Teacher Reveals How a Man She Was Polite to at a Restaurant STALKED Her for THREE MONTHS

Teacher Reveals How a Man She Was Polite to at a Restaurant STALKED Her for THREE MONTHS

This has been a big problem in my life, and I’m sure many other women have encountered the same issue: your friendliness or mere politeness is often mistaken by men for flirtation, or is taken advantage of by super desperate, socially awkward men.

I’ve discussed before my 3 plus decades of having a super sweet, codependent nature. Additionally, as far back as my pre-teen years, I was the girl who felt sorry for the odd-ball kids who sat by themselves in the cafeteria at lunch, so though I was pretty shy myself, I’d occasionally say a few kind words to some of those types of kids. Some of them were boys, and frequently, they’d mistake my kindness for flirtation and start acting flirty with me and following me around.

All of that, as well as my openness when discussing my own issues at times on blogs like this one, has made me an attractive target to mentally damaged, depressed, or covert narcissistic people who approach me online and start to cling to me to get their emotional needs met. It’s exhausting and can be creepy depending on how stalker-ish and insistent the person is.

I’ve since learned to be assertive, have boundaries, and be more careful about who I allow into my life.

Anyway, a lot of men out there – of all ages – need to understand that just because a woman is being polite to you, being friendly, or making platonic, pleasant conversation, does NOT necessarily mean she is interested in you romantically or that she wants to date you, so stop creeping women out with your behavior!

If you’re interested romantically in the woman, be straight up and tell her so, and ask her if you can take her out to dinner or a coffee or a movie some time, and if she says no, or appears uninterested, then back off.

(Link): Teacher reveals how a man she was polite to at a restaurant STALKED her for THREE MONTHS, saying he tracked down her email and showed up at her school claiming to be an ‘old friend’

Jan. 13, 2023

A woman has opened up about how she was stalked by a random man for three months after being polite to him in a restaurant, saying he showed up at her workplace twice claiming to be an ‘old friend.’

Patty Brem, 44, from California, shared her terrifying story on Twitter last month as a warning to both men and women. The teacher explained that the stranger tracked her down after she naively told him what high school she worked at.

‘This experience has forever changed how I will act with strangers,’ she told BuzzFeed. ‘I will never give out personal information, even if it seems innocent. I feel like I will always have my guard up from here on out, rather than willingly being friendly.’

In her series of tweets, she recalled how she met the man at a salsa bar nearly two hours away from her house and had a polite yet brief conversation with him.

‘He asked where I was from and what I did for work and I told him. He was familiar with the city I live in and asked which school I taught at, so I mentioned the name,’ she wrote. ‘Turns out, he was familiar and refs some of my school’s football games.’

Brem said she told him to ‘have a good night’ before she sat down to have dinner with her sister, who later noticed the guy checking her out. He and his friend ended up sitting at the table next to theirs.

They made polite conversation and exchanged first names before they finished their dinner and drove home.

‘A couple of weeks go by and I get an email in my WORK inbox from the dude asking me to go out sometime,’ she shared. ‘I never gave him my email address, number, or even my last name. I am slightly creeped out, but don’t reply, delete, and move on with my life.’

Brem received another email from him a few weeks later. This time, he said that he had recently refereed one of her school’s games and was ‘bummed’ she wasn’t there.

Once again, she deleted his email without replying because she didn’t want to encourage him.

On December 13, she was having a conversation with her principal and vice principal when the school administrator came in and said her ‘old friend’ was at the school and wanted to ‘say hi’ to her.

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This Woman’s “Traumatize The Men” Series Is Truly Giving Creepy Guys A Taste Of Their Own Disgusting Medicine by Krista Torres

This Woman’s “Traumatize The Men” Series Is Truly Giving Creepy Guys A Taste Of Their Own Disgusting Medicine by Krista Torres

(Link): This Woman’s “Traumatize The Men” Series Is Truly Giving Creepy Guys A Taste Of Their Own Disgusting Medicine


by Krista Torres

Hello, internet. Meet Kitti. She has caught the attention of millions of people on TikTok for showing how she handles situations with creepy men who approach her against her will.

…”Just to prove that this literally does happen to me every single day, I’m making more of an effort to record my actions just because it goes to show that if you can creep them out, they leave you alone.

My philosophy on it is if they’re going to give me the displeasure of having to interact with them, I’m going to make sure they regret ever thinking of talking to me,” Kitti says in the TikTok.

The man asks if he can give Kitti his number, to which she replies, “You don’t want to give me your number because anyone who’s in my phone gets contacted by organ harvesters.”

He asks what that is, and she explains, “It’s people who take your organs and sell them.”

He quickly tells her never mind and walks away.

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‘Jealous Tinder Date’ Allegedly Killed Victim After Putting Tracking Device on Her Bike

‘Jealous Tinder Date’ Allegedly Killed Victim After Putting Tracking Device on Her Bike

(Link): Massachusetts woman, 21, is stabbed to death by stalker who attached GPS tracker to her BIKE while she studied in the Netherlands: Suspect ‘met victim on Tinder but grew jealous when she reconciled with ex’

March 10, 2022

A Massachusetts woman who was studying in the Netherlands was fatally stabbed by a stalker she met on Tinder who grew jealous and tracked her bike when she reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, it is claimed.

Mieke Oort, 21, of Winchester, was allegedly attacked by the suspect – named only as Thomas R, 27, of Leek – inside her apartment above a tattoo shop in Leeuwarden on Sunday morning.

…Oort met Thomas R on Tinder and he reportedly became violent and started stalking Oort after she got back together with Michael. Thomas harassed the young woman via WhatsApp, drove up and down her street, and even put a GPS tracking device on her bike, van der Waal told local news sources.

(Link): ‘Jealous Tinder Date’ Allegedly Killed Victim After Putting Tracking Device on Her Bike

March 9, 2022
By Yaron Steinbuch

A 21-year-old Massachusetts woman was fatally stabbed by a Tinder date-turned-stalker in the Netherlands — after he placed a GPS device on her bike when she rekindled her romance with an ex-boyfriend.

Mieke Oort, who was studying at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, was killed Sunday morning in her apartment in Leeuwarden, a city about 85 miles north of Amsterdam, WCVB reported.

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Woman Breaks Into Police Station to See Officer She Wanted to Date

Woman Breaks Into Police Station to See Officer She Wanted to Date

Wow. That police officer must have been quite the cutie.

I figure he’s either very creeped out or very flattered by this.

(Link): Woman breaks into police station looking for cop she’d been sexually harassing since he arrested her

…West Wyoming Police Chief Curtis Nocera says Keister had been under investigation for harassing an officer who arrested her last year. He says she sent sexually harassing messages on social media and would call 911 just to talk to him.

(Link): Police: Woman breaks into Pa. police station, wanted to date cop 

(Link): Caught on Camera: Woman Breaks into Borough Building After Allegedly Harassing Police Officer

(Link): Woman Breaks Into Police Station to See Officer She Wanted to date

Police say the woman sent sexually harassing messages on social media to an officer who arrested her last year and would call 911 just to talk to him.

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Love-Sick Teenager Who Won’t Take No For an Answer is Finally Shut Down by his Ex-Girlfriend’s FATHER in an Epic Text Exchange – Men of All Ages Need To Learn to Handle Rejection and to Respect Other People’s Boundaries in Dating

Love-Sick Teenager Who Won’t Take No For an Answer is Finally Shut Down by his Ex-Girlfriend’s FATHER in an Epic Text Exchange – Men of All Ages Need To Learn to Handle Rejection and to Respect Other People’s Boundaries in Dating

If there are any MEN reading this – especially men over the age of 21 – you need to realize that some of you are just as bad in your online behavior, especially on dating sites and apps, as this 15 year old kid is.

See how obnoxiously persistent this teen kid is, how he keeps dragging this exchange on and on with the teen girl’s father? This is how 90% of you men over the age of 21 behave towards grown women online, especially on dating sites.

You men refuse to take “no” from women for an answer, or to choose to view a woman turning you down as the ultimate insult.

You men take rejection by women far too personally, and send negative, nasty, insulting comments to some women, all for merely politely turning you down on a site, for refusing to give you their number, or going on a date with you.

Women you don’t know (single women) don’t owe you squat in life – women don’t owe you a smile, flirtation, chit chat, their phone numbers, sex, emotional support, or dates.

You will be turned down as you go through life by various women you flirt with or ask on dates – it’s a reality. Get over it. Learn to let go, accept defeat graciously, and stop taking it so damn personally.

Learn to respect other people’s boundaries. If a woman or girl tells you “no” or “not interested,” just let it go. Don’t send the girl or woman nasty, insulting messages if or when she turns you down. Just move along.

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Romantic Comedies: When Stalking Has a Happy Ending (from The Atlantic) / Men Who Mistake Platonic Friendliness For Flirting – So Annoying

Romantic Comedies: When Stalking Has a Happy Ending (from The Atlantic)

Some people confuse what this article from The Atlantic terms “persistent pursuing” with courtship. That is, men do it all the time, and some women, due to Hollywood Rom Coms, have been conditioned to view this as normal, romantic behavior.

May I add another related issue: men who mistake platonic chit chat with flirting?

That drives me up the wall. It’s one reason I am usually loathe to enter into pleasantries with men I don’t know when I’m in stores or sitting around in waiting rooms, because many men mistake idle, polite banter for,

  • “Oooh, this lady is into me, she is warm for my form, she wants to marry me and make babies with me, I am one sexy beast, grrrrr.”

So these men ask for your phone number or they get all flirty back. And you, the woman, are like, “I did NOT send this dude any sexy signals, where is this coming from?”

No, dude, my romantic interest is only in your imagination. (Duran Duran (Link): sang of this very concept.)

Me saying stuff like, “Wow, some crazy weather we’ve been having lately, huh?” as we’re sitting in Wal-Mart’s auto care center waiting for our tires to be rotated is not me hitting on you.

Me hitting on you, men of the world, consists of me putting one hand behind my head, one hand on a jutted out hip, head tilted back, eyes narrowly parted, and me saying something (in a seductive sounding, cat like purr), like, “Hey there big boy, you come here all alone? Mama likes what she sees! May I have your phone number? Are you free for a date this Saturday?”

Think (Link): this.

Yes, (Link): this is what a woman who is flirting with you looks like, the facial expression and mannerisms.

About men who refuse to take “no” for an answer from a woman they are interested in, who confuse pursuing with stalking: other than entitlement, I wonder if what drives some of these men is a sense that they HATE to be alone and MUST have a romantic partner to “complete them.”

I know this sort of thinking is very common among a lot of women. I think secular society (and Christian culture) does try to convince people there is no way they can be whole and happy single. There is a lot of pressure on people to pair up and date or marry.

Culture (especially through movies and TV shows) and churches need to stop sending this bogus message that there is something wrong, flawed, or second class about being single as an adult.

There is no disgrace in being single. I understand if you are single and lonely and pine for a significant other how hard it can be at times, but you are okay on your own.

You are not some loser or in-complete if you don’t have a mate, contrary to the messages Christians and Hollywood like to send us all.

(Link):  Romantic Comedies: When Stalking Has a Happy Ending by Julie Beck


Overly persistent pursuit is a staple of movie love stories, but a new study shows that it could normalize some troubling behaviors.

…Reasonable people know that rom-coms aren’t what love is really like, just as reasonable people know that porn is not what sex is really like. But these movies still create an image of romance that leaks into the atmosphere and may subtly shape people’s perceptions and expectations of love.

One troubling way they may do that is by making stalking behaviors seem like a normal part of romance, according to (Link): a new study by Julia Lippman, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of communication studies at the University of Michigan.

…[Lipman says] “Indeed, they may be seen as reflecting one of the great cultural myths of romantic love: that no matter how big the obstacle, love will conquer all.”

The website TV Tropes, which tracks, wiki-style, frequently-used narrative devices—not just on TV, but in all kinds of fiction—has a page for this. It’s aptly titled (Link): “Stalking Is Love.”Lippman files stalking under the broader umbrella of “persistent pursuit,” which can also encompass “more benign and even positively regarded behaviors such as some types of romantic courtship,” she writes.

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A Response To J D Hall’s Vomit-tastic Post about Village Church’s Handling of Certain Members, Covenants, and Marriages

A Response To J D Hall’s Vomit-tastic Post about Village Church’s Handling of Certain Members, Covenants, and Marriages 

Before we get to the post by J D Hall:


  • The Village Church (TVC) of Texas has placed Karen, who was once a member of theirs, under church discipline because she did not, according to them, abide by the church covenant she signed.
  • Instead of conferring with the church on what to do, Karen, on her own, sought an annulment from the state of Texas, once she discovered her then-spouse, Jordan, was a pedophile.
  • Karen said she spent about 50 days conferring with other Christians (not from the TVC), and in prayer, mulling over what to do, before seeking the annulment.
  • This action of hers has ticked off TVC leadership, because Karen did not get their permission to get the annulment.
  • Matt Chandler is the lead preacher of TVC.

You can read additional reporting of this situation here (additional material is at the bottom of this post):

Here is the page I am responding to:

(Link, off site): A Rational Response to the Criticism of Village Church  by  J D Hall, Pulpit and Pen blog

The covenant that Hall is so rigorously defending – TVC’s membership covenant – here does not even mention annulments.

As Karen explains (off site Link, Source):

  • …it is worth noting here that although The Village Church claims [in their e-mail] that “We see an annulment as a subcategory of what Scripture defines as a divorce in Mark 10:9” …, this cannot be found anywhere in their Membership Covenant or Bylaws.
  • In signing their Membership Covenant shortly after my 24th birthday, I had agreed to nothing in regards to the possibility of annulment should I come to realize that my marriage had been a complete sham from the beginning.
  • There is a vast difference between a divorce and a marriage that is voided on the grounds of fraud, and I had no way of knowing that the leadership of The Village Church would respond to it in this fashion.

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Single Woman Meets Stalker Guy at Church – letter to “Ask Amy” Advice Columnist

Single Woman Meets Stalker Guy at Church

Growing up, I heard from my Mom and Dad, who were both Christians, that church is the ideal place for a Christian, single gal to attend if she wants to meet a decent, single, Christian man – if her goal is to marry. Church was supposed to be the primary husband hunting ground for women. That may have been true in the 1950s, but no more.

For one thing, most churches lack single males past 30, and the few who do attend regularly, from what I’ve seen myself, and have read other women discuss online and in books of their church going experience, tend to be weird, terribly over-weight, have severe mental health issues, smell bad, etc. and so on.

The kind of men who do show up to church are often not date-able men.

The solution to how to attract more men to church has nothing to do with women, with what women do or do not do for men, single or married.

Women, single or married, do not owe adult, single, celibate or non-celibate men ego-stroking or emotional support for being celibate singles (see this post for more on that, and I may write another post on this topic in the future).

I do think the church as a whole – that is, church culture – needs to be affirming of lifelong or adult celibacy and singlehood overall, including everyone from the male pastor to the male deacons, elders, and women who teach Sunday School, because God knows they have made marriage, “the family,” and natalism into idols that they never shut up about, but to “single” the single women out for this purpose is sexist and odd.

Yes, really and truly, there are some self-identified adult, Christian, celibate single men who believe that male church attendance would sky rocket if only the mean, horrible, heartless, single adult women would pile on the affirmations to the single, celibate men and sing the praises of adult celibate men.

Oh please. You’re not five years old. Motivate yourself. Single, celibate adult women are not to blame for churches who ignore single, celibate men. Churches ignore both genders, not only the single men. They ignore single women too.

If you’re an adult over 25, stop demanding, like a petulant, whiny, demanding teenager, that adult, unmarried women stroke your ego for being celibate or single.

A lot of adult, single women are finding most churches irrelevant to their needs, so more and more adult single women are dropping out of church. I don’t see celibate, single men or churches in general making single, celibate women feel more welcome.

On the contrary, churches continue to marginalize single, celibate women by continually harping on how God’s only role for women is to marry and have babies.

Anyway. This single, 25 year old woman mentioned in the letter below that she met a single guy at church who is around 35 (I may have gotten his age wrong, I thought I saw the mom say he is ten years older than the daughter), and he turned out to be a stalker – and I have a few more comments to make below these letters:

  • DEAR AMY: My 25-year-old daughter briefly dated a man she met in church last December.
  • After one month, she ended the friendship (he was too emotionally needy).
  • He continues to pursue her by constant texting and e-mailing. She says he alternates between “saying mean things” and then apologizing and begging her to give him another chance.
  • She does not respond and blocked his phone, but he continues to text from different numbers. She does not reply to his e-mails. She moved to a different side of town, and so far he has not shown up at her work.
  • We’re very worried about this. What steps can she take to be safe and get this man to stop contacting her? Should her father confront him? So far we have not gotten involved.
  • — Very Worried
  • DEAR WORRIED: I shared your question with Michele Archer, an expert on stalking with the victim’s advocacy group Safe Horizon, (Link): safehorizon.org. Archer has some suggestions for your daughter: “Keep a stalking log of all incidents, including the date, time, location and a brief description of the incident. Save and print out the e-mails. Save all text messages and document them in the log.
  • “I would suggest not changing her e-mail address, but she may want to open another account and give that to people she trusts. Changing her e-mail address may escalate his behavior, and the e-mails he is sending become evidence of stalking, which she can use if she goes to the police.
  • “If she has concerns about him showing up at her work, she should let her place of employment know. If she has a photo of him (look on the Internet) she can make a color copy and give it to her workplace.
  • “If she uses any social networking sites, make them private and be mindful of what she posts.
  • “If this continues, she may want to contact police. The stalking log is useful for this, and she should also show them the text messages. She can also reach out to a domestic violence organization in her community for support or help advocating with the police (if needed) or the district attorney’s office.”
  • Archer adds, “I can’t comment on whether the father should confront him because I do not have enough information about the individual pursuing her. In general, this is not recommended.”
  • In addition to the above actions, I’d like to encourage your daughter not to let this isolate her. The more support she has from friends, colleagues, family members and local law enforcement, the more secure she will feel — and the more secure she will be.
    — end  —

Whether this guy the 25 year old woman met is a “true” Christian or not is beside the point. Only God can see into someone’s heart.

If a man is play acting and putting on all outward appearances of being an upstanding Christian – he’s in church weekly, reads his Bible regularly, doesn’t use vulgar language, etc, and so forth – a woman may very well assume that the guy is a “true” Christian.

If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you’re going to feel safe assuming it’s a duck – only to find out later it’s a turkey in a duck costume.

This gets back to a point I’ve mentioned time and again on this blog: single, Christian ladies need to give up the “be equally yoked” evangelical understanding of marriage, where they feel confined to only marrying another Christian.

Other than the sheer fact that there are not enough Christian men for Christian women, a lot of the men who are Christians are pigs and dogs.

I’ve chronicled on this blog links to numerous stories about preachers and other Christians who have been arrested for wife beating, murdering their wife, owning or producing pedophile pornography, etc. (you can view examples in this thread and also do a search on this blog for the term “equally yoked”).

A man can believe in Jesus, confess Jesus is Lord, believe in the Bible, give money to charity, attend church weekly, and yet be a “slime ball” or an abuser.

Confession or actual possession of Christian faith is not a guarantee that the guy is going to treat you any better than the atheist down the street.

Just because you meet the guy in a church, and you see he’s there weekly, doesn’t mean he’s not a pervert or a nutso stalker guy. Just see the example above – the young lady met the guy at church, and he is at times hostile towards her in texts or at other times, too clingy. He’s stalking her. You can meet nuts and abusers in churches, too.


(Link):   Pedophiles Seeking Christian Wives in Churches – Another Reason to be Leery of the “Equally Yoked” Idea and Reconsider Church as a Place to Meet Singles

(Link):  Convicted Sex Offender on the Run for 20 Years Found Living New Life as Pastor in Alabama

(Link): Older Pervy Dudes Hitting on Younger Women – and they  meet them at church

(Link): Male Entitlement and Adult Virginity: Who has it worse, Male Vs. Female?

(Link): Christian Husband Raped, Beat His Wife, Made Her Sign “Slave Contract” – Why Christian Single Women Should Not Date or Marry Christian Men