns, it tends to fall apart.

Having this in mind, Reddit user @u/Affectionate_Kick521 decided to share the situation she found herself in that involved her parents and siblings.

The story which received more than 12k upvotes soon started a discussion online about how parents should behave in situations like this and how kids shouldn’t be the ones telling their parents how to deal with difficult circumstances. 

[Their source: (Link): AITA for saying I don’t care if my half siblings feel left out because it’s not my mom’s job to mother them?]

The 16-year-old author of the post started her story by sharing that she lived with her mom, dad, and her brother until it was revealed that her dad was having an affair.

After the news broke out, the man and his wife divorced and he went to live with and eventually marry the other woman, Kate.

Together they had two kids: 11-year-old Ellie and 9-year-old Tommy. After a year, Kate died and this is when all the problems started.

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37 Year Old Man Dies Within Hours After Marrying

37 Year Old Man Dies Within Hours After Marrying

Sorry that this guy has died – but for the purposes of my blog, this is kind of illuminating or amusing – NOT that it’s amusing that he’s dead, mind you (truly, sorry he’s passed away) –  but that it so acutely points out the problem with the “marriage will make you happier, safer, and more healthy in life” propaganda my fellow conservatives are always peddling.

Obviously, being married didn’t make this guy any happier or more secure, and it didn’t magically improve his health – he’s deceased now.

Getting married is NOT a fairy tale guarantee that it will give you a “happily ever after” ending.

I have more news stories on my blog that are similar – news reports of other people who were killed moments before, during, or after their wedding. You can see some of those similar stories at the bottom of this post, under “Related.”

(Link): Oklahoma singer-songwriter Jake Flint died in his sleep just hours after celebrating his marriage to his wife Brenda. His cause of death remains unknown.

Oklahoma singer-songwriter Jake Flint died in his sleep Sunday, just hours after celebrating his marriage to his wife Brenda.

The 37-year-old’s sudden death shook the state’s music scene with tributes pouring out to honor the fallen country singer.

His wife took to Facebook early Monday to post a video from their wedding with the caption, “I don’t understand.”

(Link): Country singer Jake Flint, 37, dies in his sleep just HOURS after his wedding

Nov 29, 2022

Oklahoma singer-songwriter Jake Flint died in his sleep hours after his wedding, leaving his new bride heartbroken.

Jake, 37, and Brenda were exchanging wedding vows at a remote homestead between Claremore and Owasso near Tulsa on Saturday night. Hours later the groom died in his sleep, The Oklahoman reported.  The cause of death has not yet been determined.

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Diabetic Groom-To-Be Dies After Taking Cheaper Insulin to Pay for Wedding

Diabetic Groom-To-Be Dies After Taking Cheaper Insulin to Pay for Wedding

I am publishing this story to my blog in 2022, but it is from 2019. I don’t  know how I overlooked this one.

This goes to show that even if you get married it’s not a guarantee it’s going to end well, work out well, or bring you happiness.

(Link): Diabetic Groom-To-Be Dies After Taking Cheaper Insulin to Pay for Wedding

August 6, 2019
By Hannah Frishberg

The high price of medicine cost him his life.

When Josh Wilkerson turned 26, he aged out of his stepfather’s private health insurance and he was unable to afford his nearly $1,200-a-month insulin.

He began rationing his pricey prescription, before a doctor recommended taking ReliOn, an over-the-counter brand sold for $25 a vial at Walmart.

“It didn’t work for his body,” his mom, Erin Wilson-Weaver, tells The Post. Her son died June 14, and she’s still in mourning — but determined to advocate in his memory.

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Parents Die Within Four Weeks of Each Other, Leaving Behind Their Two Young Children: Husband Dies of Ruptured Stomach Ulcer While Spending Night in Hospital With His Dying Wife

Parents Die Within Four Weeks of Each Other, Leaving Behind Their Two Young Children: Husband Dies of Ruptured Stomach Ulcer While Spending Night in Hospital With His Dying Wife

Well, look it there! You can be married with children – which most Christians and social conservatives wrongly think is some kind of accomplishment, or the only one in life that matters – and still end up dead and in misery and heartache.

Being married with a kid or two is not a guarantee of happiness and joy in life.

Having a spouse and children didn’t make the lives of these two adults magical or above experiencing loss and pain. Now the kids in this nuclear family are orphans.

A lot of obsessively pro-marriage conservatives try to shame adult singles into getting married by goading them with the, “But won’t you die alone” rhetoric – well, the married lady in this story had her spouse die next to her as she was recovering in a hospital bed!

Technically, the woman’s husband in this story didn’t “die alone,” but as his wife was asleep or knocked out, she couldn’t hold his hand and speak gently to him as he passed, so WTF difference does it make if you are married and your spouse croaks with you in the room, if either one of you is asleep when it happens?

(Link):  Tragedy as parents die within four weeks of each other, leaving behind their two young children: Husband dies of ruptured stomach ulcer while spending night in hospital with his dying wife

Nov 20, 2022
by Elizabeth Haigh

Friends of the parents of an eight-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl who died within four weeks of one another in a tragic set of circumstances have raised more than £6,000 in an effort to support the children’s upbringing.

Mother Amie Walton, 30, was battling terminal cancer when partner Chris Mills died of a ruptured stomach ulcer suddenly while spending the night in hospital with her.

She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after visiting her GP for persistent heartburn.

Amie, who had liver and bowel cancer, woke up on July 18 in Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham to find her partner, 42, had died.

Exactly four weeks later, on August 18, Amie, passed away while visiting her father in Devon.

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To Forgive Or Not To Forgive Your Abuser – The Unintended Fallout: Possible Emotional Abuse or Exploitation Of Your Codependent Friend or Family Member

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive Your Abuser – The Unintended Fallout: Possible Emotional Abuse or Exploitation Of Your Codependent Friend or Family Member

I was watching a video today by psychologist Dr. Ramani, who I like very much, and I agree with her most of the time.

I even agree with most of her comments in this particular recent video she made that I will be discussing in this post, but it brought to mind one over-looked aspect pertaining to volatile or abusive relationships.

In the video (link to that video here, and I will embed it below, the title is, “Is there virtue in forgiving a narcissist who doesn’t apologize?”), Dr. Ramani expressed that she pretty much disagrees with the concept that people should have to forgive others, or that forgiving others makes a person stronger, etc.

Dr. Ramani rightly points out in that video that continually forgiving pathologically narcissistic persons is a waste of your time, for various reasons I shall not explain here (you can watch her video for explanations). I do agree with her on that.

If someone in your life keeps hurting, abusing, or mistreating you, no matter how many times you’ve forgiven them and given them a second, third, etc, chance,
you need to accept the fact this person is more than likely NEVER going to change and that they merely view your willingness to always forgive him or her as a weakness to repeatedly exploit.
So cut that person from your life, or limit time around them.

It’s not that I disagree with Dr. Ramani’s comments in the video on the face of things, but, I am concerned for Codependents.

On a similar note, in years past, I’ve also read books or seen videos about how people can help their abused friends.

I’ve seen videos by women who divorced their abusive husbands who reel off a list of tips on how you, the friend, can be supportive towards the friend in the abusive marriage.

These videos, books, and online articles, contain lists of things to say or to avoid saying when trying to help someone who is currently in an abusive relationship or someone who was abused in childhood.

Many of these books, videos, and web pages (most by therapists, psychologists or recovered abusive victims) often stress that you, the friend, should just sit and listen to the friend – just validate the friend, do not give advice, judge, or criticize.

I am a recovered Codependent (I wrote a very, very long post about that here).

I am also an Introvert. Introverts naturally make better attentive listeners than Extroverts.

So, as someone who is an Introvert and a one-time Codependent, I was very adept at giving the sort of emotional support a lot of troubled people seek out and find comforting.

For over 35 years, due to the parenting of my mother and the guilt tripping-, sexist-, Codependent- pushing- teachings under “gender complementarianism” of the Southern Baptist church I was brought up in, I had no boundaries, I was not assertive, and it was implied it is my job or responsibility in life to rescue or help other people, whatever format that came in.

All of that was taught to me as I grew up under the false, gender complementarian assumption (and my mother and father bought into some of this thinking too) that God created women to be more caring than men, it would be un-feminine or selfish for a woman to have boundaries, and I was taught that it was women’s “duty” to be care-takers for the hurting.

For me, most often, the support and care-taking my Mom and church taught me to engage in came in the form of “Emotional Labor,” and it made my already bad mental health in years past even worse.

(I was diagnosed at a very young age with clinical depression, I also had anxiety disorders and had low self esteem for many years. I no longer have depression or low self esteem.)

If you are an abuse victim, or if you’ve been bullied at a job, or you were abused in a marriage, or you were sexually or physically abused as a child by a family member (or by a neighbor, or by whomever),
I know it can be helpful, now, as an adult, to sit and talk to an empathetic listener about it, it can feel so good for that listener to sit quietly while you do most of the talking, and for that person to validate you and your experiences.

It can be very healing and feel like a tremendous relief for that listener to refrain from victim blaming you, offering advice or platitudes.

It can help in the healing process for another adult to believe you and just offer non-judgmental emotional support as you relate your trauma and pain to them.

I realize all that.

But have you ever considered that the caring, non-judgmental, empathetic person you keep turning to, whether it’s a friend or a family member, might be highly codependent and your repeated use of that person as your emotional support system may be damaging to THAT PERSON?

Because I was that person, for over 35 years.

I was the sweet, caring, understanding, supportive listener that many people – co-workers on jobs, family, neighbors, friends –
would call, e-mail, snail mail, or text with their problems, because they KNEW I would always listen to them rant (for hours on end, if need be, over months and years), I would NEVER put time limits on their rants, and I would ALWAYS respond in a timely fashion to ranting or sad e-mails or texts.

I spent over 35 years giving a lot of non-qualified, no-strings-attached emotional support to a lot of emotionally wounded or abused people over my life.

Some of these people called or e-mailed me over job stress, health problems, troubled marriages, financial issues, or, they were single and were lonely – they couldn’t get a boyfriend (or girlfriend).

None of these people who called or texted me to complain or sob to me ever once considered how their regular, negative phone calls (or letters or face to face chats) were impacting me. For the ones who considered it, I suppose they didn’t care.

If you choose not to forgive your abuser, that is your choice to make, but…

Be aware that if you choose to not forgive but to also hold on to your hurt and anger, and to choose to ruminate on the abuse,
and should you choose to deal with and vent that anger and hurt by regularly calling your Codependent friend to listen to your rants or sobbing – you are abusing your Codependent friend or family member, which is not acceptable.

In all the years I granted emotional support to hurting people (including but not limited to co-workers who’d stop by my cubicle during work hours to bend my ear for an hour or more about their divorce or health problems), I was never once thanked.

The non-stop support I gave was never acknowledged. And giving that non-stop support was exhausting and taxing for me, as I know it can be for other Codependent persons.

A “thank you” once in awhile from these people who came to me to dump their problems on me would’ve been appreciated. I never got one.

Reciprocation would’ve been appreciated and helpful too, but the people who were abuse survivors, or assorted chronic complainers who used me to vent to, very rarely to never asked about ME and MY struggles in life.

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Groom Shot Dead in Front of Wife Just Moments After Wedding in Mexico

Groom Shot Dead in Front of Wife Just Moments After Wedding in Mexico

News stories like this go to show that being married is not a guarantee of happiness or getting a fairy tale ending.

You can get married only for your new spouse to die on the day of your wedding! Or the next day – or 15, 20, 30 years later – leaving you SINGLE AGAIN.

(Link): Groom shot dead in front of wife just moments after wedding in Mexico

October 26, 2022
by Olivia Land

A groom was gunned down in Mexico just moments after tying the knot over the weekend — in a tragic case of mistaken identity amid the region’s ongoing cartel wars.

Marco Antonio Rosales Contreras, 32, was leaving his wedding ceremony at Neustra Señora de La Candelaria church in Caborca around 5 p.m. local time on Saturday when he was struck by multiple bullets, El Universal reported.

Witnesses later said the shots came from a single unidentified man who ran away down the street. Antonio, a computer engineer from Guadalajara, was pronounced dead en route to the hospital.

Video footage shows his new wife being escorted away from the church in hysterics, her white wedding dress stained with blood.

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Groom is Killed by Lightning Strike While Posing for Engagement Photoshoot

Groom is Killed by Lightning Strike While Posing for Engagement Photoshoot

This is sad, but – it goes to show you that getting married isn’t synonymous with achieving life-long meaning, fulfillment, and happiness – especially not if your spouse dies via a lightning strike or a car accident or a heart attack on or shortly before the wedding day.

I have other examples on this blog of other news stories of a person dying on or before their wedding day.

(Link): Groom is killed by LIGHTNING strike while posing for engagement photoshoot

by Tom Scotson
August 28, 2022

A groom was killed by a lightning strike as he was posing for engagement photos with his fiancée in a popular tourist spot in China.

The horrific incident occurred on Wednesday 24 August at China’s Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the Yunnan province.

The man, who was named as Ruan by Chinese media, died instantly after being hit by a bolt of lightning while photographers were taking pictures of him and his partner at Spruce Meadow.

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Pastor Appears To Berate Congregation For Not Buying Him A High-Priced Watch In Viral Clip

Pastor Appears To Berate Congregation For Not Buying Him A High-Priced Watch In Viral Clip

It didn’t become clearly apparent to me until after my mother died when I was in my late 30s just how incredibly selfish, self absorbed, and narcissistic people are, including Christ-professing Christians who may even attend church regularly.

Yes, I had brief flashes and intuitions in my youth and 20s and 30s prior to my mother dying that people could be jerks or selfish and so on, but I did not realize HOW COMMON it was among so many people, including Christians, until after my Mom died.

Until Mom died, I had assumed that most people (Christians in particular) were empathetic people I could turn to if I was ever hurting, in a bind, and in need of emotional support (and my Mom kind of led me to believe I could count on other people, especially family, for support) – boy wow was that expectation ever shattered.

The Christians I went to in my grieving process time (whether extended family of mine or people I met at churches I attended) were insensitive, callous,  unempathetic, or selfish (some acted like sparing 30 to 60 minutes of their time every several months for me to to talk to them about me missing my Mom would be a huge, huge burden to them).

I know better now. I really had my eyes opened to the fact that most people, including Christians, are selfish, unempathetic tools.

In light of all that, I can’t say as though I am shocked by the selfishness and entitled attitude of this church preacher:

(Link): ‘False prophet’ pastor berates congregation for not buying him pricey new watch 

August 17, 2022
By Natalie O’Neill

Time for a new preacher!

A Missouri pastor was caught on camera berating his “broke” congregation for failing to buy him an expensive Movado watch — sparking criticism that he wants to make a profit, not be a prophet.

Pastor Carlton Funderburke of the Church at the Well in Kansas City was giving a fiery sermon about “honoring God’s shepherds” when he scolded his followers for being too poor to give him the pricey timepiece he’d requested, according to now-viral TikTok footage.

(Link): Missouri pastor says congregation is ‘poor, broke, busted’ for not buying him a luxury Movado watch

Carlton Funderburke, the senior pastor at Church at the Well, issued an apology video Tuesday for his “inexcusable” remarks in an Aug. 7 sermon.

August 17, 2022

A Kansas City, Missouri, pastor who said his congregation was “poor, broke busted and disgusted” for not buying him the luxury watch he wanted has issued an apology after his remarks caused a stir on social media.

Carlton Funderburke, the senior pastor at Church at the Well, issued an apology video Tuesday for the “inexcusable” remarks he made in an Aug. 7 sermon.

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Adult, Single Woman Forgotten and Lie Dead in Her Home for Two Years Before Body Discovered

Adult, Single Woman Forgotten and Lie Dead in Her Home for Two Years Before Body Discovered

I believe this is in London, Great Britain. I’ve read of similar scenarios occurring in the United States.

As I said on Twitter, too many American churches (and even abuse survivor advocates) are too hyper-focused on children to show much interest or care in helping anyone single (or even married) over the age of 30,  40, 50, etc.

I don’t want to fall into the strange, usually liberal habit of insisting that everyone care about a particular topic as much as I do, but I find it troubling and weird that people can clutch their pearls in worry over child neglect or child abuse but not seem to care about elderly (or middle aged) people who die alone and so on.

I guess it’s like people who go looking at an animal shelter to adopt a pet, and they go for the puppies and kittens, rather than the elderly cats and dogs who arguably need care and a home more than the babies do.

As someone who is a former codependent, I myself have to be careful about not adopting a “care taker” role, though.

I spent too many years trying to rescue or look out for other people around me (whether family, co-workers, or neighbors), of whatever age, and I am burnt out.

I don’t see why churches cannot do more in this area, though.

I have several news articles cited on my blog about married people who die all alone.

Yes, even if you are married and even if you have adult children, you can end up dying alone. It happens.

(Link): The police failures that left ‘forgotten’ woman to lie dead in her flat for two-and-a-half years: How officers TWICE visited her home and claimed medical secretary was ‘safe and well’ after refusing to force entry

July 22, 2022
by Martin Robinson

Police twice decided not to break into a flat where a medical secretary lay decomposing for two-and-a-half years and even mistakenly claimed she had been seen ‘safe and well’ despite having already been dead for at least 14 months by then, an inquest heard.

Sheila Seleoane’s housing association had also failed to ‘connect the dots’ when she stopped paying rent, her gas was switched off and neighbours complained of a terrible smell emanating from her home in Peckham.

The hearing at Southwark Coroner’s Court was told her rent payments stopped around the time she died, but Peabody was able to arrange for them to be taken from her Universal Credit benefits.

The housing association also switched off Miss Seleoane’s gas supply without making contact with Britain’s ‘forgotten’ woman.

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