Woman’s Identity Way Too Tied Up In Motherhood (Penny on 700 Club)

Woman’s Identity Way Too Tied Up In Motherhood

The woman who wrote to Pat Robertson’s Christian show “700 Club,” Penny, did not specify if she is a Christian, and one who is a complementarian, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one or both.

She wrote:

Four years ago, I was going through an extremely difficult time. My 16 year old daughter left home and moved 2,000 miles away.

Not only was my daughter gone but it seemed like 16 and a half years of my life were gone too. Being an at home mom made it that much more difficult for me.

I dealt with extreme rejection, loss, and sense of purpose. I felt like a failure. I lost my daughter, I lost friends and financially we struggled.

We lost our home and we lived in poverty. I grieved going through so much loss. If my own child didn’t even need me, then what is my purpose in life?



I think it’s unfortunate that some women think their only value is in child-rearing, that they base their entire identity on being a wife and mother, which is what Penny has done.

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Prayer and The 700 Club – Some Observations and Suggestions

Prayer and The 700 Club  – Some Observations and Suggestions

There’s this Christian TV show called “The 700 Club” that comes on Monday through Friday. During the show, the male and female host usually pray for people in the viewing audience, but most often for particular people, not just people in general.

The hosts of this television show will claim that God is speaking to them and telling them who to pray for.

For example, the lady host might say something like,

“There is someone in the audience named Britney. Britney, you have jaw problems. You find it painful to chew your food. I want you to know that God is healing that for you right now, in Jesus’ name!!”

Usually, the male host on the show is Pat Robertson, but sometimes, his son, Gordon is the male host. The female host is either a lady named Terri or a woman named Wendy.

In all my years of watching this show – which has been daily for over ten years – I’ve noticed a few things.


One minor thing I’ve noticed is that whenever Pat mentions a name, it almost always starts with the letter “M.”

For example, Robertson will say,

“There is someone named Mary in the audience who has been praying for a healing…”

Or, the name might be “Marie,” “Marge” or “Margaret.”

Does God have a secret preference for people with names that start with the letter “M” or something?


On a more serious note, it bothers me that about 99% of the time, when the hosts address issues during their prayer time, it’s usually about physical sickness, and if Pat Robertson is the male host, sometimes finances will be mentioned.

Rarely do the hosts address problems people have that do NOT pertain to physical health or finances.

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Celibate Christian Woman Asks Christian Host Why God Will Not Send Her a Husband

Celibate Christian Woman Asks Christian Host Why God Will Not Send Her a Husband

A couple of days ago, I saw this episode of The 700 Club.

A celibate Christian woman wrote Pat Robertson this question –

And her question is one all Christians avoid: they just scream at a 20 year old today to MARRY NOW NOW NOW!

They have no advice and no encouragement to give any adult over 35 who wants to be married but still finds him or herself single.

The usual Christian response is just to shame this lady for supposedly not having done enough to marry when younger, in spite of not knowing her background, or what she did to try to marry – Christians just arrogantly ASSUME if you are not married past a certain age, it is all your fault, and there were no mitigating circumstances.

So here’s her question to Pat, host of The 700 Club:

  • Dear Pat,
  • The Bible says that it’s better to marry than to burn with lust, but what about someone like me who can’t find someone to marry?

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New Preacher At Church Says Divorced People Cannot Be Members, Those Already Divorced Will Be Removed

New Preacher At Church Says Divorced People Cannot Be Members, Those Already Divorced Will Be Removed

On today’s episode of Christian program “The 700 Club,” during the “Bring It On” segment, Pat Robertson took a viewer question from someone who said they were attending a church (or who used to attend a church) that got a new preacher.

The new preacher informed the church members and guests that divorced people would no longer be permitted to be members, and that anyone currently divorced in the church would be removed (kicked out).

Usually, the folks at The 700 Club will upload the “Bring It On” segment to their official You Tube channel (link to their You Tube page) and their 700 Club site (700 Club site, Bring It On) not too long after each new episode airs, but I so far have not seen this particular video uploaded yet.

Edit. They have added the video to their site. I have linked to the video at the bottom of this post, so you can watch and listen to it for yourself.

Pat Robertson usually gives completely bonkers or insensitive advice, but so far as I can recall his advice to this viewer, he was right on the money with his response to this question.

Robertson told the viewer that this church or preacher was way too unreasonable and should not be limiting divorced people, and he pointed out that the Bible does permit divorce.

If you have read my blog before, you should know by now that I’m in my 40s, so I have never been married.

Therefore, I have never been divorced. So I don’t personally have a pony in this race, but I remain shocked and put off by how terribly so many churches treat the divorced.

Part of me would still like to marry some day but seeing how terribly churches treat divorced people and women trapped in abusive marriage makes me recoil in horror at marriage, especially to another Christian.

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