Eight of the Most Shocking Cases of People Who Died During Sex

Eight of the Most Shocking Cases of People Who Died During Sex

Just another advantage to being celibate….

(Link): Eight of the Most Shocking Cases of People Who Died During Sex

From a bet gone wrong to the man suffocated by BOOBS…these are 8 of the most bizarre cases of people who died during sex

The tragic stories highlight a dangerous side to everyone’s favourite pastime, so remember to take care next time you get your rocks off

Crushed by porn stash

One man recently met a sticky end after being (Link): crushed by a mountain of pornographic magazines.

The Japanese man, named as 50-year-old Joji, was found six months after his six-tonne stash of porn magazines fell on him.

Cleaners tasked with tidying his neglected flat found that the entire apartment was rammed with the explicit magazines.

It is unknown whether the man, a former car-manufacturer, had died from a heart attack and then fell into a stack of pornography, or whether he was crushed to death by his X-rated collection.

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CDC Report: Virgin Teens Much Healthier Than Their Sexually Active Peers (2016 Report)

CDC Report: Virgin Teens Much Healthier Than Their Sexually Active Peers (2016 Report)

Oh no. Just look at the CDC being a bunch of slut shamers!

How dare the CDC point out there are any benefits to sexually abstaining – because this just ruins some of the liberal, left wing, secular feminist talking points and probably gets the Anti-Purity Culture Crusaders upset (note: I do agree there are some problems with Purity Culture teachings, but unlike most of those who rant against it, I don’t think the Bible teaches that God is a-ok with pre-marital sex.)

(Link): CDC Report: Virgin Teens Much Healthier Than Their Sexually Active Peers


Dec 6, 2016 | 9:06 AM
A new Centers for Disease Control study examines teenage health behaviors in connection to their self-reported sexual activity and shows those who remain abstinent are much healthier on many fronts than their sexually active peers.
The (Link): report [which is a PDF document NOT an HTML one], titled “Sexual Identity, Sexual Contacts, and Health-Related Behaviors Among Students in Grades 9-12, United States and Selected Sites,” showcased the results from a 2015 survey that monitored several categories of health-related behaviors like tobacco usage, drug and alcohol use, sexual habits, unhealthy dietary behaviors, and behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence.The report concludes “that students who had no sexual contact have a much lower prevalance of most health-risk behaviors compared with students” who had sexual contact…..With regard to smoking, teenage virgins are 3,300 percent less likely to smoke daily than their peers who are sexually involved with someone of the opposite sex, Stanton computed from the report’s data.Teen virgins are 9,500 percent less likely to smoke daily than their peers who are sexually involved with someone of the same sex or in a bisexual relationship, he added.

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Man Acquitted of Rape Told He Must Notify Cops 24 Hours Before Having Sex — or Go to Prison for 5 Years

Man Acquitted of Rape Told He Must Notify Cops 24 Hours Before Having Sex — or Go to Prison for 5 Years

I don’t think sex is worth it. This is just too much effort. Being celibate makes life easier.

(Link): Man Acquitted of Rape Told He Must Notify Cops 24 Hours Before Having Sex — or Go to Prison for 5 Years

  • A  man who was acquitted on rape charges following a retrial in 2015 claims he is going on a hunger strike after being informed he must notify the police 24 hours before having sex.
  • According to (Link): Newsweek, the unidentified man, living in North Yorkshire, England, is subject to a “sexual risk order” applied to anyone police feel poses a risk of sexual assault — even if they have never been convicted.

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Teenagers Given Condoms at School Likelier to Become Pregnant and get STDs / STIs: 2016 Study

Teenagers Given Condoms at School Likelier to Become Pregnant and Get STDs / STIs: 2016 Study

(Link): New Study Shows ’90s Era Condom Programs Increased Teen Fertility Rates


  • June 17, 2016
  • A new study by a pair of Notre Dame economists received some media attention this week. It found that school districts that instituted condom distribution programs in the early 1990s saw significant increases in the teen-fertility rate [as well as an increase in sexually transmitted diseases].

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Personal Info of 70,000 Dating Site Users Leaked to Public Without Their Consent, Including Intimate Sexual Details

Personal Info of 70,000 Dating Site Users Leaked to Public Without Their Consent, Including Intimate Sexual Details

One of the side benefits of being a celibate is that you don’t have any private, potentially embarrassing sexual details to be made public because they don’t exist.

The researchers who dumped this data sound like real a**holes.

(Link): Scientists release personal data for 70,000 OkCupid profiles

(Link):  70,000 OkCupid Profiles Leaked, Intimate Details And All

  • by Emma Woollacott ,  CONTRIBUTOR
  • May 2016
  • The (very) personal data of 70,000 members of the dating site OKCupid has been released – not by hackers, but by university researchers.
  • The information includes everything from sexual turn-ons to drug use. And while it doesn’t identify individuals by name, it does include usernames – which may well be enough to make it possible to work out users’ real identities.
  • Danish researchers Emil Kirkegaard and Julius Bjerrekær, associated with Aarhus University, collected the data by scraping the site – arguably, perfectly legitimately.
  • Logged-in members of OKCupid can see a certain amount of information on other site users, and it would in theory be possible to trawl through the lot to put together the dataset.
  • …The researchers even say that the only reason they haven’t published users’ photos is that it would have taken up too much hard drive space.

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60 Year Old Lady Contracted Herpes from Cheating Husband

60 Year Old Lady Contracted Herpes from Cheating Husband

Another example of how it can pay off to be single and celibate. Letter to advice columnist Ask Amy.

Jan 2016:

  • Dear Amy:
  • I am a 60-year-old divorced woman. My cheating ex-husband gave me herpes. Because of this I have been reluctant to date.
  • I have visited a website for people with similar conditions but didn’t find it acceptable. My question is, at what point in a relationship do you tell a potential partner that you have a sexually transmitted disease?
  • Signed,
  • Full of Fear and Loathing
  • Dear Full of Fear and Loathing:
  • I hope you will find a way to shed the stigma of having this STD, which is quite common (estimates are that 1 in 6 adults have genital herpes, though many don’t know it). You have done nothing wrong.

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Gonorrhea Super Strain Becoming ‘Untreatable’

Gonorrhea Super Strain Becoming ‘Untreatable’

Another reason of why it’s good to be celibate (or asexual): you’ll avoid stuff like this.

And, by the way, I guess that medical officers in the UK are “slut shamers,” too.

(Link):    New Strain Of Gonorrhea May Become Untreatable, U.K. Officials Say

(Link):   New strain of ‘super gonorrhea’ puts disease at risk of becoming untreatable, doctor warns

(Link): Super-gonorrhea’ in UK may be untreatable, may show up in the US

  • Sixteen cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease, have been reported in the UK, leading the country’s chief medical officer to warn of the rise of “super-gonorrhea.”
  • The resistant strain hasn’t appeared in the US so far, but there is growing resistance to one of the antibiotics used to treat the sexually transmitted disease (STD). This week’s warning from Dame Sally Davies, the UK’s chief medical officer, followed a health alert concerning 16 cases in the north of England among heterosexuals.

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Actor Charlie Sheen Says on TV News Show He Has HIV – also says he had unprotected sex with women

Actor Charlie Sheen Says on TV News Show He Has HIV

I’ve read here and there on news sites, and have heard on news shows over the years, that Charlie Sheen was a promiscuous guy. I think some of these news sources says he’s even paid for prostitutes before.

Some sites are reporting that women he has sex with did not know he was HIV positive – he never told them this, but he had sex with them anyhow, and they are (understandably) very angry. (But at least one woman says, according to one site, she was not angry to find out he had HIV and she didn’t know, and one says she did know but had sex with him anyway.)

One of the only things I care to say about this is that it’s an example of how being celibate can pay off.

When you are abstaining sexually, you don’t have to be concerned about getting a sexually transmitted infection.

See, if you are celibate, you don’t ever have to be worry about making it on to an LEO list of people who have been exposed to HIV via consensual sex.

The only other observation I care to make about this story: why does a wealthy guy, that I think many women would consider attractive, have to resort to using prostitutes?

I bring this up because on a lot of dating, or “how to score sexually,” advice I see in magazine articles or in blogs (even on Christian ones – about dating only, obviously most Christian sources are not going to support casual sex forthrightly) assumes that if you cannot get dates (or sex), it’s because you are lacking in some way – you must be ugly, fat, poor, or some combination of all these factors.

But here you have a guy, Charlie Sheen, movie actor, who “has it made” by most people’s standards, and yet, he apparently cannot get a girlfriend on his own, but has to pay women to keep him company or to have sex with him?

Obviously, being thin, attractive, famous, and / or having money, as he does, does not guarantee getting dates, sex, or having healthy relationships, as so many dating columns suggest those things will.

I do believe that Sheen has been married a time or two before, so contra much of Christian wisdom, being married does not make a person more godly, mature, or sexually pure.

Edit. Nov 23, 2015:

(Link): Did Charlie Sheen Give Male Lovers Herpes?

  • Radar Online has dropped a huge bomb, (Link):  claiming that they are in possession of a video tape of Sheen engaged in sex acts with men.
  • “RadarOnline.com has viewed a series of outlandish clips as part of our investigation into the controversy engulfing Sheen.
  • “They show the drugged-up former Two and a Half Men star smoking a crack cocaine pipe and performing fellatio on a male lover.In a bombshell world exclusive, Radar can reveal that at least three videos were recorded of the thrice married father-of-five. The clips last about 30 seconds and depict Sheen smiling on cameras as he brazenly indulges in the illegal drug.”
  • …Business Times has revealed that there has been buzz around since 2011 that (Link): Charlie Sheen was knowingly spreading herpes to his partners.
  • “According to the media outlet, Sheen was the actor identified only as someone of ‘substantial international fame’ in the “J Roe v John Doe” lawsuit that alleged that a megastar hatched a ‘nefarious plot’ to lure victims into sexual acts despite having herpes.”
  • They also claim that Sheen has been secretly bisexual for years, and Sheen does not want that information revealed to the public.

Original post:

(Link):  Charlie Sheen reveals he’s HIV positive

  • Nov 17, 2015
  • by Adam Howard
  • Actor Charlie Sheen confirmed rumors that he has the HIV virus in a revealing interview Tuesday on NBC’s “TODAY” show, adding a shocking new chapter to one of the most unpredictable careers in Hollywood history.
  • “I am here to admit that I am in fact HIV positive,” Sheen told “TODAY” host Matt Lauer. “I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me, that threaten the health of so many others that couldn’t be further from the truth.”
  • Sheen said he first discovered he had contracted the virus that causes AIDS “roughly four years ago.”
  • …When asked if he knows how he contracted HIV, Sheen said, “Sitting here today, not entirely, no.” He did, however, rule out intravenous drug use.
  • In California, if you do not disclose your HIV status to a sexual partner you can open yourself up to felony prosecution, but there has to be further evidence to imply intent to infect. According to state law evidence that a person is aware of their HIV-positive status is not enough to prove intent.
  • Sheen also admitted to having paid off several unnamed people, some of whom were prostitutes, in order to keep his HIV status a secret.
  • He said the total of payoffs had reached into the millions and that several people he had trusted had betrayed him, which was in part why he was coming forward now.

(Link):  Charlie Sheen Says He’s HIV-Positive, Paid To Keep It A Secret

(Link):  Source: Law enforcement compiling list of women who say Charlie Sheen had sex without divulging HIV status

  • by D. Falzone
  • Nov 18, 2015
  • A source close to Los Angeles law enforcement tells FOX411 that several women have come forward to say Charlie Sheen had sex with them without divulging his HIV status, after Sheen said in an interview Tuesday that he told every one of his sex partners he was HIV positive before they had sex.

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Woman Discovers ‘Boyfriend’ of Two Years is Woman When She Removes Blindfold During Sex

Woman discovers ‘boyfriend’ of two years is woman when she removes blindfold during sex

In my ongoing series, “Times I’m glad to be single” and “Times I’m so glad to be celibate” comes this news story.

(Link):  Woman duped into sex with masked ‘man’

  • A blindfolded woman who says she was duped into having sex with a male impersonator said they also sunbathed and watched television together with her mask still on, a jury heard.

(Link):  Woman who claims she was assaulted by female friend pretending to be a man tells court they sunbathed and watched TV together while she was blindfolded

  • Gayle Newland is said to have posed as a man online to befriend woman
  • While they were together, alleged victim was made to wear blindfold
  • Newland is said to have bound her chest and worn woolly hat as disguise
  • Newland, 25, denies five counts of sexual assaults – the trial continues
  • Claims the alleged victim knew she was behind the male Facebook profile
  • A 25-year-old woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a female friend using a prosthetic penis today told a court they sunbathed and watched TV together while she was blindfolded.

    Gayle Newland, 25, is said to have befriended the alleged victim by posing on Facebook as a man named ‘Kye Fortune’.

    Newland allegedly bound her chest and wore a woolly hat and swimsuit to disguise her appearance, telling the woman ‘he’ was self-conscious about ‘his’ appearance after hospital treatment.

    Giving evidence, the complainant recalled they met up at hotels in Chester and at her flat but she was always made to wear a makeshift blindfold because of ‘Kye”s apparent insecurities.

    This included when they watched TV and one occasion when they went sunbathing together, she said.

    The pair had sex on a number of occasions, with Newland using a prosthetic penis without the alleged victim’s knowledge, the prosecution claims.

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Online Dating Site Hack Exposes Millions Of Users’ Sexual Preferences

Online Dating Site Hack Exposes Millions Of Users’ Sexual Preferences

There are advantages to maintaining one’s virginity past one’s 20s and not being sex-obsessed. Case in point.

(Link): Online Dating Site Hack Exposes Millions Of Users’ Sexual Preferences

  • May 25, 2015
  • by Tamerra Griffin
  • The dating site boasts its ability to accommodate the desires of its clientele of more than 64 million subscribers who seek a range of romantic and sexual encounters.

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Pouty Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

Pouty Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

What an entitled, immature weenie (the husband).

I have no sympathy, none, for married people who complain their spouse is not putting out as often as they prefer.

Jul 23, update: Jezebel is now carrying this story:
(Link): Sex Spreadsheet Details Wife’s Frustration With Husband (Jezebel)

(Link): Pouty Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

    Reddit user throwwwwaway29 has a husband, and her husband is fed up. He is so fed up that this morning he sent her an email that contained the above spreadsheet, detailing all the times she has denied him sex over the course of the last month or so.

    The wife explains:

    — start quote by wife
    Yesterday morning, while in a taxi on the way to the airport, Husband sends a message to my work email which is connected to my phone.

    He’s never done this, we always communicate in person or by text.

    I open it up, and it’s a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won’t miss me for the 10 days I’m gone.

    Attached is a SPREADSHEET of all the times he has tried to initiate sex since June 1st, with a column for my “excuses”, using verbatim quotes of why I didn’t feel like having sex at that very moment. According to his ‘document’, we’ve only had sex 3 times in the last 7 weeks, out of 27 “attempts” on his part.
    —- end quote

    Look man, every marriage is different when it comes to settling on an acceptable fucks-per-month quota. But it’s never a good idea to voice your displeasure at where that fucks-per-month number currently sits via a passive aggressive email and a spreadsheet detailing your wife’s alleged frigidity.

    Good work italicizing all the yeses in there, though. We can almost hear the echos from you high-fiving yourself when you typed those in.


(Link): Bitter, Frustrated 22 Year Old Male Virgin and Member of Men’s Rights / PUA Groups Kills Several Women Because He Couldn’t Get Dates – what an entitled sexist doof

The female version of entitled doofwadness (and insanity):
(Link): ​Woman Shoots Lover Over Unsatisfying Sex

(Link): When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men – and how the stereotype flipped

(Link): Jason the Christian’s Sexless Marriage – Christians promise hot regular steamy married sex but it isn’t true

(Link): Marriage Doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee Great Sex or Any At All

(Link): Getting Married Does Not Necessarily Guarantee Frequent Hot Satisfying Sexy Sex / (also discussed): Gender and Sex Stereotypes (article)

(Link): Married Woman Signing off as “Looking Ahead” Admits to Being in Sexless Marriage for TEN YEARS

​Woman Shoots Lover Over Unsatisfying Sex

​Woman Shoots Lover Over Unsatisfying Sex

From the on-going series: times I’m glad I’m single and celibate

(Link): Woman says she shot lover over bad sex

(Link): Southfield woman who shot lover after bad sex released from jail

(Link): Woman Convicted Of Shooting Lover Over Poor Sex Performance Granted Bond

(Link): Authorities: Woman shoots lover after accusing him of bad sex, cheating

    Oakland County prosecutors are fighting the release of a 58-year-old Southfield woman admitted she shot her lover over his performance in bed.

    Sadie Bell was convicted in April of assault with intent to do great bodily harm for shooting her boyfriend, Edward Lee, in the stomach in January of 2013 — but she’s now been granted bond pending an appeal.
    According to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, Bell admitted she had sex with Lee at her apartment, then shot him over his poor performance. She also accused Lee of cheating.

    “The underlying facts in this are a little bizarre,” Walton told WWJ’s Sandra McNeil, “in that the defendant in this case was having a 15 year affair with the victim, Mr. Lee.

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Bride to Be is Cheating Liar / Mom with Five Kids by Five Dads / Letter About Husband who is Immature Man Child

Bride to Be is Cheating Liar / Letter About Husband who is Immature Man Child

Stories like these make me glad I am single and celibate.

Notice that the husband in one letter below is described as being immature, which refutes the Christians myth that marriage automatically makes people mature.

Letters to Dear Abby from three different people.

    DEAR ABBY: My best friend is getting married and asked me to be her maid of honor. She has also asked me to buy an expensive dress, host a lavish shower I’m afraid I can’t afford and plan a destination bachelorette party. The cost will be exorbitant.

    On top of this, she has asked me to be her “cover” when she lies to her fiance about where she is. She has admitted to me that she has cheated on him, and I think she’s doing it again.

    I know it’s not my place to question her or tell her what to do, but this has made me hesitant to commit financially to her wedding. Should I talk to her about this? I don’t want to lose my best friend, but I also don’t want to put my money on the line for someone who isn’t being honest.

    I don’t know where to start so I will just plunge in: I have five kids by five different men. I am not a terrible person. I have a job, take care of my babies and am working toward a degree. But sometimes I feel like the ultimate loser. I get judged all the time. I’m so ashamed of the choices I have made in life. Will it ever be better?

    My husband thinks we should snuggle up and sleep together even when we’re sick. I think it’s common courtesy to keep a respectable distance from loved ones and to clean up after yourself when you have a “bug” that is communicable. I need to stay as healthy as possible to keep up with the needs of our child, the housework and my job while my husband is sick. Your thoughts?

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Hetero Males Tricked Into Getting Oral Sex From Man They Met Online

Hetero Males Tricked Into Getting Oral Sex From Man They Met Online
Don’t forget, I may not be blogging as much or as often in the future, if at all.
See this link (Link): [Blog Break] for more info.

From this blog’s on-going series:
Times you are glad you are celibate.

Hetero men were tricked into letting some guy suck on their dongs through a hole in the wall (known as a “glory hole”).

(Link): Chesterfield police officer accused of recording restroom patrons, posting to porn site

(Link): Chesterfield cop charged in gas station spycam, sex act taping

    A Chesterfield police officer secretly videotaped men in a gas station restroom stall, lured anonymous sex partners to his home through Craigslist ads and posted dozens of voyeuristic and pornographic videos to his own website, authorities say.

    … Charges in St. Charles County stem from Cerna’s now-defunct website, police say. Cerna has admitted to the crimes and told investigators he placed ads on Craigslist posing as women wanting casual sex, and would send photos of a woman he didn’t know to men who responded.

    After sending photos, Cerna provided a cellphone number and sent text messages from that number, giving his home address with instructions on what to do when men came to the front door.

    Cerna said he would record video of men having anonymous oral sex with Cerna through a hole in a door. As many as 60 men visited his home over 18 months, Cerna told police.

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Woman’s Ex Boyfriend Gets Hospital Employees to Release her Sexually Transmitted Diseases Medical History on Facebook

Woman’s Ex Boyfriend Gets Hospital Employees to Release her Sexually Transmitted Diseases Medical History on Facebook

In this blog’s series of “Thank goodness I’m celibate” and/or “Thank goodness I am single” posts, I present the following:

(Link): Woman says medical staff posted her STD diagnosis on Facebook

    June 2014
    By Charlene Sakoda

    An unnamed Cincinnati woman has filed a lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati (UC) Medical Center alleging that their employees posted her private medical records, including her positive diagnosis for a sexually transmitted disease, on Facebook.

    Mike Allen, the woman’s attorney, spoke to WLWT News 5, “She was absolutely devastated.

    That is the most private of private medical information that was posted on Facebook and went out to a group on Facebook that had a huge dissemination.”

    A screenshot of the woman’s medical record with her personal information and syphilis diagnosis, was posted to a Facebook group called “Team No Hoes,” which has over 2,300 members. The court documents indicate that comments followed the post calling the woman a “’hoe’ and a ‘slut.’”

    The lawsuit names UC employee Ryan Rawls, another unnamed UC employee (believed to be a nurse), and the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Raphael Bradley. The station tried to get a comment from the named defendants but there was no answer at either home.

    Allen said that the woman’s ex-boyfriend convinced the UC employees to release the medical records, which was in violation of sate and federal laws. “To have that kind of information in the public domain when it is clearly legally to be protected, that’s a problem and that’s a problem that UC’s responsible for,” the attorney said.

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Woman buried alive and dies on first date horror story

Woman buried alive in first date horror story

The woman in the news story chatting with some guy online, went to go meet him, and he buried her alive in his backyard:

(Link): French national Mina El Houari buried alive in Morocco after first date with internet boyfriend goes horribly wrong

    MINA El Houari had been planning their first date for weeks. The 25-year-old from Cadenet in southeast France had for several months been chatting with the handsome suitor from Morocco.

    Keen for a boyfriend, Ms El Houari must have seen romantic promise in their online friendship — enough to buy a plane ticket and fly to the North African nation to meet him in person.

    She arrived in Fez, Morocco’s third largest city, on May 19 and booked herself into a five-star hotel before heading out to meet her date, according to regional daily La Provence.

    But the evening was about to take a disastrous turn: Within hours, Ms El Houari would be buried alive in the man’s backyard, slowly suffocating to death.

    The man, who has not been named, told police that the evening was going well until Ms El Houari suddenly and inexplicably keeled over and collapsed.

    Believing she had dropped dead, the man says he went into a panic about how to dispose of her body. He decided to bury her in his back garden, claiming he was in such a rush that he failed to realise she was still breathing.

    It later emerged that Ms Houari was an undiagnosed diabetic and had been in a diabetic coma when she was placed in the makeshift grave.

    The man said nothing of the tragedy and nobody was any the wiser.

    Ms El Houari’s relatives, however, smelt a rat, filing a missing persons report to Moroccan police after they were unable to contact her, even flying to Fez to search for her.

(Link): Woman buried alive [and dies] by new man on their first date

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Happy Mother’s Day From the Moms on Whisper Who Hate Their Kids

Happy Mother’s Day From the Moms on Whisper Who Hate Their Kids

(Link): Happy Mother’s Day From the Moms on Whisper Who Hate Their Kids by E G Ryan

    And so, in the ramp up to Mother’s Day, the anti-June Cleavers of the internet are venting their socially unacceptable frustrations on Whisper, the anonymous social network where users can leave their confessions for the world to see without attaching their real identities to their words.

There are all flavors of moms who kind of hate it. Mothers who are fed up that their kids don’t realize how obnoxious they are:


Mothers Admit to Regretting Having Children and/or Getting Married
Mothers Admit to Regretting Having Children and/or Getting Married

Other confesssions by parents:

✦ “I hate my son. I didn’t want a boy. I wanted a girl”

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The new bride who had a horrifying allergic reaction to her husband’s sperm

The new bride who had a horrifying allergic reaction to her husband’s sperm

This is another example of “Thank goodness I’m celibate.” There is an upside to not having sex, such as…

(Link): The new bride who had a horrifying allergic reaction to her husband’s sperm

    “The swelling was worst immediately after sex. It would take 24 hours to subside and my skin would be irritated as if you’d put a chemical on it that caused it to burn”
    By Chris Gayomali | April 11, 2013

    It should be a sweet story with a happy ending: A pair of 35-year-olds from North Carolina fall in love, and begin planning the rest of their lives together. Clara and Jeff (not their real names) both have steady careers, and, more importantly, are crazy about each other. Things couldn’t be more perfect… until they get married and have sex for the first time.

    “I had this bizarre reaction,” Clara tells ABC News. “I had burning and swelling and redness, which was very unusual. I thought I had contracted an STD.”

    Wearing a condom didn’t help. “The swelling was worst immediately after sex. It would take 24 hours to subside and my skin would be irritated as if you’d put a chemical on it that caused it to burn.”

    Clara visited her gynecologist, who, after a number of sessions, explained that the new bride had a rare condition called seminal plasma hypersensitivity. Essentially, that means Clara is allergic to the proteins carried in her new husband’s sperm.

    ….Although things still aren’t exactly normal — the couple admits that, psychologically speaking, being forced to have sex after months of abstinence was “bizarre” — the newlyweds are happy to be back on track.

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Married Preacher (Davis) Found Guilty of Exposing Women to HIV

Preacher Found Guilty of Exposing Women to HIV

This is another example of…

1. Married professing Christians are not more godly, ethical, or mature than single people

2. “Be not yoked to an unbeliever” is a joke to single Christian women who want to marry

3. Married Christian sex is not “mindblowing” – as Christians often claim it is

This preacher was married. One of the women he infected with HIV had prior to their affair been celibate for fifteen years, according to the news articles I have read. Another article says that Davis has a 15 year old son: parenthood does not make a person more godly or mature, as Christians often claim.

(Link): Atlanta minister gets 20 years for not disclosing HIV before sex

      Updated: Feb 21, 2014 4:42 PM CST

    By Tony McNary

  • After Davis’ 15-year-old son and two other men asked the judge to go easy on him, Davis took the stand and apologized.

(Link): Family Weeps as Adulterous Former Pastor Craig Lamar Davis Found Guilty of Exposing Women to HIV


    January 23, 2014|5:03 pm

  • The family of former pastor Craig Lamar Davis, 43, of Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga., wept in court Tuesday as a jury found him guilty of two counts of reckless conduct for failing to tell two women he had affairs with while he was married that he is HIV positive.
  • According to CBS Atlanta, the now divorced Davis admitted to jurors on the witness stand during his four-day trial that doctors had diagnosed him with the AIDS virus in 2005.
  • As the verdict was being read by the jury, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said Davis sat motionless and was seen comforting weeping family members shortly before he was taken into custody.
  • Davis could be imprisoned for up-to 20 years for each count of reckless conduct. His sentencing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Feb. 21.
  • One of his ex-lovers and victim Ronita McAfee, who initiated the case against him, said, “I am pleased with the verdict today. It has been my hope and prayer that justice would be served and the reckless behavior of Mr. Davis would be exposed.”
  • … Davis was arrested in July 2012. McAfee reportedly met him on Facebook and the two became lovers. She confronted Davis about his HIV status after one of his former lovers contacted her and told her the then pastor had given her HIV. McAfee, who says she has since repeatedly tested negative for the virus, made it her mission to expose Davis’ reckless behavior after that.
  • He reportedly infected another woman in church leadership with the HIV virus who had been celibate for 15 years, according to the Today News Gazette.
  • “The swiftness at which the verdict was delivered demonstrated Clayton County jurors are going to protect their community,” said Clayton County prosecutor Kathryn Powers after the verdict. “They are not going to stand for someone infecting recklessly with such a deadly disease.”

(Link): Atlanta man [who is a preacher] to be sentenced in HIV case


      By Kathy Jefcoats

    February 20, 2014

  • The first defendant convicted in Clayton County of reckless conduct by an HIV-infected person will be sentenced today in Superior Court.
  • ….He faces similar charges involving a second woman in Fulton County who has been diagnosed as HIV-positive.

(Link): Pastor Craig Davis Sentenced To 10 Years For Knowingly Exposing Women In Congregation To HIV


      Feb 22, 2014

    By NewsOne Staff

  • …. As previously reported by NewsOne, Davis was found guilty in January of two counts of reckless HIV.
  • Davis, who was married at the time that the allegations came to light, initially denied both his HIV status and cheating on his wife.
  • In a last-ditch plea for leniency during Friday’s sentencing hearing, the formerly “unrepentant” pastor said that his actions were “wrong.”

(Link): HIV Positive Pastor Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Knowingly Exposing the virus

    Former pastor of Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Minister Craig Lamar Davis has been sentenced to 10 years in prison,after being convicted just one month ago of knowingly exposing female congregates to the HIV virus. He learned he was HIV positive back in 2005, was charged with two counts of reckless HIV.

  • Lamar Davis was accused and charged with carrying on 2 extramarital affairs while knowingly exposing them to the HIV virus.
  • One of his accusers, who allegedly remained celibate for 15 years prior to sleeping with the minister, tested positive for the deadly virus, while his second accuser, Ronita McAfee, tested negative. Davis, however, denies ever sleeping with McAfee.

(Link): Man gets 10 years in Clayton reckless HIV case

      By Tammy Joyner

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  • A Clayton County judge sentenced a Stone Mountain man to 10 years in prison for knowingly exposing a woman to HIV.
    The sentence imposed by Superior Court Judge Geronda Carter was half of the maximum time Craig Lamar Davis could have faced on the two counts of reckless HIV. A Clayton jury found Davis guilty of the two counts on Jan. 21.

(Link): Former pastor sentenced to 10 years in HIV sex case

This is similar to another post I did a few months ago, this one – it discusses another HIV pastor, named Carr, who had affairs with women and infected them:

(Link): Beware of HIV / AIDS Infected Christian Male Preachers On Dating Sites
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Drunk Florida Woman Calls 911 To Complain Cop Turned Down Her Advances Even After Telling Him She is “So Horny”

Drunk Florida Woman Calls 911 To Complain Cop Turned Down Her Advances Even After Telling Him She is “So Horny”

Geeze, have some self-respect, lady. 😆

Anyway, this is one of those times I am glad I am self-disciplined at the celibacy thing. It prevents one from doing incredibly stupid things, like hitting on police officers and phoning 911 after they don’t comply. It does say she was drunk, but still.

By the way, I would like to use this story to illustrate a principle I’ve talked about many a time before, one that conservative Christians usually deny (depending on what type of Christian we are talking about): women have sex drives! Women want sex, women like sex.

Too often, in a lot of Christian material and sermons, it is assumed that women, especially married ones, have no interest in sex and prefer “emotional intimacy” and good conversation to having sex. I think stories like this shoot that theory out of the water.

I’m not sure, but I think this woman is married, or was. Several of the articles mention that she has a step son. If she is married, you know what that means, it means (Link): THIS.

(Link): Woman Accused Of Calling 911 When Cop Won’t Have Sex

(Link): Florida woman calls 911 hoping to have sex with cop

(Link): Florida woman calls 911 after officer declines to have sex with her

    By Adrienne Cutway, Orlando Sentinel
    11:22 a.m. EST, February 25, 2014

    A Florida woman was arrested after she called 911 to complain that the officer who had been at her home earlier denied her advances and refused to have sex with her, NBC-2 is reporting.

    An officer originally came to Maria Montenez-Colon’s Punta Gorda home Friday night after she called saying she wanted her Corvette back, a car she had signed over to her step son after her husband died.

    The officer tried to explain that Montenez-Colon, who was reportedly intoxicated, should call the non-emergency line in the future but she was more interested in trying to touch the officer’s chest and arms, telling him she hasn’t had sex in years and “I am so horny,” the TV station reports.

(Link): Florida woman who hasn’t ‘been penetrated in years’ arrested for hitting on police officer


    In News by Brian AbramsFeb 25, 2014

    “I haven’t been penetrated in years,” Montenez-Colon allegedly told the officer. ”I am so horny.”

    Then the 58-year-old woman made her move. “You can fuck me,” she said. Mugshot is below.

(Link): ‘Horny’ and drunk Florida woman arrested for calling 911, begging cop for sex: report

    Maria Montenez-Colon, of Punta Gorda, Fla., was arrested Friday night for misuse of 911 after she allegedly asked a responding officer for sex because she had not been ‘penetrated in years.’

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2014, 7:06 PM

    A Florida woman who described herself as “horny” allegedly summoned a cop to her home and tried to have sex with him — pleading “I haven’t been penetrated in years!”

    Maria Montenez-Colon, 58, was arrested Friday night in the misuse of 911.
    The officer drove to her home in Punta Gorda after she reportedly told a dispatcher that she wanted her late husband’s Corvette back after giving it to her son, authorities said.

    But it appears she really wanted to satisfy her lust for lawmen.

    The cop says Montenez-Colon was drunk when he arrived and immediately started making sexually suggestive comments such as “You are so sexy” and “Are you married?”

    But she saved the most lascivious for when he asked how he could help her.

    “You can f–k me,” she said, according to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

    She allegedly grabbed the cop’s arm and tried to rub her hands across his chest so he told her that her behavior was inappropriate.

    “I’m bad, I know,” she replied, the report states.

    Before leaving, the officer gave Montenez-Colon his business card and advised her to call the police department through a non-emergency line for non-emergencies.

    Despite this advice, Montenez-Colon dialed 911 a second time to say the last officer “p-ssed her off” and asked to see another.

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