Staffers Quit Venue Church After Confronting Pastor With Allegations of Affair, Misconduct by L. Blair

Staffers Quit Venue Church After Confronting Pastor With Allegations of Affair, Misconduct

(Link): Staffers Quit Venue Church After Confronting Pastor With Allegations of Affair, Misconduct

Dec 23, 2021
by Leonardo Blair

At least eight employees of Venue Church, a fast-growing congregation based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have reportedly quit their jobs over alleged misconduct by Pastor Tavner Smith, who is allegedly shown kissing a woman who is not his wife in a video that recently surfaced online.

Last Friday afternoon, staff and volunteers confronted Smith about the video recorded in North Georgia, The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported.

Two former employees and four volunteers or members previously connected to the church told the newspaper that the eight employees quit after confronting the pastor about a rumored affair with a church employee.

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Italian Priest is Arrested for Stealing Thousands From Church Funds to Buy Drugs For Homosexual Sex Parties In His Home

Italian Priest is Arrested for Stealing Thousands From Church Funds to Buy Drugs For Homosexual Sex Parties In His Home

(Link): Italian priest is arrested for ‘stealing more than £85,000 from church funds to buy drugs for gay sex parties in his home’

By Charlotte Mitchell

A charismatic Italian priest has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than £85,000 from church funds to pay for gay sex parties at his home.

Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, from Prato near Florence, is under house arrest on suspicion of theft.

Police are in the process of interviewing hundreds of people said to have attended his drug-fuelled orgies over the last two years.

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Josh Duggar Arrested (April 2021) – Update: For Owning Child Porn

Josh Duggar Arrested (April 2021) – Update: For Owning Child Porn

About an hour ago, I learned that Josh Duggar (yes, (Link): that Josh Duggar) was arrested. The talking head on the news channel said it was yet to be determined what he was arrested for.

More updates below, including one news report that says:

“The agent said [the child porn] images allegedly found on Josh Duggar’s computer were “in the top five of the worst of the worst that I’ve ever had to examine””.

Updates at Top:

(Link): Josh Duggar arrested for child porn, faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted

(Link): Josh Duggar, “19 Kids and Counting” star, facing child pornography charges in Arkansas

(Link):  Josh Duggar Has Been Charged With Receiving And Possessing Child Sexual Abuse Images

Duggar allegedly downloaded child sexual abuse images online and kept material depicting sexual abuse of minors under age 12, prosecutors said.

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Faith-Healing Idaho Woman Claims Religion Forbid Her From Reporting Husband’s Sex Abuse of Kids by T. Gettys

Faith-Healing Idaho Woman Claims Religion Forbid Her From Reporting Husband’s Sex Abuse of Kids by T. Gettys

Many conservative Christians and conservative, secular think tanks keep arguing that the “nuclear family” and marriage are best for our culture, and that marriage (and parenthood) are supposedly necessary to make people godly, mature, and responsible, though the Bible itself teaches no such thing.

How do these Nuclear Family Idolizing and Marriage Idolizing Christians and secular conservatives reconcile their marriage and family propaganda with news stories such as this one, which clearly demonstrate that marriage does not build character in people:

(Link): Faith-Healing Idaho Woman Claims Religion Forbid Her From Reporting Husband’s Sex Abuse of Kids 

by Travis Gettys

An Idaho woman faces a possible prison term for failing to report her husband’s sex abuse and instead praying and trying to keep him too busy to molest children.

 Sarah Kester was charged with felony injury to a child, and her husband Lester Kester pleaded guilty in November to molesting five children over two decades, (Link): reported the Idaho Statesman.

The 48-year-old husband faces a possible life term when he is sentenced next week on five counts of lewd conduct with a child younger than 16 years old.

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California Pastor Used Church to ‘Satisfy His Fetish’ For Explicit Photos – and His Wife Helped: Lawsuit

California Pastor Used Church to ‘Satisfy His Fetish’ For Explicit Photos – and His Wife Helped: Lawsuit

Here we go yet again. Conservatives, both Christian and secular, believe and promote untruths and falsehoods that marriage will make people more mature and empathetic and that marriage is so much better for society than people remaining single.

I have been a conservative going back to my teen years, and I heard all the pro-Family Values rhetoric all the time, rhetoric which generally includes bashing singleness or insulting single adults for being single.

Frequently, conservatives will blame liberals or feminism for “ruining” society and they will prescribe marriage and having children as “the cure”, but I sure as heck do not see traditional values, church, Christianity, The Nuclear Family, Family Values, or marriage or parenthood making society any better.

Married people are not more sexually pure than single adults. Many times, conservatives incorrectly assume that being married will cause a decrease in a person sexually sinning, and that all to most single adults are “horn dogs” who lack sexual self control.

Christians will sometimes teach that if you are a single adult who’d like to marry that you, the single, must meet some kind of spiritual standard or else God will not allow you to marry, that God will not “reward you with” a spouse.

Christians will teach singles that it is sinful to marry outside the Christian faith. They often based this on a verse or two that mentions being equally yoked, and the assumption seems to be that a Christian who marries a Non-Christian will “veer off course” and become a non-believer too or live a life of sin.

Here we have a news story of two Christians married to each other, one worked as a church pastor no less, but they are both a couple of perverts.

Being married did not keep this couple from sexually sinning. Being married did not make this couple more mature, responsible, godly, and God apparently did not mind rewarding both of these deviants with a spouse, because he permitted them to marry each other.

Lastly, I would rather marry an atheist who is not a pervert than be “equally yoked” to a self professing Christian man like the pastor in this story who sexually preyed on women congregants.

(Link): California Pastor Used Church to ‘Satisfy His Fetish’ For Explicit Photos – and His Wife Helped: Lawsuit

Jan 19, 2018

by Travis Gettys

A former parishioner sued a California church and its former pastors — who she accused of sexual assault, battery and harassment.

The woman, a mother of two in her 30s, sued former Church for Life pastors Robert Litzinger and Cindy Litzinger seeking compensatory and punitive damages, reported the (Link): Santa Maria Times.

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Jeff The Married Church Attending Guy Who Likes to Wear Diapers and Be an Adult Baby

Jeff The Married Church Attending Guy Who Likes to Wear Diapers and Be an Adult Baby

Because you may think I am making this up (I can assure you I am not), there is a video below in this post from a clip of this episode.

I don’t hardly ever watch the TV show “Cheaters,” but I was up really early a few mornings ago and watched the last 5 – 10 minutes of one episode.

The husband in the episode (I believe his name was Jeff) was sneaking around with another woman behind his wife’s back. The “Cheaters” TV show crew caught him in bed with another woman, and he was wearing a diaper.

His wife, Susan, came in to the motel room, confronted the “mistress” (or whatever she was) and started screaming at Jeff her husband.

Jeff claimed there was nothing sexual going on, it was only about him pretending to be an adult baby.

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Church-Goer and Her Pastor Lover Killed Her Husband So They Could Be Together

Church-Goer and Her Pastor Lover Killed Her Husband So They Could Be Together

(Disclaimer: I am a conservative, always have been. This does not mean I completely agree with other conservatives on all issues.)

This news story once more disproves several Christian and secular conservative assumptions, such as: marriage makes people more godly, mature, and responsible; that God will not grant an imperfect person a spouse, and that being “Equally Yoked” (marrying another Christian) means that your spouse will be up-standing, a decent person, loving, caring, etc.

(Link):  Church-Goer and Her Pastor Lover Killed Her Husband So They Could Be Together March 2017, by Gail Shortland


Cindy was devoted to the church and the clergyman who preached there…

…Accountant Cindy Reese, 40, lived with her husband Michael, also 40, in Morris, Alabama. They’d been married six years, and had met after Cindy’s first husband had committed suicide.

The couple had a seemingly normal and idyllic life in their picture-perfect white-painted house nestled under the shade of the trees.

…The couple were religious and regularly attended the local Sardis Baptist Church, where Cindy was also head of music. But things were far from perfect. In 2013, Jeffery Brown, 36, became senior pastor at the church.

Cindy was taken with the clergyman and they started an affair.

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Clueless, Naive, 52 Year Old Idiot Cheats on “Woman Of His Dreams”

Clueless, Naive, 52 Year Old Idiot Cheats on “Woman Of His Dreams”

If you felt like this woman was the “girl of your dreams,” there was no reason to cheat on her – well, not that cheating in other contexts is okay. I am baffled. He says this new girlfriend was the “girl of his dreams,” but he still cheated on her? Idiot.

He feels that getting re-baptized at a church would some how convince her to stay with him and not break up. Clueless.

He complains in this letter about being in “two weeks of loneliness” ever since his girlfriend broke up with him.

Oh boo hoo and SHUT UP. I’ve spent much, much longer (over a decade) single and alone, so don’t come crying to me or someone else about being single for TWO WEEKS, you dolt.

(Link): Source for the following letter.

DEAR AMY: I am a 52-year-old divorced man.

A year ago I met “Carla,” the woman of my dreams. Then last summer, I lost my job. I was under a lot of stress.

I started texting with an old girlfriend. Some conversations became sexual. I consider myself a good guy with strong morals, but I failed. The woman forwarded the texts to Carla. She was devastated and ended our relationship.

I have sent cards, flowers and many texts. Carla said she’s moving on and that I should, too. But what I did affected me so much that I was baptized at my church because I needed a fresh start.

I need to show the love of my life that I’m not playing around anymore.

I will do anything to get my girl back. It has been two weeks of loneliness, but it feels like a lifetime.

I know I shouldn’t push too hard. But I don’t want to be forgotten.



What an idiot.

Christian Charity Head Admits Using Donations for Sex Habit

Christian Charity Head Admits Using Donations for Sex Habit

This article says that this guy is married (or was at one point; I have no idea if he’s still married to his wife or not).

Christians often think that married people are more sexually pure and moral than adult singles – they will often refuse to allow adult singles to serve in leadership positions in churches, one reason being, they assume that the single will “hit on” or start affairs with other people.

But if you will notice, the majority of news stories about Christians who are involved in affairs or looking at child porn and what have you, are MARRIED persons, NOT singles.

Which is not to say there are not self-professing Christian singles who aren’t sexually sinning, because there sure as heck are, but I’m so tired of this Christian stereotype that married people are as pure as the freshly driven snow, while we singles are supposedly a bunch of over-sexed horn dogs.

I myself am over the age of 40, and I am celibate. I am more sexually up-right than a lot of Christian married people. So Christians who harbor these stereotypes about singles being Jezebel harlots and married people being sexually pure can kiss my butt.

By the way, does the “be equally yoked” rule Christians apply to marriage REALLY MATTER when the “Christian” husband ends up cheating on his wife by using pornography or prostitutes or he has a mistress?

Does this example REALLY up-hold the Christian teaching that God expects a person to be mature or godly before he will permit him or her to have a spouse? No, it does not.

If God expected people to be totally moral, ethical, mature, and godly before allowing them to have a spouse, the idiot in this news story would still be single – but he’s not. He has a wife (or did. I am not clear if the wife is still with him or not).

(Link): Director of Cedar Rapids nonprofit skimmed donations to support ‘sex addiction’

(Link): Christian charity head admits using donations for sex habit 

(Link): Christian Charity Head Admits Using Donations for Sex Habit

  • by R. Roley
  • May 2016
  • The president of a Christian charity in Iowa admitted that he embezzled nearly a half-million dollars in donations and used the money to pay for a sex addiction, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.
  • Jon S. Petersen, of Cedar Rapids, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of filing a false tax return. He was released from custody pending a sentencing hearing, which hasn’t been scheduled.
  • Petersen, 55, is the longtime president of World Ambassadors, Ltd., a nonprofit he founded with his wife in 1993 to provide a Christian outreach to international students on college campuses.

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Church Knew of Preacher’s Affairs, Advised Him To Keep It Quiet

Church Knew of Preacher’s Affairs, Advised Him To Keep It Quiet

This is a follow up to my previous post (there are further updates at the bottom of this post):

The pastor I reference in my headline of this blog post is Tullian Tchividjian.

I know I probably should not be surprised at this point, but I still find myself surprised or dumbfounded at how so many Christians or churches today do not take sexual sins seriously.

I already know that most churches prefer to hear sexual purity sermons (Link): from fornicators than they do from actual, honest- to- God adult virgins.

But I thought, maybe, just maybe, some churches out there at least have the sense to sermonize against adultery and other sorts of sexual sins, or hold sexual sinners  ~ especially pastors who commit adultery or some other sort of sexual sin – accountable.

But no. They don’t.

This article says that this church knew about their preacher’s adultery (even the previous one), and asked him to keep it hush-hush.


What is that verse from the Bible, again?: “God is shamed and judged negatively among the Gentiles because of your behavior.” -or something like that.

Okay, take that verse and reword it slightly to, “God is shamed and judged harshly among the Non-Christians because of your behavior,” and I think that would apply.

Do these churches and people claiming the name of Jesus Christ not care at all about what Jesus taught?

Do churches today and Christians not care about Christian ethics and morality, about doing the right thing, even if doing so may be unpopular?

How can anyone who claims to be a Jesus-follower be so causal about following His teachings?

Note that this other woman he had an affair with is MARRIED.

That’s right, Christians like to depict SINGLE women as the threats to married men, when here we have married people cheating on their spouses with OTHER MARRIED PEOPLE.

(Link): Coral Ridge Elders Knew of Tullian Tchividjian’s Affair With Married Woman, Advised Him to Keep Secret, Source Alleges 

  • March 18, 2016|4:07 pm
  • At least two elders at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida allegedly had knowledge that their former pastor, Tullian Tchividjian, grandson to evangelical icon Billy Graham, had engaged in an adulterous affair with a married member of his flock and advised him to keep it secret from his wife.

    Reacting to a (Link): report in The Christian Post Thursday that Tchividjian was fired by Willow Creek Church in Winter Springs, Florida, after they were blindsided by his latest confession, a highly placed source informed CP Friday that the recent disclosure is really the result of a “systemic cover up” by church leaders that began two years ago.

    “Tullian had actually been confronted about that two years ago. At the time, he was confronted by two elders at Coral Ridge and Steve Brown (Key Life Ministries), and confessed to having a relationship with a married woman,” said the source.

    “At the time, he was not advised to step down as lead pastor, but instead was advised not to immediately inform his wife about the matter — she only learned about this last week. To make matters worse, the two elders never informed the rest of the session about this situation. One can only wonder whether the second situation could have been averted if the first situation had not been covered up,” the source continued.

    “This is not a situation that Tullian had kept quiet and suddenly disclosed to someone for the first time last week. It’s been known by at least three others in addition to Tullian and the woman involved for over two years,” the source added.

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Family: Tennessee church hid bathroom rape of 3-year-old, lied to parents and urged against prosecution – Ditch the Equally Yoked Teaching

Family: Tennessee church hid bathroom rape of 3-year-old, lied to parents and urged against prosecution by D. Edwards – Ditch the Equally Yoked Teaching

One reason of several I’m no longer so keen on seeking a mate at a Christian church – as dear old Mom and Dad raised me to consider – is because a lot of perverts and wife abusers attend churches, AND the churches cover up for these dirt bags when the dirt bags do abuse children or women.

I really don’t think I want to attempt to pursue a romantic relationship in the context of an entity that thinks it’s acceptable to cover up any abuse a teen takes against a kid, or a grown man takes against a woman.

But many, many churches try to hide or sweep abuse cases under the carpet, AND they will often victim-blame the victim on top of that.

If you are a single woman, would you REALLY trust any single man you meet at the following church? I would not. I really hesitate any more to view church as a safe place to meet a potential husband.

Not only do some real dirt balls attend church, but the church itself will often brush off or cover up for the abuser and refuse to help the victim.

And, this is the height of hypocrisy. Most churches claim to believe in “the family” and in protecting the “traditional family,” and they go around talking about “family values” constantly, yet, when a child is fondled or raped by a teen or adult, these same churches try to cover up the abuse!

The church will often counsel the parents to refrain from calling law enforcement. How is sweeping crime and sin against children being “pro family values”? It is not.

(Link):  Family: Tennessee church hid bathroom rape of 3-year-old, lied to parents and urged against prosecution


  • by D. Edwards
  • A Family filed a lawsuit this week against a church in Brentwood, Tennessee for allegedly covering up the rape of their 3-year-old child.
  • The lawsuit, which was (Link):  obtained by WTVF, indicates that the family left their 3-year-old-boy in the care of the church’s Children’s Ministry on the Sunday of August 24, 2014.

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Christian Host Pat Robertson Tells Christian Woman Who Married Christian Man Who Turned Out to Be Totally Unethical That She has Discernment of a Slug – Single Women: toss Be Equally Yoked teaching in the trash can

Christian Host Pat Robertson Tells Christian Woman Who Married Christian Man Who Turned Out to Be Totally Unethical That She has Discernment of a Slug – Single Women: toss Be Equally Yoked teaching in the trash can

One fallacy about marriage that sometimes pops up by Christians is that you have to obtain sinless perfection before God will gift you with a spouse.

However, the man below managed to get married, even though he says he is a Christian and he steals from people. He obviously is not godly or perfect, yet he still managed to get a spouse.

A woman wrote a question to the show The 700 Club asking Christian host Pat Robertson if she is morally bound to stay married to a man who “presented himself as a Christian” but who has had four DUIs (driving while intoxicated), went on to swindle a church out of $10,000 and who did a bunch of other bad things.

I usually embed the video or link to the video of Robertson responding to these questions but this particular video has not been uploaded to the 700 Club’s Bring It On page yet. ((Link): Bring It On page below.)

(Edit. This might be the video:
(Link): Bring It On – Pat Robertson Answers Questions – also, it’s embedded )

In his reply, Robertson talks about “fraud of inducement” but opened his comments by insulting the woman and telling her she has the “discernment of a slug.” He also calls her “crazy” and “blind.”

As I’ve said time and before on this blog, a lot of Christians unnecessarily limit a Christian single woman’s dating pool, and hence chances of marriage, by quoting “be not yoked” at her, as if to say they think this verse teaches that a Christian may only marry another Christian.

As I’ve also said, I see no point in a Christian woman limiting herself to dating only Christian males, when I have example after example on this blog of news stories or reports of Christian men who turn out to use prostitutes, they turn out to be pedophiles, serial rapists, and killers (such as at this link)

On top of that, there are online communities, support groups, for Christian women who explain they had to divorce their Christian husband because he was physically or verbally abusive, or, he was a serial cheater (adulterer).

I have said before an unmarried Christian woman needs to cast off the “be not yoked, only marry another Christian” mantra to judge a man based on his character.

A man claiming to be a Christian, a man going to church every week, a man reading his Bible daily, and so on, is not a guarantee that he will treat a woman well.

A man can be a professing Christian, daily Bible reader, and faithful church attendee, and still be an abusive jerk or dirt ball.

You need to look past what claims a man makes about his religious beliefs and judge him based on his character.

In addition, you need to look at behavior, not what the guy says about himself.

What gets my goat about this woman’s letter to the Christian 700 Club show, which is hosted by Robertson, is that despite following the Christian propaganda to marry only another Christian – someone who claims to be Christian – she gets insulted and mocked by another Christian, in this case, Robertson, for it.

Robertson tells this woman she must “have the discernment of a slug” for marrying this guy.

This Christian woman follows the common Christian idea that a Christian should only marry another Christian, and when she does, and the guy turns out to be a lying thief scum bag, she gets raked over the coals by a Christian who ridicules her mate selection criteria, which was, I remind you, based on the “be not yoked to a Non-Christian” philosophy.

By the way, this is common. In my reading over the years about relationships, dating, and marriage, I have seen too many testimonies about how women married a guy who seemed caring and compassionate at first only to turn into an abusive rat after marriage.

Some abusive men are very crafty and cunning at hiding their controlling, abusive natures when dating a woman.

I don’t have the time to get into it here, but in books and blogs by counselors who are experts on abusive men, they explain that it is entirely possible for a woman to be blindsided by a man, not knowing he’s abusive until she’s deeper into the relationship, because a lot of abusive men do not become overly controlling and mean spirited until certain thresh holds have been reached in a relationship, and it differs from man to man. For some abusive men, that thresh hold is marriage.

They keep their loving mask on until marriage, where they toss it aside to reveal their true nature.

Go look at forums for Christian women who divorced their husbands.

Many of these ladies swear up and down that their husband was a born again believer who loved Jesus, read his Bible, “knew” his Bible well, and some of these men even worked as preachers. Yet, these men were still abusive towards their wives.

It’s just remarkable to me and another kind of fraud that in a day and age that so many adult, single Christian women who want marriage but find themselves single, that other Christians artificially limit their chances at marriage by telling them to cross all Non Christian males off the list, which can keep these ladies single indefinitely, but, if they do marry a self professing Christian, and he turns out to be an abusive, loser of a cad, they get shamed for it by Christian personalities.

Christian women are damned if they do by Christian culture and damned if they do not.

Pat Robertson telling woman with troubled marriage she has discernment of a slug, embedded from You Tube (aired May 5, 2014)
The woman’s question is the second or third topic discussed by Roberston, after discussion of Islam, and a question about being married in a court vs being married in church:

Edit 2.
A couple days after I made this blog post, this other site ran this story:

(Link): Pat Robertson berates woman for ungodly husband: You have ‘the discernment of a slug’

    Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday castigated a woman for marrying a man who later turned out not to be a “born again” Christian.

In a letter to The 700 Club, a viewer named Patty explained that she had “married a man who presented himself as a born again believer.”

But she later found out that he was not what he seemed.

“In the 7 years we have been together he has had 4 DUIs, been convicted of receiving stolen property, and recently deceived a ministry out of $15,000,” Patty wrote. “Am I morally bound to this marriage?”

“You must have been crazy or you must have been blinded to get into [that] relationship,” Robertson told the viewer. “He — quote — presented himself [as a born again Christian]. I mean, give me a break. You got about the discernment of a slug.”

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(Link): Males and Females Raped at Christian College, College Doesn’t Care – Equally Yoked is a Joke

(Link): Pastor charged in wife’s murder was headed to Europe to marry boyfriend, prosecutor says – Single Christian Ladies: Kick that Be Equally Yoked Teaching to the Curb!

(Link): Another Example of Why the Equally Yoked Teaching is A Joke for Single Christian Women : Baptist Preacher Arrested for Allegedly Fire Bombing Ex Girlfriend’s House While She Was In It

(Link): Obnoxious and Sexist Preacher Mark Driscoll Wants Christian Singles to Stay Single Indefinitely – And Even Though Unwanted, Prolonged Singleness has Been a Huge Issue For Christian Singles for A Couple Decades Now – Driscoll: ‘Christians should not marry pro choicers’