Tinder Launches ‘Blind Dating’ Feature to Make Using Apps Less Shallow

Tinder Launches ‘Blind Dating’ Feature to Make Using Apps Less Shallow

(Link): Tinder Launches ‘Blind Dating’ Feature to Make Using Apps Less Shallow


Feb 10, 2022
by Tanyel Mustafa

To mark the OG dating app’s 10 year anniversary, Tinder has launched a blind dating feature in answer to this issue.

Somewhat old school, blind dates aren’t so common anymore – so Tinder is giving the 90s concept a Gen Z-suitable, digital update and revival.

 Available from now in the US and launching at any moment in other locations, the new feature allows single people to connect with others in a chat, with the focus being on personality and ‘banter’, before the person’s appearance is revealed.

Tinder will match people with those they think will suit, based on a set of questions. From there, it’s up to people to talk.

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The “Dating Market” Is Getting Worse by A. Fetters and K. Tiffany

The “Dating Market” Is Getting Worse b A. Fetters and K. Tiffany

For anyone who cannot wait to get to it, here’s the link to the piece on The Atlantic:

(Link): The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse

Some of my comments about that piece before I put in some excerpts from it:

About the only “numbers approach” I have ever mentioned on my own blog here is that Christian women really do unnecessarily limit themselves if they try to live out the “Be Equally Yoked” philosophy in regards to dating and marriage, because the reality is, yes, the math is that there are not enough single, Christian men to go around for all the Christian single women who’d like to marry.

So, it makes sense to forgo the “equally yoked” rule, if one is a Christian, to date outside the Christian faith.

At the same time, though, I have seen other adults singles make much too much out of the “numbers game” philosophy on dating sites or comments sections on blogs about dating, where they make finding a romantic life partner sound so cold, or as though they’re shopping for a car.

There’s nothing wrong with having standards, but I am afraid there is a category of single adult who is too stringent or unrealistic with their lists of “must haves.”

I am personally turned off by anyone dispensing dating or “how to get married” advice who behave  as though there is a sure-fire guarantee way to land a spouse – because (Link): there is no such thing.

So, I’m really turned off by the many (sexist) attitudes and lists out there telling women if only the women do X, Y, and Z, they will absolutely get married to a great guy.

One problem is that most of these lists (which go viral on Twitter) are predicated on the notion that all men want and prefer 1950s, submissive, uber-feminine women.

Well, I lived that way for many decades – I was raised in a very traditional family that was into conservative values – so I had many of those prized traits sexist men online say will grant a woman a husband, but I remain never-married into my late 40s.

I was a very meek, docile, passive, sweet woman with traditional values, and no, it didn’t get me a husband.

(As I’ve aged, I’ve realized that it’s not a healthy or safe dating strategy for a woman to fit the picture of docile, overly feminine, passive, etc, that the “dating advice” gurus suggest on twitter and elsewhere, because many abusive, selfish, or controlling men intentionally seek out women with such qualities so that they can control, abuse, or take advantage of them.)

There are many conservatives – including women authors, unfortunately – who keep writing dating advice books for women, or who go on to FOX cable news morning shows, who keep encouraging women to engage in these dangerous dating strategies (of being a doormat, where being “feminine” is associated with doormat behaviors), which I’ve written about before (Link): here and (Link): here, among other blog posts.

The article below states at one point that men out-number women on dating sites. That may be so on some sites, but certainly not all.

Years ago, I had a paid membership on a dating site, and the site was forever claiming they could find no matches for me, most of the time.

For the four or five month paid subscription I had, I was only linked up to a total of about three men in that time.

My research on that particular online dating company found it’s the same with a lot of women, as it had been for me: that site tends to only “dribble out” a tiny number of matches for women, while they send male members more matches per month, every month.

Here are excerpts from…

(Link): The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse

The old but newly popular notion that one’s love life can be analyzed like an economy is flawed—and it’s ruining romance.

It’s understandable that someone like Liz [a 30 year old single who is using dating apps to find dates] might internalize the idea that dating is a game of probabilities or ratios, or a marketplace in which single people just have to keep shopping until they find “the one.”

The idea that a dating pool can be analyzed as a marketplace or an economy is both recently popular and very old:
For generations, people have been describing newly single people as (Link): 
“back on the market” and (Link): analyzing dating in terms of supply and demand.

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Women Are Still Being Told To Lower Their Standards / Stupid Sh*t People Say to Singles by S. H. Weiss

Women Are Still Being Told To Lower Their Standards / Stupid Sh*t People Say to Singles by S. H. Weiss

One thing the author of this page brings up is something I have as well: women are just as visually oriented as men are and do care about what men look like. However, women are conditioned by secular society and religious groups to think they should not care about a man’s physical attractiveness.

Women are conditioned to look past a man’s ugliness to consider his other traits – is he smart, financially stable, and so on.

Now, I do think some people are in fact way too judgmental or picky regarding physical appearance in dating or whom to marry.

But, on the other hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to date or marry someone you consider attractive. I don’t think people of either gender should be super picky about looks, but it’s okay to have some preferences or standards.

The woman who wrote this says she caught some guy she knew lying in his dating site profile – he was 35 years old but claimed on his dating profile he is 25 or 30 years old. She asked him why he lied about his age.

He claims it’s because he wants to start a family and a woman in her 20s is guaranteed to be fertile.

First of all, women in their 40s (and 30s) still menstruate and get pregnant, so you don’t need to marry a 20 something to have babies. Some women in their 20s are childfree or infertile.

Secondly, as I noted before, I advised single women who read this blog to lie on their dating site profiles about their ages, to make themselves younger than they are.

As so many men are this very shallow and particular about age in a woman (many of them have a cut off age of 29, while for others, it’s about 35), go ahead and cite yourself as being 20 or 30 something on your profile if you are over 40 and want dates.

The worst thing that will happen once the guy gets to know you after he meets you via a dating site is that he will decide to stop dating you. Big whoop.

I have seen or read about a lot of men ages 45 and older who lie about their ages on dating sites. I’ve had guys who are obviously 65 or older (they have all white hair) who contact me on dating sites, who claim to be 41 or 42 years old. Men lie out the ass about their ages (and their height, according to other women) all the time on these sites.

(Link):  Liberated Shmiberated!: Women are Still Being Told to Lower Their Standards (& it’s messed up!) by S. H. Weiss


  • February 2016
  • …It is Traister’s message that I would like to share with the women I have spoken with lately, women who feel they need to defend themselves to others about why they are not married, why they are not “just settling down already” and why they are “being too picky.”
  • The women I speak of range from early 30s to early 40s. Some of them have never been married, while others were married briefly. A third of them are divorced and have children. The one thing these friends have in common is that they all say that are not “single by choice.” They express the desire to find their perfect life partner.
  • ..However, there are Yentas everywhere, some well-intentioned and others questionably motivated. This is especially true for those who are part of a tight-knit or religious community (ranging from the Mormons to the Modern Orthodox Jewish).

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Does Sexism Hurt Men Too? If this picture of ‘perfect’ women is being blamed for self-hate and eating disorders… then why isn’t this one?

Does Sexism Hurt Men Too?  If this picture of ‘perfect’ women is being blamed for self-hate and eating disorders… then why isn’t this one?

I have noticed that secular, left wing feminists can be complete hypocrites at times, and I’ve discussed it before (see links at bottom, under “Related Posts”).

I’ve never heard of John Prescott before – he’s mentioned in the following editorial – have no idea who he is, but this editorial does highlight some of the double standards that left wing feminists harbor.

I still believe that society places far more emphasis on women concerning physical appearance than it does males.

Women are not allowed in American (or British) culture to age, gain weight, or get wrinkles.

We women are expected to be perpetually stick thin, sexy at all times, we cannot have wrinkles, we can never age.

Men don’t face as near as much pressure to retain a thin, youthful, and attractive appearance, but they have been getting more pressure in this area in recent years.

And, which in a way, is not entirely a bad thing.

Christian men seem to be coddled by Christian culture to think that so long as they do things like read their Bible daily, claim to love Jesus and attend church once a week, that they can be bald, fat, ugly, be 56 years old, and weigh 678 pounds and still qualify for a sexy, 22 year old, stick thin, chesty woman as a wife or girlfriend.

Which is wrong, as well as delusional thinking.

Many Christian women are visually oriented and would prefer to date good looking men rather than ugly or fat ones, and it doesn’t matter how “godly” the men in question are. Most men don’t hear that message in most Christian material on dating, however.

I’m not saying it’s good that men are starving themselves to death to be pretty, but that some of them are now catching on that it’s not enough to have a great job, attend church, or have money, that doing or having those things does not entitle them to a great, attractive, smart woman, is a message they need to come to terms with.

The page below compares two photos. One photo was from some company campaign, showing women in their underwear, a photo which got a lot of criticism from feminists. The other photo shows a similar advertisement campaign but it contains a built, studly looking young male model in only his underwear.

(Link): If this picture of ‘perfect’ women is being blamed for self-hate and eating disorders… then why isn’t this one?


  • When John Prescott revealed he suffered from bulimia, he was ridiculed
  • But recently, feminists complained that a Victoria Secret’s ad played on women’s insecurities and sent out damaging messages 
  • There was no similar outcry over David Gandy’s steamy M&S posters 
  • But Peter Lloyd claims ‘muscle men’ are unarguably as damaging to male self-perception as The Perfect Body is to females
  • In a controversial new book, he claims men are the real victims of sexism 

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