World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

There’s already been a news outlet with a Christian outlook for years, CBN. I believe it was started by Pat Robertson.

After this news hit Twitter, I saw liberals and progressives screech that this new TBN news show will be a “right wing propaganda” type outlet, a complaint I find really rich, considering social media regularly censors any stated opinion that runs counter to left-wing talking points, and most other outlets – New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN and MSNBC all tilt heavily left and regularly silence conservatives, please.

(Link): TBN Launches New Show with Former Fox News Reporter Doug McKelway

(Link): World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

by Sara Fischer, author of Axios Media Trends

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which calls itself the world’s largest Christian television broadcaster, is launching a news show called “Centerpoint” with Fox News alums.

Why it matters: TBN is looking to build a “Christian lifestyle brand” rather than just “preaching and teaching,” TBN VP of Marketing Nate Daniels told Axios.

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TBN’s New Line Up and Other Changes as of 2017

TBN’s New Line Up and Other Changes as of 2017

I noticed that starting some time around January or Feb. 2017, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network – Christian entity), changed its programming a little bit.

They also changed their P.T.L. (“Praise the Lord”) show.

It’s no longer called PTL – they dropped the “TL” and now just call the show “Praise.”

The PTL show used to come on at 4 p.m., and then later around 9 or 10 p.m.

They not only switched up when the “Praise” show airs, but they changed how the show is run, which I am not happy with.

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Christian TV Shows That DeFacto Promote Married Couples with Children as Being Good Christian People

Christian TV Shows That DeFacto Promote Married Couples with Children as Being Good Christian People

Sometimes Christian programs such as “The 700 Club” will have a celebrity on. Usually, these celebrity people are married with children.

These people are presented as being good role models for other Christians or we’re given the impression they are living exemplary Christian lifestyles when not on camera.

I remember once a few years ago, The 700 Club TV show had Billy Ray Cyrus on their show, father of Miley, who later went on to behave like a big ol’ slut ((Link): On Miley Cyrus Being Sexual at 2013 VMAs – Hypocrisy of Secular Feminists).

About four or five years ago, the female co-host of The 700 Club interviewed Kate Gosselin.

I think it was not too long after Goesslin appeared on The 700 Club show – maybe about a few months or a year later – the she and her spouse Jon divorced.

Kate Gosselin is mother to about eight or ten children. That was the basis for her reality show, ‘Kate Plus Eight,’ or whatever it was called.

I have never understood why culture, or some women, think popping out a kid is some super spectacular accomplishment, whether it’s one kid or ten.

Anyway, Gosselin was on The 700 Club program to talk about being a mom and to hype a book she wrote.

It turns out she may not be a stellar, Christian mother after all (see links below).

I have noticed that Christian shows don’t have unmarried Christians on that often – if they do, it’s usually a young, male sports hero who has not married yet.

And, those young, male sports stars are rarely there on the program to discuss life as a celibate, single adult… their guest appearance is almost always to talk about football, or to discuss Jesus in generic terms.

When parents or married people are on Christian shows, however, marriage and parenting tips are given. Marriage is discussed.

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TBN Devotes Entire Nov 19, 2013 Praise the Lord Show To Marriage – They Never Devote Entire PTL to Singles – Common for Married Christians and Parents To Be Self Absorbed

TBN Devotes Entire Nov 19, 2013 Praise the Lord Show To Marriage – They Never Devote Entire PTL to Singles

Today’s PTL (Praise the Lord) on the TBN Christian network is hosted by Kathy and Mike Hayes, with a panel of other preaching couples.

One of my un-favorite married people was on this show, too, with his wife – the guy who thinks that unmarried people are not quite as valuable as married people (see links at the bottom of this post for more about that). His name is Jimmy Evans.

Christian marital advisor Mark Gungor was also on this episode.

The entire 2 or 3 hour program has been about marriage and marital issues.

In the 8, 9, some odd years I have watched Christian networks (and I watch them a lot, so I’m quite familiar with their shows), this is probably the fourth or fifth all-marriage related Praise the Lord episode I’ve seen.

Other PTL episodes have had guests who discuss marriage, though those particular episode (unlike tonight’s) were not 100% devoted to the topic.

TBN has even had Christian guru Mark Gungor on a couple of other PTL episodes discussing nothing but marriage.

I have yet to see an episode devoted to the UN-married, to the singles or the childless and childfree.

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Married Christians Defending Married Male Preacher Caught in Sexual Sin – Re TBN Paul Crouch / Jimmy Swaggart 1988 Broadcast

Christians Defending Married Male Preachers Caught in Sexual Sin

I watched about fifteen minutes of an old repeat of TBN’s “Praise the Lord” that was aired about 2 or 3 AM this morning (I have insomnia, so yes, I can be up at strange hours).

The show I caught in repeat in the wee hours was first aired March 3, 1988, and featured a black haired lady with a white guy with kinky hair and glasses (Dan Shaeffer). The show was hosted by Paul Crouch Sr and his pink haired wife, Jan.

The topic was preacher Jimmy Swaggart having to possibly resign over his sex scandal. (I think he was caught using prostitutes?)
(Link): Wiki page on Swaggart Sex Scandal

    Sexual scandals in the late 1980s and early 1990s led the Assemblies of God to defrock him, and to his temporarily stepping down as the head of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

One argument Crouch Sr raised on that show as to why AoG should not make Swaggart step down was non-sensical: he said, “In a phone call to Swaggart, I told him, if they force you to step down, what if one soul does not hear the Gospel because of that?”

Uh, if that one person did not hear the Gospel from Swaggart, they could have heard it from Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” TV show back then, or Jim and Tammy Baker’s show, or any of the other tele-evangelists, or in a Billy Graham crusade, or from visiting a church in person. It’s not like Swaggart was the only conduit to the Gospel in the 1980s, puh-leeze.

You can probably watch this repeat yourself over at “iTBN’s” site. I just looked it up; you can watch it here:
(Link): TBN Praise the Lord Mar 3, 1988

I was nauseated by the segment I saw. Crouch Sr and Shaeffer were arguing that Swaggert should not have to step down over his sexual sin because he has “repented.”

This would be a case where maybe “slut shaming” (in this instance, directed at a married man who committed adultery) wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does not the New Testament state that a preacher/elder have to be ‘above reproach’ and all that? Wouldn’t an extra marital affair bar the dude from being a preacher?

My main reason for posting this,though, is to again point out how Christian are lax about sexual sin, too easily forgiving, not wanting the sexual sinner to suffer any sort of repercussion or fall out.

Meanwhile, men who are un-married (singles) are barred by some of these same churches from serving in leadership positions, primarily because biased Christians assume all un-married people are horny horn dogs who have sex with 567 people per week.

So, these prejudiced idiots will accept an adulterous preacher in the pulpit, but not a celibate single male (or woman)? HYPOCRISY. DOUBLE STANDARD.

Christians like to live in Fantasy Land, where they think married couples are more godly, sexually pure, or mature than un-married Christians.

Please, take the time to browse through my blog here, where I have featured news stories about married Christian (and Non Christian) men, some preachers, who have been jailed for rape, serial killing, child sexual abuse, breaking and entering, fraud, drug addiction, and stealing, etc.

Unmarried Christian adults are sometimes more godly, mature, and sexually pure than married Christian couples, but churches don’t like to admit to this.

This TBN segment also gets into this idea I’ve touched on before in older blog pages: Christians say they respect sexual fidelty, virginity, but where the rubber hits the road, they are more apt to fall over themselves making excuses for sexual sin and sexual sinners then they are in upholding virginity and sexual purity and celibates.
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TBN, Kirk Cameron, and Misplaced Over- Concern On Marriage – What About the Unmarried?

TBN, Kirk Cameron, and Misplaced Over- Concern On Marriage – What About the Unmarried?

I am watching TBN’s “Praise the Lord” right now. It’s hosted by Kirk Cameron.

Cameron is interviewing a young lady about the topic of marriage.

They are discussing how American society should define marriage.

In so doing, the lady guest (whose name I don’t know – the male guest sitting next to her has the last name “Stanley”), has made several observations I find dubious.

She comments that marriage is the building block of culture, and no other relationship binds a man and woman together like marriage can.

Putting that aside for the moment, why do these Christian talking heads not recognize the huge problem of protracted, unwanted singleness among Christian women? (See this link for more.)

When is Kirk Cameron going to do a show discussing the huge number of conservative Christian women who desire marriage but who are remaining single past their 30s and 40s?

Why is all the focus and alarm by Christians on so-called attacks on marriage by homosexual activists and liberals? Why are they not as concerned that Christian women who want marriage (and some want children) are more and more often arriving in their 40s husband-less and childless?

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