‘Miserable’ Karen ‘Ruins’ Neighbors’ Wedding with Lawnmower: ‘Just Rude’

‘Miserable’ Karen ‘Ruins’ Neighbors’ Wedding with Lawnmower: ‘Just Rude’

Yes, you can marry one day, but your wedding day can be a disaster. LOL.

(Link): ‘Miserable’ Karen ‘ruins’ neighbors’ wedding with lawnmower: ‘Just rude’


June 21, 2022
By Brooke Kato

These newlyweds were not a happy couple.

A “miserable” neighbor — dubbed a “Karen” — seemed to purposefully “ruin” a wedding across the street, droning out the bride with a lawnmower as she walked down the aisle.

In fact, the whirring during her lawn mowing session was so noisy that it even disturbed the couple’s vows so the audience couldn’t hear them.

The clip, which garnered more than 293,000 views on TikTok, has sparked outrage in the comments.

“The second the bride’s song came on and she walked down the aisle this Karen decided to PURPOSELY mow her lawn and yell at us to ruin the wedding,” read the text on the video, captioned “some people are so miserable.”

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Emma Responds – My Comments

Emma Responds – My Comments

-post updated below, June / August 2022… post has been edited after publication to add more links and commentary –

The individual I wrote about previously, who decided, a week or so ago, she no longer wanted to be friends with me (after having first contacted me years ago online), contacted me again this evening via a private chat app.

I referred to her as “Emma” in (Link): the last blog post or two, but “Emma” is not her real name.

I have no idea how “Emma” was able to message me again on this other app, as I unfriended her on there, but a message popped up in my in box there.

I will again be keeping “Emma” anonymous and changing any identifying details.

I may be sharing some of her comments to me so I can respond.

Emma wrote to me:

“You’re free to reply, but I will not be responding”
— end —

Okay, so I will be replying here.

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Clinical Depression Doesn’t Make People Incapable of Making Choices or Changes 

Clinical Depression Doesn’t Make People Incapable of Making Choices or Changes 

Follow-Up Posts:

(Link): Addendum – Mental Health and Treatment and the Goals of Mental Health Professionals

(Link): An Alarming Trend in Psychotherapy by Christine Sefein – (Woke Therapists Want You To Stay In a Victim Mindset and Miserable)

I don’t frequently feature mental health related topics on this blog, but a friend of mine recently became very angry and “blew her top” at me and basically said she wants nothing more to do with me, and this topic pertains to the reason why.

(I will be doing another blog post or two later about this friend biting my head off this past couple of weeks.
And I will repeat this in the future, but:
The irony is that this now ex friend is someone who spent about a year and a half or two years asking me on Twitter if I could befriend her on other sites and share more about myself with her.
I was hesitant to do that but eventually took a chance. She and I have never met in person – but she initially wanted to befriend me further, not vice versa!)

Despite the fact I informed this (now ex) friend a few times over the last two or three year period that I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I was around age 11 by a psychiatrist,
and that this diagnosis was verified as I got older (into my 30s) by about three other psychiatrists (in a total of three different states),
this ex friend, who I shall call “Emma” (not her real name) continued to insist that there is no way I ever could have had clinical depression.

I can’t begin to describe how insensitive and obnoxious I found that.

Side note:

I was appreciative of the times this ex-friend listened to me describe my anxiety-laced concerns with her, as she did many times, and I made sure to thank her for that several times in the last few years.

I even asked this ex friend, “Emma,” a time or two that if she found my anxiety produced ruminations on the same topics crazy-making that I could back off, but she said it was okay.

But as I told her, I was fighting my anxiety to make changes in my life. I’ve not seen her fight her depression to make changes in her life.

I also told her I realize it’s not good to stay angry at people, which is why I’ve been trying to move past anger at family members of mine. I don’t think she’s willing to let go of some of her issues to move forward, though.

At any rate…

I finally politely yet directly told Emma this past week, when she once more insisted there’s no way I ever had depression, that it was not okay for her to keep denying my medical diagnosis like that.

And she has never apologized for it, and she told me this about three times over a 3 or 4 year period!

But she kept acting angry and incredulous that rather than offer her non-judgmental emotional support recently (which I had done for a few years now), that I dared to change strategy and offer her a few suggestions.

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Brother’s Future Wife Expects Woman To Babysit 40 Kids During Their Wedding, Goes Ballistic When She Refuses

Brother’s Future Wife Expects Woman To Babysit 40 Kids During Their Wedding, Goes Ballistic When She Refuses

(Link): Brother’s Future Wife Expects Woman To Babysit 40 Kids During Their Wedding, Goes Ballistic When She Refuses


…“We don’t get along at all,” the author of this r/AITA post said about Emily, her future SIL.

It turns out, Emily asked her to babysit the guests’ babies at their ‘childfree’ wedding, the same wedding she initially didn’t allow the author to attend because she was too young.

“In Emily’s eyes, a child is anyone under twenty-one years old,” the author explained.

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Dumbfounded by Stepson’s ‘Humiliating’ Father’s Day Gift: ‘I Almost Cried’

Dumbfounded by Stepson’s ‘Humiliating’ Father’s Day Gift: ‘I Almost Cried’

Yet another example of why, if you get married, it’s best to NOT marry someone who has children from a previous relationship.

The stepson does sound rather thoughtless – but – the stepfather who wrote in asking for advice sounds as though he could be very sensitive.

Depending on how you look at it, it’s possible the stepfather is a little on the sensitive side, and the kid is not intending to be cruel. If someone in my family did this to my Dad when I was a kid, like myself or one of my siblings – as a kind of joke – I think my Dad either would’ve found such a gesture either really weird or he would’ve found it funny.

If the stepson didn’t mean to be malicious about this, I’d give the kid a break. But if he that giving a stinky sock to his stepdad would in any way upset his stepdad, this is not okay.

Again, this sort of thing makes you sit there and feel fortunate you never had a kid, and definitely makes you think, “I don’t want to date anyone who already has a kid.”

(Link): Dumbfounded by Stepson’s ‘Humiliating’ Father’s Day Gift: ‘I Almost Cried’

June 24, 2021
by Emerald Pellot

A man can’t seem to connect with his 16-year-old stepson, and it’s become truly upsetting.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Despite him putting in the effort, his stepson doesn’t seem interested in bonding. Whenever the teenager does give him attention, it usually turns out to be a prank. But on Father’s Day, the Reddit poster believes his stepson took the jokes too far.

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“Christian Preacher” James MacDonald Continues to be an Obnoxious Ass Clown

“Christian Preacher” James MacDonald Continues to be an Obnoxious Ass Clown

The scare quotes in this post are intentional, because MacDonald is not a legitimate preacher – he has disqualified himself per the Bible’s criteria – and I doubt he is an actual Christian, based on his on-going sexism and narcissistic traits (like “Christian preacher” Mark Driscoll).

I don’t always agree with Julie Roys on every issue, but she seems to be a highly competent, honest, reporter with integrity.

Roys is simply reporting on ethical breaches and issues as committed by various Christian pastors and Christian ministries, which is a good thing.  I don’t think she has an anti-Christian or anti-church or anti-James MacDonald agenda. She’s simply reporting the news as it happens.

(Link): James MacDonald Continues Tirade; Defends Using Hashtag “#JRgossipsl**”

That would be “Gossip Slut” above, but censored for a presumably, primarily Christian audience who tends to be too sensitive and delicate about cuss words or crass language. I don’t quite have that compunction.

According to that article, and MacDonald’s own blog posts, he actually defended using sexually tinted (and non-sexually tinted) insulting language towards Christian reporter Julie Roys.

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I’m An Atheist, But I Had to Walk Away from The Toxic Side Of Online Atheism by C. Stedman

I’m An Atheist, But I Had to Walk Away from The Toxic Side Of Online Atheism by C. Stedman

This atheist, Stedman, outlines some of the very reasons I reject atheism, particularly anti-theism atheism: many of its adherents behave like arrogant or hateful jerks. They display an irrational, seething, obsessive hatred for anything about faith or deity.

Apparently, being an anti-theist atheist turns people into jerks. I don’t want any part of a belief set that would turn me into a jerk, nor would I want to associate with such a group of people.

The atheists I’ve known in real life and online who are kind are not anti-theists; they don’t rant and rave and belittle theists. They have a more “easy going” form of atheism that is way easier to tolerate.

(Link): I’m An Atheist, But I Had to Walk Away from The Toxic Side Of Online Atheism by C. Stedman


…In an environment that rewards anger and sound bites, I attempted to humanize my community — one of the most negatively viewed in the country. Afterward, strangers from around the country messaged me to say the conversation helped them rethink their views on atheists.

But the chatter online took a different, but sadly familiar, tone.

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Regarding Tacky or Inappropriate Christian Themed Jokes, Signs, or Art by Christians or By Non-Christians

Regarding Tacky or Inappropriate Christian Themed Jokes, Signs, or Art by Christians or By Non-Christians

About a week ago, Facebook group owner of SCCL (Stuff Christian Culture Likes) did a post with a photo of a sign celebrating Easter season in front of a church with the words “Nailed It.”

You can view that particular Facebook post (Link): here.

Many in the comments section found the church “Nailed It” sign to be tacky, as did the guy who runs the “Friendly Atheist” blog (see here).

In turn, a Christian guy wrote a post about this whole thing here.

I don’t care for this kind of cheap marketing, either. I think it makes light of the crucifixion of Jesus.

However, there may be a tiny bit of hypocrisy going on here.

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Too Cool for School: The Ex, Quasi, or Liberal Christians (and Atheists) Who Think Their Snarkiness Against Christians Makes Them Clever (But It Doesn’t)

Too Cool for School: The Ex, Quasi, or Liberal Christians (and Atheists) Who Think Their Snarkiness Against Christians Makes Them Clever (But It Doesn’t)

This post contains some vulgar language.

edited to add: I’ve already been told by two different people that this post is too long. Sorry, being concise has never been a talent of mine.

Someone also informed me that this blog post of mine has been linked to at a sub thread on Reddit (Link): here / on (Link): Reason and Faith on Reddit

Someone in that Reddit thread thinks my title of this post is “an atrocity,” but I feel it pretty much accurately sums up what I’ve seen online the last decade or more

In my faith crisis of the last few years, I’ve visited more sites, blogs, groups, and forums that are critical of Christians or Christianity. I sometimes find myself agreeing with some of their criticisms of evangelical, Protestant Christianity (sometimes not).

One of the recurrent tendencies that crops up in such blogs, forums, and groups that disturbs or annoys me  (or has me doing a lot of eye rolls) are that many of the people who post to these types of groups act as though they are Too Cool for School.

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Pat Robertson’s Incredibly Insensitive Advice to Gail the Unmarried Woman

Pat Robertson’s Incredibly Insensitive Advice to Gail the Unmarried Woman 

I am infuriated at Robertson’s response to this Gail woman who wrote to him. I am trying to keep my language clean in this post, but I want to cuss up a storm.

A woman named Gail wrote a question to Christian television host Pat Robertson. You can view her question and listen to Robertson’s response below (I will embed the video in this post).

Gail wrote to Pat Robertson (despite the fact I’ve tweeted several times over begging women of America to stop asking him for relationship advice – dang it Gail, have you not seen my warnings??) and Gail asked Robertson a question.

Gail wanted to know why all her female friends are married but she is not, even though she’s prayed and asked God to send her a husband. Gail also said she is having financial problems.

Robertson went on to shame and scold this woman. He said (to paraphrase) that she had a lot of egotistical nerve expecting God to just answer her prayers and plop a husband down in her lap. Robertson told Gail if she wants a husband or financial help to go out and work for it.  He implied that she is at fault in some way.

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Five Unhelpful Things Singles Are Tired Of Hearing by R. Duncan / Eight Things You Should Never Say To Your Single Friends by K. Wilkinson

Five Unhelpful Things Singles Are Tired Of Hearing by R. Duncan / Eight Things You Should Never Say To Your Single Friends by K. Wilkinson

There is also a link below to “Eight Things You Should Never Say To Your Single Friends”

(Link): Five Unhelpful Things Singles Are Tired Of Hearing


by Ryan Duncan

Life as a single adult (Link): can be difficult. Life as a single Christian, on the other hand, can be just plain exasperating. While never short on community, single Christians often find themselves bombarded with well-meaning, but unhelpful advice from their married peers.

In response, (Link): Krysti Wilkinson of Relevant Magazine decided it was time to compile a list of things you should never say to your single friends. Coupled with a few of my own favorite gems, here are five things your single friends are tired of hearing.

“Wow, You Must Have So Much Free Time!”

“This is usually an attempt to point out the silver lining. But this sometimes implies that your single friend’s schedule, and life, must be empty (and void of anything meaningful) when there isn’t a significant other in it.

True, those of us who are single have just one person’s schedule to keep track of instead of two, but there are so many other important parts of our days that have nothing to do with our love lives.”

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I’m 45, Single And Childless. No, There’s Nothing ‘Wrong’ With Me. by M. Notkin

I’m 45, Single And Childless. No, There’s Nothing ‘Wrong’ With Me. by M Notkin

About the page I’m linking to below by Melanie Notkin, I relate.

I was engaged at one point to a guy and broke things off. He wasn’t right for me. I was miserable in the relationship, and I was not about to marry someone who I couldn’t even stand being engaged to.

I do not understand why so many people assume that folks who have never dated, never married, or who have not dated in years, are suspect or lacking, they assume that there must be something wrong with the person.

Just because someone has never dated, never married, or has gone years without being in a serious relationship, does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the person.

It can be very difficult to meet a match as you go through life, and some of us are not willing to lower our standards to date just anyone (being single is a much better choice than being with the wrong person or with dating an abuser or a jerk).

I can hazard a guess as to why I’ve never married at my age, and I won’t list all the reasons here, and in the overall scheme, I’m not sure why I’ve never married.

I do have a few hunches about contributing factors, though.

First of all, I was raised in a Christian environment that taught me to be very passive about marriage. I was supposed to “wait on the Lord’s timing,” pray, have faith, and God would magically send me a spouse. But that never happened.

Secondly, though I had wanted to marry, I was not in desperation mode about it. I know it’s a mistake to marry someone who is wrong for you just for the sake of marrying.

Thirdly, I am a huge introvert. Meaning, I do fine alone and actually prefer alone time. I hate parties and social events.

I do fine with being alone for long stretches of time, so unlike women who are clingy, needy, and who base their self worth on if they have a man or not, and who absolutely have to have a man because they cannot stand being alone, I was and am okay with being alone. I also don’t base my value or worth in having a spouse.

I think some of my views are actually pretty healthy. I am not going to be rushed or pressured into marrying by anyone or anything.

You would think our culture would respect these sorts of wise choices, but more often than not, they do not. They choose to assume if you are still single at age whatever, or if it has been years since you dated, you must have some kind of flaw.

Here is the link. I have more comments below the excerpts:

(Link): I’m 45, Single And Childless. No, There’s Nothing ‘Wrong’ With Me. by M. Notkin published October 2014


  • I’m at a bar, on my first date with Brian, a man I met online. I’m happy to be inside, sitting next to this man, warm and calm. At age 45, I’m no longer focused on the future; I’m no longer envisioning my life as one half of a young couple, thinking about our future children. I’m focused on the moment I’m in right now. This is life. This is my life.
  • And notwithstanding it not turning out the way I had expected, my life is beyond my expectations. I have chosen to live my life to its potential, and I’ve never felt better about myself or more comfortable in my own skin.
  • Brian is handsome, self-made and from his body language, I can tell he’s happy to be sitting at the bar next to me. He swivels to face me, smiling, and I smile back. The date is off to a great start.
  • But soon enough, his tone changes. Brian has decided it’s time to find out what’s wrong with me. And after all these years, seasons of men, loves and likes and not-quite-there feelings, I recognize the conversation that’s about to begin.First, my dates prove their ability to be in a relationship. They describe their marriage and how it concluded, or why their recent long-term relationship finally had to end, as Brian’s had earlier this year. “We argued so much it no longer felt good to be in the relationship,” he volunteers. And now, as these exchanges go, it’s my turn to share why I’m still single.”Have you ever been married?” Brian asks.”No,” I say.

    “Have you come close? Like engaged or lived with someone?”

    “Nope,” I add.

    Brian presses his lips together in judgment. “When was your last long-term relationship?” he asks, believing my answer is the answer to whether or not I want to be in a relationship. Or, perhaps more importantly, whether or not I am capable of being in one.

    “It’s been a while,” I softly respond, noticing my own disappointment, let alone his.

    “But you’re attractive and smart. I can’t believe you haven’t had a boyfriend in a while,” Brian says, but I know his flattery is a guise to learn the great mystery of why I’m still single.

  • … “So, what’s the issue?” he asks. “I can’t believe you would still be single. You must be picky.”We’re entering the “dating-deduction” phase. Brian will keep trying to deduce what’s wrong with me until he hits the jackpot.”Of course I’m picky,” I say with confidence. “I want to be in love with the man I’m with and he deserves to be loved. If being ‘picky’ means I won’t settle for a lesser love, then you are right: I’m picky.”
  • … “Some people choose to focus on their careers and some choose to have families,” my date says emphatically, making the assumption that because I haven’t had a family, I’ve made my choice.”I didn’t choose to have a career over falling in love, getting married and having children,” I reply, my voice again slightly raised.
  • (Link): Click Here To Read The Entire Page, (“I’m over 40, never married, childless, and no, there’s nothing “wrong” with me”)

Additional thoughts: I find guys like the “Brian” mentioned above to be very annoying. I probably would not have been anywhere near as patient and nice as Notkin was to the guy.

I would have told Brian that it’s rude and presumptuous of him to make negative assumptions about my singlehood, to pester me about my single status, and all further questions about it are off limits.

By the way – I wonder why people divorce.

I don’t think making it to the altar to start with is a great feat, if you lack standards. I think marriage is harder for people who are not willing to marry just to marry, but if you are willing to drop standards and marry due to societal expectations, you can marry quickly.

Anyway, the double standard drives me nuts.

Many in our culture assumes a never-married 35 or 40 year old is suspect, but I have the opposite bias.

I often suspect people who have been divorced are the ones who have issues.

If you were a great, or normal, or a stable person, your marriage should have worked out.

What’s wrong with you, Mr. Divorced Guy, that you could not stay married to the same woman, and here you are, hitting on me on a dating site?

See how that works? I bet divorced and married people don’t like being subjected to these sorts of prejudices, but they do this all the time to people who have never married, or who have not dated in months or years.

It’s possible this Brian guy is a literary device that Notkin came up with to summarize the many negative assumptions culture holds about never married singles, but I have seen similar attitudes in real life or on other websites about singles.

I sometimes see total losers who get married (I have a series of posts on this blog called “They’re married??” you should check out for examples, see also this post for examples of total losers and dregs who for some reason managed to snag a mate), and I sometimes like to ask these people, “How did an ugly / weird / child molesting weirdo loser like you get a spouse????” – but I’ve so far not asked anyone that question.

I mean, seriously, if culture is going to stigmatize people who never marry and assume there is something wrong with us, I say never married adults need to ask their unattractive, fat, or weird, loser married friends, “How did you get married? I don’t get it. You have no redeeming qualities I can see, yet someone married you – was it desperation on their part?”


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