Ex Preacher Bob Coy Accused of Molesting Toddler And Abuse Lasted Until Kid Was A Teen

Ex Preacher Bob Coy Accused of Molesting Toddler And Abuse Lasted Until Kid Was A Teen

I used to watch Coy’s show, when he had a weekly show on TBN around 12, 13 years ago. He seemed nice enough on the show. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched his show. I cannot remember if he was one of those preachers who harped on “Family Values” or not.

I didn’t realize he was cheating pond scum or a pervert in  real life. I did one blog post about him before.

News stories like this make the Christian “equally yoked” teaching so pointless. Marry anyone who has decent character and treats you well, pretty much regardless of what they say their religious beliefs are. Being a Jesus- worshipping church pastor sure didn’t make this Coy person a quality catch.

(Link): Megachurch Founder Accused of Molesting 4-Year-Old

(Link): Conservative megachurch founder Bob Coy accused of molesting 4-year-old

(Link): Founder of Florida’s Biggest Megachurch Accused of Molesting a 4-Year-Old


by Tom Elfrink

Nov 14, 2017

The call came from California. A woman told Coral Springs Police she had recently learned something terrible: A South Florida man had molested her daughter for years. It began when the girl was just 4 years old.

An officer noted the information and called the victim, who was then a teenager. She confirmed the story in stomach-churning detail.

The man had forced her to perform oral sex, she said. He would regularly “finger and fondle her” genitals, make her touch his penis, and “dirty talk” to her. The abuse lasted until she was a teenager, she told the cop. She’d never even told her family about the crimes.

By the end of that harrowing call on August 20, 2015, police knew the accused predator was no ordinary suspect. His name was Bob Coy, and until the previous year, he’d been the most famous Evangelical pastor in Florida.

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Mega Church Preacher Bob Coy Caught In What Some Sources Saying Case of Adultery and Porn Addiction

Mega Church Preacher Bob Coy Caught In What Some Sources Saying Case of Adultery and Porn Addiction

Nov 2017 Update:

Ex Preacher Bob Coy Accused of Molesting Toddler And Abuse Lasted Until Kid Was A Teen

I see no point in Christian single women abiding by the “be not yoked to an unbeliever” teaching, usually interpreted as meaning a Christian should not marry a Non Christian, when so many professing Christian males, even preachers, are adulterers, child molesters, porn addicts, and wife beaters.

Here’s news of mega Calvary Church pastor Bob Coy, who was apparently caught having affairs – to give the guy credit, he’s at least resigning, is my understanding. Most preachers, when caught in sin, hang on to their preacher job tooth and nail, though their affairs disqualify them from remaining.

At least one site I have seen so far says Coy was caught having about two affairs this past year and has a porn addiction or porn habit.

Married people are not more mature, sexually pure, responsible, or godly than adult singles!

I have several more comments below, under one of the long excerpts.

(Link): Confessing Moral Failure, Megachurch Pastor Bob Coy Resigns From Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

    After confessing to a moral failing in his life that disqualifies him from continuing his leadership, Bob Coy on Sunday resigned as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale in Florida, effective immediately.

Coy has served as senior pastor since the church was founded in 1985…

According to sources familiar with the matter, Coy confessed to key leaders on Wednesday. A board meeting was called on Thursday, in which he confessed and resigned.

(Link): Bob Coy quits megachurch after ‘moral failure’: Coy’s images pulled by church

(Link): Pastor Bob Coy: Megachurch founder quits, confessed he cheated on wife (Video)

    April 8, 2014

Bob Coy, the Florida Megachurch Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, has resigned after confessing to key leaders in his church that he had cheated on his wife. “Bob Coy reportedly confessed to key leaders that he cheated on his wife Wednesday. A board meeting was called the next day, when he resigned,” reported Local 10.com on April 7.

According to an April 6 official statement by the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, Bob Coy resigned as Senior Pastor on April 3, 2014, “effective immediately,” after having confessed to “a moral failing in his life” which disqualified the pastor from continuing his leadership role at the church.

Here is Spiritual Sounding Board blog’s (owned by Julie Anne) coverage of the story, which I think you will find very interesting:

(Link): Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Coy’s Story of Moral Corruption Leads Calvary Chapel Members to Share Their Personal Stories

After a link or excerpt or two about Coy’s resignation pertaining to adultery and a pornography habit, Julie Anne gets into a more generalized commentary on the problems associated with Calvary Chapel churches.

Julie Anne also provides this copy of a post by a woman named Lianne from the Calvary Chapel Abuse blog – I found this pertinent to this blog: by Lianne ((Link): comment source)

    (post by Lianne)

I am a former CC wife. Former is the key word! My ex husband was in ministry in South Florida. He was heavily influenced by CCCM Pastors who viewed me as too worldly to be his wife. They planted many lies in his head about me that had no merit but that he very much took to heart.

What I did not know was two years before we had met, my ex husband had confessed to the head Pastor his sexual issues including visiting strip clubs and buying pornography. His punishment was a month off and then right back into Ministry. Not once during marriage counseling did either one of them disclose this very important information to me.

What took place after our wedding was nothing short of a living hell. I had no clue the seriousness of his sexual addiction.

… We were later transferred to a Central Florida CC where he was on staff.

… My ex husbands sexual issues continued to run rampet [sic], so much so he was caught at church having viewed several pornographic material. Once again, nothing was done. I was scolded told I needed to be more sexual for my husband everything would be ok!

This same year I discovered his former Pastor was forced to resign from his position due to sexual harassment of another staff members wife. What happened after was sickening. He was called back to CCCM by the founder to serve as Associate Pastor. He was eventually fired from CC but not until the damage was done.

My ex was a fraud. He preached dating wasn’t of God. He preached not to be alone with any girl or to hold hands. Not kissing before marriage. Yet behind close doors he was having disgusting sexual conversations with woman online and had an active membership to a pornography store in town. Yes everyone makes mistakes and everyone sins. But that is why God holds Pastors and teachers to a higher standard than anyone else.

…After much prayer, I took the out the Lord gave me and divorced him.

I would encourage you to visit Spiritual Sounding Board blog to read (Link): the entire very eye-opening entry there.

I am truly sorry for what Lianne, the lady above, went through, but I think it serves as a warning for Christian single ladies: please, I beg you, stop holding out for a Christian guy.

Men who profess to be Christians are not better than Non Christian males.

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