Texas Double Murder Suspect Dreamed of Cutting Off Wife’s Head, Police Allege

I see stories like the one I’m blogging about in his post and think sometimes being single is not so bad by comparison. Or, more accurately, it’s pointless to be married if the person you’re married to is violent, selfish, a jerk, or a psycho – like the guy in this story.

I have times where I’m okay with being single, other times I’d like to be married (mainly for the companionship), but geeze frikkin’ louise, I see stories like this one and think having a husband this terrible is far worse than being single.

Not only did the guy kill his wife, but he was telling people prior to killing her that he didn’t like her. He was fed up with the way she looked and dressed.

I mean, good Lord, there is no point in getting married if the guy you’re married to cannot stand you, is not going to like you or respect you, and tells co-workers he fantasizes about cutting your head off.

I’d rather be husband-less than married to a violent, self absorbed douche-canoe who cannot even stand to be in the same room with me.

The article gets even more sad when you read about how a friend says the murdered woman had dreamed of getting married and having a kid since she was 12 years old, and she had three miscarriages before having their son (whom the guy also killed).

By the way: this again shows that being married and a parent does NOT, as Christians often claim, make a person more godly, ethical, or loving.

This also goes to show that contrary to most Christian advice I’ve seen, a person does not have to be perfect or godly to earn, merit, or get a spouse from God. If a person had to have a good heart and be a great person to start with before God would allow that person a spouse, than this evil idiot in this story never would’ve gotten married to start with.

(Link): Texas Double Murder Suspect Dreamed of Cutting Off Wife’s Head, Police Allege

A Texas man charged with (Link): fatally slashing the throats of his wife and infant son allegedly told co-workers he heard voices telling him to “kill people” and had dreamed of hurting his spouse, according to a newly released police affidavit obtained by PEOPLE.

The accusations detail suspect Craig Vandewege’s bizarre behavior before and after his 36-year-old wife, Shanna Vandewege, and their 3-month-old son, Diederick, were found dead in Fort Worth, Texas, on Dec. 15.

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World’s Oldest Woman Said Secret to Long Life is Staying Single

World’s Oldest Woman Said Secret to Long Life is Staying Single

(Link): World’s Oldest Woman Said Secret to Long Life is Staying Single


by Y. Shah

The world has a new oldest person. Meet Emma Morano of Verbania, Italy. At 116-years-old, Morano is believed to be the last documented person alive who was born in the 1800s.

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60 Year Old Lady Contracted Herpes from Cheating Husband

60 Year Old Lady Contracted Herpes from Cheating Husband

Another example of how it can pay off to be single and celibate. Letter to advice columnist Ask Amy.

Jan 2016:

  • Dear Amy:
  • I am a 60-year-old divorced woman. My cheating ex-husband gave me herpes. Because of this I have been reluctant to date.
  • I have visited a website for people with similar conditions but didn’t find it acceptable. My question is, at what point in a relationship do you tell a potential partner that you have a sexually transmitted disease?
  • Signed,
  • Full of Fear and Loathing
  • Dear Full of Fear and Loathing:
  • I hope you will find a way to shed the stigma of having this STD, which is quite common (estimates are that 1 in 6 adults have genital herpes, though many don’t know it). You have done nothing wrong.

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Middle-Aged Transgender Abandons Wife, Kids to Become a Little Girl

There are times I am glad I have never married. Here is another:

(Link):   Middle-Aged Transgender Abandons Wife, Kids to Become a Little Girl

  • Dec 2015
  • Just when you thought you’d heard everything comes news of a 52-year-old man who abandoned his wife and seven children to live an alternative lifestyle.
  • Paul Wolscht is now proudly living as a 6-year-old girl, donning lacy dresses and having play dates with the grandkids of his newly adopted parents. The odd tale started six years ago, when the Canadian man decided he was really a little girl.
  • “I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children, but I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child,” said the 6-foot-plus-tall, middle-aged man in a YouTube video.
  • “I have a mommy and a daddy—an adopted mommy and daddy—who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl. And their children and their grandchildren are totally supportive … I don’t want to be an adult right now.”
  • With his new adoptive parents, Paul, who now prefers to be called Stefonknee, has all the support he needs not to behave like a grown man. He’s having a great time doing “kid’s stuff,” such as coloring. But what he says next reveals that this is not some condition with which he was born.


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A Response To J D Hall’s Vomit-tastic Post about Village Church’s Handling of Certain Members, Covenants, and Marriages

A Response To J D Hall’s Vomit-tastic Post about Village Church’s Handling of Certain Members, Covenants, and Marriages 

Before we get to the post by J D Hall:


  • The Village Church (TVC) of Texas has placed Karen, who was once a member of theirs, under church discipline because she did not, according to them, abide by the church covenant she signed.
  • Instead of conferring with the church on what to do, Karen, on her own, sought an annulment from the state of Texas, once she discovered her then-spouse, Jordan, was a pedophile.
  • Karen said she spent about 50 days conferring with other Christians (not from the TVC), and in prayer, mulling over what to do, before seeking the annulment.
  • This action of hers has ticked off TVC leadership, because Karen did not get their permission to get the annulment.
  • Matt Chandler is the lead preacher of TVC.

You can read additional reporting of this situation here (additional material is at the bottom of this post):

Here is the page I am responding to:

(Link, off site): A Rational Response to the Criticism of Village Church  by  J D Hall, Pulpit and Pen blog

The covenant that Hall is so rigorously defending – TVC’s membership covenant – here does not even mention annulments.

As Karen explains (off site Link, Source):

  • …it is worth noting here that although The Village Church claims [in their e-mail] that “We see an annulment as a subcategory of what Scripture defines as a divorce in Mark 10:9” …, this cannot be found anywhere in their Membership Covenant or Bylaws.
  • In signing their Membership Covenant shortly after my 24th birthday, I had agreed to nothing in regards to the possibility of annulment should I come to realize that my marriage had been a complete sham from the beginning.
  • There is a vast difference between a divorce and a marriage that is voided on the grounds of fraud, and I had no way of knowing that the leadership of The Village Church would respond to it in this fashion.

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Brazilian Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Also Her Brother

Brazilian Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Also Her Brother

Yikes. And “ew.”

(Link): Brazilian Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Also Her Brother

    by Bijan Stephen

    The two have been together for 10 years

    A Brazilian woman on a quest to find her long-lost birth mother recently received the shock of her life: after locating her parent with the help of a radio program that specializes in finding lost relatives, she found out that her husband of seven years was actually the brother she never knew she had.

Read the rest of the article (Link): here

(Link): Married Stepfather Arrested for Incest with Stepdaughter

(Link): Apparently Marriage and Parenting Turns Adults Into Incestuous Child Rapists

(Link): Six Christian Homeschool Brothers Some of Whom Attended a FIC (Family Integrated Church) raped their kid sister over ten year period

Wife burned husband because shooting him ‘was too nice’ – And he was charged with child molesting

Wife burned husband because shooting him ‘was too nice’

It looks to me as though being married and being parents did not make either one of these people immune from sexual sin, or very godly, loving, or ethical.

(Link): Wife burned husband because shooting him ‘was too nice’

    RENTON, Wash. — Prosecutors have charged a woman with pouring gasoline on her sleeping husband and then setting him on fire. The woman reportedly told police she burned the man because shooting him “was too nice.

    Footage from a security camera shows the victim stumble into a Skyway convenience store screaming “I’m on fire!” Customers looked on as Vincent Phillips dropped to his knees, clearly in agony and begging, “Help me!”

    Renton police said Phillips had been doused in gasoline while he slept in bed by his wife, Tatanysha Hedman. Investigators said Hedman then set her husband on fire. Neighbors were in disbelief.

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Pouty Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

Pouty Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

What an entitled, immature weenie (the husband).

I have no sympathy, none, for married people who complain their spouse is not putting out as often as they prefer.

Jul 23, update: Jezebel is now carrying this story:
(Link): Sex Spreadsheet Details Wife’s Frustration With Husband (Jezebel)

(Link): Pouty Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

    Reddit user throwwwwaway29 has a husband, and her husband is fed up. He is so fed up that this morning he sent her an email that contained the above spreadsheet, detailing all the times she has denied him sex over the course of the last month or so.

    The wife explains:

    — start quote by wife
    Yesterday morning, while in a taxi on the way to the airport, Husband sends a message to my work email which is connected to my phone.

    He’s never done this, we always communicate in person or by text.

    I open it up, and it’s a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won’t miss me for the 10 days I’m gone.

    Attached is a SPREADSHEET of all the times he has tried to initiate sex since June 1st, with a column for my “excuses”, using verbatim quotes of why I didn’t feel like having sex at that very moment. According to his ‘document’, we’ve only had sex 3 times in the last 7 weeks, out of 27 “attempts” on his part.
    —- end quote

    Look man, every marriage is different when it comes to settling on an acceptable fucks-per-month quota. But it’s never a good idea to voice your displeasure at where that fucks-per-month number currently sits via a passive aggressive email and a spreadsheet detailing your wife’s alleged frigidity.

    Good work italicizing all the yeses in there, though. We can almost hear the echos from you high-fiving yourself when you typed those in.


(Link): Bitter, Frustrated 22 Year Old Male Virgin and Member of Men’s Rights / PUA Groups Kills Several Women Because He Couldn’t Get Dates – what an entitled sexist doof

The female version of entitled doofwadness (and insanity):
(Link): ​Woman Shoots Lover Over Unsatisfying Sex

(Link): When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men – and how the stereotype flipped

(Link): Jason the Christian’s Sexless Marriage – Christians promise hot regular steamy married sex but it isn’t true

(Link): Marriage Doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee Great Sex or Any At All

(Link): Getting Married Does Not Necessarily Guarantee Frequent Hot Satisfying Sexy Sex / (also discussed): Gender and Sex Stereotypes (article)

(Link): Married Woman Signing off as “Looking Ahead” Admits to Being in Sexless Marriage for TEN YEARS

​Woman Shoots Lover Over Unsatisfying Sex

​Woman Shoots Lover Over Unsatisfying Sex

From the on-going series: times I’m glad I’m single and celibate

(Link): Woman says she shot lover over bad sex

(Link): Southfield woman who shot lover after bad sex released from jail

(Link): Woman Convicted Of Shooting Lover Over Poor Sex Performance Granted Bond

(Link): Authorities: Woman shoots lover after accusing him of bad sex, cheating

    Oakland County prosecutors are fighting the release of a 58-year-old Southfield woman admitted she shot her lover over his performance in bed.

    Sadie Bell was convicted in April of assault with intent to do great bodily harm for shooting her boyfriend, Edward Lee, in the stomach in January of 2013 — but she’s now been granted bond pending an appeal.
    According to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, Bell admitted she had sex with Lee at her apartment, then shot him over his poor performance. She also accused Lee of cheating.

    “The underlying facts in this are a little bizarre,” Walton told WWJ’s Sandra McNeil, “in that the defendant in this case was having a 15 year affair with the victim, Mr. Lee.

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Bride to Be is Cheating Liar / Mom with Five Kids by Five Dads / Letter About Husband who is Immature Man Child

Bride to Be is Cheating Liar / Letter About Husband who is Immature Man Child

Stories like these make me glad I am single and celibate.

Notice that the husband in one letter below is described as being immature, which refutes the Christians myth that marriage automatically makes people mature.

Letters to Dear Abby from three different people.

    DEAR ABBY: My best friend is getting married and asked me to be her maid of honor. She has also asked me to buy an expensive dress, host a lavish shower I’m afraid I can’t afford and plan a destination bachelorette party. The cost will be exorbitant.

    On top of this, she has asked me to be her “cover” when she lies to her fiance about where she is. She has admitted to me that she has cheated on him, and I think she’s doing it again.

    I know it’s not my place to question her or tell her what to do, but this has made me hesitant to commit financially to her wedding. Should I talk to her about this? I don’t want to lose my best friend, but I also don’t want to put my money on the line for someone who isn’t being honest.

    I don’t know where to start so I will just plunge in: I have five kids by five different men. I am not a terrible person. I have a job, take care of my babies and am working toward a degree. But sometimes I feel like the ultimate loser. I get judged all the time. I’m so ashamed of the choices I have made in life. Will it ever be better?

    My husband thinks we should snuggle up and sleep together even when we’re sick. I think it’s common courtesy to keep a respectable distance from loved ones and to clean up after yourself when you have a “bug” that is communicable. I need to stay as healthy as possible to keep up with the needs of our child, the housework and my job while my husband is sick. Your thoughts?

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25 Totally Underrated Things About Being A Single Girl (from BuzzFeed)

25 Totally Underrated Things About Being A Single Girl (from BuzzFeed)

To see the complete list, please use this link:

(Link): 25 Totally Underrated Things About Being A Single Girl (from BuzzFeed)

    9. And you don’t have to be pretend to be interested in that thing your ex loved to talk about anymore.

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(Link): Those Times When You’re Glad to be a Celibate, Single Christian – 2 [Herpes Dating Site]

Singer Tim Lambesis Said He Became Atheist But Kept Claiming to Be Christian to Keep Selling Music to Faithful (update)

Singer Tim Lambesis Said He Became Atheist But Kept Claiming to Be Christian to Keep Selling Music to Faithful (update)

Yet another reason single ladies need to stop thinking in terms of ‘I can only marry another Christian because of “be not yoked.”‘

You can start out marrying a guy who claims to be a Christian and by, who all appearances is an actual Christian, but then he converts to atheism and hires a hit man to murder you.

This is an update to my previous post:
(Link): Married Christian Rock Singer in Legal Trouble for Hiring Hit Man To Kill His Wife – he also had drug addiction

Here is the update:

(Link): As I Lay Dying Singer Tim Lambesis Said He Became Atheist But Kept Claiming to Be Christian to Keep Selling Music to Faithful

    June 17, 2014|4:01 pm

    Tim Lambesis, lead singer and founder of Christian metalcore band As I Lay Dying, recently confessed that he and other members of his band had become atheists but kept claiming to be Christians so they could keep making money selling records to Christians.

    … He [Lambesis] explained that he was afraid of revealing his true thoughts about God because he was afraid it would affect the record sales of his band; so he simply chose to just say, “I’m not a Satanist” as a cover.

    “As far as the [YouTube] video I did explaining Pyrithion’s lyrics … I was trying to put out a fire. I was afraid it would affect As I Lay Dying sales, which would affect my overall income. …

    …”Truthfully, I was an atheist. …” he said.

    Lambesis noted that the majority of “Christian bands” he encountered while he was on tour had taken similar positions – where they were simply working to collect a check.

    “We toured with more ‘Christian bands’ who actually aren’t Christians than bands that are. In 12 years of touring with As I Lay Dying, I would say maybe one in 10 Christian bands we toured with were actually Christian bands,” he said.

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(Link): Wife of Preacher Shoots, Kills Him, Recounts Years of Physical and Sexual Abuse – So Much for the Equally Yoked Teaching and the Notion that Christian married sex is Mind Blowing

(Link): Christian Host Pat Robertson Tells Christian Woman Who Married Christian Man Who Turned Out to Be Totally Unethical That She has Discernment of a Slug – Single Women: toss Be Equally Yoked teaching in the trash can

Newlywed Husband and Wife Die in Head-on Collision With Each Other

Newlywed Husband and Wife Die in Head-on Collision With Each Other

(Link): Married couple Nicolas Cruz and Kristina Munoz die after colliding in separate cars

    June 7, 2014

A HUSBAND and wife have died in North Texas when their separate vehicles collided head-on near where they both work.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says the crash happened around midmorning Wednesday five kilometres west of Odell, about 97 kilometres northwest of Wichita Falls, the New York Post reports.

The Wichita Falls Times Record News reports the husband and wife were alone in their vehicles during the wreck near the Marhard Pullet Farm where they are each employed. Officials identified the victims as 31-year-old Nicolas Cruz and 26-year-old Kristina Munoz.

Both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene, KFDX3 reports.


(Link): Georgia bride dies hours after wedding in car crash with newlywed husband – who could be charged

(Link): Groom Finds Bride Dead Morning After their Wedding

(Link): Groom Gets Killed by Car Hours After Marrying

(Link): Bachelor Party Participants Finds Dead Body in RV

Woman’s Ex Boyfriend Gets Hospital Employees to Release her Sexually Transmitted Diseases Medical History on Facebook

Woman’s Ex Boyfriend Gets Hospital Employees to Release her Sexually Transmitted Diseases Medical History on Facebook

In this blog’s series of “Thank goodness I’m celibate” and/or “Thank goodness I am single” posts, I present the following:

(Link): Woman says medical staff posted her STD diagnosis on Facebook

    June 2014
    By Charlene Sakoda

    An unnamed Cincinnati woman has filed a lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati (UC) Medical Center alleging that their employees posted her private medical records, including her positive diagnosis for a sexually transmitted disease, on Facebook.

    Mike Allen, the woman’s attorney, spoke to WLWT News 5, “She was absolutely devastated.

    That is the most private of private medical information that was posted on Facebook and went out to a group on Facebook that had a huge dissemination.”

    A screenshot of the woman’s medical record with her personal information and syphilis diagnosis, was posted to a Facebook group called “Team No Hoes,” which has over 2,300 members. The court documents indicate that comments followed the post calling the woman a “’hoe’ and a ‘slut.’”

    The lawsuit names UC employee Ryan Rawls, another unnamed UC employee (believed to be a nurse), and the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Raphael Bradley. The station tried to get a comment from the named defendants but there was no answer at either home.

    Allen said that the woman’s ex-boyfriend convinced the UC employees to release the medical records, which was in violation of sate and federal laws. “To have that kind of information in the public domain when it is clearly legally to be protected, that’s a problem and that’s a problem that UC’s responsible for,” the attorney said.

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Woman buried alive and dies on first date horror story

Woman buried alive in first date horror story

The woman in the news story chatting with some guy online, went to go meet him, and he buried her alive in his backyard:

(Link): French national Mina El Houari buried alive in Morocco after first date with internet boyfriend goes horribly wrong

    MINA El Houari had been planning their first date for weeks. The 25-year-old from Cadenet in southeast France had for several months been chatting with the handsome suitor from Morocco.

    Keen for a boyfriend, Ms El Houari must have seen romantic promise in their online friendship — enough to buy a plane ticket and fly to the North African nation to meet him in person.

    She arrived in Fez, Morocco’s third largest city, on May 19 and booked herself into a five-star hotel before heading out to meet her date, according to regional daily La Provence.

    But the evening was about to take a disastrous turn: Within hours, Ms El Houari would be buried alive in the man’s backyard, slowly suffocating to death.

    The man, who has not been named, told police that the evening was going well until Ms El Houari suddenly and inexplicably keeled over and collapsed.

    Believing she had dropped dead, the man says he went into a panic about how to dispose of her body. He decided to bury her in his back garden, claiming he was in such a rush that he failed to realise she was still breathing.

    It later emerged that Ms Houari was an undiagnosed diabetic and had been in a diabetic coma when she was placed in the makeshift grave.

    The man said nothing of the tragedy and nobody was any the wiser.

    Ms El Houari’s relatives, however, smelt a rat, filing a missing persons report to Moroccan police after they were unable to contact her, even flying to Fez to search for her.

(Link): Woman buried alive [and dies] by new man on their first date

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How Your Ex-Spouse Could Inherit Most of Your Money

How Your Ex-Spouse Could Inherit Most of Your Money

(Link): How Your Ex-Spouse Could Inherit Most of Your Money


    If you have a will — and you should have one — you may have executed it after years of putting it off. You’ve paid your attorney a lot of money and given serious consideration to make the right choices and ensure that the will is air-tight. Finally your will is finished, and you can sleep soundly knowing that your heirs will receive the assets that you intend. Right?

    Not necessarily. Most people aren’t aware that their wills don’t have the final say concerning assets held in retirement accounts — 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The beneficiary provisions of these accounts supersede those of wills. So clear is the law on this point that some financial people call retirement-account beneficiary designations “substitute wills.”

    For those who are divorced, this problem could result in a posthumous nightmare: Your ex-spouse might get your IRA assets. The lack of awareness of how inheritance of retirement account assets works is a pervasive problem in a nation where 401(k) accounts contain nearly $6 trillion in assets and IRAs, about $6.5 trillion. Indeed, most of Americans’ liquid assets are held in such accounts. These assets, plus their homes, make up the overwhelming majority of most people’s estates.

    Rules governing 401(k) plans require that account assets automatically go to the person who is your spouse when you die – unless you get your spouse to relinquish his or her claim to the assets and file the required paperwork with your employer demonstrating this and designating your intended beneficiaries. (A copy of a prenuptial agreement won’t dot; you must file the spouse’s sign-off that they are giving up any claim to the assets.)

    After your death, your IRA assets go to whomever you designate as the beneficiary when you set up the account, unless you’ve since filed an updated beneficiary form. If your life situation has changed in the years since you set up the account, there may be a conflict with your will, especially if the will was drawn up more recently. You may now be divorced and remarried. You may have had no children when you set up the account and now have grown children who you want designate as beneficiaries.


(Link): Otherhood – An overlooked demographic – the Childless and Childfree Women and Singles Especially Women Who Had Hoped to Marry and Have Kids But Never Met Mr. Right (links)

(Link): Kid-Friendly Policies Don’t Help Singles – Work and Job Discrimination Against Singles Unmarried Childless Childfree

Happy Mother’s Day From the Moms on Whisper Who Hate Their Kids

Happy Mother’s Day From the Moms on Whisper Who Hate Their Kids

(Link): Happy Mother’s Day From the Moms on Whisper Who Hate Their Kids by E G Ryan

    And so, in the ramp up to Mother’s Day, the anti-June Cleavers of the internet are venting their socially unacceptable frustrations on Whisper, the anonymous social network where users can leave their confessions for the world to see without attaching their real identities to their words.

There are all flavors of moms who kind of hate it. Mothers who are fed up that their kids don’t realize how obnoxious they are:


Mothers Admit to Regretting Having Children and/or Getting Married
Mothers Admit to Regretting Having Children and/or Getting Married

Other confesssions by parents:

✦ “I hate my son. I didn’t want a boy. I wanted a girl”

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Bachelor Party Participants Finds Dead Body in RV

Bachelor Party Finds Dead Body in RV

(Link): Derby-bound bachelor party road trip ruined after pals find dead body in rented RV

(Link): Bachelor party headed to Kentucky Derby finds dead body in RV

(Link): Body Found in RV Rented for Bachelor Party

    • By: Megan Stewart
    A group of men who rented an RV for a bachelor party discovered a dead body on board when they stopped in Winona Thursday night.

Dan Trainor of Rochester and his five friends were on their way to the Kentucky Derby when they discovered the body lodged in an exterior storage compartment.

The men, who are in their mid-20s, rented the RV from an individual in Anoka County whom Trainor called “a friend of a friend of a friend.” They left from Minneapolis and picked up Trainor on their way down.
Trainor said they stopped in Winona to see his dad and that’s when they discovered the body.

“I opened it up and I saw two legs and they’re bruised or decomposing,” Trainor said.


(Link): Georgia bride dies hours after wedding in car crash with newlywed husband – who could be charged

(Link): Groom Gets Killed by Car Hours After Marrying

(Link): Bride Battling Cancer Dies 18 Hours After Exchanging Vows

(Link): Bride’s Wedding Shoot Becomes Tribute to Her Late Fiance After A Tragic Accident

The Chump Lady Blog – covers some of the same ground this blog does -discusses Jesus Cheaters (Christians Who Have Affairs), other issues

The Chump Lady Blog – covers some of the same ground this blog does

I’ve so far only skimmed about two posts at the “Chump Lady” blog, but from what I did see, it sort of reminds me of mine.

As I’ve not read the entire blog, I cannot say if I agree with all the views expressed at the blog.

The woman who owns the blog says her father was a Methodist minister, but like my blog as of late, you will find the occasional “F” word on her blog and other profanities, so be aware of that if you are a delicate flower Christian who blushes easily at naughty words – but don’t let that deter you from her blog.

The blog mostly doles out advice to married people who have been cheated on by their spouses.

Even if you are a never married Christian, I think you can learn from some of this blog, especially if you are dating.

As far as the “Jesus Cheaters” (Christians who have extra marital affairs) page below, you’ll note the number of Christian husbands (and one or two wives mentioned) who cheated on their spouse, which betrays the Christian propaganda that “married sex is so mind blowing, it will keep you faithful to your spouse.”

Please note also comments by one woman whose husband cheated on her, shows no remorse, continues to play the part of pious Christian, and she says,

    A true Christian would feel consumed with guilt, would be working on repentance, and would be trying to make amends. Hypocrisy is his middle name….

Yeah, see, that is one of my points: I am alarmed to see the number of Christians arguing against fidelity, virginity, and chastity, because, they argue, to keep harping on those topics makes the self-professing Christian fornicators and adulterers feel guilty, ashamed, and bad about themselves.

Well, good! If you sleep around outside of marriage (I am including pre-marital sex in this), and you do not feel any shame or remorse, there is something wrong with you. I wrote a little about this topic previously, here:

Here’s the home page:

(Link): Chump Lady Blog

Posts of particular interest at that blog:

If you are in a relationship and being cheated on, I recommend this page:

(Link): The Unified Theory of Cake

(Link): When Unicorns Meet Ashley Madison… [site for married people to hook up to have affairs]

Note (sadly), especially in the comments on this page, the sheer, staggering number of Christians who say they were cheated on by their Christian spouse – some also say after they dumped their cheating spouse their churches shunned them:

(Link): Jesus Cheaters in the News


    Now I know folks are going to bring up the failings of cheaters on the left, odious narcissists as well, undoubtably. But there is something unique about the Jesus cheaters, who not only use religion and “family values” as short-hand for “I’m an honorable person, elect me!”, but then use their religiosity to beat up on anyone would disagree with them. What’s more narcissistic than assuming you’re the word of God and he speaks directly to you?

    Still more disgusting is the way these men (sorry, I’ve yet to see a woman cheater publicly outed this way) assume that their wives are sticking with them. Give us time while “we” work through this! Suddenly it’s a “we” problem. Of course it is. Chumpy wives, pastor or political, are still of use to their narcissists.

A reader left a comment on that page which reads,

    by Lisah April 9, 2014 at 5:16 am

    I am new here. My stbx [soon to be ex] is a classic “Jesus cheater”.

    After supporting him through 7 years of education to become a minister he dumped me 6 weeks into his new career.

    He left me homeless and terribly emotionally crippled in a strange city with no rights to the house we lived in at the time.

    Oh yes, his “justafriend” is a Minister too! And her family was torn apart for their tru luv as well. Did the church Do anything??? No…

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Bachelor Juan Pablo: Every Awful Boyfriend You Ever Dated (by L Stampler)

Bachelor Juan Pablo: Every Awful Boyfriend You Ever Dated

(Link): Bachelor Juan Pablo: Every Awful Boyfriend You Ever Dated


    by L Stampler

    You two don’t speak the same language. No, not English. HUMAN COMPASSION.

    Someone almost got punched in the face at my Bachelor finale watch party last night. Unsurprisingly, it was the only man in attendance, who made it his mission to defend Juan Pablo’s bad action after bad action.

    It’s no secret that Juan Pablo secured the title as most reviled Bachelor in Bachelor history — even host Chris Harrison quipped, “not gonna lie, I’m okay moving on.” But it wasn’t just frustration at JP’s b.s. (and the eight bottles of wine the 10 of us consumed) that caused our group’s disproportionate outrage.

    In fact, what made watching Juan Pablo a cringeworthy experience — and made defending him so indefensible — was the fact that the Latin lothario was actually an amalgamation of all the worst men we ever dated. A putrid collage of character flaws, if you will.

    His eyes would go blank whenever you said anything of substance
    Sometimes followed by the conversation-propelling “I love it.” Huh?

    He said things like “It’s OK” and “It’s fine” at the WORST possible moments
    When someone brushes off a serious issue with something like “it’s not a big deal,” it becomes a big deal. Juan Pablo isn’t an 18-year-old who lacks social graces. At 32, he should know how to console a woman.

    He couldn’t stand being in the wrong
    When Clare tried to explain that she wanted an emotional as well as physical relationship, Juan Pablo immediately took the defensive by stating it was her fault he wanted to hook up with her because she at one point made and broke a no-kissing rule, “so don’t blame it on me.” (She wasn’t… she was just trying to have a conversation.) Juan Pablo is a victim of the “but I’m a good guy” complex.

    He was incapable of saying “I’m Sorry”
    Men, take note: Even if you think an action, in the words of Juan Pablo, “ees okay,” if it clearly hurt your girlfriend, just say sorry. Because, you are sorry she feels bad, right?

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