TBN’s New Line Up and Other Changes as of 2017

TBN’s New Line Up and Other Changes as of 2017

I noticed that starting some time around January or Feb. 2017, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network – Christian entity), changed its programming a little bit.

They also changed their P.T.L. (“Praise the Lord”) show.

It’s no longer called PTL – they dropped the “TL” and now just call the show “Praise.”

The PTL show used to come on at 4 p.m., and then later around 9 or 10 p.m.

They not only switched up when the “Praise” show airs, but they changed how the show is run, which I am not happy with.

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Report: Sleazy Christian Celebrity Evangelist Clayton Jennings Uses Youth Ministry to Groom Young Women Into Casual Sex Then Offers Them Morning After Pill

Report: Sleazy Christian Celebrity Evangelist Uses Youth Ministry to Groom Young Women Into Casual Sex Then Offers Them Morning After Pill

This report comes by way of J. D. Hall, who I am not a fan of (I’ve blogged about him before). My Twitter acquaintance, DefendTheSheep, first tweeted the link to this page, which was written by Hall; she felt it was worth a look.

Even though I do not much care for Hall and consider him somewhat of a bully, I do think it’s good he’s shedding light on this instance of sexual abuse.

(Link): Celebrity Preacher Clayton Jennings: Sex, Alcohol, and the Morning After Pill


(Link): Clayton Jennings: His Admission, New Victims and FAQ

(Link): Disgraced Evangelist Clayton Jennings Enlists “Mentor” Tony Nolan for Dramatic Apology Video

(Link): Clayton Jennings: His Victim Speaks Up

(Link): Revoked: Clayton Jennings Loses Ministry Endorsement of Home Church

(Link): Celebrity Preacher Loses ‘License’ After Wooed Women Come Forward Citing Sex, Booze & Morning-After Pill

(Link):  Evangelist Clayton Jennings Steps Away From Ministry After Multiple Sex Partners Come Forward (Dec 2016)

From March 2019:

(Link): “Breaking: In Wake of Clayton Jennings Meltdown, New Recent Victims Come Forward.”

According to Hall’s report, this evangelist guy, Jennings, uses his ministry to groom young women into one-night stands.

According to Hall, Jennings targeted one young woman who he saw on Facebook – he contacted her first and began flirting with her (my understanding is that she was following his Facebook ministry page). He started messaging her, asking her to send him nude photos of herself.

She attempted to rebuff him, but Jennings was quite persistent. He told her he felt as though God wanted him to marry her, etc, and so on – lots of sweet talk.

It appears to me, based on Hall’s writing, as though this Jennings guy is using his ministry to exploit naive, young women who have terrible boundaries.

His pastor father stepped in to defend him, too. The whole family sounds like a family of dirt bags.

This is yet another example of why I encourage single, Christian women to drop the “equally yoked” teaching.

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TBN Programming Changes: Prophecy Teachers Out?

TBN Programming Changes: Prophecy Teachers Out?

If only the Crouch family would remove all the heretical Word of Faith, Prosperity teachers from their network.

I’m not hostile towards biblical prophecy, but after reading it, watching about it, for over 25 years, it gets real old.

(Link): TBN Programming Changes: Prophecy Teachers Out?


    Following the death of televangelist Paul Crouch Sr, his wife Jan become president of Trinity Broadcasting Network and has begun to change the programming of the world’s largest religious TV network.

[Christian Post listed notices from two different Christian ministries that TBN cut them from their line up]

Jackie Alnor, author of the book The Fleecing of Christianity and critic of the prosperity gospel, reported in 2009:

    Paul Sr. has had a divided family on this issue of Dispensationalism as his wife Jan bought into the Kingdom-Now heresy of the late Earl Paulk decades ago and even won her husband over to it, at least for a short time.

Jackie observed Matt interview Paul Sr. about dispensationalism in a mocking manner. During a Praise the Lord broadcast Matt suggest that dispensationalism could be wrong: “We were looking at everything through a Dispensational mind and maybe that was a mistake.”


(Link): Christian Network TBN Now Airing Secular Commercials – Their Holy Land Amusement Park Tanking (Feb. 2020)

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(Link): Not that Story Again (Crouch Sr. on TBN Creation)

(Link): TBN Spends Time On Themselves – Not The Gospel

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(Link): TBN Airing Special on Founder Paul Crouch Sr (2014) – Why?

(Link): TBN Programming Changes: Prophecy Teachers Out?

(Link): TBN is still doing tributes about deceased founder Paul Crouch Sr

TBN Devotes Entire Nov 19, 2013 Praise the Lord Show To Marriage – They Never Devote Entire PTL to Singles

(Link): On the April 22, 2016 TBN Show “PTL,” Christian Speaker Christine Caine Apologizes to Adult Singles For Singles Being Marginalized by the Church, for Church Idolizing Marriage

(Link): Everything is Sweet and Precious on TBN – more over-used words

(Link): Jan Crouch of TBN Died – and According to Suit, Covered Up Rape of Teen Granddaughter

Preacher Whose 90% of Sermons are About How to Have a Great Marriage Warns Audience Not to Make Marriage an Idol – Kerry Shook Update and Irony Alert

Preacher Whose 90% of Sermons are About How to Have a Great Marriage Warns Audience Not to Make Marriage an Idol – Kerry Shook Update and Irony Alert

If the words “marriage” or “married” were removed from Pastor Shooks’ vocabulary, would he ever be able to give another sermon ever again? I have big doubts.

With about 44% of American adults now single in the USA, can preachers really afford to keep ignoring singles and singleness and keep giving these stupid marriage sermons?

(Sept. 2014: The adult, American population is now over 50% single. There are more singles than there are married people in the United States. See this link: Statistics Show Single Adults Now Outnumber Married Adults in the United States)

I always feel a wee bit mean criticizing Shook, because he seems like such a well-meaning, genuinely nice guy.

This almost qualifies as a comedy post. Usually I get hopping angry when a preacher is giving another marriage sermon, but coming from him, I tend to roll my eyes or laugh at the absurdity of it.

Most of Shooks sermons are about marriage. No, really. Here are a few examples.


Kerry Shook ‘Shark Weakness’ – yet another marriage sermon | Marriage centric sermons

(Link): Kerry Shook Devotes Yet *Another* Show / Sermon to Marriage

(Link): Kerry Shook on Marriage AGAIN. About not letting your flame die down.

(Link): Pastor Kerry Shook’s Marriage-centric Sermons

You see, Shook’s sermonizing on marriage is so frequent, when he finally does a sermon that does NOT discuss marriage, I am so in shock about it, I have to blog about it, like here:
(Link): Shocker: Kerry Shook Show Last Night NOT About Marriage

And, when I was looking for a clip of tonight’s Shook sermon for you, I came across this other Shook sermon, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before:

(Link): Surviving a Marriage Attack (on You Tube)

I have not been able to find a clip of tonight’s show on You Tube, but it is on his official site here:
(Link): The God Centered Life

Oh, it is on You Tube, okay, here it is:
(Link): The God Centered Life

    Idolatry is alive and well on earth. Learn how to avoid three of the most subtle, seductive and destructive traps. (#3175)

I sometimes have my television set on while I work on my computer. I had it on TBN as I was on my computer, and I heard parts of Shook’s sermon tonight (linked to above, embedded below). His sermons was about being “centered,” or something.

You have to remember (as I’ve blogged on before), this Shook guy preachers about marriage constantly.

Almost every other, or every third, sermon by him is about marriage. (Many, many other preacher are just as, or almost as, guilty as he is, though.)

Here’s where I discuss what I find ironic about Shook’s sermon tonight about being God centered. I only watched parts of it.

In the parts I did pay attention to, Shook drew a diagram of a wagon-wheel shape on a board and put labels on each spoke. One spoke got the “marriage” label.

Shook then told the audience that anything can take the place of God in a Christian’s life, even marriage. Shook told the audience to be careful not to turn their marriage (he added “if you’re married”) into an idol.

Oh goodness. How can a man who pontificates and lectures about marriage in almost every single sermon, who I’ve never once heard give a sermon about singleness, which implies, on his part, that marriage is more valuable than singleness, warn people about not making marriage an idol?

This reminds me of Christians who regularly treat adult singleness and celibacy like a second-class station in life, akin to biblical leprosy and treat singles like trash, who make marriage out to be better than singleness, and then turn around and SHAME adult singles who admit to wanting marriage themselves, or who actively pursue marriage (by joining dating sites, etc).

If you are going to constantly sermoninze and opine about marriage (and consistently ignore singleness and celibacy), you are creating the very idol you are warning people to be leery of. I cannot understand why evangelical (and other sorts of) preachers cannot see this.

If you preachers would stop painting marriage as normative for everyone, and as God’s highest, only or better plan for all humanity, and stop assuming everyone will get married who wants to (some of us want to get married but a spouse never entered our lives), there would be little to no need to warn married people against turning it into an idol.

By the way, let me mention what will not fix this for me:
1. Shook mentioning at the start of his next marriage centric sermon (this is typical of married preachers), “Remember, singles, this marriage sermon can be applicable to you too!”
2. Giving one token sermon on singleness in a year or ten year’s time (then cramming in the cliches about singleness being a “gift” etc, and assuming everyone who wants a spouse will get one, etc), and then reverting back to non-stop marriage sermons again.

Preachers need to preach REGULARLY about singleness if they are going to regularly cover marriage.

If you are a preacher and you sermonize ten times about marriage per year, you damn well better devote ten sermons to ONLY SINGLENESS per year, too.

If Shook has ever seen my blog posts, he may have to take his own advice from this sermon:
(Link): People who Ruffle Your Feathers (on You Tube) 😆

Here is the sermon video embedded where he warns married people not to make an idol out of marriage, which will replace God at the center of their lives:

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Christian TV Shows That DeFacto Promote Married Couples with Children as Being Good Christian People

Christian TV Shows That DeFacto Promote Married Couples with Children as Being Good Christian People

Sometimes Christian programs such as “The 700 Club” will have a celebrity on. Usually, these celebrity people are married with children.

These people are presented as being good role models for other Christians or we’re given the impression they are living exemplary Christian lifestyles when not on camera.

I remember once a few years ago, The 700 Club TV show had Billy Ray Cyrus on their show, father of Miley, who later went on to behave like a big ol’ slut ((Link): On Miley Cyrus Being Sexual at 2013 VMAs – Hypocrisy of Secular Feminists).

About four or five years ago, the female co-host of The 700 Club interviewed Kate Gosselin.

I think it was not too long after Goesslin appeared on The 700 Club show – maybe about a few months or a year later – the she and her spouse Jon divorced.

Kate Gosselin is mother to about eight or ten children. That was the basis for her reality show, ‘Kate Plus Eight,’ or whatever it was called.

I have never understood why culture, or some women, think popping out a kid is some super spectacular accomplishment, whether it’s one kid or ten.

Anyway, Gosselin was on The 700 Club program to talk about being a mom and to hype a book she wrote.

It turns out she may not be a stellar, Christian mother after all (see links below).

I have noticed that Christian shows don’t have unmarried Christians on that often – if they do, it’s usually a young, male sports hero who has not married yet.

And, those young, male sports stars are rarely there on the program to discuss life as a celibate, single adult… their guest appearance is almost always to talk about football, or to discuss Jesus in generic terms.

When parents or married people are on Christian shows, however, marriage and parenting tips are given. Marriage is discussed.

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TBN is still doing tributes about deceased founder Paul Crouch Sr

I think it’s inappropriate for TBN to keep airing tributes to Paul Crouch Sr. as much as they have been doing.

I understand them wanting to do maybe one 30 to 60 minute tribute to the guy, showing photos of him from the past and discussing his founding of their station, but ever since the guy died a few days ago, they have been airing what seems like non-stop Paul Crouch tributes.

They are so far using all of today’s three hour “PTL” show to do another tribute to Crouch Sr. They aired one late last night and earlier in the evening.

Assuming the guy was sincerely about Jesus Christ and not about money grubbing, you would think he would want the TBN folks to cherish his memory by resuming regular programming, featuring shows about Jesus Christ, not re-airing yet another tribute program about him.

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TBN Devotes Entire Nov 19, 2013 Praise the Lord Show To Marriage – They Never Devote Entire PTL to Singles

(Link): On the April 22, 2016 TBN Show “PTL,” Christian Speaker Christine Caine Apologizes to Adult Singles For Singles Being Marginalized by the Church, for Church Idolizing Marriage

(Link): Everything is Sweet and Precious on TBN – more over-used words

(Link): Jan Crouch of TBN Died – and According to Suit, Covered Up Rape of Teen Granddaughter

TBN Founder Paul Crouch Sr Died

TBN Founder Paul Crouch Sr Died

Crouch died on Saturday. After he died, I noticed a lot of my TBN related posts became some of the most-read ones.

I usually don’t like to say negative stuff after someone dies, but… I’m sorry if this is awful, but….

Part of me is glad he has passed on. I do NOT hate the guy or anything, but his justifications of money grubbing really bothered me, and he did it often on TBN.

Even up until Crouch Sr. died, he regularly hosted several of the TBN shows, such as “Behind the Scenes,” where he would mis-use Old Testament passages about Levitical tithing to con Gentile believers today out of their cash.

I will not miss that at all.

I am sorry for his family and what all.

But it bothered me seeing a Word of Faith guy sit there on TV trying to pry little old ladies out of their funds by using deceptive WOF teachings and abusing Old Testament passages.

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TBN Devotes Entire Nov 19, 2013 Praise the Lord Show To Marriage – They Never Devote Entire PTL to Singles – Common for Married Christians and Parents To Be Self Absorbed

TBN Devotes Entire Nov 19, 2013 Praise the Lord Show To Marriage – They Never Devote Entire PTL to Singles

Today’s PTL (Praise the Lord) on the TBN Christian network is hosted by Kathy and Mike Hayes, with a panel of other preaching couples.

One of my un-favorite married people was on this show, too, with his wife – the guy who thinks that unmarried people are not quite as valuable as married people (see links at the bottom of this post for more about that). His name is Jimmy Evans.

Christian marital advisor Mark Gungor was also on this episode.

The entire 2 or 3 hour program has been about marriage and marital issues.

In the 8, 9, some odd years I have watched Christian networks (and I watch them a lot, so I’m quite familiar with their shows), this is probably the fourth or fifth all-marriage related Praise the Lord episode I’ve seen.

Other PTL episodes have had guests who discuss marriage, though those particular episode (unlike tonight’s) were not 100% devoted to the topic.

TBN has even had Christian guru Mark Gungor on a couple of other PTL episodes discussing nothing but marriage.

I have yet to see an episode devoted to the UN-married, to the singles or the childless and childfree.

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Married Christians Defending Married Male Preacher Caught in Sexual Sin – Re TBN Paul Crouch / Jimmy Swaggart 1988 Broadcast

Christians Defending Married Male Preachers Caught in Sexual Sin

I watched about fifteen minutes of an old repeat of TBN’s “Praise the Lord” that was aired about 2 or 3 AM this morning (I have insomnia, so yes, I can be up at strange hours).

The show I caught in repeat in the wee hours was first aired March 3, 1988, and featured a black haired lady with a white guy with kinky hair and glasses (Dan Shaeffer). The show was hosted by Paul Crouch Sr and his pink haired wife, Jan.

The topic was preacher Jimmy Swaggart having to possibly resign over his sex scandal. (I think he was caught using prostitutes?)
(Link): Wiki page on Swaggart Sex Scandal

    Sexual scandals in the late 1980s and early 1990s led the Assemblies of God to defrock him, and to his temporarily stepping down as the head of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

One argument Crouch Sr raised on that show as to why AoG should not make Swaggart step down was non-sensical: he said, “In a phone call to Swaggart, I told him, if they force you to step down, what if one soul does not hear the Gospel because of that?”

Uh, if that one person did not hear the Gospel from Swaggart, they could have heard it from Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” TV show back then, or Jim and Tammy Baker’s show, or any of the other tele-evangelists, or in a Billy Graham crusade, or from visiting a church in person. It’s not like Swaggart was the only conduit to the Gospel in the 1980s, puh-leeze.

You can probably watch this repeat yourself over at “iTBN’s” site. I just looked it up; you can watch it here:
(Link): TBN Praise the Lord Mar 3, 1988

I was nauseated by the segment I saw. Crouch Sr and Shaeffer were arguing that Swaggert should not have to step down over his sexual sin because he has “repented.”

This would be a case where maybe “slut shaming” (in this instance, directed at a married man who committed adultery) wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does not the New Testament state that a preacher/elder have to be ‘above reproach’ and all that? Wouldn’t an extra marital affair bar the dude from being a preacher?

My main reason for posting this,though, is to again point out how Christian are lax about sexual sin, too easily forgiving, not wanting the sexual sinner to suffer any sort of repercussion or fall out.

Meanwhile, men who are un-married (singles) are barred by some of these same churches from serving in leadership positions, primarily because biased Christians assume all un-married people are horny horn dogs who have sex with 567 people per week.

So, these prejudiced idiots will accept an adulterous preacher in the pulpit, but not a celibate single male (or woman)? HYPOCRISY. DOUBLE STANDARD.

Christians like to live in Fantasy Land, where they think married couples are more godly, sexually pure, or mature than un-married Christians.

Please, take the time to browse through my blog here, where I have featured news stories about married Christian (and Non Christian) men, some preachers, who have been jailed for rape, serial killing, child sexual abuse, breaking and entering, fraud, drug addiction, and stealing, etc.

Unmarried Christian adults are sometimes more godly, mature, and sexually pure than married Christian couples, but churches don’t like to admit to this.

This TBN segment also gets into this idea I’ve touched on before in older blog pages: Christians say they respect sexual fidelty, virginity, but where the rubber hits the road, they are more apt to fall over themselves making excuses for sexual sin and sexual sinners then they are in upholding virginity and sexual purity and celibates.
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Advocate of Family Values Doesn’t Uphold Family Values | Stop Asking Pat Robertson for Advice America!

Advocate of Family Values Doesn’t Uphold Family Values (Re Pat Robertson)

Why do people write Robertson for advice, espeically women?

Robertson is currently an 82 or 83 year old “gender complementarian” who has very definite views about the roles men and women are to play, ones which are rooted in a faulty understanding of certain biblical passages and stuck in 1950s American culture. If you are a woman and write to him with a question, he will usually take the husband’s side.

Women of America: stop writing Robertson questions! Stop asking him questions via the “Bring It On” online section of his “700 Club” site. Stop it. He doesn’t have anything valuable or sensitive to say about most life situations.

Pat Robertson promotes himself as being all about “family values.” But he doesn’t uphold family values in his private life, and he doesn’t support them when answering viewer questions to his television show.

I am using Robertson as an example, because there are already so many videos online of him and his sexist, anti-family values to point to, but he is by no means the only Christian champion of “family values” I’ve seen who is a hypocrite on the issues of marriage, divorce, spousal abuse, etc.

At one time, Robertson was a Southern Baptist preacher. That is also alarming, because SBC (Southern Baptist Churches/ Convention) promotes itself as being all about family values and traditional values.

Hell, I live out family values more often and more consistently than most SBC guys or Robertson, and I’ve never married, I’m a woman, never had a kid, never had sex outside of marriage, and I’m borderline agnostic these days.

I’m not having sex outside marriage, I’m not telling married men it’s okay for them to cheat on their wife, I’m not advocating that people divorce their sick spouse, etc.

Pat Robertson had pre-marital sex. His first son was born out of wedlock. However, Robertson periodically has “anti porn,” and “anti- sexually explicit material brought in to or taught to college kids” spokespersons on his 700 Club show.

Here is a guy lecturing the rest of us to keep our skirts down and legs crossed, but he’s engaged in sexual immorality himself.

Here are some links about Robertson’s pre-marital fornication and resultant illegitimate son:

(Link): Pat Robertson Lashes Accusers

    by By Rogers Worthington, Chicago Tribune.
    Published 1987
    On Friday, Robertson`s wife and son appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network and said they have a loving home untouched by concern over Tim Robertson being conceived out of wedlock, United Press International reported.

    Dede Robertson said the public revelation surrounding her son’s conception stung at first, but added, “The freedom that I’m feeling and the prayers that I’m feeling have lifted me up.”

On to the next Robertson anti-family, anti- traditional marriage, anti- traditional values gaffe.

Contrary to what most Christians assume, Christ and the Bible does NOT teach that divorce is acceptable only in cases of
1. atheist spouse
2. adultery

(Don’t believe me about what the Bible says about divorce that it’s permissible in situations other than atheist spouse/adultery? (Link): Read this)

However, that does not mean that the Bible sanctions, or that it’s ethically okay, for a husband to divorce a spouse because the spouse is sick, yet that is precisely what Robertson advocated.

(Link to You Tube video): Televangelist Pat Robertson Condones Divorcing a Spouse With Alzheimers Disease

(Link): Divorce Wife With Alzheimer’s – Pat Robertson (hosted by Young Turks on You Tube)

Robertson claims to be “pro marriage,” but here he is taking a low view of marriage by telling husbands it’s okay to dump a sick spouse and divorce her. How is advocating the dissolution of a family over such an invalid reason “pro-marriage,” or “pro-family values”? It’s not. Yet Robertson has the nerve to keep passing himself off as a “family values” supporter.

(Link): Robertson: Divorce Your Wife With Alzheimers

The Bible is egalitarian in gender roles, not gender complementarian (as taught by CBMW), nor does the Bible teach that women cannot be preachers, leaders, or that they are to submit to a husband as though the husband were an authority figure. ((Link):Source)

The Bible does not condone or excuse husbands beating up their wives, but Pat Robertson gets into heresy on all this, and seems just fine with men beating their wives, and tries to make a joke out of it (see video clip below, linked).

Robertson also disturbingly compares a grown wife to little girls who rebels in one video segment; adult wives are not little girls.

Also bear in mind we don’t have the wife’s perspective of the marriage in all this, we only have the view of the disgruntled husband who wrote to Robertson for advice:

(Link – video on You Tube): Pat Robertson Tells Man to Beat his Wife, Move to Saudi Arabia

More un-biblical, anti family values comments and views from Robertson:

(Link): Ugly Wives Ruining Marriages says Pat Robertson

The Bible says that Christians are supposed to care for widows and orphans, but Robertson is anti-family values on this issue as well-

(Link): Pat Robertson’s Advice: Don’t Adopt Children

(Link): Pat Robertson: Don’t Adopt Sexually Molested Children, Could Grow Up “Weird”

See my previous posts:

(Link): Pat Robertson Expects Men to Commit Sexual Sin (and it’s not the first time) | (Robertson says Wives are to Blame if Husbands Commit Adultery)

My follow up post to that one:

(Link): Pat Robertson to married woman: All men are cheaters and sex crazed horn dogs, but that’s okay because they’re men

Here are some more links about Pat Roberton’s fornication:

(Link): Robertson’s Son Conceived Out of Wedlock

(Link): Wild Oats Robertson Rewrites His Resume (TIME, 1987)

    Only one week after Televangelist Pat Robertson formally declared his presidential candidacy, he received a chilling political baptism.

    Press accounts disclosed that Robertson’s first child had been conceived out of wedlock and that the former minister had misstated his wedding date to conceal the fact.

    Robertson, who has condemned sex before marriage, said he had merely tried to “protect his family” in previously suggesting that he had been married in March 1954 rather than on Aug. 27.

    Robertson’s first son was born ten weeks after the wedding. Robertson said that he and his wife Dede considered March 22, 1954 — the…

Robertson Assails Press Admits Backdated Wedding

TBN, Kirk Cameron, and Misplaced Over- Concern On Marriage – What About the Unmarried?

TBN, Kirk Cameron, and Misplaced Over- Concern On Marriage – What About the Unmarried?

I am watching TBN’s “Praise the Lord” right now. It’s hosted by Kirk Cameron.

Cameron is interviewing a young lady about the topic of marriage.

They are discussing how American society should define marriage.

In so doing, the lady guest (whose name I don’t know – the male guest sitting next to her has the last name “Stanley”), has made several observations I find dubious.

She comments that marriage is the building block of culture, and no other relationship binds a man and woman together like marriage can.

Putting that aside for the moment, why do these Christian talking heads not recognize the huge problem of protracted, unwanted singleness among Christian women? (See this link for more.)

When is Kirk Cameron going to do a show discussing the huge number of conservative Christian women who desire marriage but who are remaining single past their 30s and 40s?

Why is all the focus and alarm by Christians on so-called attacks on marriage by homosexual activists and liberals? Why are they not as concerned that Christian women who want marriage (and some want children) are more and more often arriving in their 40s husband-less and childless?

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What Christians Can Learn From Bob the Tomato Re: Being Unmarried and Childfree / Childless

What Christians Can Learn From Bob the Tomato Re: Being Unmarried and Childfree / Childless

I was watching the kid show “Veggie Tales” this morning. I’ve seen a few episodes before.

They seem to end most episodes by having Bob the Tomato tell the viewer something like,

“Remember, God loves you very much, and you are very special to Him.”

Bob the tomato
Bob the tomato
I think, in a way, it’s sad I get more validation out of a kid’s show than I do from materials by Christian adults for Christian adults.

I sure as heck don’t get told often by most Christians that I, never-married and childfree in my 40s, am special and loved by God.

I have to sit through and endure multitudes of Christian content that gives the impression that if I have not achieved a very set of narrow lifestyle milestones, such as marriage and parenthood, and have not done so by a certain age, I am a failure, or not as important.

None of which is to say I totally agree with every message I’ve heard conveyed in “Veggie Tales.” I once sat through a show where they told kids to be really nice to bullies.

Without going into too much detail, I just wanted to say that is the incorrect message to send. Christ does not call His followers to be doormats and passively take abuse off anyone- He sure as heck did not. You need to teach your kids to stand up to bullies even if it comes to applying physical blows.

Seriously. If your kids don’t stand up to idiots now, it will hurt them later. And secondly, most bullies don’t respond to anything less than a punch to the face or a severe verbal smack down. But Christian shows for children frequently encourage kids to be passive, wimpy doormats in the face of bullying and abuse. Before He went to the cross, Jesus took nothin’ from nobody – and we are to follow His lead on how to deal with jerks.

But I digress.

Hmm. I bet if I got pregnant out of wedlock, then walked into a church and said I was considering an abortion, I’d get all manner of support, help, and encouragement.

I should shove a big pillow under a shirt and try that experiment some time: claim to be pregnant and unmarried, considering abortion, and watch as the pastor and members fall all over themselves to offer me money, shelter, compassion, and assistance.

Thanks to Bob the Tomato for reminding me that God values and loves me, whether I am married, single, a parent or not.

I had to get this message that God loves me no matter what from a cartoon tomato because most churches and Christian publications won’t convey it.

Rare Reminders from Christians on Recent Broadcasts that Fornication is Wrong and That Older Celibates Exist

Rare Reminders from Christians on Recent Broadcasts that Fornication is Wrong and That Older Celibates Exist

On tonight’s “Harvest” show, hosted by Greg Laurie, aired on TBN, Laurie told his audience in very strong terms that the Bible does not condone sex outside of marriage. He said it doesn’t matter if you love the other person and practice “safe sex,” that God is still not fine with sexual activity outside of marriage.

A day or two ago, Christian singer CeCe Winans was host of TBN’s “Praise the Lord” program, where she interviewed a married Christian couple (I don’t recall their names).

The wife of the couple said she was a virgin until she got married, and she did not get married until she was 38 or 39 years old.

Not only that, but the audience (which is presumably made up of Christians) applauded her for that admission.

So quite possibly there are at least some Christians out there still who are supporting, and who believe in, refraining from sex until marriage. It was nice to see someone admit to being past age 35 before getting married and then having sex upon marriage, rather than before.

It’s a nice change from the usual testimonies from all the Christians on these shows who admit they “blew it” and slept around numerous times, only for the Christian host to turn to the camera and reassure other fornicators,
“Aw shucks, but don’t feel so bad if you have sex outside of marriage, because God will forgive your sexual sin! Just stop doing it and start practicing secondary virginity! Be a spiritual virgin now!”

Reminder and disclaimer:

As I’ve said NUMEROUS TIMES on this blog before, it’s not that I am hoping for pastors to go all Pharisee on sexual sinners and stone them to death with rocks

– but –

I at least want them to start making it abundantly clear when discussing sexual sin, God’s grace, and God’s forgiveness that the Bible none-the-less still teaches that God expects people to exercise self-control and remain virgins until marriage, even if they are 35, 45, or 75 years old.

No more of this “Laissez-faire,” La-Dee-Da, lukewarm, watered down, ‘every one has sex outside of marriage, so go ahead and do it, and God will forgive you for it, nobody expects you to remain celibate past the age of 17 years old, and hey, we totally understand it and get it if you’ve had sex outside of marriage’ garbage.

Send Us Your Money Thon – TBN Praise A Thon

Please do not leave general, generic “I hate TBN” rants in this thread, if you want to leave a comment. This is not the thread for that purpose. This is a thread specifically about their “Praise a Thons” and how boring and annoying they are! (If you are dying to post a “I sure do hate TBN and / or the Prosperity Gospel they are always pushing” rant, then use this thread. Thanks.)
TBN began its tele-thon two days ago. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I think this is the third one they’ve done this year (they normally do only two per year). If this is the third one, I wonder why they’re doing a third?

I have always disliked the TBN tele thons which they call “Praise A Thons,” so I don’t usually watch them.

I’ve watched these TBN “give- us-your- money- thons” only long enough in the past a few times to see they are very boring, they usually have the same con artists doing “plant a seed!” type sermons (and they always include the preacher guy with the horrible blond hair that looks like a bad, cheap wig), other bad preaching, and loud, horrible singing.

One thing that particularly disgusts me about their Praise A Thons is that they air them even on Saturday mornings in place of the kid cartoons, and they also run Praise A Thons on Sunday mornings.

If you are a network that claims to be all down with spreading the Gospel, I would assume you would forgo the begging for money shtick so that little children can see cartoons about Jesus on Saturdays and that house-bound people, including seniors, can watch preachers on Sunday morning, but noooo, they can’t spare Saturday and Sunday mornings and have to run these dull Praise A Thon things on weekends too.

They also began at some point running the Praise A Thon for a second week, which is also annoying. The first week, this money grubbing, boring show is aired 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and then the week after, they tend to run it from about 4 PM to about 7 PM to 9 PM. As if running it 24/7 week one was not enough.

How I wish there was a sound alternative to TBN. Not only do they air too much Prosperity Gospel trash, but these Praise A Thon things are boring, and they do them 2 – 3 times a year.

TBN Christian Network – Your All-Purpose Bash TBN Thread!

I’ve noticed the few times I’ve left posts about specific complaints or observations about TBN, I’ll get visitors who leave generic “I hate TBN” type of comments, and that’s not what I’m hoping to see in the comments.

I don’t completely agree with all teachings on TBN, so I’m sympathetic, but how about not using any and every post of mine that makes a reference to TBN an excuse to just bash TBN in general?

Two posts before this one, for example, I made a post today noting that TBN keeps airing Paul Crouch Sr. telling and re-telling how he founded TBN, and how repetitive and annoying this TBN history lesson is. Instead of agreeing with that specific point, one visitor used that post to bash TBN in general terms.

I propose if you are a TBN-hater and want to rant and rave about how they push the “Wealth and Health Gospel” and how Jan Crouch’s pink hair is funny looking, and so on and so forth, that you use this particular blog post for that, instead of using each and every post I make mentioning TBN to gripe in general terms about TBN.

Believe me, I’m sympathetic to much of your disdain for TBN, but that doesn’t mean I want every single post I make about them on my blog to turn into an all- purpose ‘I sure do hate TBN, those Word of Faith heretics!’ type rant fest. If I make a post with a SPECIFIC gripe about TBN, please address that specific point, instead of telling me “they’re frauds, greedy, and Word of Faithers,” since I already know all that and agree with most of it.

Cartoons and Kid Programming on TBN

It’s good the people at Christian network TBN occasionally mix up their Saturday morning kiddie programming, but last time I watched, they removed a few of the shows I liked, such as one of the cartoons about animated bugs – either “Hermie” or “Carlos the Caterpillar,” they removed “God Rocks!”, and they removed a few other of my favorites.

Yes, I’m an adult over the age of 40 who admits to watching Saturday morning Christian kiddie shows. Ironically, I find TBN’s kids shows better, more biblically correct and encouraging, than most of the material aimed at adults on TBN. Their kid shows seems largely free of the prosperity gospel nonsense that permeates their adult programming, for one thing. I am not, however, a fan TBN’s shows such as “iShine KNECT” (aimed at tweens), and I wish they’d remove that show.

When I began watching TBN kid programming several years ago, they had a bad, bad tendency to keep airing the same set of shows over and over to the point I saw each episode a million times each. I’m talking specifically about “Bible Man,” and “McGee and Me.” Those two shows dragged on and on for about six or seven years until they pulled them and replaced them with other shows. To make matters worse, “McGee and Me” was filmed in the 1980s and clearly looked it – and the music, the pop rock soundtrack, sounded very 1980s too.

This past Saturday or so, TBN began airing old black and white episodes of the show “Lassie,” which I think originally were filmed in the 1950s. I like dogs, and have nothing against Lassie, but I find the show a little boring and can’t figure out why a Christian network is airing it.

I guess not every show has to contain an explicit Bible lesson in it, or quotes from the Bible, but I’m not seeing what a show about a dog who saves people has to do with Christianity?

I never get tired of “Davey and Goliath.” I at first did not like “The LADs TV” show, but it grew on me after a few months but was recently pulled from the TBN Saturday morning line up. About the only new addition they made that I enjoy is some kind of art show, where an artist shows kids how to make drawings and crafts.

The “Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible” cartoon show (or whatever it’s called – it is hosted by actor Charlton Heston) is okay, but I find the song numbers a tad annoying. The introductions, which are hosted by Heston, are way, way too long and dull.

I’m an adult and after the first couple of minutes of Heston giving the upcoming cartoon’s back-story bores me to the point I lose focus on what he’s saying. I can only imagine how a kid must feel having to sit through five to ten minutes of tedious exposition by a then- 75 year old (or whatever) white haired Heston, before getting to the cartoon show.

The “Auto B Good” show. The Vallery Girl accent of the pink car, while cute at first, grows annoying after awhile. One irritating aspect of this cartoon is that it’s clearly a rip off of Disney’s “CARS” movie (I’m assuming it came after CARS).

Christians in entertainment – cartoons, movies, rock music – have this stupid, irritating tendency to copy and mimic something that has become popular in secular culture. It makes us Christians look even more pathetic to the secular culture, as though we are trying too hard to look cool and relevant, like Mark Driscoll fixating on sex, cage fighting, and wearing skinny jeans in his sermons (pastor Ed Young is also guilty of all that): it makes him and Christianity by association look LAME, not cutting edge or cool.