Ten Worst Sex and Romance Tips from the Christian Right

10 Worst Sex and Romance Tips from the Christian Right

I take it that this is a left wing site (I’m right wing). But some of their points are right on the money, at least on this page. Some of the points it touches on are the “equally yoked” belief among Christians, but I didn’t include the “equally yoked” parts of the list..

(Link): 10 Worst Sex and Romance Tips from the Christian Right by Katie Halper

Here are a few excerpts from the page, with a few comments be me far below all this:

  • 3. Understand That Men Have This Thing Called Sex Drive
  • Another gem from Focus on the Family is the Jill Slattery essay (Link):Sex Is a Physical Need,” which should really be called “Sex Is a Physical Need for Men.”
  • She explains to her female readers, “One of the biggest differences between you and your husband is the fact that he experiences sex as a legitimate physical need. Just as your body tells you when you’re hungry, thirsty, or tired, your husband’s body tells him when he needs a sexual release. Your husband’s sexual desire is impacted by what’s around him but is determined by biological factors, specifically the presence of testosterone in his body.”
  • So, imagine if your vagina were hungry. That’s what it would feel like.

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Portly Pastors Make up More Than a Third of American Clergy

Portly pastors make up more than a third of American clergy

And some of these Christian fatsos are selling – or trying to sell – diet books and diet plans…

Such as Rev. Rick Warren and his “Daniel Diet Plan” program (read more at this off site linkthis off site link or this one or this one), or tub of lard pastor John Hagee (read more about that at this link on this blog).

(Link):  Portly pastors make up more than a third of American clergy


  • Jan 14, 2015
  • …Published in the journal Social Science Research, the study from researchers at Baylor University and LSU found that more than one-third of US clergy members are obese. The study team found that stress, long hours, limited pay and self-neglect are the main driving forces.
  • …However, the study team found that regularly attending communal dinners isn’t the driving force behind preacher obesity. One of the biggest factors, the study found, is that clergy are often low paid for their religious work and need to either work with multiple congregations or pick up a secondary occupation.
  • This stress and added demands of a second professional responsibility could make maintaining a healthy lifestyle more challenging than it normally would be, the researchers said.


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Your Preacher Sucks – and People Have a Right To Say So And Explain Why

Your Preacher Sucks

Did you know that your preacher is not God?

Did you know that the New Testament says that Satan poses as an angel of light?

Did you know that the New Testament makes reference to wolves in sheeps’ clothing, that is, false teachers who infiltrate the pulpit and churches, for the express purpose of fleecing the flock, getting rich, or taking sexual advantage of the ladies, or for pushing their false doctrines? Yeah? You were aware of all that?

There are sure a lot of Christians on the internet who don’t act like they are aware of any of this.

Because as soon as anyone says anything critical about a preacher or that preacher’s theology, no matter how politely said criticism is stated, sooner or later, a follower of that preacher will show up on that forum, blog, or site to leave a message – varying from very nasty, downright hateful, to a more chiding tone of, “You’re being such a meanie, Pastor John Doe is such a gawdly man, how dare you criticize Pastor Doe! Who do you think you are?”

It makes me want to barf.

No man – NO MAN – is above criticism, and I don’t care if it’s a famous preacher or who it is.

By the way, this blog post also serves as as reminder about internet safety.

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Tubby Lardo Preacher John Hagee has Colbert on His Show AGAIN to Discuss Dieting

Tubby Lardo Preacher John Hagee has Colbert on His Show AGAIN to Discuss Diets, Food, Dieting

I’m not sure if this is a new broadcast or a repeat of one he filmed a few years ago, but San Antonio based TV preacher John Hagee is interviewing a doctor named Colbert asking his advice on eating healthy and dieting on his program today.

Hagee is probably 90, 100, or more pounds overweight. LOLOLOLOLOL. And he’s doing a show about diet, dieting, weight, etc, LOLOLOLOL.

He’s asked the doctor when the most common times of day are for people to get hunger pangs or cravings. Doc said some people eat ice cream right before bed. I’m watching this while noticing that Hagee’s stomach is hanging out a bit above or over his waist area / belt. 😆

The doctor giving the information, Colbert, is thin, but Hagee most certainly is not. 😆

Now they have cut to an in-show commercial hyping some prophecy Bible Hagee is hawking.

Hagee is on wife number two – some sources I read said he had an extra marital affair on his first wife. His mistress is the woman he’s married to now, yet, I’ve heard him rant against divorce from his pulpit a time or two. LOLOLOLOLOL.

I have discussed this hypocrisy and buffoonery before (one of his fans attempted to defend him in the comments section, puh-leeze):

(Link): Hysterical: Hagee Gives Sermon on Fasting

Other Hagee stuff on my blog:

(Link): Preacher John Hagee’s Insensitive “GET OVER IT” Sermon – Christians remain ignorant and insensitive to those who suffer tragedy, pain, or mental health problems

(Link): John Hagee Believes in, Teaches Conditional Security (which is a false teaching)

Hagee’s son Matt, who also preaches at the same church:

(Link): ‘God’s Purpose for Women,’ by Matthew Hagee – Hagee Teaches that Single Unmarried Women Do Not Have a Purpose in Life God has no purpose for singles

John Hagee was friends with singer Randy Travis:

(Link): Singer Randy Travis Arrested – Nude, Making Threats to Cops


(Link): Yet Another Fat Lady Video – Fat Lady Says You Must Find Fat People Attractive or Else You Are “Racist” -Are Fat People Trying to Date Skinny People?

(Link):   Men, This Woke Lady Wants You to know You’re “Fatphobic” If You Refuse To Go Out With Her – by NTB Staff

(Link): Portly pastors make up more than a third of American clergy

(Link): Children ‘Who Identify As Gay, Bisexual or Transgender Are 64% MORE Likely To Be Obese’

Notice to American Pastors Who Like to Criticize American Pop Culture

Notice to American Pastors Who Like to Criticize American Pop Culture

A quick note to American preachers:

You guys are always 10 to 20 years behind the popular culture times. (I’m amazed some of you even have web sites, really, or have even heard of Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube.)

Since you are hell-bent on ignoring Christians in your viewing audience or congregation who do not fit the “married with kids” demographic and actually addressing the needs of never-married adults over the age of 30, (or the divorced, widowers, or Christians with other problems that do not pertain to marriage or parenting), all so you can either sermonize repeatedly about

  • marriage;
  • parenting;
  • wifely / female submission to men; (*barf!*)
  • Bible prophecy and Israel;
  • the supposed need to tithe;
  • the evils of liberalism, homosexuality, Democrats, and abortion;

… and one of your other frequent, other favorite topics to rant about, the downfall and coarsening of American popular culture

At least. At least. At least KEEP CURRENT WITH POP CULTURE. Please at least keep current with what it is you criticize.

Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio Cornerstone Church in Texas is particularly bad about this. I’ll use him as an example.
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Blaming the Christian for His or Her Own Problem or Unanswered Prayer / Christian Codependency

I don’t have any answers for these topics I’m raising; I’m only ranting about a couple of topics that have been annoying me the last few years.

I was watching Hal Lindsey’s Bible prophecy show this evening. I usually like this guy’s teachings (or used to; over the years, I’ve lost some interest in Bible prophecy. One can only stand hearing oh- so- many “the world is ending soon!” type lectures and attempts to figure out who the Anti Christ is before it all gets a little old).

Lindsey was explaining today why sometimes a Christian’s prayers may go unanswered – and I’ve also seen pastor Charles Stanley, other Christian television personalities, and Christians online say the same thing – that is, if your prayers are going unanswered, it could be because you have “unconfessed sin” in your life (they also dole out other possible reasons).

This is a variation of a troubling, annoying, infuriating theme I see among Christians from time to time, from preachers and from Christian family, friends, and acquaintances.

Blame The Victim

Any time one approaches these people with any of life’s disappointments, let downs, struggles, regrets, heart aches, and questions of, “Why doesn’t God do “X” for me, I’ve been praying about it for years?,” these sorts of Christians begin reeling off a list of reasons, such as, “You must have unconfessed sin in your life!,” “You must not have enough faith,” or some such rationale.
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Singer Randy Travis Arrested – Nude, Making Threats to Cops

These sort of stories always bum me out. Randy Travis is, if I’m not mistaken, a Christian, or presents himself as one.

Travis has appeared on pastor John Hagee’s show a time or two. He has appeared in “Christian” movies (films with Christian messages from Christian movie makers).

I know that Christians aren’t perfect or immune from making mistakes, but it is just so jarring and distasteful when a believer who is so famous and goes out of his way to let it be known that he’s a believer in the public eye turns around and his personal life is in shambles, he has a drug/alcohol problem, threatens to kill cops, etc.

Randy Travis charged with DWI in Texas

Randy Travis was charged with driving while intoxicated and threatening law officers after the country singer crashed his car and was found naked and combative at the scene, Texas officials said Wednesday.

It was the second arrest this year for Travis, who was cited in February for public intoxication.

A photo released by the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office shows a battered-looking Travis in a T-shirt, with a black eye and dried blood on his face. He later walked out of jail on $21,500 bond wearing scrubs, a University of Texas ball cap and no shoes.
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John Hagee Believes in, Teaches Conditional Security (which is a false teaching)

Based on a November 29th, 2011 broadcast of a John Hagee show I watched, I take it that Hagee believes in Conditional Security, though he did not use the term “Conditional Security.”

I do not recall his exact words, but he said something to the effect that “once saved, always saved” is not true.

He quoted a few verses from Galatians and a part of Revelation to “prove” that a Christian can lose his or her salvation, or that a Christian has to continue to be good or to do good works to retain one’s salvation.

He made some remarks about how a Christian cannot expect to live any old way he wants to and expect to be saved.

CS (Conditional Security) is a false teaching, since it is a works-based salvation. Hagee, and those like him, believe that the atoning work and blood of Jesus Christ is not enough for salvation, but that it is up to one’s own effort and goodness to “remain saved.”

Here are links to pages by other people about these issues:

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Will God Fulfill His Promises? — Part 1

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Hysterical: Hagee Gives Sermon on Fasting

Hysterical: Hagee Gives Sermon on Fasting

On Christian network TBN right now, November 19, 2010, John Hagee’s son, Matthew, is giving a sermon about fasting on the father’s daily television show.

Matthew Hagee used to be quite over weight, and sometime in the past couple of years, he lost all the extra weight.

However, his father, pastor John Hagee, remains quite hefty (I’d say obese); he must be 80 or more pounds overweight.

I just find it funny, in a sad way, that a son of a tubby pastor would have the nerve to lecture his father’s congregation on abstaining from food, no matter how well meaning the motive.
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