Article: Christian T-Shirts For Christian Singles

Article: Christian T-Shirts For Christian Singles

I am not sure what to make of this.

(Link): ‘Gutzy Wear’ Clothing Brand Designed to Help Singles Connect
Excerpts (visit the Christian Post link above if you want to see the whole thing):

    By Jeff Schapiro , Christian Post Reporter
    May 13, 2013|5:06 pm
    A brand of clothing designed to help singles connect with one another face-to-face was recently launched nationwide and is raising funds via Kickstarter in order to roll out some new products.

    Arizona entrepreneur Kari Holt came up with the idea for Gutzy Wear in 2011. As a single mother to three boys, she had tried online dating but often found that the people she met on the Internet didn’t live up to her expectations once she met them in person. Sometimes they looked different than they did in their profile pictures, she told The Christian Post, and other times the chemistry she had hoped for just wasn’t there.

    While driving in her car one day, she says, she came up with the idea to put a logo on a shirt that would suggest to others that the shirt’s wearer is “single, available and approachable.”

    …Although she’s starting small, Holt says she has a number of products planned for the future, including jeans, golf attire and accessories. Among the accessories she has planned is a ring for singles to wear on their right hand.