Christian Texas Man Who Posted Content Praising Jesus Murders Wife, Allegedly Shooting Her 10 Times in Front of Their Kids, After She Asked for Divorce

Christian Texas Man Who Posted Content Praising Jesus Murders Wife, Allegedly Shooting Her 10 Times in Front of Their Kids, After She Asked for Divorce

Note that being married does not make a person more godly, ethical, mature, loving or responsible. This guy was married, apparently a father too, but none of that made him more loving, law abiding, godly, mature, or responsible.

(Link): Garland Man Faces Murder Charge in Wife’s Shooting Death

October 19, 2023

A 28-year-old Garland man faces a murder charge in the deadly shooting of his wife, Mesquite police say.

(Link): Texas Man Murders Wife, Allegedly Shooting Her 10 Times in Front of Their Kids, After She Asked for Divorce

October 2020

A husband and father of three from Texas is facing murder charges in the deadly shooting of his wife.

According to NBCDFW, on Sunday (Oct. 18), police in Mesquite, Texas—a suburban city located near Dallas—discovered the body of 28-year-old Markeita McCleary with multiple gunshot wounds around 5:34 p.m. local time.

Police said McCleary was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

McCleary’s husband, Ashton Neroes, who is also 28, was subsequently arrested and charged with murder in connection to the shooting, police said. He’s being held on $100,000 bond.

According to unconfirmed social media reports, Markeita had recently caught Ashton having an affair, and asked him for a divorce shortly before she was fatally shot 10 times in front of their three children.

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My Wife Cheated on Me with My Dad – Now She’s Pregnant by A. Court

My Wife Cheated on Me with My Dad – Now She’s Pregnant by A. Court

Another example defying the typical conservative propaganda about The Nuclear Family, marriage, and parenthood: they don’t make people more mature, godly, ethical, responsible, or loving, and they don’t improve a nation.

I’m a conservative, I am not against marriage, parenthood, or the Nuclear Family, but I recognize that other conservatives have turned marriage, the nuclear family and parenthood into idols, which is wrong.

(Link): My wife cheated on me with my dad — now she’s pregnant

by Andrew Court
May 30, 2023

It’s a family affair.

A jilted Welsh husband claims he caught his wife having sex with his father on his child’s baby monitor.

Declan Fuller, 22, was married to Stephanie, 22, and they share 2-year-old daughter Willow.

Last September, the couple let Declan’s dad, Darren, 44, move into their UK home, where the alleged affair took place.

“It’s sick — how could my father do that to me?” a distraught Declan wondered during a Monday interview with the Sun. “It’s not normal.”

Declan claims he was at work on the day of his wife’s alleged infidelity and decided to check Willow’s baby monitor on his smartphone.

The footage showed Stephanie slinking into a bedroom with her father-in-law, seemingly to indulge in an afternoon romp.

Declan says the shocking act of betrayal almost caused him to fly into a homicidal rage, as he admitted: “If I didn’t have a sensible head on my shoulders he [dad Darren] would be six feet under now.”

When confronted with incriminating evidence, Stephanie and Darren denied they were doing anything untoward.

Instead, the pair claimed they were simply in the bedroom to watch “The Simpsons” together.

Declan was left unsatisfied by that explanation and promptly split from his spouse — only for her to embark on a romance with her father-in-law.

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Texas Woman Who Beat Murder Wrap of Ex in 2018 Now Accused of Poisoning 5th Husband to Death with Insulin

Texas Woman Who Beat Murder Wrap of Ex in 2018 Now Accused of Poisoning 5th Husband to Death with Insulin

Marriage does not make people more godly, loving, ethical or mature, contrary to what my fellow conservatives keep bleating in their podcasts, tweets, you tube videos, and blog posts.

(Link): Texas woman who beat murder wrap of ex in 2018 now accused of poisoning 5th husband to death with insulin

by Rich Calder
April 29, 2023

A Texas woman is accused of knocking her fifth husband by poisoning him with insulin – nearly five years after she fatally shot her then ex-fiancé, allegedly in self-defense.

Sarah Hartsfield, a 48-year-old former US Army sergeant, is accused of murdering her diabetic husband, Joseph Hartsfield, by shooting him up with high levels of insulin and then failing to call 911 until it was too late, according to multiple reports.

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Bride Killed on Her Wedding Day After Alleged Drunk Driver Rear-Ended her Golf Cart

Bride Killed on Her Wedding Day After Alleged Drunk Driver Rear-Ended Her Golf Cart

These types of news stories are not as rare as you might think. By this point in time, I already have a collection of news stories of people who were killed or murdered (or who died from disease) either right before their wedding day, on their wedding day, or shortly there-after their wedding day (examples to many of these news stories are at the bottom of this post, under “Related”).

Getting married is no guarantee of great health, a long life, happiness, etc. Shame on my fellow conservatives for pushing it as much as they do, and trying to depict singleness as a “second class” or dangerous status.

(Link):  Heartbreaking final picture shows newlywed bride beaming alongside husband just minutes before she was killed when drunk driver crashed into golf cart she left wedding reception in: Groom is in critical condition

by Emma James
May 1, 2023

A newlywed bride has been killed and the groom left in critical condition after they were hit by a speeding drunk driver when they left their wedding reception in a golf cart.

Samantha Miller, 34, and Aric Hutchinson, 36, celebrated their nuptials moments before they were allegedly rear-ended by Jamie Komoroski, 25, at Folly Beach, South Carolina, on Friday.

Heartbreaking pictures showed the happy couple moments before tragedy struck, beaming as they were waved off by their guests with sparklers.

The ‘sweet’ newlyweds and two other occupants of the buggy were inside the vehicle when it rolled several times over 100 yards, killing the bride instantly.

Komoroski was allegedly traveling at 65mph in a 25mph zone and was drunk behind the wheel of a rented Toyota Camry, according to Folly Beach Police.

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Miserable in a Marriage to a Covert Narcissist – Content by Renee Swanson – Complementarians Push People to Stay in Toxic Marriages Like This One (This Content Can Help Single Adults Too)

Miserable in a Marriage to a Covert Narcissist – Content by Renee Swanson (This Content Can Help Single Adults Too) – Complementarians Push People to Stay in Toxic Marriages Like This One

This post has been edited to add more material

It would be nice if more psychologists, therapists and lay persons wrote articles or blog posts from the vantage of how things affect single adults, but that’s not always the case.

As you know from my blog, I am a never married, middle-aged adult. Yet, I still find some content about marriage helpful in navigating or understanding my relationships with family members and friends.

This lady, Renee Swanson, has a blog, several social media channels, and a podcast about having been married to a Covert (Vulnerable) Narcissist for 21 years – in my opinion, based on what she’s written, her husband is not only a Covert Narcissist but displays elements of what is called Neglectful Narcissism (more on that below).

It looks to me as though some of Swanson’s accounts have not been updated in two or so years, but the content is still quite helpful and illuminating.

I’m going to excerpt a few of her blog posts below.

I want you to note that contrary to what extreme marriage (and parenthood and nuclear family) promoters have to say, that marriage (and parenthood, etc), does not necessarily make a person happy, safe, and secure, as Renee Swanson’s content once again demonstrates.

The person you marry, should you marry, can end up being emotionally, sexually, financially, or physically controlling, negligent, or irresponsible.

There are some personality disorders for which there is no cure, and for which the disorder is largely impervious to therapy.

Which means, should you marry someone with one of those disorders, such as severe pathological narcissism, your partner is never going to change or get better, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, or how much you do for them, love them, or pray for them.

I think that the Christian gender complementarian interpretation of the Bible is incorrect on many topics, but certainly in regards to divorce.

Many complementarian persons, churches, denominations, and pastors believe that the Bible never allows for divorce, including in cases of physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.

Such anti-divorce, complementarian churches and pastors frequently mistakenly teach people (usually women) who are married to abusers to simply submit more to their spouse, and that will make the mistreatment stop. Such pastors, churches, etc, are entirely ignorant about personality disorders and abuse dynamics.

If these complementarian, anti-divorce clowns spent any time at all looking up information on abuse dynamics or personality disorders, they would learn soon enough that there is nothing another person can do to fix, change, or heal an abusive or toxic person – and the spouse sure won’t be able to do it.

I’ve never married, but I’ve had family members, co-workers, bosses, friends, and acquaintances display presence of disorders or toxic behaviors, and no matter how kind and loving I was to those persons, it didn’t get their abuse of me to stop.

In each case, I either had to limit contact with the toxic person, or cut them out of my life entirely. The same should be true of marriage – you may have to limit contact with your toxic spouse (grey rocking or yellow rocking), or divorce the person.

The following blog post by Renee (the second one featured below, particularly) accurately explains many family and friendship relationships I’ve had over the course of my life.

I used to be extremely Codependent until a few years ago, and during the time I was Codependent, I often attracted Vulnerable Narcissists, or self absorbed, perpetually angry (or depressed) people, who would contact me mainly to complain to me about their problems, where they’d expect me to just listen and give empathy, something I did for many people for many years, and it left me mentally exhausted.

And those who used me as their “Free Therapist” rarely did anything to work on their own problems or their own mental health.

Such persons preferred to take their frustration, disappointment, pain, or anger in life, and phone or text me about it, and make their pain my pain.

It’s as though some of them wanted me to handle or carry their inner pain for them, so they wouldn’t have to face it or carry it themselves. But no person can do that for another person. It’s something we must each do for ourselves.

And the people dumping all their pain or anger in life on me very rarely (or never) allowed me to discuss MY pain or MY frustrations in life with THEM.

When you are a people pleaser, an emotional dependent, a Codependent, or an empath with no boundaries, you will often end up in these unfair friendships (or marriages), where you’re meeting the needs of the perpetually wounded or disordered person, but they generally refuse to meet your needs in return.

(Link):  The Narcissist’s Constant Victim Role


by Renee Swanson

Covert narcissists are constant victims. Everyone has done them wrong. Everyone has injured their precious ego at some point or another.

The whole world is responsible for their anger, negativity, lack of initiative, lack of motivation, and even their lack of empathy. From the tiniest injury to the grandest, the narcissist continues to be the never-ending victim.

This causes all relationships with the narcissist to be strained and exhausting.

When the narcissist plays the victim so well, it leaves you with two roles in life. You are either the therapist or the enemy. You are either the rescuer or the perpetrator.

The trouble is that healthy people do not want to play these roles with their loved ones.

Your Role as a Therapist

Healthy individuals recognize that they cannot serve as a rescuer to their parent, spouse, adult child, friend, boss, etc. When a person is constantly relying on your approval and validation in order to feel good about themselves, this is not a healthy situation.

You are not helping them or yourself. You are not their therapist and should not serve as such. They need to be working on their own problems on their own, just as you should be with yours.

… Your Role As Enemy

… That peace, however [that you get from constantly apologizing to the Covert Narcissist], will be short-lived. There are not enough apologies in the world to satisfy the victim role of a narcissist.

Their pain comes from within, and yet they constantly look for external reasons and external solutions. Those solutions will NEVER be good enough. To stop being the perpetrator, you have to set your own boundaries and walk away.
— end excerpts —

You’ll note in this next blog post, excerpted below, how being married to this Covert Narcissist of hers, whom she refers to as Steven (not his real name) for 21 years did not bring this lady any joy or peace.

She does say in other podcasts or blog posts, and I think maybe this one, that there were a few moments of happiness with her husband here and there, but ultimately, her spouse would display his sullen, entitled, insensitive nature the majority of the time.

The thing about abusive or toxic people is that they are rarely abusive or toxic 100% of the time.

Abusive or toxic individuals have moments or days where they can be fun, loving, or considerate – so, you end up thinking the relationship is not so bad; it’s intermittent reinforcement (which I believe plays a role in “trauma bonding,” or is the basis of it) – that combined with fear and false hope can keep someone stuck in a terrible relationship for years.

Remember, just because your toxic or abusive person (family member, spouse, friend, whoever it is) occasionally acts nicely towards you, or treats you to a lovely dinner on your birthday, gifts you with a wonderful vacation or a ruby necklace, or whatever nice gesture or gift
– does not excuse or make-up for the rest of the relationship, where they are constantly invalidating you, neglecting you, nit picking you, overtly abusing you, or exploiting you!

Narcissists are known for “Love Bombing” their victims. You will waste years of your life on this person, longing to “bring back” the nice, sweet, kind funny version of them that they first put on display when you were first dating (or befriending) them, but that was a fake persona. It was never genuine.

The person who chronically invalidates or who ignores you now is the “real” them.

You’re never (permanently) getting back to that fake “nice, charming, loving” version of them again, unless they sense you are going to dump them, in which case, they will temporarily put on the “nice guy” (or the “I’m a poor, helpless victim in life, please help me, rescue me”) mask again (called “hoovering“) to “breadcrumb” you. Don’t fall for it.

(Link): How the Covert Narcissist Plays Rejection, Abandonment, and Abuse

Excerpts (you should read her ENTIRE post, not just the portion below):

by Renee Swanson

My marriage lasted almost 21 years. For most of these years, I convinced myself and the world that I had the perfect marriage. We were simply great together.

There was no other option available. The mind is powerful and can do amazing things. I truly believed that it was a match made in heaven and that he was perfect for me.

…Besides we had some really good days in between these outbursts. So I swept it under the rug every time and continued to believe that our marriage was great and wonderful.

Ever so slowly, my eyes started opening. …

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Jesus was Single and Single People Should be Valued, Says Church of England – All Other Churches, Christians, and Denominations Need To Take Direction from This Church on This Issue

Jesus was Single and Single People Should be Valued, Says Church of England

While I’m thrilled to see a church acknowledge single adults and correct the marriage-, parenthood-, and nuclear family- idolizing as committed by Baptists and other churches and denominations, unfortunately, the Church of England jumped on to the progressive ideology bandwagon by proclaiming they cannot, or will not, define “woman.”

Shame on the Church of England for enabling the sexist “transgender” movement, but they do at least correct the single-shaming views, attitudes, practices, and doctrines of so many other churches or denominations.

More Christians, more para-church groups, Southern Baptists, and other churches and denominations really do need to course-correct from the singles-shaming or singles-marginalizing they engage in, and they need to repent of worshipping Marriage, Natalism, The Nuclear Family, and Parenthood.

(Link):  Church of England Says To Celebrate Single People, Since Jesus Was Single, Too

The report is indicative of an attitude shift within the church, which has traditionally encouraged its followers to get married and have children.

(Link): Single people should be valued by the Church of England just as much as couples, new report commissioned by two Archbishops urges

April 26, 2023

Single people should be valued by the Church of England just as much as couples, a major report has urged.

The study commissioned by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York points out that Jesus himself never married, and warns that single people may feel unwelcome if churches overuse the word family.

It also admits that being in a committed couple is no guarantee of being ‘happy ever after’ – and that even Adam and Eve had strains in their relationship.

coe_Single_Okay…And it warns that ‘hook-up culture’ is now presented as normal to young girls but adds: ‘Loveless sex is not empowering.’

…The report says it is a ‘point of concern’ that the Government has increased the marriage age to 18 while leaving the age of consent at 16, saying: ‘It legally implies that sex before marriage is acceptable in a way that it was not legally until now.’

…Others who were divorced felt ‘unwelcome in their church and judged for their ‘failure’, with some leaving as a result.

‘Others commented that the declining numbers attending a church is symbolic of an institution which fails to understand and acknowledge the diversity of family life today,’ the report warns.

‘We heard that the Church of England often conveys an expectation of marriage which is not present in society, and that there is too much focus on marriage and family in the church community, especially as increasing numbers of people are choosing to remain single.’

And it recommends that the Church: ‘Honour and celebrate singleness, whether through choice or circumstance, and recognise the full place of single people within the Church and society.’

It points out: ‘We are reminded that Jesus never married and remained single throughout his life. This was unusual as it was expected at that time that everyone would marry.’ 

(Link): A Church of England report released Wednesday said that single people “must be valued at the heart of our society.”

APRIL 26, 2023 / CBS NEWS

…A Church of England report released Wednesday said that single people “must be valued at the heart of our society.”

The 238-page report, titled “Love Matters,” was the third in a trilogy of major reports commissioned by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The first addressed housing and the second examined care and support.

The latest report, on families and households, reflected the church’s changing stance on singlehood and single-person households.

The church’s report acknowledged that a growing number of people elect to be single as a result of divorce, separation, the death of a partner, not having found a suitable partner, or as a deliberate lifestyle choice. It said that loving relationships matter to single people just as much as they do to those who are married with families.

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Home Depot Employee Who Was About to be Married Was Murdered Trying to Stop Shoplifting

Home Depot Employee Who Was About to be Married Was Murdered Trying to Stop Shoplifting

Sorry that this guy was murdered. He sounds like he was a stand up guy.

Some articles say he was about to get married.

Just goes to show that even if you do get married or are about to be married, it’s not a guarantee that you will be safe, healthy, and perpetually happy.

(Link): Home Depot security guard, Eagle Scout shot dead in California by alleged shoplifter months before marrying fiancee he met as camp counselor

(Link): Eagle Scout Blake Mohs was killed trying to stop shoplifters at Home Depot. He was about to be a newlywed.

(Link): California Home Depot worker fatally shot while trying to stop shoplifter was engaged: ‘Incredible person’ 

April 20, 2023

A Home Depot employee shot and killed inside a California store during a confrontation with a shoplifting suspect on Tuesday has been identified as a loss prevention worker who was getting married this summer, authorities said.

Blake Mohs, 26, intervened to stop 32-year-old Benicia Knapps from stealing at the store on Johnson Drive in Pleasanton when he was shot during the struggle, the Pleasanton Police Department said in a news release.

Mohs, a Tri-Valley resident, later died of his injuries. He was due to marry his fiancée on Aug. 12, according to his wedding website. Along with his fiancée, he is survived by his parents and brother.

…Friends said that Mohs met his fiancée while they both were volunteering with the organization and were going to have their wedding reception at the camp where they first met.

“We were so excited for the two of them,” Rodgers said. “They truly loved each other.”

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We Married as Man and Wife – Now We’re Renewing Our Vows as Two Women After I Transitioned and I Can’t Wait To Wear A Dress by C. Toureille

We Married as Man and Wife – Now We’re Renewing Our Vows as Two Women After I Transitioned and I Can’t Wait To Wear A Dress by C. Toureille

What I say here I may copy and paste into a new, separate post at a later date, because the observations I raise below bears repeating.

I’m a conservative who is not against marriage or the nuclear family, but I do disagree with how obsessed other conservatives are with promoting marriage and the nuclear family and criticizing or shaming any adult who hasn’t married and had children.

Growing up, I was hearing from conservative Christians regularly about how marriage supposedly makes a person more mature, responsible, or godly, and even today, conservative think tanks publish such bogus rhetoric.

Conservatives like Matt Walsh ridicule women for “pushing 50” (his terminology) and still being childless and single.

Speaking of Walsh – he recently criticized a man for going trans, the sidekick to a You Tube star named “Mr. Beast.” Walsh criticized the man for “transitioning,” because, Walsh said, the man’s wife would now be without a husband, and their son would be without a “masculine father.”

Okay, well, here’s my problem with Walsh and marriage-pushers like him (first let me give some background):

I’m in my 50s, and I never did get married. I tried to get married. I went to church singles classes, I prayed and asked God to provide me with a spouse, I tried dating sites in my mid 30s, etc, etc.
None of that worked, as I remain single by circumstance. (Christian dating advice on how to get married is dumb and incompetent, and many Christians will criticize you for pointing that fact of life out;
it makes Christians angry when they are confronted with the fact that their stupid dating advice, specifically of the “how to get married” variety, does not work. They prefer to victim-blame you or scream at you when you point out that Christian “how to get married” advice didn’t work and in some cases even played a role in holding you back from getting married.)

How can the Matt Walsh conservatives (the guys who hyper- market marriage) keep doing so, when so many marriages either end in adultery, divorce, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or in the creation of “Trans Widows?”

Trans widows are women who marry men, and the men later become crossdressers (who claim to be trans).

What is the frikkin’ point of getting married if the man you marry ends up “transitioning” into a fake woman (or he ends up neglecting your emotional needs, or he’s abusive)?

It’s better off for a woman to remain single than to marry some man who first more or less acts and dresses like a normal man, but then, after so many years of marriage says, “Honey, I feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body,” so he either starts perversely wearing women’s clothing and/or gets his penis chopped off?

A normal woman who wants a normal marriage is not going to want that. Some such women may not have a choice but to stay married to the guy if they’re financially dependent on him.

I have more comments to make below this:

(Link): We married as man and wife – now we’re renewing our vows as two women after I transitioned and I can’t wait to wear a dress

A married couple who wed as man and wife plan to renew their vows as two women – with the bride insisting ‘it’s the person I fell in love with – not the body.’

Jae Harvey, 32, met her partner Rayna, 35, on Myspace in 2009 but after two years in a long-distance relationship the couple broke up.

The couple rekindled their romance and got married – as man and woman – in Jae’s hometown – Dallas, Texas, in March 2018 before returning to the UK, where Rayna is from, later that year.

However, Rayna was struggling with her identity and confided in Jae on their honeymoon – who vowed to stick by her and helped her through her transition.

Five years on, the couple who are based in Somerset, plan to renew their vows with Rayna now living as her authentic self, and are trying to get a  gender recognition certification from the British government for her.

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Wife of Disabled Man Accused of Keeping Him in Slavery While Having Affair with His Care Provider

Wife of Disabled Man Accused of Keeping Him in Slavery While Having Affair with His Care Provider

Contra to obsessive conservative marriage, parenthood, and nuclear family promoters, marriage, parenthood and the nuclear family don’t necessarily improve society nor do those things make people more loving, godly, responsible or ethical.

Lest you think that it’s only women who murder or abuse their husbands, I have plenty examples on thig blog of husbands who abuse or murder their wives. Just a week or two ago, for instance, I did a blog post about a dentist who killed his wife by poisoning her smoothies so he could run off with his orthodontist mistress.

(Link): Wife of disabled man accused of keeping him in slavery while having affair with his carer tells court their marriage was ‘strong and really good’ but when he lost his sight she became ‘exhausted’


May 4, 2023
by Stewart Carr

The wife of a disabled man who cheated on him with his carer today told a court her marriage had been ‘strong and really good’ but that she felt ‘exhausted’ when his health took a turn for the worse.

Sarah Somerset-How and her lover George Webb allegedly ‘enslaved’ her husband Tom, barely keeping him alive as they spent his money while treating him ‘like a piece of property’.

While they bought themselves lingerie and DJ equipment with cash he had been given by relatives, the 40-year-old, who was an ‘intelligent’ history graduate with cerebral palsy, was left as a ‘prisoner in his own home’, a jury has been told.

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Conservative Host Steven Crowder Says His Wife Wants a Divorce

Conservative Host Steven Crowder Says His Wife Wants a Divorce

(Updates Below)

(Link): Podcast: David Instone-Brewer On Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

The Bible offers guidance on many issues. But when it coms to issues like divorce and remarriage in the church, there are still many questions that don’t have quick and easy answers. Questions like …

Is adultery the only grounds for divorce?
Is remarriage considered adultery?
What should you do if your spouse walks away from the marriage?

Dr. David Instone-Brewer helps clear things up on these issues that continue to remain controversial in the church today.

Crowder Announces Divorce

I saw “divorce” – the word – trending on Twitter, clicked on that, where I saw people tweeting that conservative host Steven Crowder announced that his wife wants a divorce.

I do recall years ago, seeing Crowder saying he and his wife waited until marriage to have sex, which I respect.

I can edit this post later to add any more information that comes to light, if I find it interesting or whatever.

This just goes to show that marriage is not a fairy tale, nor is it a guarantee for ongoing happiness. You can get married and still end up being miserable – if your spouse asks for a divorce, and you don’t want one – or if your spouse is abusive, a serial cheater, or what have you.

You can get married, and your spouse still want to end the relationship, leaving you single once more. I’m guessing that marriage didn’t bring this guy happiness, and certainly not his wife – she wants out.

I’m a conservative, I’m not anti-Nuclear Family nor am I anti-parenthood, but I am so sick and tired of other conservatives tendency to elevate marriage, parenthood and The Nuclear Family to a station that even the Bible does not. The Bible does NOT REVERE the Nuclear Family (or marriage, etc).

But many of the conservatives (maybe all) revere all that. Conservatives as a group tend to bash others over the head all the time with the “rah rah motherhood, rah rah marriage” rhetoric and shame anyone who isn’t married, who doesn’t have children, who cannot or does not want to get married or have children.

Then they turn around and get divorces. Or are found out for having committed adultery or child molesting.

I will say that at least most conservatives have standards, whereas progressives just don’t. But sometimes I wonder what good is it having certain standards if you’re going to fail them consistently?

Why bother shaming or judging never married, childless women such as myself for being single and childless (which many conservatives often do) when you cannot even keep your own marriage together?

I have more to say below all these links and excerpts:

(Link): SINGLE CROWDER Who is Steven Crowder’s estranged wife Hilary Crowder? 

(Link): ‘NOT MY CHOICE’ Steven Crowder announces ‘horrendous divorce’ from wife Hilary as YouTuber speaks out on ‘deepest personal failure’

April 25, 2023

POLITICAL commentator and YouTuber Steven Crowder revealed that he and his wife, Hilary, are getting a divorce after a decade of marriage.

Crowder made the announcement on Tuesday during an episode of his podcast, Louder with Crowder.

…”Since 2021, I’ve been living through what has increasingly been a horrendous divorce.”

Crowder clarified that the end of his marriage wasn’t a result of infidelity or any kind of physical abuse on either side.

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Man Fatally Stabs His Wife During Bible Study

Man Fatally Stabs His Wife During Bible Study-

Sorry this lady is dead – but – this goes to show what I’ve been saying all along: marriage does not confer special character traits into people and improve them, as so many marriage-promoters (the same guys who promote The Nuclear Family, parenthood, and natalism) keep pushing, that marriage supposedly makes people more godly, loving, mature, responsible, ethical, and so on.

Also: “equally yoked” doesn’t guarantee you’re marrying a quality spouse. I’m not sure if the man mentioned in this news story is a Christian himself or not, but…  I have plenty of examples on my blog of self-identifying Christians who are arrested for beating or murdering their spouse or for molesting children and goodness knows what else.

If I understand the news story correctly, both the murdered woman and the husband had children from previous marriages(?). This also goes to show that parenthood is not a guarantee of happiness and safety in life, or of instilling good morals and virtue into a person.

(Link): Minnesota man stabs wife to death during family bible study

March 24, 2023

A deranged Minnesota man with a violent past stabbed his wife to death during a family bible study at a relative’s home earlier this week, officials said.

Robert Castillo, 40, of St. Paul was charged with second-degree murder of his wife, 41-year-old Corinna Woodhull, after allegedly knifing her repeatedly at a St. Paul residence around 9 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.

(Link):  Minnesota man fatally stabs wife during Bible study, asks if she’ll be OK: police

Corrina Woodhull begged a witness, “Don’t let me die,” after Robert Castillo stabbed her, court records say

 March 24, 2023
by Chris Eberhart

A Minnesota man allegedly stabbed his estranged wife 20 times during a Bible study before she begged a witness, “Don’t let me die,” court documents say.

By that time, Corrina Woodhull was soaked in blood from stab wounds that Robert Castillo had allegedly inflicted through her torso, chest and arms, according to a criminal complaint that was obtained by Fox News Digital.

The alleged assault unfolded in front of several witnesses around 9 p.m. Tuesday in a Saint Paul home, where Castillo’s sister lives and hosts a weekly Bible study.

…By 9:39 that night, Woodhull was pronounced dead in the hospital, and Castillo was charged with second-degree murder, along with two other felonies.

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My Husband is Forgetting Our Family – A Tumor is Eating His Brain by J. Herz – Problems for Christian Gender Complementarianism and “Pro Nuclear Family, Marriage” Conservatives

My Husband is Forgetting Our Family – A Tumor is Eating His Brain by J. Herz – Problems for Christian Gender Complementarianism and “Pro Nuclear Family, Marriage” Conservatives

I’m sorry for this lady and her spouse.

This article serves as a couple of examples.

First of all, as a conservative who is NOT anti-Nuclear Family, nor am I anti-Marriage, I want this to serve as yet another course correction on the hyper-marriage and excessive, false Nuclear Family propaganda other conservatives pump out continually about marriage and the Nuclear Family,
which is, contrary to conservative talking points,
marriage (and the nuclear family) will not only not always and continually make a person happy, healthy, more responsible, godly, mature, ethical, but forming one’s own nuclear family or being married will not necessarily make a person content, bring lasting safety, and a better all around life.

Furthermore, marriage and the nuclear family will not save a society.

You have a married couple here where one spouse has a deteriorating brain, so he’s losing his functionality and his memories. Being married didn’t keep him from developing health problems. Being married to him is not going to cut his wife any slack.

Secondly, this also presents problems for American Christian gender complementarians (and I’d imagine complementarians in other parts of the world as well), because realistically, for their sexist, gross view of the genders and marriage to work, it can only work, and work well, in or with a certain set of very narrow circumstances:
In order for complementarianism and complementarian male headship to work the way complementarians say it should or will, the woman will have to be married to a normal, healthy, caring, considerate, responsible, psychologically healthy, relatively intelligent, non-abusive man who holds a steady job.

If a  complementarian woman is married to an abusive, unemployed, negligent, unempathetic, or disabled, permanently injured, or very stupid or very irresponsible husband, her life and her health will suffer, and the couple in question will most likely have a terrible, abusive, or toxic marriage.

I have a similar, older post on this blog about a married man who entered early dementia (in his 40s, I think), he lost the ability to speak, think or communicate clearly, and his wife became his care-taker.

Her husband became her ward to care for, not a life partner. She is more like his mother now, and not a wife.

All decision-making came down to her and her alone, because her husband was physically unable to do anything. Every day, professional health assistants come to this woman’s home to bathe and dress her husband, prop him up in a chair, and he basically sits in silence staring at a wall and drooling all day. He is unable to converse with his wife.

That is his life day in, day out, and his wife has to deal with that and work around it. She is responsible for everything now. There is no “male headship” in their marriage.

In some of these marriages, it is necessary or vital that the wife have vocational or a college education and a steady job, so that she can continue to pay whatever bills the couple has.

Complementarianism cannot and does not work in such marriages.

It is incapable of working in such situations, and when I was in complementarianism myself until my mid-30s, and even afterwards, when I’d periodically visit comp sites (such as CBMW), I never saw these situations addressed.

The one lone article I saw discussing it at a pro-complementarian site pulled a cop-out, where the article said that that wife who was caring for the brain-injured, quasi-vegetative spouse was honoring his “male headship.”

But by their own admission, the spouse in that story, who came back from a tour of duty, quasi-mentally impaired (he cannot think or communicate) and in a wheelchair forever, is incapable of carrying out complementarian male headship: the wife had to take over his and her “roles.”

Complementarianism and its adherents fail to take into account men who are abusive, incompetent, irresponsible, drug addicts, who have personality disorders, who are permanently physically or mentally incapacitated, etc.

And no, merely saying that women married to such failures at “male headship” are not, in your opinion, allowed to “biblically” divorce such a man, is not an actual answer or explanation. It still does not address the substance of the problem. That is one of a few huge gaping holes and failings in their sexist, false, un-biblical, horrid gender theology.

(Link): My husband is forgetting our family — a tumor is eating his brain

March 15, 2023
by Jane Herz

A British father of two, who may only have three months left to live, is beginning to forget his family — and any memory of his wedding day.

Kirsty Chorlton, a 34-year-old from Wales, says time is running out for her 37-year-old husband, Wayne.

He was reportedly diagnosed with a butterfly glioma, a rare type of brain tumor that is slowly eating away at his brain. Memory loss is just one symptom of the tragic illness.

“We’ve been left completely devastated as a family, as his memory has gone really bad, and he can’t remember much of his daily routine or big life moments,” Chorlton told Jam Press.

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