Zuckerberg Tells Rogan Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

Zuckerberg Tells Rogan Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

I don’t normally make purely political type posts like this one at this blog, but one reason I was kicked off Twitter for months and months was over Twitter censorship over this stupid Hunter Biden lap top story.

I posted a link or two about the Hunter Biden lap top scandal, Twitter didn’t like it, accused me of “suspicious behavior” on their platform, and they locked me out of my account for months.

It also just ticks me off how Big Tech is nothing but an extension for the Democrat Party and progressive ideals – god help you if you tweet or Facebook anything critical about Biden or the trans-lunatic agenda, because those platforms will suspend you or whatever.

I’ve had friends on Facebook get put into “time out” over posting stuff critical about Biden.

I am fed up with the anti-conservative bias on these garbage social media sites – they CLEARLY favor progressive views and causes.

(Link): Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan Facebook was wrong to ban The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story

August 25, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg finally admitted on Thursday that Facebook dropped the ball when the company banned the sharing of The Post’s exclusive report on Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 election.

The billionaire CEO of Meta said he regretted Facebook’s handling of the bombshell story during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” — but he still defended the process as “pretty reasonable.”

Zuckerberg opened up about the controversial media suppression after the host pressed him to explain his views on how tech platforms should handle content moderation on sensitive subjects.

“When something like that turns out to be real, is there regret for not having it evenly distributed and for throttling the distribution of that story?” Rogan asked about The Post’s Hunter Biden scoop.

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RadioShack Twitter account takes a walk on WILD, SEX-CRAZED side in new marketing strategy

RadioShack Twitter Account Takes A Walk on Wild, Sex-Crazed Side in New Marketing Strategy

Oh good grief. Everything in our culture is sexualized now. Everything. It’s so tiresome.

The end scheme of this is that a guy bought RadioShack years ago, and he’s now using the name to sell CryptoCurrency, and supposedly, most people who buy CryptoCurrency are sexy and edgy – so this doofus thinks the way to sell more to this group is to include a lot of sexualized puns and content on the RadioShack Twitter account.

(Link): RadioShack Twitter account takes a walk on WILD, SEX-CRAZED side in new marketing strategy

July 3, 2022

The 100+ year old retailer RadioShack has been posting some wild and crazy tweets that have people wondering what the heck is going on with the company.

According to The Hill, RadioShack has in recent days “flirted with Miley Cyrus and Lizzo, talked about getting high and clapped back at replies from people telling them to log off.”

RadioShack even tweeted about marijuana edibles: “Taking the second half of an edible after feeling nothing from the first half is always a bad idea. This chocolate bar got me out here fighting for my life.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Con Artists Scammed Widow Woman Out of $800,000 by Pretending to Be Leonardo DiCaprio and Claiming He Was Enslaved by the Church of Scientology

Con Artists Scammed Widow Woman Out of $800,000 by Pretending to Be Leonardo DiCaprio and Claiming He Was Enslaved by the Church of Scientology

A few months ago, con artists were using Keanu Reeves to con women, now it’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

(Link): Con artists pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio enslaved by Scientology scam widow out of $800K

May 12, 2022

A Texas woman says she’s lost over $800,000 to scammers attempting to extract money from her to ‘save’ actor Leonardo DiCaprio from the Church of Scientology.

The woman, 54, told The Daily Beast she was first contacted by what she thought was the Oscar-winning actor and activist via Twitter, which she was new to in around 2018.

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Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years in Jail For Claiming ‘Trans’ Males Aren’t Women

Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years in Jail For Claiming ‘Trans’ Males Aren’t Women

Intersectional Feminism silences women – and I mean honest to god women, not these skirt-wearing monstrosities with penises and autogynephilia who claim to be transgender.

And meanwhile, chuckle-head conservatives on social media (yes, I myself am a conservative who doesn’t identify as feminist) are inaccurately screaming at feminists on Twitter that they do not do anything to fight against transgenderism, but that conservatives Matt Walsh and Chris Rufo are doing all the heavy lifting, supposedly (no, they’ve not – may do a post on that topic later).

Feminists who don’t support the trans movement have been getting physically assaulted by transwomen (biological males) at anti-trans rallies, getting death threats from trans rights activists, and some are getting into legal trouble for fighting trans activism –

So no, not all feminists have been sitting around on their butts doing nothing while conservative men such as Rufo and Walsh have been making anti-trans statements or documentaries only in the last few months. Other conservatives need to walk those accusations back.

(Link): Norwegian feminist questioned by police for saying men can’t be lesbians

by ALEC SCHEMMEL | The National Desk
Thursday, June 2nd 2022

Norwegian law enforcement reportedly questioned a representative of a feminist organization over tweets challenging a trans activist for pushing the idea that biological males can be lesbians.

Christina Ellingsen, a representative of the global feminist organization Women’s Declaration International (WDI), criticized the Norwegian trans activist group Foreningen FRI in October for teaching children that males can be lesbians.

Ellingsen also called out one the group’s advisers, who is a biological male identifying as a lesbian woman.

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Twitter Continues To Suspend Any Person or Group Who Mentions Rachel Levine’s Actual Biology or Original Name

Twitter Continues To Suspend Any Person or Group Who Mentions Rachel Levine’s Actual Biological Sex (Which is Male) or (His) Original Name (Which is “Richard”)

Since I first published this post, Twitter has gone on to suspend yet another individual over the biological male, Rachel “Richard” Levine. Post edited below with new link(s)

I already have a post or two about this subject.

I myself was suspended from Twitter over a year ago for pointing out that Richard Levine (who goes by “Rachel”) is a man who makes for one unattractive woman (which is true; he’s not an attractive person whether he presents as a man or a woman).

Since that time, Twitter continues to suspend or block any person or group who makes similar comments on their platform.

Progressives (other than Twitter) just do not like it when anyone disagrees with their leftist views of biological sex or their views on sexuality.

In the past week, Twitter has suspended conservatives Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, and right leaning satire account The Babylon Bee for stating the truth: Rachel Levine is actually Richard Levine, a biological man who likes to wear skirts, lipstick, and his hair long.

As for me, I am a conservative, but I don’t really like Tucker Carlson or Matt Walsh and a few other conservatives across the board. These are conservatives who I do agree with on some topics while I disagree with them on others. Concerning the left’s lunacy in regards to transgenderism, though, I am in agreement with Walsh and Carlson.

For all the conservative men who keep asking, “Where are all the feminists?”

I’m not a feminist, I’m a conservative, but I loathe sexism, I follow several feminist social media accounts, and yes, some feminists have been calling out the Transgender movement for well over a year now, but they don’t receive much attention.

Such feminists are drowned out by the useful idiots (ie, feminists who support transgenderism). Transwomen refer to the feminist women who speak out against the radical trans agenda as “terfs” (trans exclusionary radical feminists).

Here is a round-up of the latest commentary or news articles about who Twitter has of late suspended for referring to Rachel Levine as being a man named Richard:

update: The Christian Post recently responded:

(Link): Disagreement is not hatred. Censorship is. (by The Christian Post editorial board)by Christian Post editorial board)


March 29, 2022

The Christian Post was (Link): canceled last week by Twitter, over referring to Biden administration official Rachel Levine with an unsanctioned but arguably accurate descriptive pronoun.

It was both unsurprising and surprising; unsurprising since CP regularly covers the controversy surrounding trans-identified individuals and surprising since Twitter thought this particular story was more “hateful” than other stories, and warranted suspension.

CP appealed, and so far Twitter has been silent. It actually brings a Pink Floyd lyric to mind:  “Welcome to the Machine.”

There is much to say in arguing that our pronoun was accurate, but the larger question is: who is the hater here? Eliminating the voice of a publication because of a description that likely more than half of the world’s population would not object to is, in fact, hating that segment of the world.

Granted, Twitter is a private company and can play by the rules it establishes within the confines of the law. But if we are having a conversation about hate, how is it kind to eliminate a voice that disagrees, especially if there is no rancor involved?


Twitter censored Breitbart News senior writer John Nolte after he made a joke about transgender Health & Human Services Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine.

Nolte was locked out of his account for 12 hours for tweeting that there should be a “Tweet Rachel Levine is a Guy Day.” He is the latest in a growing group of prominent conservative commentators who have been censored by Twitter this week for drawing attention to Levine’s real gender.

In an automated message to Nolte, Twitter informed him that he had violated the Twitter rules and would have to delete his tweet to regain access to his account.

(Link):  BREAKING: Charlie Kirk suspended from Twitter after naming Rachel Levine’s biological sex

“Everything I said was precisely accurate, and yet, Twitter still suspended my account. That should terrify every American, even those who disagree with me,” Kirk said.

Charlie Kirk, founder of TPUSA, talk radio host and outspoken conservative commentator, was suspended from Twitter on Tuesday after identifying President Joe Biden’s assistant health secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services as a man.

“Richard Levine,” Kirk wrote, “spent 54 years of his life as a man. He had a wife and family. He ‘transitioned’ to being a woman in 2011, Joe Biden appointed Levine to be a 4-Star Admiral, and now USA Today has named ‘Rachel’ Levine as a ‘Woman of the Year'[.] Where are the feminists??”

(Link):  Twitter is Punishing Another Account [Babylon Bee] Over Rachel Levine 


by Rebecca Downs
March 20, 2022

On Sunday night, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon shared over Twitter that the social media platform informed him that the account for the satirical news site “has been locked for violating the Twitter rules,” when it comes to “hateful conduct.”
The problematic tweet in question is from March 15, and links to a post from that same day proclaiming “The Babylon Bee’s Man Of The Year Is Rachel Levine.”

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Twitter Suspends Allie Beth Stuckey For Saying Trans Weightlifter Is A Man

Twitter Suspends Allie Beth Stuckey For Saying Trans Weightlifter Is A Man  (Which He Is – it’s another biological man who likes to say he’s a woman)

 I was blocked from Twitter for months for the same thing, only in my case, I was addressing Richard Levine, who runs around saying he is a “she” and referring to himself as “Rachel.” (Read this post to find out more about me being blocked by Twitter over that.)

I did not threaten, or harass, or even tweet at Levine directly – I just mentioned in a tweet that Levine is a man who makes an ugly woman – which does not violate Twitter rules – and they still blocked me for months, until I removed that tweet.

Stuckey is absolutely correct – the weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard, is a biological man.  (See also on NBC News site:  Transgender Olympian Laurel Hubbard fails to win medal in Olympic debut)

(Link): Twitter Suspends Allie Beth Stuckey For Saying Trans Weightlifter Is A Man

August 6, 2021

Twitter temporarily suspended commentator Allie Beth Stuckey Thursday for saying that a transgender weightlifter is a man.

The social media platform told Stuckey that she had violated their rules against “hateful conduct” when she tweeted about transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, saying, “Hubbard failing at the event doesn’t make his inclusion fair. He’s still a man, and men shouldn’t compete against women in weightlifting.”

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The Tweet Twitter Didn’t Want You To See, Regarding Rachel Levine / Transgenderism

The Tweet Twitter Didn’t Want You To See, Regarding “Rachel”  Levine / Transgenderism

Screen caps below of the Tweet Twitter didn’t want you to see, regarding Rachel Levine, who is a “Transwoman”
(i.e., a biological man – which is a statement of fact; transwomen are persons who were born biological males who want to ‘transition’ to female via hormones or by wearing make-up and skirts
– for Twitter to want to censor and suspend accounts over acknowledging this is to deny why trans people want to transition in the first place):Rachel Levine Tweet

Full Screen Cap - Levine Tweet

Instead of just clicking “Remove,” I clicked on the “appeal” or “get help” option to dispute their comment.

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Twitter Suspends User for Saying A Man Cannot Get Pregnant (May 2021)

Twitter Suspends User for Saying A Man Cannot Get Pregnant (May 2021)

Before I get to the Links about this news story, I’d like to reiterate, that I believe this is why I was suspended from Twitter (about seven months ago now).

Side note: when I say ‘suspend,’ this term seems to confuse some people. Yes, my SoloLoner account is still visible, but it is FROZEN. Last time I attempted to log in, a message popped up saying I could not retweet or tweet new material from that account – and I was taken to a blank page, if I recall correctly.

An accompanying e-mail informed me that to re-gain full access, I’d quite possibly have to delete a tweet that Twitter felt “broke their rules.” I did not re-log back in to try to figure out exactly WHICH tweet it was, but I am betting on the one where I mentioned that a biological man cannot be and is not a woman.

Side note 2: as I’ve explained before, I don’t much care if those born biological men want to live as women. If you’re an adult, and that is how you choose to live your life, I don’t much care. I don’t hate Trans people.

What I object to are things like biological women’s safety being put to risk over this phenomenon of some in the Trans community pushing their agenda (see more links about that here),
bullying people into using certain sets of pronouns,
and companies or culture trying to censor or cancel anyone who points out biological facts of science, such as, biological men are not physically, biologically capable of giving birth to a baby.

And for perfectly reasonable views like those, people will get harassed online by some Trans and their “allies” or be booted off some wack-a-doodle, far left views pushing platforms, such as Twitter. 

Having said that, here are the links:

(Link): Twitter temporarily suspends Spanish politician for saying ‘men cannot get pregnant’

(Link): Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician For Saying ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant’

(Link):  Spanish politician temporarily suspended by Twitter after saying ‘a man cannot get pregnant’


“The hateful tweet (which I [Francisco José Contreras, deputy to Spain’s far-right Vox Party] was forced to delete) was one that said: ′′A man cannot get pregnant. A man has no womb or eggs”,” Contreras wrote in response to the move. “You can see this is already fascist biology. Next time I’ll try 2 + 2 = 4.”

(Link): Twitter suspends user for saying a man cannot get pregnant


…So what was it that the Spanish politician wrote that was so hateful? Did he use the n-word or defend antisemitism? Nope. He commented on a recent news item announcing the birth of a child to a transgender parent, saying that a man can’t become pregnant because they lack a uterus or eggs.

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Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

Update, March 2022: 

(Link): Twitter Continues To Suspend Any Person or Group Who Mentions Rachel Levine’s Actual Biological Sex (Which is Male) or (His) Original Name (Which is “Richard”)

My “sololoner” Twitter account was suspended days ago.

(I am on (Link): Gab now  – edit: I don’t agree with all views on Gab; some of the users on there may be into “Q Anon,” of which I am not – I am also NOT an “anti vaxxer,” as some of the other participants are, etc).

I’m not quite sure why I was temporarily suspended by Twitter – but it may have something to do with Richard “Rachel” Levine (more on that below).

I’ve not tried logging in to Twitter for days, on that “soloLoner” account, since the words “this account engaged in suspicious behavior and will be suspended for X hours” appeared on the screen there.

When I checked my e-mail account later that day, Twitter sent some kind of additional commentary saying  that after the temporary suspension is lifted, I can once more visit my account,
they may ask me to do some additional work to make the account fully operational,
(such as possibly delete a tweet someone found objectionable, or something of that nature).

I sat there and thought, well, goodness, just about anything these days will set off the left of center, Critical Race Theory, Democrats, Identity Theory, perpetual victim, Grievance Culture lunatics… so just about anything on my account is ripe for being targeted.

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I Unfollowed Blogger Shelia Gregoire on Twitter Today – Re: Politics

I Unfollowed Blogger Shelia Gregoire Today

If I’m not mistaken, Gregoire is Candian.

I have followed her on Twitter for over a year. She does a lot of posts combatting complementarian-type takes on marriage, which I appreciate (though I must say I take some exception against a post or two or video or two she’s made criticizing the concept of remaining a virgin until marriage – I tweeted at her before awhile back explaining my objections to her about that, and I was polite about it).

I wish Gregoire well, but I had to unfollow her tonight on Twitter. I’m not sure if she follows me on there, but she is welcome to un-follow in return, if she wants to, I’d understand.

In the last couple of weeks, Tweets that Gregoire “likes” on there periodically show up on my Twitter feed (meaning I have to see them), and they’re usually these Tweets by conservative critics or Trump detractors who have really warped views about Trump voters or American conservatives generally.

In the past week, I did contact Gregoire on Twitter to try to clear up some misconception she herself Tweeted about American politics.

She doesn’t seem to possess any understanding of why Americans who voted for Trump voted for him or found him appealing. I myself did not vote for Trump in either election, but I understand why some were drawn to him and his message. (I’m an American who was born and raised in the United States, and I used to be a Republican for many years.)

I feel the piling on against Trump and his supporters is unfounded. 

I’ve also noticed this tendency by Gregoire and people like her to never acknowledge that persons and groups on the left (American Democrats and progressives in the U.S. and the world over) are actually guilty of some (or many) of the things they criticize Trump or conservatives of. 

I see no self-awareness in most Trump critics or critics of American conservatives.

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One Reason You May Want to Visit My Twitter Account Sometimes

One Reason You May Want to Visit My Twitter Account

(Link): My Twitter Page

I don’t care how many followers I have on Twitter.

This post is not about driving up my Twitter followers.

You can book mark my Twitter page and visit it every so often (that is, you don’t have to follow me, if you bookmark the page and visit it, it will not drive up my follower numbers).

Why would you want to visit my Twitter page?

Because I sometimes come across a lot of news stories there that I do not have the time or interest in blogging about here.

I come across many stories about child abuse by parents, married people who commit crimes, new trends in dating and marriage, why people quit church, articles about sexism (I basically tweet about the same stuff I blog about here), etc, and I simply cannot keep up with it all.

It’s much easier for me to re-tweet news stories I see on twitter than to fire up this blog, and make a post about everything.

One of the annoying things about this blog is I have to not just write up the material, but I have to add categories or tags to each post, which I tire of doing. It’s ten times faster and easier to send a tweet to an article than to write it up here.

So, you may want to consider visiting my Twitter page. The right side of this blog, towards the bottom, shows my latest tweets, but it only goes up to the last 15 or 20 and does not show them all.

You don’t have to join Twitter and “follow” me on there – you can just bookmark the page and visit once in a while. There may be links to articles on there that I do not blog about here.

(Link): My Twitter Page

At some point in the future, I may not be able to Tweet or blog as much as before.