That’s Right! Even if a Trans Person Has Had “Bottom” Surgery, Nobody is Under Obligation to Date Him or Her (Re: Trans Cartoon)

That’s Right! Even if a Trans Person Has Had “Bottom” Surgery, Nobody is Under Obligation to Date Him or Her (Re: Trans Cartoon)

It’s just adorable and so naive how the leftists who push things like transgenderism think they can shame, insult, or guilt trip people into dating people who they don’t want to date.

Someone posted a cartoon on Twitter arguing that if someone refuses to date a Trans person who has had “bottom surgery,” that he or she is guilty of “transphobia” and is a bigot.

You can view that Tweet on Twitter (Link): here.
You can also view that cartoon further below, where I will embed a screen capture of it. 

I am a celibate, cis, never-married woman over the age of 45 and have no interest in dating cis men who are obese, bald, blonde, or red-headed, so I refuse to date cis men who are obese, bald, blonde, or red-headed.

I also refuse to follow, any further, the Christian advice I was raised with, which says I  can date only Christian men – I chucked that teaching out the window years ago. (It’s usually called “equally yoked” teaching.)

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Men, This Woke Lady Wants You to know You’re “Fatphobic” If You Refuse To Go Out With Her – by NTB Staff

 Men, This Woke Lady Wants You to know You’re “Fatphobic” If You Refuse To Go Out With Her – by NTB Staff

I’m a thin lady who doesn’t want to date overweight men. So I don’t blame thin men who don’t want to date overweight ladies.

But god knows that secular culture and gender complementarians keep brainwashing women that we ladies should not look at a man’s earning potential, they assume we ladies have no libido (but many of us do), and they also assume we don’t notice what men look like – so they tell us to judge a man by his inner, spiritual qualities (see this post for more of what I mean about that). Oh barf! 

Contrary to what the liberal lady in the video below says, “Preference” can also include physical appearance.

I’m a thin person who is not attracted to large (i.e., obese) men, bald men, or blond men. (I also don’t like arrogant, stupid, selfish, or crass men – those being non-physical traits, of course.)

So… when I’m looking for a guy to date, I lean towards guys who are not overweight, bald, blonde, arrogant, etc.

And that is my right as an adult. I don’t allow other people to shame me, pressure me, or guilt trip me out of my boundaries and choices.

(Christians tried that on me for years! They shamed and guilt tripped me out of my choices or from having boundaries, but used the Christian faith, Christian gender complementarianism, or the Bible as rationales.)

Slapping labels on this won’t deter me, either. For example, if you want to call me a -phobe or -ist because I don’t want to date fat guys (fatphobic) or won’t date arrogant guys (arrogantist), I don’t care. That is not going to shame me into changing my dating preferences.

I work to keep my weight down. I run five times a week, and I also go on a lot of walks, bike rides, and I keep my caloric intake to 1200 calories per day, six days a week.

I don’t let my weight get out of control… and then get angry when most men would not be attracted to me.

(My one caveat here, in regards to this topic: the hypocrites.
I frequently see young and dumpy, or old and dumpy, men who have a case of the Uglies (or some are too skinny, some are too fat or just way ugly),
and yet, they always feel entitled to thin, tiny waisted, very pretty women who look like they fell out of a “Victoria’s Secret” catalog
– or you see balding, fat men with big beer guts who are 55 years old who feel entitled to 21 year old women who look like fashion models.)

I used to be fairly lenient and forgiving about dating someone with differing political views to my own (I wasn’t super picky on my dating profile filling out the “who do you want to be matched with” section under “politics”)….

But after seeing this woman’s incredibly obnoxious TikTok video/post, where she says single people not wanting to date the obese is “fatphobic” and “marginalization” – I now realize I would never, ever want to date a far left / SJW / identity politics / BLM supporter type of person(*). Never.

*(I am assuming this is where her politics reside. I’d be very surprised to learn that she claims to be a conservative or a Republican).

Her political views and grand sense of entitlement are ten times more odious than her physical appearance.

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Why Are Young Men So Afraid of Sex? by Zoe Stimpel

Why Are Young Men So Afraid of Sex? by Zoe Stimpel

(Link): Why Are Young Men So Afraid of Sex? by Zoe Stimpel – American Spectator site – partial copy here


… [After having been single again for two years (unclear if due to divorce or breakup with a boyfriend), the author of this piece decided to try various dating sites and apps and to date men ages 20 – 25; she was 38 at the time. She discusses how her conversations with these younger men start out and then end.]

…In these conversations [with younger men on dating apps], messages veer from requests for info on what you did on the weekend to requests for your life story.

Without the prospect of a drink, the conversation then dies. Or they hang forever in the ether.

On Christmas Day, no fewer than eight twentysomething men got in touch, most of them men I had met on dating apps. I’d only met three.

The rest had been kicking around in my DMs, as they say, for up to a year and seemed suddenly keen for a chat.

The third path is sexting. This is the most depressing, and fast becoming the most uncontrollable and ubiquitous, aspect of dating young men.

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Tinder Is Giving Away Pairs of COVID Tests to Get People to Go on Actual Dates Again

Tinder Is Giving Away Pairs of COVID Tests to Get People to Go on Actual Dates Again

(Link): Tinder giving free COVID-19 tests to users so they can meet up safely

The dating app giving 1,000 free mail-in tests to 500 Tinder matches

(Link): Tinder’s new giveaway could make Covid dating safer … for one day, at least

New York (CNN Business)After more than a year of health restrictions putting a crimp on in-person dating, Tinder says it’s gearing up for one of the “flirtiest years of our lives.” With that in mind, it’s giving away free Covid-19 tests to encourage safe dating.

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New Dating Site, ‘Pinder’ For Pets

New Dating Site, ‘Pinder’ For Pets

(Link): Is Your Pet Lonely? New “Dating” App For Pets Called Pinder Launches

(Link): Puppy love: New dating site ‘Pinder’ connects lonely pets

…A new relationship Web site has hit the dating market, but there’s a catch: All users must have four legs.

The site, called (Link): Pinder, is a play on the widely popular dating app Tinder, but instead of swiping right or left on a potential human hookup, all of the eligible singles are pets, The Post has learned. Continue reading “New Dating Site, ‘Pinder’ For Pets”

‘Wokefish’ Dating Trend: Shady Men Are Pretending To Be Progressive On Apps

‘Wokefish’ Dating Trend: Shady Men Are Pretending To Be Progressive On Apps

Why would anyone do this? If you’re a right of center person, a moderate, or a classical liberal, why would you even try to date a progressive?

(Link): ‘Wokefish’ Dating Trend: Shady Men Are Pretending To Be Progressive On Apps


by Ben Cost

Online opportunists are redefining the “politics of love” by weaponizing being woke to lure unsuspecting men and women into the sack.

Yes, horny guys are using progressivism as a virtual pickup line.

The latest in a long line of dirty dating tactics to emerge is “wokefishing,” a term coined by writer Serena Smith. “People masquerade as holding progressive political views to ensnare potential partners,”(Link): Smith told Vice.  Wokefishermen can be thought of like catfishers — those who use fake online personas to defraud victims — but only for sex instead of money.

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The “Dating Market” Is Getting Worse by A. Fetters and K. Tiffany

The “Dating Market” Is Getting Worse b A. Fetters and K. Tiffany

For anyone who cannot wait to get to it, here’s the link to the piece on The Atlantic:

(Link): The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse

Some of my comments about that piece before I put in some excerpts from it:

About the only “numbers approach” I have ever mentioned on my own blog here is that Christian women really do unnecessarily limit themselves if they try to live out the “Be Equally Yoked” philosophy in regards to dating and marriage, because the reality is, yes, the math is that there are not enough single, Christian men to go around for all the Christian single women who’d like to marry.

So, it makes sense to forgo the “equally yoked” rule, if one is a Christian, to date outside the Christian faith.

At the same time, though, I have seen other adults singles make much too much out of the “numbers game” philosophy on dating sites or comments sections on blogs about dating, where they make finding a romantic life partner sound so cold, or as though they’re shopping for a car.

There’s nothing wrong with having standards, but I am afraid there is a category of single adult who is too stringent or unrealistic with their lists of “must haves.”

I am personally turned off by anyone dispensing dating or “how to get married” advice who behave  as though there is a sure-fire guarantee way to land a spouse – because (Link): there is no such thing.

So, I’m really turned off by the many (sexist) attitudes and lists out there telling women if only the women do X, Y, and Z, they will absolutely get married to a great guy.

One problem is that most of these lists (which go viral on Twitter) are predicated on the notion that all men want and prefer 1950s, submissive, uber-feminine women.

Well, I lived that way for many decades – I was raised in a very traditional family that was into conservative values – so I had many of those prized traits sexist men online say will grant a woman a husband, but I remain never-married into my late 40s.

I was a very meek, docile, passive, sweet woman with traditional values, and no, it didn’t get me a husband.

(As I’ve aged, I’ve realized that it’s not a healthy or safe dating strategy for a woman to fit the picture of docile, overly feminine, passive, etc, that the “dating advice” gurus suggest on twitter and elsewhere, because many abusive, selfish, or controlling men intentionally seek out women with such qualities so that they can control, abuse, or take advantage of them.)

There are many conservatives – including women authors, unfortunately – who keep writing dating advice books for women, or who go on to FOX cable news morning shows, who keep encouraging women to engage in these dangerous dating strategies (of being a doormat, where being “feminine” is associated with doormat behaviors), which I’ve written about before (Link): here and (Link): here, among other blog posts.

The article below states at one point that men out-number women on dating sites. That may be so on some sites, but certainly not all.

Years ago, I had a paid membership on a dating site, and the site was forever claiming they could find no matches for me, most of the time.

For the four or five month paid subscription I had, I was only linked up to a total of about three men in that time.

My research on that particular online dating company found it’s the same with a lot of women, as it had been for me: that site tends to only “dribble out” a tiny number of matches for women, while they send male members more matches per month, every month.

Here are excerpts from…

(Link): The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse

The old but newly popular notion that one’s love life can be analyzed like an economy is flawed—and it’s ruining romance.

It’s understandable that someone like Liz [a 30 year old single who is using dating apps to find dates] might internalize the idea that dating is a game of probabilities or ratios, or a marketplace in which single people just have to keep shopping until they find “the one.”

The idea that a dating pool can be analyzed as a marketplace or an economy is both recently popular and very old:
For generations, people have been describing newly single people as (Link): 
“back on the market” and (Link): analyzing dating in terms of supply and demand.

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The 10 Worst Dating Trends of the Decade, From ‘Orbiting’ To ‘Breadcrumbing’ (2019)

The 10 Worst Dating Trends of the Decade, From ‘Orbiting’ To ‘Breadcrumbing’ (2019)

(Link): The 10 worst dating trends of the decade, from ‘orbiting’ to ‘breadcrumbing’


December 2019

The last month of 2019, and thus of the decade, is barreling to a close, and thus it is time to reflect not only the year but the decade in dating.

Romance in the 2010s will go down in history for a myriad of reasons, not least of them the rise of dating apps.

Match and eHarmony had already existed for awhile, but in 2012 Tinder came into the the world and ushered in nearly a full decade of “swiping” and all the consequences that came along with it.

The dating landscape in 2019 is much different than it was in 2009 (incidentally,the year Grindr launched — but that is an entirely different story).

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