BLM (Black Lives Matter) Apparently Using Donated Funds to Buy BLM Members $ Six Million Dollar Mansion

BLM (Black Lives Matter) Apparently Using Donated Funds to Buy BLM Members $ Six Million Dollar Mansion

Not only do Muslims the world over not care about leftist “Intersectionalism” or about George Floyd, but neither does Black Lives Matter!

It has been reported in media outlets that Black Lives Matter group took money donated and used it to buy a six million dollar mansion for themselves.

LOL, what a bunch of con artists!

(Link): ‘I never touched any money’: Developer in $6 million BLM mansion scandal says he did not buy it, but put it in LLC

April 8, 2022

Controversy continues to swirl over the purchase of a $6 million California mansion by Black Lives Matter with a Republican congressman calling for a Justice Department investigation of the 2020 deal amid questions about the group’s financial dealings.

Rep. Darrell Issa spoke with Fox News Digital following a report about the secretive purchase of the property which was paid for in cash using funds that were donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation during the months when the organization enjoyed an elevated national profile in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd that was a windfall for BLM.

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Married Mother and Father Fake the Wife’s Kidnapping, Used Donated Funds Meant to Help Find Kidnapped Wife to Pay off Couple’s Personal Credit Card Debt

Married Mother and Father Fake the Wife’s Kidnapping, Used Donated Funds Meant to Help Find Kidnapped Wife to Pay off Couple’s Personal Credit Card Debt

Never. Ever. Argue. Ever Again.  That “marriage” or “parenthood” somehow improve a person’s character, morality, or that either one somehow fixes what is wrong with culture, if you’re one of those who is super obsessed with Nuclear Families, marriage, and parenting, like most secular or religious conservatives, such as but not limited to, Focus On The Family,  National Marriage Project, Jim Daly, Mark Regnerus, Brad Wilcox, or Al Mohler.

Never again, in light of the fact I regularly see news items of married people (some of whom are parents!) who rape people, or who steal, make child porn, sell illegal drugs, and on and on with the wrong-doing, write, publish, or broadcast your stupid “if only every one would marry by the time they are 25 years old and have three children each, it would usher in a sin-free society and fix all that is wrong with the world!” bullshit.

Being married or being a parent does not necessarily make a person more responsible, loving, or ethical, or better in any way, shape, or form, than being single and childless (or childfree).

The following married couple faked the wife’s kidnapping, and used the “Go Fund Me” account that was opened to provide funds to help the family find her to use that donated money to pay off their personal debt on their credit card. Both are parents. Un-freaking-believable!

I am not anti-Marriage, anti-Nuclear Family, or anti-parenthood, but all the other conservatives have to stop it with cramming the “hyper pro Nuclear Family / Marriage / Natalism” propaganda down people’s throats, which they do every few months, with their stupid, insulting essays containing their fear-mongering, shaming, anti-singleness, “oh no, people are not getting married any more, or choosing not to have babies any more, marriage is so much better for people and culture than staying single” pearl-clutching essays and editorials.

(Link):  Years ago, she told police she had been abducted, beaten and branded. Now she’s charged with making it all up 

(Link):  Volunteer Who Feels Duped by Sherri Papini’s Kidnapping Story Reacts to Her Arrest: ‘Honestly, I Was Shocked’ 

(Link): Sherri Papini, husband allegedly paid off credit cards with $49,000 donated to kidnapping hoax

March 5, 2022
By Kerry J. Byrne

Sherri Papini’s once sympathetic tale grows more loathsome with each passing day.

The California “super mom” didn’t just fake her own abduction: Papini and her husband Keith also allegedly used nearly $50,000 donated toward the effort to find her to pay off their credit cards instead, according to authorities.

Papini was arrested Thursday on charges she staged her own 2016 kidnapping, a shocking three-week disappearance that generated international headlines and an outpouring of public support.

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Man Accused of Dismembering, ‘Boiling’ Parents Who Cut Him Off Financially

Man Accused of Dismembering, ‘Boiling’ Parents Who Cut Him Off Financially

The phrase “family values” many not be necessarily un-biblical or anti-biblical, but it’s not taught in the Bible.

So many Christian persons or conservative organizations keep promoting this idea that Nuclear Families are necessary for a society to thrive. I’m not opposed to the Nuclear Family, I don’t want to abolish the Nuclear Family, but I don’t agree with the idea that the Nuclear Family is necessary for a culture, or that it (and marriage and parenthood) are necessary to make a person good or mature.

I see news headlines like the one below, and I realize that belonging to a Nuclear Family doesn’t make a person good, ethical, or wonderful.

A person can be a part of a Nuclear Family and still be a cold-blooded killer. So obviously, something else is going on here – the Jesus of the Bible said it has to do with individual sin – not marital or family status.

The Jesus of the Bible did not teach that the Nuclear Family will save a person or a culture. But Christians sure do keep behaving as though it will.

Did being a member of a Nuclear Family make this man in this news story, Joel Guy Jr, more loving, ethical, responsible or godly? Nope, it sure did not.

If you kill your mom over financial grievances and boil her head in a pot, I think it’s fair to say you’re an evil piece of garbage and that being in a “nuclear family” did nothing to instill character in you.

(Link): ‘Flush chunks down toilet not garbage disposal and blast heat to melt off fingerprints’: The chillingly detailed notebook of US son accused of dismembering his parents and boiling his mother’s head in a pot

(Link): Man Accused of Dismembering, ‘Boiling’ Parents Who Cut Him Off Financially

(Alternate news source: (Link): KNEWZ)

by WND News Services
Sept 28, 2020

‘The most horrific thing I’ve ever encountered in police work – in my life’

(KNEWZ) — A trial has begun for Joel Guy Jr. — a man accused of murdering and dismembering his parents for cutting him off financially, then trying to chemically dissolve their bodies to cover up the crime.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, a jury has been seated for the trial of Joel Guy Jr., who stands accused of murdering his mother Lisa Guy, 55, and his father Joel Guy Sr., 61.

Authorities claim that Guy Jr’s parents told him during the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday that they would be cutting him off financially. The son denies the charges and has pleaded not guilty.

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Chicago Pastor Accused of Stealing from Food Program to Buy Himself a Bentley

Chicago Pastor Accused of Stealing from Food Program to Buy Himself a Bentley

(Link): Chicago Pastor Accused of Stealing from Food Program to Buy Himself a Bentley

by Jackie Salo

January 2020

A Chicago pastor is accused of stealing nearly $1 million from a food program for needy children — using some of the cash to buy himself a flashy new Bentley, federal prosecutors said.

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Boy, Age 2, Dies After Father Stole $150,000 Raised for Treatment and Blew It On Hookers, Liquor, Drugs and Hotels

Boy, Age 2, Dies After Father Stole $150,000 Raised for Treatment and Blew It On Hookers, Liquor, Drugs and Hotels

Christians (such as but not limited to Al Mohler) and my fellow conservatives often like to claim that “family values” and parenthood and marriage are all necessary to make society better, and to make people into loving, mature, godly, and/or ethical adults. But the Nuclear Family, parenthood, and marriage does none of those things. Here’s yet another example.

(Link): Boy, Age 2, Dies After Father Stole $150,000 Raised for Treatment and Blew It On Hookers, Liquor, Drugs and Hotels


October 23, 2019

A toddler who suffered from a neuromuscular disorder died last week in Brazil after his father allegedly stole the cash raised for his treatment and spent it on wild parties.

Two-year-old João Miguel Alves passed away October 17 following a lengthy battle with Spinal Muscular Atrophy [AME].

His father, Mateus Henrique Leroy Alves, 37, was arrested July 22, a week after his wife reported him to the police.

He was found at a luxury hotel where he had been staying at for almost two months having spent $150,000 on designer clothes, watches, drugs, hookers and booze, local media reports.

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Youth Pastor Charged With Prostituting Teenage Boys, Drugging Them With Crystal Meth

Youth Pastor Charged With Prostituting Teenage Boys, Drugging Them With Crystal Meth

With so many Christian men being the perverts they are, if you are a single, Christian woman, you stand a better chance, possibly, of meeting a decent Non-Christian guy.

I still cannot believe Christians continue to insist that single Christian women should only marry Christian men, when there aren’t as many Christian males as there are females, and the Christian males are rapists or child molesters, like this guy:

(Link): Youth Pastor Charged With Prostituting Teenage Boys, Drugging Them With Crystal Meth

by S. Smith
Oct 20, 2016

A Florida youth pastor has been arrested and charged with forcing four teenage boys into prostitution by telling them that they could make money modeling and threatening them if they didn’t agree to have sex with male clients he met on the internet.

According to a Miami police report, Ron Cooper, who goes by the nickname “Romeo,” sex trafficked four boys aged 16 to 18, who were forced to have sex for money at three different Miami-Dade County hotels and at an adult bookstore in Miami.

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Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin Announces Second Unplanned Pregnancy

Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin Announces Second Unplanned Pregnancy

I am of two minds of this, concerning aspects of the story.

I’m pro-life and think it’s good she’s not aborting the baby, and yes, the people at Gawker were a_holes for saying Palin’s pregnancy is an argument in favor of abortion.

On the other hand, some of these sites are saying Palin is a spokesperson for an abstinence program, but this is her second child out of wedlock.

I do think there is something a little hypocritical about someone who is promoting sexual abstinence but who is having children outside of marriage.

I also continue to wonder why abstinence programs and churches keep asking fornicators to act as spokespersons to market celibacy, rather than asking honest- to- God celibates to perform this function?

(Link):  Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin Announces Second Unplanned Pregnancy

  • Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, announced on Thursday that she was pregnant with her second child out of wedlock.
  • “I wanted you guys to be the first to know that I am pregnant,” Palin wrote on her blog. “Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.”

    The news comes just one month after Palin suddenly called off her wedding to Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, which had been scheduled for May 23. Palin did not comment on the identity of the father in her blog post.

    Palin announced that she was pregnant with her first child,Tripp Palin, during her mother’s campaign for the vice-presidency. Palin was 17 at the time. She was twice engaged to Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, but both engagements were broken off. (Johnston married a different woman in 2012.)

  • “I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you,” she wrote on Thursday. “But please respect Tripp’s and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy.”

    Since her first pregnancy, Palin has made a career out of campaigning for abstinence. In 2011, it was (Link): widely reported that she was paid $262,500 from the Candie’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights teen pregnancy by supporting abstinence work. Palin is also (Link): listed as an expert on abstinence on the Web site of Single Source Speakers, a booking agency.

  • Palin’s message, however, has been inconsistent. In a February 2009 interview with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren,she said that while she’s pro-abstinence, she takes a more realistic view. “I think abstinence is, like—like, the—I don’t know how to put it—like, the main—everyone should be abstinent or whatever, but it’s not realistic at all,” she said, (Link): according to a transcript of the interview.
  • Three months later, she (Link): had sharpened her message: “Regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only . . . 100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy.”

(Link): Foundation that paid Bristol Palin $250,000 to promote abstinence after birth of son Tripp offers SUPPORT after news she is expecting another child

  • The Candie’s Foundation offered ‘support’ to Bristol Palin following her announcement that she was pregnant with her second child
  • Palin was an ambassador for the non-profit in 2010, which is focused of educating and preventing teen pregnancy
  • Palin, who had just given birth to son Tripp a few years prior, was paid $262,500 for her work with the foundation
  • No one in the Palin family has commented on the new pregnancy, and the father of the child is unknown

(Link):  Pregnant Abstinence Queen Bristol Palin Made $262K Preaching Abstinence: Baby’s Dad Is Dakota

  • Ironically, the former teen mom was previously an abstinence ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation, which had hired Bristol in 2009 to promote abstinence before marriage as part of a campaign to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  • Amazingly, Bristol was paid $262,500 for her 2009 abstinence speaking tour, Examiner reported. During her speeches, Palin urged teenage girls to not have premarital sex (like she did).
  • “I’m not going to have sex until I’m married. I can guarantee it,” Bristol vowed in 2009.

(Link): How Much Money Did Bristol Palin Earn From Abstinence Speeches? Sarah Palin’s Daughter Is Pregnant, Again

  • by Maria Vultaggio on June 26 2015 1:36 PM EDT
  • After she became a teenage mother in 2008, Bristol Palin vowed that she would not have sex again until she was married. She went on to become an abstinence advocate and made hundreds of thousands of dollars preaching to girls about not having premarital sex.

    In 2011, when she was 20, Palin made $262,000 as an abstinence ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation, the Associated Press reported, citing tax documents. A total amount earned over the years has not been revealed.

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Pastor Jim Staley Confesses to Cheating Elderly Investors Out of $3.3M and Pocketing $570K for Himself

Pastor Jim Staley Confesses to Cheating Elderly Investors Out of $3.3M and Pocketing $570K for Himself

And notice that this guy’s church or ministry is called “Passion For Truth.” He is anything but truthful.

(Link): Pastor Jim Staley Confesses to Cheating Elderly Investors Out of $3.3M and Pocketing $570K for Himself


May 1, 2015|6:26 pm

Passion for Truth Ministries Pastor Jim Stanley, 40, who told his St. Charles, Missouri, congregation last summer that he didn’t realize he had been arrested after a federal grand jury indicted him last June for defrauding investors, admitted in federal court Thursday that he cheated his elderly victims out of $3.3 million while making $570,000 for himself.

In a courtroom packed with supporters, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Staley, who owned a financial consulting form, pleaded guilty to four counts of wire fraud rather than taking his case to trial. He admitted that he cheated 16 investors, and his defense attorney, Scott Rosenblum, says his client was ashamed and “completely accepted responsibility.” The attorney stressed that the crime “had nothing to do with his role as a pastor.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dianna Collins said some of the investors trusted Staley because he was a “nice religious man” who referred to several of them as “Grandma.”

“Seniors tend to be more trusting and give people the benefit of the doubt, particularly people who hold themselves out as religious leaders,” said Collins.

At his sentencing on July 29, Staley will face six to eight years in prison. His attorneys will reportedly ask for less.


“The attorney stressed that the crime “had nothing to do with his role as a pastor.””

Oh yes, buddy, yes it does have everything to do with him being a pastor and claiming the name of Christ.

From the Bible, in describing people in positions of leadership in the church, 1 Tim 3.2

It is a trustworthy statement: if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do.

An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not addicted to wine or pugnacious, but gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money..

Married Pastor Sexually Assaulted Woman While Performing Exorcisms: Police

Pastor Sexually Assaulted Woman While Performing Exorcisms: Police

Let’s hear it for Equally Yoked! Christians tell Christian single women to only marry other single Christian men, in part, because the assumption is that you will both be on the same page. A Christian man will supposedly be more ethical and godly than those pervy, heathen Non Christian dudes. Well, it’s not always true.

This article also says this guy is MARRIED.

Evangelicals often like to assume or teach that married people are morally superior to singles, that they never, ever commit sexual sins. WRONG! Married men are quite often in the news for raping people or extra-marital affairs and so forth.

Here’s another example (I have millions more on the blog just like this):

(Link): Pastor Sexually Assaulted Woman While Performing Exorcisms: Police

Cops: Gwinnett pastor charged thousands to disabled man’s credit cards

Cops: Gwinnett pastor charged thousands to disabled man’s credit cards

Dollars to donuts he’s married and probably has a few kids (though the article does not say; pastors are almost always married, because churches are reluctant to hire adult singles). So much for the “be equally yoked” teaching.

There are Non-Christian men who are more honest and ethical than this douche bag.

By the by. I have long hated bullies – people who pick on or exploit people who are physically or mentally weaker than they are, people who are naive, who have low self esteem, whatever.

I absolutely DETEST people who take advantage of or who abuse people because they can, because they are stronger than their target, or what have you.

I think what makes a story like this even worse is this guy, this pastor, is in an occupation of trust, and he is supposed to be defending and protecting the very sort of people he was taking advantage of. This guy is a total dirt ball.

(Link): Cops: Gwinnett pastor charged thousands to disabled man’s credit cards

  • 5:46 p.m. Monday, April 13, 2015 | Filed in: Local News
  • A new watch.
  • A girlfriend’s trips to the salon.
  • New wheels for a friend.
  • A Snellville pastor has been in jail for more than two months, accused of commandeering a disabled man’s credit cards — and opening new ones — to purchase those luxury items and more.
  • Police are searching for other possible victims.
  • Robert Whittaker, the founder and pastor of Be Encouraged Ministries, was charged with exploitation of a disabled adult on Feb. 5. He has remained in the Gwinnett County jail — a place he’s very familiar with — since.
  • Snellville police Chief Roy Whitehead said that Whittaker’s latest legal troubles began when he “offered to care for” a disabled church member with short-term memory loss while his wife was at work.
  • “While caring for the man, (Whittaker) convinced (the victim) to open credit cards at various locations and authorize him to make charges on the card,” Whitehead said. “… Whittaker also opened credit cards in the victim’s name authorizing (Whittaker) to sign and make charges.”
  • Whittakers’ alleged purchases included a new watch, hair appointments for a girlfriend and car repairs and new wheels for a friend.
  • The alleged victim’s wife reportedly found out after she started getting calls from creditors “wanting payments on accounts she didn’t know they had.”
  • …Online records show Whittaker’s most recent arrest was his 12th in Gwinnett County, with prior charges ranging from aggravated assault and drug trafficking to driving without a license. In a video on the Be Encouraged Ministries Facebook page, the pastor talks about growing up in Buffalo, snatching purses and robbing drug dealers.

What a total dirt ball.

Hypocritical Preacher Ed Young Jr Throws Tantrum About 50 Shades Of Grey Book And Tries To Make Buck Off It At Same Time

Hypocrite Rev Ed Young Jr Throws Tantrum About 50 Shades Of Grey Book

(Link):  Megachurch Pastor Ed Young to Baptize Copies of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey;’ Calls Book a ‘Perverted Attempt to Trap Readers’

I cannot figure out why so many Christians get themselves in a bother over whatever the current hot topic is in culture.

I remember when Christians had a fit about 10 or 15 years ago when the Harry Potter books exploded in popularity. A few years after that, I saw preachers frequently warn parents about how Potter books were demonic and evil.

Anyway, this is the same Ed Young Jr. who had a sermon series several years ago called “Sexperiment,” where he put a bed on the roof of his church, and he and his wife climbed in that bed to deliver a sermon.

Young Jr. also did something several months after that, where he challenged his married congregation to have sex every single day for 30 days in a row, or something. Never no mind that half of his congregation consists of single adults, which would be like Rev. Assh_e doing a sermon on the deliciousness of chocolate cake for a congregation half made up of diabetics.

Where does someone who promotes and pushes sex from the pulpit and to make a profit and in front of a room of 50% singles get off criticizing Hollywood over a sex movie? He’s a hypocrite.

Also, given America’s short attention span, two months from now, nobody will be talking about “50 Shades of Grey,” so there’s no point in getting worked up over it anyway.

Megachurch Pastor Ed Young to Baptize Copies of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey;’ Calls Book a ‘Perverted Attempt to Trap Readers’


  • February 5, 2015|4:40 pm
  • Just over a week before the steamy “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie opens on Valentine’s weekend, controversial founding pastor of the popular Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, Ed Young, says he will baptize copies of the book on which the movie is based, calling it a “perverted attempt to trap readers.”

    “There is a cultural epidemic out there that is wrapped up in complete fantasy. The book, Fifty Shades of Grey, is a perverted attempt to trap readers and leads them to a misunderstanding of what intimacy and connection are all about,” said Young in a press statement Wednesday.

  • “It is a pathetic distortion of a more powerful reality about relationships. God is not anti-sex, and he isn’t grey when it comes to relationships. I want to wake people up to the reality that God’s purpose and plan for their lives is so much greater!” he added.

    Young, who’s a New York Times best-selling author who wrote the book Sexperiment, addresses the power of healthy relationships in his latest book, Fifty Shades of They.

  • ..The megachurch pastor says he’ll be raising awareness about the perversion of Fifty Shades of Grey by baptizing copies of the book at locations in Dallas, Miami, Florida and London, England.

How about shutting up already? How about not trying to make a buck off a Christianized version of whatever secular culture is selling these days? That is so greedy and LAME.


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(Link):  The Odd Evangelical Obsession With Sex and Its Ramifications: article from The Atlantic: The Warrior Wives of Evangelical Christianity 

Marketing Companies Offering ‘Sexy Jesus’ Calendar, Selfies With Jesus

Marketing Companies Offering ‘Sexy Jesus’ Calendar, Selfies With Jesus

Do you know what I think is weird? People so obsessed with sex, they sexualize anything and everything. But these people – and a lot of others – would find me weird, because I’m still a virgin past the age of 40 – and yes, I had opportunities to have sex, including with a fiance’ but I said “no” to that. I find the refusal to be sexually self controlled weird, and things like this…

By the way, this web page has samples from the calendar, if you want to see what this company’s idea of a “sexy Jesus” looks like.

(Link): Marketing Companies Offering ‘Sexy Jesus’ Calendar, Selfies With Jesus

Two London ad agencies may just be crossing the line by using Jesus Christ as a marketing ploy.

 In what is sure to be a controversial move, Anomaly London is offering a “Sexy Jesus” (link):  calendar. The calendar features 13 images – one on the cover and one for each month – of a bare-chested, buff model with a beard and flowing hair.

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