A Valentine for the Single Christian by K L Bishop

A Valentine for the Single Christian by K L Bishop

She says a lot of things in her post I’ve been saying on my blog for years. So if you appreciate some of the points I’ve been making on my blog, you should probably dig this.

(Link): A Valentine for the Single Christian by K L Bishop


…. It seems that being single in the church is a difficult situation these days. Many churches have made marriage and family somewhat of an idol. There have probably been millions of sermons delivered on dating, courting, marriage, waiting for marriage, etc.

But it is not often that our pastors preach to the adult singles in the pews, or encourage people to embrace their singleness.

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Stop Telling Your Single Friends to Try Dating Sites – Please.

Stop Telling Your Single Friends to Try Dating Sites – Please

Regarding my previous post, (Link:) Online Dating Vs Meeting in Real Life

I want to keep this post brief, if I can.

This is a notice to everyone, but particularly married people: please stop advising your unmarried friends who want a boyfriend (or girlfriend) or a husband (or a wife) to “join a dating site!”

And especially don’t tack on what now seems to be the obligatory explanation:
“Because I have a friend, Bertha, and she tried online dating sites, and it’s how she met her husband Fred, after only two tries (or after only three seconds online)!”

Online dating is not a magical elixir.

Joining a dating site, like being sexy, smokin’ hot, and wealthy, is not a guarantee of meeting the right person (for more on that see my previous post, (Link:) “Following the Usual Advice Won’t Get You Dates or Married – Even [Beautiful and Wealthy] Celebrities Have A Hard Time”).

Please, please, please stop advising and suggesting to your lonely single friends that they sign up for Yahoo Personals, Match, Plenty of Fish, Christian Mingle, eHarmony, etc and so on.

Unmarried people are no more likely of having success at meeting a mate using a dating site than they are in “real life.”

There are just as many losers, wackos, weirdos, and liars on dating sites as there are in the bar around the corner.

And besides that, when your unmarried friend cries on your shoulder that she’d like to be married but can’t meet the right guy, nine times of of ten, she is NOT LOOKING FOR ADVICE OR SUGGESTIONS but merely sympathy and to have her struggles and emotions validated.

How do you give sympathy and validate your friend’s feelings?

By telling her, “I know how hard it must be to be lonely. I am so sorry you can’t seem to meet the right guy.”

– Period. End it there.

And that’s it. Resist the temptation to tell her, “Have you thought of joining eHarmony???”

And, if she is open to being helped by you, why don’t you get off your ass and actually offer PRACTICAL help to your friend, instead of just telling her what to do; as in,
“Hey, I know an unmarried guy named Ralph. I think you two would hit it off. Would you like me to introduce you? Maybe I can invite you both over for dinner with me and my spouse next Friday.”

Unmarried people get the “Join e Harmony dating site!” line from people all. the. time.

Many of us have already tried dating sites, and it has not worked for us.

So please, stop telling unmarried people to try online dating.

Telling unmarried people who want to be in a relationship to try online dating has become another cliche’ and platitude. Nobody wants platitudes when they’re hurting, angry, or discouraged.
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Unmarried Christian Women Ain’t Got Time Fo’ Dat!

Unmarried Christian Women Ain’t Got Time Fo’ Dat!

I think you can click this picture to enlarge it if it makes it easier to read (I know you got time fo dat):

Sweet Brown says Unmarried Christian Women Ain't Got the Time to follow all your dating advice
Unmarried Christian women ain’t got the time to follow all your dating advice!

Marriage Mandaters – Mocking Faith

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At the blog The Gift of Singleness (located at thegiftofsingleness.blogspot.com), in an entry entitled “The Importance of Waiting on the Lord” (dated January 17, 2007), the blog’s author, someone calling herself (or himself?) “Captain Sensible,” compares having faith in God to provide one with a spouse to having faith in God to reveal to a student which college the student should chose.

The comparison at that blog is made to ridicule the notion of any Christian having faith in God for a spouse.

The idea that a Christian would rely on God for college membership choice, or God’s direction or leading in the matter, is viewed by “Captain Sensible” as being silly and unrealistic, so the analogy is that relying on God in the area of marriage is also ridiculous.

Look, I fully appreciate the frustration of Christians who are single well past the age of 35 who dearly want to get married and have no current prospects (I am in that group myself), but I was very disturbed by the cynical attitude of that blog.

After having skimmed over some of “Captain Sensible’s” other content, I find myself agreeing with some of it and enjoyed some of the humor (such as the January 13, 2007 post entitled “Beware! The 14th February approaches!”).

But as I was saying, I do find certain aspects of the marriage mandate crowd’s attitudes (including some of those expressed by Captain Sensible) upsetting.

To mock and ridicule a Christian for having faith in God for provision, whether we are talking about food, water, shelter, a job, a spouse, a baby, a healing, or what have you, seems very antithetical to Christianity.

Especially when one considers all the passages in the Bible where

(a) Believers are chastised for NOT having faith in God and

(b) Believers are strongly commended for having faith (see, for example, Hebrews chapter 11 in the New Testament)
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Is Getting A Spouse Like Looking for a Job?

Answering the ‘Getting a Spouse is like trying to get employed’ argument

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The “Getting a Spouse is like trying to get employed” argument

Many critics of the faith-based approach to obtaining a spouse, the ones who feel a Christian should be continually pounding the pavement actively looking for a mate, frequently drag up the “employment” argument.

I’ve seen this argument used many a time, by regular Christians opining away at blogs and forums, to professional writers who churn out relationship advice for the Christian lovelorn. And am I ever sick and tired of seeing it.

It goes something like this (though I’m sure you’ve seen it used a million times before on various Christian sites, as I have):

“But if you’re trying to get a job, God expects you to mail out resumés and go on job interviews, otherwise you can’t realistically expect to get a job. It’s not just going to land in your lap without any effort on your part!”

Sorry, but no, not quite. Maybe Non-Christians have to approach finding a mate in that manner, but not the Christian.

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