Transgender Inmate Convicted Of Raping Female Prisoner at Women’s Facility

Transgender Inmate Convicted Of Raping Female Prisoner at Women’s Facility

The “Transgender” inmate in the headline is a MAN. He’s a  biological man who raped a biological woman in a women’s prison, all because woke liberals and leftists insist on putting women’s safety in jeopardy to promote their stupid, deviant gender ideology.

Leftists, woke liberals, and Democrats do not care about women or women’s rights, no – they’re the ones advocating for the laws, rules, and arguments that make this horror possible.

(Link): Transgender Inmate Convicted Of Raping Female Prisoner at Women’s Facility

A trans-identified male inmate at Rikers Island has been convicted of raping a female prisoner while in the women’s section of the New York prison. Ramel Blount, 33, who uses the alias Diamond Blount, was sentenced to seven years after accepting a plea deal for a lesser charge of attempted rape.

While housed in the female facility, Blount approached a 33-year-old woman in the bathroom at the Rose M. Singer Center of the Rikers complex on February 8, 2021. The victim had just finished showering when Blount grabbed her by the neck, held her down and sexually assaulted her.

(Link): Transgender Rikers inmate serving time in women’s wing of jail for assault RAPES female prisoner in a bathroom after victim finished showering

by Ruth Bashinsky
April 26, 2022

A transgender Rikers Island inmate with previous arrests for assault raped a female prisoner after she finished showering in the women’s section of the violence-plagued New York City facility.

Ramel Blount, 33, who goes by the name Diamond Blount, pleaded guilty to the sexual attack in a deal on April 7, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office announced Monday.

The 33-year-old victim, whose name was not released, had just finished showering when Blount approached her from behind, held her down by the back of her neck and raped her at the Rose M. Singer center on February 8, 2021.

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Some on the Left Are Worried That the Transgender Craze Has Gone ‘Too Far’

Some on the Left Are Worried That the Transgender Craze Has Gone ‘Too Far’

(Link):  Even the Left is beginning to admit it has pushed transgenderism too far


April 18, 2022
By Kaylee McGhee White

Transgender orthodoxy has moved so far past the bounds of sanity that any attempt to question its effects is quickly discouraged and punished.

We are expected to shut up and accept that public schools are passing policies to keep students’ gender identity transitions from parents, that medical professionals (Link): can file to remove children from their parents’ custody if parents oppose physical and chemical transition efforts, that a young man competed on a women’s swimming team and took home a women’s championship title, and that a man who claimed to identify as a woman was allowed into a women’s prison where he (Link): impregnated two of his fellow prisoners .

None of this is normal or even remotely defensible, and everyone, including many on the Left, know it.

Few on the Left, however, are willing to say so out loud …

 …And healthcare professionals who are now being encouraged by the Biden administration to alter the bodies physically and chemically of gender-confused minors are starting to raise concerns about the permanence of such drastic interventions and ask whether there is any data to back them up at all.

One of these medical experts is Erica Anderson, a transgender doctor who has been at the forefront of transgender care in the U.S. and recently spoke out against administering hormone therapy or other irreversible treatments to youths.

“I think it’s gone too far,” Anderson (Link): said . “For a while, we were all happy that society was becoming more accepting and more families than ever were embracing children that were gender variant. Now it’s got to the point where there are children presenting at clinics whose parents say, ‘This just doesn’t make sense.’
I have these private thoughts: ‘This has gone too far. It’s going to get worse. I don’t want any part of it. I worry that people will accuse me of setting the train in motion, as part of those who advocated the affirmative approach to gender in youth, even though that’s not a reasonable account of what happened.’”

Anderson is far from the only expert concerned about the radical trajectory transgenderism has taken.

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Trans Author’s Book ‘Kills Off’ JK Rowling: Backlash Over Harry Potter Writer’s Fictional Death in Fantasy Novel Fire 

Trans Author’s Book ‘Kills Off’ JK Rowling: Backlash Over Harry Potter Writer’s Fictional Death in Fantasy Novel Fire 

Some of the nastiest people online are people who claim to be transgender – their “allies” can also be pretty nasty.

What you see below is yet another reason why I do not, nor will I ever, support “transactivism.” Most of the men (who claim to be women) in this movement are narcissists with a bad, screaming case of misogyny and autogynephilia, and some are pedophiles and use “being transgender” as an excuse for their behavior, or to avoid negative consequences for their sexist or abusive behavior.

(Link): Trans author’s book ‘kills off ‘ JK Rowling: Backlash over Harry Potter writer’s fictional death in fantasy novel fire

by Emma Powell
April 20, 2022

A transgender author is facing a backlash over her twisted horror novel which depicts JK Rowling’s violent death in a fire.

Gretchen Felker-Martin has received praise from some readers for her post-apocalyptic fantasy which sees a virus turn men into zombies.

But the novel – produced by an imprint of publishing giant Macmillan – has also been panned as ‘misogynistic bile’ from an ‘unhinged’ writer.

Miss Rowling has faced a barrage of abuse in the past few years over her views on the trans debate, including death threats.

The Harry Potter author has been accused of being transphobic over her claims biological sex is real.

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Infants and Six Year Old Children Being Accused by Wacko Leftists and Wacko Trans Rights Activists of Being “Transphobic”

Infants and Six Year Old Children Being Accused by Wacko Leftists and Wacko Trans Rights Activists of Being “Transphobic”

As if the world needed more evidence that what is being called “transgender” is not based on the rare gender dysphoria disorder but is borne of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and stupidity, here are more instances of Trans-Insanity:

(Link): Trans Insanity: Now Babies Are Transphobic?

JAN 02, 2022 

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a transgender TikTok user accuses a baby of being transphobic because the baby seems to like him more when he wears his long-haired wig, which makes him look more feminine.

“I have talked about the transphobic baby at work before. So I went in a room with him today and I had my wig on, which I took off now because it is like 9 o’clock at night,” he explains.

“[The baby] didn’t cry, and he was like, babbling at me, and I had a look at him and like, do you like me now because we’ve had a moment? Or do you like me now because I have long hair and look more feminine? Because then you’re more transphobic,” he concluded. “Then he started to cry, so that was my answer.”

(Link): Church of England school warned SIX-year-old boy’s Christian parents that he could be considered ‘transphobic’ after he was ‘confused by a boy wearing a dress’

February 13, 2022

Primary school staff on the Isle of Wight warned a six-year-old boy’s parents that he might be deemed ‘transphobic’ if he were to question another pupil wearing a dress.

Sally and Nigel Rowe, whose sons attended a Church of England school, say they received a letter from the headteacher and chair of governors which declared pupils could be seen as transphobic if they showed ‘an inability to believe a transgender person is actually a ”real” female or male.’

They claim the letter also added that refusing to use a transgender pupil’s adopted name or gender appropriate pronouns would be considered ‘transphobic behaviour’.

The Rowes pulled their children out of school in 2016 and 2017 after one of their sons came home confused that a boy in his class had begun inconsistently wearing a dress and identifying as a girl.

The couple, who now home-school both their children on the Isle of Wight, have objected to the guidance being given at their children’s former school and called for a judicial review of the Department for Education’s decision to provide guidelines on the issue to state schools. 

…The Rowes told The Times that the letter they received from the school was ‘cold’ and did not attempt to address their concerns.   

Mr Rowe said: ‘One of the main issues we struggled with in relation to the letter was that it said that if our six-year-old son did not recognise the other boy as a little girl or a little boy, then he would be deemed transphobic. And our son had to use the correct pronouns.

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This Just in, According to the BBC, ‘Heterosexuality’ Was ‘Invented’ in 1934—any Questions?

This Just in, According to the BBC, ‘Heterosexuality’ Was ‘Invented’ in 1934—any Questions?

(Link):  According to the BBC, heterosexuality was invented in 1934. I imagine you have questions.


…I should note up front that this piece first appeared in 2017, but has been making the rounds on social media again. I’m glad it is because it unintentionally shines a spotlight on our gaslight culture that the author did not intend, almost certainly because he has so thoroughly gaslit himself.

…That’s because heterosexuality has always just been there. How humans choose to define it with a specific mouth sound is completely irrelevant.

(Link): This Just in, According to the BBC, ‘Heterosexuality’ Was ‘Invented’ in 1934—any Questions?


By Mike Miller | Mar 20, 2022

…So suggests BBC Future in (Link): an article titled “The Invention of ‘Heterosexuality.” Shall we dig in?

The 1901 Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defined heterosexuality as an “abnormal or perverted appetite toward the opposite sex.”

More than two decades later, in 1923, Merriam Webster’s dictionary similarly defined it as “morbid sexual passion for one of the opposite sex.”

It wasn’t until 1934 that heterosexuality was graced with the meaning we’re familiar with today: “manifestation of sexual passion for one of the opposite sex; normal sexuality.”

And there you have it, boys and girls.

The author then opined, “Whenever I tell this to people, they respond with dramatic incredulity. That can’t be right! Well, it certainly doesn’t feel right. It feels as if heterosexuality has always “just been there.”

Um, maybe because heterosexuality has always just been there?

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Trans Groups Co-Opting Historical Racism Faced by Black, and Other Non-White, Americans to Promote their Trans Agenda

Trans Groups Co-Opting Historical Racism Faced by Black, and Other Non-White, Americans to Promote their Trans Agenda

Updates Below, March 2022

This is gross. In the past few months in particular, I’ve seen trans persons or their supporters keep comparing push back against the out of control trans movement or trans persons wanting to stampede over the rights of other people (usually biological men masquerading as women who demand access to women’s only spaces) to their situation to that of American Blacks – or, in some cases, to  Japanese-American internment camps of decades ago.

(There are three separate links below in this post discussing this topic.)

This phenomenon by Trans persons or their supporters is making a mockery of actual racism faced by other people years ago.

In the past few years, I’ve seen far left liberals and progressives complain about and push “intersectional feminism” down the throats of everyone else (even by gay, biological men! – that’s another topic for another day), who scream and yell about how hideous “White Feminism” is, and they toss out terms such as “White Fragility” and “White Women’s Tears.”

Permit me to educate any readers out there:
White women, the ones who are not naively and mistakenly aligned with the Men’s Rights Movement known as “Trans Rights,” totally recognize and affirm that biological women who have dark or brown skin are 100% women.

If you’re a Black, Asian, Native American, or Latina lady, you’re being “erased” not by people who don’t agree with the neo-Marxist approach to racism (ie, “Critical Theory”), but by men with a sexual fetish called “Autogynephilia,” and part of their fetish involves demanding that everyone around them affirm them as being real women (even though they are biological males, and even if this met demand comes at the expense of the rights and safety of biological females of any and all skin colors and ethnicities).

To put this another way, if you’re a Black, Asian, Native, or Latina woman, you are being discriminated against and “erased” not by white people, conservatives,  white supremacy,  Republicans, Trump voters, or Critical Race Theory opponents, but by biological men of any and all skin colors who claim to be “transwomen,” at least the narcissistic, pushy ones who do not and will not empathize with the concerns of biological women.

Link One

(Link): It’s Simple: Black Women Are Women. Men Are Not.


by Jennifer Sieland

I am a Black woman.

Until one year ago, I didn’t realize just how hotly contested my identity was. For me, it was simply a material reality – experiences coded into my very existence, experiences  that inherently influenced how I both perceived and was perceived by others.

But, blissfully ignorant of the culture war taking place in which my identity would be used as leverage, I ran in circles which impressed  upon me that I had some unsaid duty to ally with a certain group of people – trans people. Trans-identified males specifically.

…Since becoming conscious of the immutable material reality of sex, and equally aware of the consequences of ignoring that reality, I’ve encountered a wild, frustrating assortment of justifications for blurring this all-important line and for dismissing the implications of making “woman” an umbrella term under which anyone can simply identify.

But none of those justifications are more egregious than those which attempt to assert that males can be women because Black women are women.

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Why Men Have More Orgasms Than Women by David Ludden (Hint: Male Entitlement is Involved. Notify Every Christian Gender Complementarian, Christian Patriarchalist, MRA, and Incel Ever)

Why Men Have More Orgasms Than Women by David Ludden (Hint: Male Entitlement is Involved. Notify Every Christian Gender Complementarian, Christian Patriarchalist, MRA, and Incel Ever)

The essay below, which references studies, mentions that male entitlement plays a role in why hetero men orgasm more in sex with women than women do.

This should be an eye-opener to every sexist, hetero man ever, including the sex-obsessed, marriage-obsessed, Christian gender complementarian and Christian Patriarchy rat bastards who already hold a lot of false beliefs about women and sex, such as,
“Only men want sex; women hate sex, women are not visually oriented and just want emotional connection, therefore, husbands unfortunately have to always nag their wives into having sex!”

(Link): Why Men Have More Orgasms Than Women – Real Clear Science

Full article on…

(Link): Why Men Have More Orgasms Than Women – Psychology Today

Some portions below in bold face added by me for emphasis:

by David Ludden –  Psychology Today
February 13, 2022

Key Points:

    • It’s commonly thought that men orgasm more easily than women due to biology, but research doesn’t support this contention.
    • Men are enculturated with a sense of entitlement, and this may play out in the bedroom as well.
    • Research shows that both men and women believe men are more entitled to have orgasms.

It’s common knowledge that men are more likely than women to orgasm during a sexual encounter. This is true in both casual affairs and long-term relationships. But why this is the case is not clear.

It’s Not About Biology
As University of Michigan psychologists Verena Klein and Terri Conley point out in an article they recently published (Link): in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, this argument doesn’t hold water. First, there’s nothing about the clitoris to suggest that it’s less likely to produce orgasms than the penis since both have the same concentration of nerve endings.

Furthermore, women are capable of having multiple orgasms in short secession. In contrast, men are limited in the number of orgasms they can have within a given time period.

For reasons that are still unknown but highly debated, men experience a refractory period after each ejaculation, so multiple orgasms are out of the question. Given these facts, it seems that women should be having way more orgasms than men, not the other way around.

Since they ruled out biological reasons, Klein and Conley considered whether the gendered sexual pleasure gap could be explained by social attitudes about sex. They note that in Western society, men are taught to feel more entitled, whereas women are trained to act more deferential.

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Secular Sex Ed Failures, Secular Sexual and Biological Ignorance

Secular Sex Ed Failures, Secular Sexual and Biological Ignorance

Are you counting on secular sources to educate you properly on sex, biology, anatomy, or puberty? Are you counting on secular sources to even address a possible (negative) psychological and emotional consequence of having sex when you’re not truly ready, or don’t want to do it, but feel shamed or guilted by a date or culture, into having sex? Ha ha, well, good luck with that!

Not only do some Non-Christians hold false or weird ideas about sex themselves, but some Non-Christians like to portray all or most Christians as having false, shaming, or weird ideas about sex.

As someone who has followed a lot of Non-Christian, feminist social media accounts or who has dropped by their magazine sites to read their articles about sex, men, and sexism in the last several years, one recurrent theme that shows up is how ignorant teen boys and men in their 20s (and sometimes older men) are about sex.

I should maybe do a post about that later.

But the fact is, a lot of Non-Christian men, who are being raised in secular culture, some of whom have who even been exposed to secular sex education teachings in public school, have NO IDEA how a woman’s body works.

A lot of these Non-Christian men hold all sorts of false, bonkers ideas of how  menstrual periods work, or how a woman can get pregnant, for example, which shocks the secular, feminist women writers.

There are secular, liberal feminists who mock this secular, male ignorance all the time on their sites.

You can probably google to find examples of it. Maybe I will make a post about it later. I’ve seen a lot of it over the years.

Sexual Abstinence is, in fact, one way to totally avoid contracting STIs, sorry to inform the critics of Christian sexual ethics, or the high school kids in some of the quotes below on the BuzzFeed site, who lament that their sex ed teachings advised them (accurately!) that sexual abstinence is the safest bet.

There is no form of artificial birth control that is 100% effective. Condoms are cited as being 98% effective, but what if you’re in on that two percent failure rate?

Some forms of sexual acts, such as anal sex (which (Link): some secular teen magazines have been promoting in the last few years), are more liable to cause or spread disease and create physical issues.
See, for example, this SECULAR (Non-Christian) page about anal sex at WebMD, which confirms that:

(Link):  Anal Sex Safety: What to Know


The lining of the anus is thinner than the vagina, and it lacks natural lubrication. That makes it much more vulnerable to tearing. Tears can allow viruses and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. This can include sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV.

Studies have suggested that anal exposure to HIV poses 30 times more risk for the receptive partner than vaginal exposure.

Anal intercourse can also boost the risk of getting the human papillomavirus (HPV).

HPV may also lead to the development of anal warts and anal cancer. Using lubricants can help, but it doesn’t completely prevent tearing.

The tissue inside the anus is not as well-protected as the skin outside the anus. Our external tissue has layers of dead cells that serve as a protective barrier against infection. The tissue inside the anus doesn’t have this natural protection, which leaves it vulnerable to tearing and the spread of infection.

The anus was designed to hold in feces. The anus is surrounded with a ring-like muscle, called the anal sphincter, which tightens after we have a bowel movement. When the muscle is tight, anal penetration can be painful and difficult.

Repetitive anal sex may weaken the anal sphincter, making it difficult to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet. Kegel exercises to strengthen the sphincter may help prevent this problem or correct it.

The anus is full of bacteria. Bacteria normally in the anus can potentially infect the giving partner. Having vaginal sex after anal sex can also lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections.
— end excerpts —

I don’t think all the samples on the pages below are all Christian –
(I am not going to copy the entire pages; if you’d like to see all the examples, please use the links below to visit the pages to view them all if you want to):

(Link): One Man Believes Women With Large Boobs Scientifically Can’t Be Smart And 49 Other Jaw-dropping Misconceptions Men Actually Believe About Women (some of the examples on the page involve inaccurate ideas men have about female anatomy, biology, etc)

(Link):  34 Things Some Men Believe About The Female Body That Concern Me

I think it’s time for us to have an adult sex-ed class because WHEW, child.

…5. “I’m a female student who’s taking sex ed now.
The funniest thing to me is how often they refer to penises and male anatomy, but rarely discuss vaginas and female anatomy. It’s kinda disgusting how little the guys have to learn about vaginas and periods, yet, I know pretty much everything about males now.”

(Link):  People Are Sharing What’s Being Taught Today In Sex Ed And It Proves We Still Have A Long Way To Go

(Link):  “My Sex Ed Teacher Told Me Women Cannot Orgasm”: People Are Sharing The Biggest Sex Ed Failures They’ve Ever Witnessed


“My male sex education teacher told our entire classroom that period cramps do not exist and that he would not accept them as an excuse to get out of gym class.”

January 8, 2022
by Maya Ogolini – BuzzFeed Staff

Let’s face it: Sex can sometimes be an uncomfortable conversation topic when you’re young. Whether your school had a teacher attempt to explain things in health class or your parents sat you down for a “birds and the bees” talk, chances are you spent a majority of the time learning about sex wishing that you were anywhere else.

But sometimes trying your best to avoid an awkward situation can actually result in a much more awkward, embarrassing situation.

Recently, Reddit user u/wilson-volleyball77 asked,

“What is one sex education fail you’ve heard/experienced?”

Here are some of the best:

1. “If you use a tampon before sex, then you’re no longer a virgin. The number of people that believe this is unbelievable.”

“When I was a freshman in high school, my dad heard me tell my mom that I needed tampons from the store, and he freaked out. He thought that you had to have sex first before being able to use them. I was only 14, and I understood all that a lot better than him.

…6. “A guy once told me he thought periods lasted a whole month.”

7. “I was asked this question, ‘How will you be able to pee when you have your hysterectomy?’

“I had to tell my first girlfriend she didn’t pee out of her vagina. She didn’t know she had a urethra.”

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Says The Transman: “‘[I]t’s so important that we stop defining ‘womanhood’ in terms of ‘motherhood”” – Well, Yes and No

Says The Transman: “‘[I]t’s so important that we stop defining ‘womanhood’ in terms of ‘motherhood”” – Well, Yes and No

The headline on the page reads, “Transgender man who gave birth slams nurses who called him ‘Mom’” but a quote from the page says, “[I]t’s so important that we stop defining ‘womanhood’ in terms of ‘motherhood'”

In terms of physical biology and human anatomy, no.

Biological women are the ones in the human race who become pregnant, can get pregnant, and/or give birth – which makes them mothers. The father is the biological man who contributes the sperm.

Now, in- so- far as not all women can or want to have babies – because they are infertile or are childfree or some such – well, yes, I would agree that “womanhood” shouldn’t be confined to meaning “motherhood” in that sense (too many Christians keep defining womanhood to mean “woman who marries and has children.”)

But this transgender attempt at re-defining the word “motherhood” based on the bonkers idea that “fathers can be mothers” is a big no-go from me.

Even if we arrive one day where technology allows for a uterus to be implanted into a biological male (chromosomes XY), that person with an implanted uterus still will not be a woman – he will be a man with an implanted uterus.

(Link):  Says The Transman: “‘[I]t’s so important that we stop defining ‘womanhood’ in terms of ‘motherhood””

Dec 22, 2021
By Hannah Frishberg

Not everyone who gives birth is a “mother,” this transgender man would like medical workers to know.

In Oct. 2020, Los Angeles resident Bennett Kaspar-Williams, 37, gave birth via caesarean to a healthy baby boy with his husband, Malik.

But in the process of having little Hudson, Kaspar-Williams was troubled by the constant misgendering of him by hospital staff who insisted on calling him a “mom,” the Daily Mail reported.

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The Trans Assault on Freedom by Frank Furedi

The Trans Assault on Freedom by Frank Furedi

(Link): The Trans Assault on Freedom by Frank Furedi

Gender ideology is not about liberation – it is about coercion and control.
 October 22, 2021

Transgenderism has emerged as one of the most influential ideologies of our time. It is shaping people’s behaviour and thought in pursuit of a specific political objective – the erosion of the significance of biological sex.

And it is undermining long-held cultural assumptions about what it means to be a man or a woman.

Above all, it is an intolerant, coercive force – and it has been thoroughly embraced by political and cultural elites in both the UK and the US.

In the UK recently we have seen Labour Party leader Keir Starmer criticise one of his MPs for daring to say that ‘only women have a cervix’….

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Trans Patient Claims Discrimination After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery

Trans Patient Claims Discrimination After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery

Do the majority of trans people not understand that just because they “identify” as whatever sex doesn’t change their biological reality (assuming, in pertinent cases, they’ve not received surgical altercations to their bodies)?

I keep seeing these kinds of news stories periodically.

Democrats, the left, many liberals, and trans-activists, do not “follow the science.”

If they did, this insanity would not exist.

If you were born a biological female but want to play-act that you’re a man, be my guest (so long as it doesn’t infringe on my rights in any way), but, to receive proper medical care, your physician(s) and other medical staff will have to know your biological sex – for your own safety.

Biological men and biological women don’t always have the same symptoms or respond to certain medications in the same way.

I’m not sure how much, if any, of the perceived rudeness by hospital staff mentioned in these news reports, was intentional. If it was intentional, that is not caring or professional.

It’s going to be interesting in another 20 years, when a lot of these younger people who adamantly now identify as the opposite sex and insist every one else play along later admit they were wrong – and express regret and embarrassment over how stupidly they behaved when younger over all this.

(Link): Transgender men claim discrimination at Highland Hospital

(Link): Trans Patient Claims Discrimination After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery

by Ryan Foley

Hospital says care was ‘medically appropriate and compassionate’

A trans-identified biological female alleges that a hospital in New York discriminated by requiring a pregnancy test even though the patient identifies as a male and says the nurses did not use preferred pronouns.

Trey Lowery, who identifies as a male and underwent bariatric sleeve surgery at Highland Hospital in Rochester in July, is threatening to file a lawsuit after experiencing “discrimination” at the healthcare facility.

Lowery expressed outrage after being asked to take a pregnancy test. As an affiliate of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Highland Hospital requires all biological females with female reproductive organs to undergo pregnancy testing before any surgery involving anesthesia regardless of whether they identify as female.

Speaking with the local ABC affiliate WHAM, Lowery recalled that a nurse asked for a pregnancy test to be taken before surgery.

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Imagine a Future Without Sex by James Lee

Imagine a Future Without Sex by James Lee

(Link): Imagine a Future Without Sex by James Lee

Reproductive technology may lead us to realize too late that being human is better than playing God.

…. All this creates unprecedented ethical challenges in the immediate future. Consider the parents who use IVF to raise their children’s IQ.

If the children repeat the process for another generation, taking advantage of scientific advances during the interim, they could bring the total average gain in the grandchildren north of 10 points—a huge gain.

That advantage could be big enough to give the grandchildren radically disproportionate representation at the highest levels of science, finance, information technology, medicine, law and business.

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