Hypocrisy Among Christians and how it leads some to question or leave the Christian faith

Hypocrisy Among Christians and how it leads some to question or leave the Christian faith

I have a few other topics or news stories I wanted to blog about today and the other day, but I find myself getting sidetracked to discuss these other issues. Maybe I’ll blog about the rest tomorrow or next weekend.

This topic is (for me anyhow) rather complex. I don’t want to spend a lot of time explaining it, but it’s one I’ve seen crop up recently on other sites or in my personal life, and this will probably be another one of my long posts. Even though I have other things I wanted to do today, like bake a batch of cookies.

Whether Christians like it or not, some Christians, including lifelong Christians such as myself, are either considering leaving the faith, or have done so already, and all because the hypocrisy they see in self professing Christians.

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Church Youth Pastor Puts Peanut Butter on His Arm Pits and Between Toes and Tells Kids to Lick it Off – other gross, inappropriate youth group activities

Church Youth Pastor Puts Peanut Butter on His Arm Pits and Between Toes and Tells Kids to Lick it Off

I first became aware of this on Janet Mefferd’s show (link). The story is several years old. It appears to have taken place around 2009.

Here are some links about it (I am not taking the time to vet each site I am linking to here; I am only linking to these sites for their reporting on this peanut butter story, or similar stories).

(Link): Peanut Butter Passion

  • Someone a few months ago sent me this article about a youth leader who likes to provoke his students to a state of screaming enthusiasm with gross-out games. (Warning: the article itself and the other links in the following paragraph are extremely gross. Home-school moms might want to look away.)
  • The article describes how this youth leader had a teenager with hairy armpits smear gobs of peanut butter on his underarms; then the youth pastor asked for volunteers to lick it clean and swallow the peanut butter.
  • The youth leader uses skits like that to “shock and astound.” (Those are his exact words.) He told that secular reporter that he does things like that all the time to get the students excited, so that they will talk about the church.

(Link):  Don’t Read This If You Have a Weak Stomach… (examples of disgusting youth group activities)

This comes from a site advertising itself as a tool for youth pastors. This page advises getting the teens to rub the bread on someone’s arm pits before eating it:

(Link):  Youth Ministry Games : P,B & J (submitted in 2000)

  • Submitted by: on August 1, 2000
    Materials: Peanutbutter, Jelly, and Bread, 2 dufflebags…
    Messy Rating: Special Considerations     Duration: 5-20 minutes    Cost: $5.00

    Two guys are geting ready for their dates, after working out at the gym. (Have to be really sweaty. Need two volunteers who are not afraid of anything.) The thing is, they don’t have any deoderant, hair gel, and did not have time to eat. They then pull out the PB and put it under their arms for deoderant.

  • Next they pull out the jelly for the hair gel. Now they are ready for their dates. But one thing remains, they are still hungry.
  • They then pull out the bread, taking one slice and rubbing their armpits. Taking the other slice and rubbing their head. Then putting the two pieces of bread together for their sandwhiches. But that’s not all. They switch snadwhiches and have a bite or two!!!!
  • This will gross out anybody, kids or adults!!! This is an awesome ice breaker for new groups!

In the course of looking up the peanut butter in the armpit story, I found this page:

(Link):  Peanut butter salvation and other stupid church tricks.

  • Four sets of parents are suing a church in Indiana for what happened at a New Year’s Eve lock-in. A youth leader chewed up a mixture of dog food, sardines, potted meat, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, and salsa, topped off with holiday eggnog. As if this spectacle were not disgusting enough (let the reader beware), he then spit out the mixture into a glass and encouraged the members of the youth group to drink it!
  • Some of those who did, of course, became sick, whereupon their parents sued the church.
  • ….Then there are games designed to appeal to adolescents’ hormones. These include kissing games like “Kiss the Wench.”
  • “Leg Line Up” has girls feel boys’ legs to identify who is who.
  • Some of them have odd homosexual subtexts, like “Pull Apart,” in which guys cling to each other, while girls try to pull them apart.
  • Another has girls putting make-up on guys, leading to a drag beauty show. Then there is the embarrassingly Freudian “Baby Bottle Burp,” in which girls put a diaper (a towel) on a boy, then feed him a bottle of soda, and cradle him until he burps!



(Link):  Preachers Who Use Strippers, Hula Girls, Topless Hunky Men, and Strip Poles During Church Services and Give Sex Diplomas to Teens – Yes, Really

(Link): Want To Grow Your Church? Advertise Sex. (story via A Little Leaven blog)

(Link):  Church’s Bizarre Sermon To Singles About Singlehood – With Spiderman Theme

(Link):  Ignatius the Ultimate Youth Pastor & Teaching Christian Singles About Sex (parody)

Churches Would Rather Hear From Ex Porn Stars Than Adult Celibates or Virgins – Virginia Church Invites Ex Porn Star to be Guest Speaker

Churches Would Rather Hear From Ex Porn Stars Than Adult Celibates or Virgins – Church Invites Ex Porn Star to be Guest Speaker

This makes no sense to me. I have written before of churches who have invited porn film producers or ex actors to their churches to speak about sex. I wrote about it in this post:

It would make more sense to me for churches to ask adult celibates or virgins to act as guest speakers on these topics. You would want to hear advice from the person who has managed to avoid falling into sin “X,” whatever “X” may be, rather than asking the guy or gal who fell into “X” in the first place.

The majority of Christian culture has zero respect for any adult who has remained a virgin past the age of 30 – meanwhile, the rest of them assume it is impossible for anyone to be a virgin past age 25 or 30.

A lot of Christian speaking and teaching about sex just assumes that everyone over the age of 25 is having sex or will be.

Here is another story about a church using a porn actor as a guest speaker about sex during church services:

(Link):  Virginia Church Plans ‘Porn Sunday’ Sermon, Ex-Adult Actress Appearance

  •  | By Ed Mazza