Executed for Watching Porn: Kim Jong Un’s New Secret Squad in North Korea Will SHOOT Anyone Viewing Sex Videos

Executed for Watching Porn: Kim Jong Un’s New Secret Squad in North Korea Will SHOOT Anyone Viewing Sex Videos

I want to say this is a bad idea and extreme (about the porn), but I don’t know. 😂

North Korea is definitely out of bounds with punishing people over haircuts and birthday parties or for watching South Korean movies and shows, though.

(Link): Executed for watching porn: Kim Jong Un’s new secret squad will SHOOT anyone viewing sex videos and clamp down on ‘foreign influences’ such as haircuts and birthday parties

January 23, 2023

Kim Jong Un’s new secret squads will execute anyone viewing pornography under the North Korean dictator’s efforts to clamp down on ‘foreign influences’.

Enforcers are working to stamp out foreign television, hair cuts and even birthday parties, according to testimony from a defector included in a new report.

The squads, known as ‘gruppa’ or ‘non-socialist groups’, are tasked by Pyongyang to pursue violations of the Communist Party’s official ideology.

‘The groups operate as a hidden tool, which is used by the government to achieve their ultimate objectives of ubiquitous surveillance and the ability to thoroughly oversee each and every resident,’ the report says.

Foreign media, particularly anything deemed to be ‘Western’, is strictly prohibited in North Korea – which brainwashes its population to unquestionably support Kim Jong Un and his ruling regime. Any dissent is severely punished.

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Zuckerberg Tells Rogan Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

Zuckerberg Tells Rogan Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

I don’t normally make purely political type posts like this one at this blog, but one reason I was kicked off Twitter for months and months was over Twitter censorship over this stupid Hunter Biden lap top story.

I posted a link or two about the Hunter Biden lap top scandal, Twitter didn’t like it, accused me of “suspicious behavior” on their platform, and they locked me out of my account for months.

It also just ticks me off how Big Tech is nothing but an extension for the Democrat Party and progressive ideals – god help you if you tweet or Facebook anything critical about Biden or the trans-lunatic agenda, because those platforms will suspend you or whatever.

I’ve had friends on Facebook get put into “time out” over posting stuff critical about Biden.

I am fed up with the anti-conservative bias on these garbage social media sites – they CLEARLY favor progressive views and causes.

(Link): Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan Facebook was wrong to ban The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story

August 25, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg finally admitted on Thursday that Facebook dropped the ball when the company banned the sharing of The Post’s exclusive report on Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 election.

The billionaire CEO of Meta said he regretted Facebook’s handling of the bombshell story during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” — but he still defended the process as “pretty reasonable.”

Zuckerberg opened up about the controversial media suppression after the host pressed him to explain his views on how tech platforms should handle content moderation on sensitive subjects.

“When something like that turns out to be real, is there regret for not having it evenly distributed and for throttling the distribution of that story?” Rogan asked about The Post’s Hunter Biden scoop.

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Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years in Jail For Claiming ‘Trans’ Males Aren’t Women

Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years in Jail For Claiming ‘Trans’ Males Aren’t Women

Intersectional Feminism silences women – and I mean honest to god women, not these skirt-wearing monstrosities with penises and autogynephilia who claim to be transgender.

And meanwhile, chuckle-head conservatives on social media (yes, I myself am a conservative who doesn’t identify as feminist) are inaccurately screaming at feminists on Twitter that they do not do anything to fight against transgenderism, but that conservatives Matt Walsh and Chris Rufo are doing all the heavy lifting, supposedly (no, they’ve not – may do a post on that topic later).

Feminists who don’t support the trans movement have been getting physically assaulted by transwomen (biological males) at anti-trans rallies, getting death threats from trans rights activists, and some are getting into legal trouble for fighting trans activism –

So no, not all feminists have been sitting around on their butts doing nothing while conservative men such as Rufo and Walsh have been making anti-trans statements or documentaries only in the last few months. Other conservatives need to walk those accusations back.

(Link): Norwegian feminist questioned by police for saying men can’t be lesbians

by ALEC SCHEMMEL | The National Desk
Thursday, June 2nd 2022

Norwegian law enforcement reportedly questioned a representative of a feminist organization over tweets challenging a trans activist for pushing the idea that biological males can be lesbians.

Christina Ellingsen, a representative of the global feminist organization Women’s Declaration International (WDI), criticized the Norwegian trans activist group Foreningen FRI in October for teaching children that males can be lesbians.

Ellingsen also called out one the group’s advisers, who is a biological male identifying as a lesbian woman.

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According to Progressives, Only Black People May Publicly Opine About, Discuss, or Analyze the Will Smith 2022 Oscar’s Slap of Chris Rock – Why I Kind of Disagree

According to Progressives, Only Black People May Publicly Opine About,  Discuss or Analyze, the Will Smith 2022 Oscar’s Slap of Chris Rock – Why I Kind of Disagree

This post has been edited after publication to add more content

I’m not sure if all or most progressives would state their position on this subject as being, “Only POC (People of Color) can or should discuss actor Will Smith slapping stand up comic and actor Chris Rock” or not.

For those not familiar (are you living under a rock?!), both Will Smith and Chris Rock are black, celebrity men, and, Will Smith, who is a movie actor, slapped Chris Rock across the face during the Oscar program for telling a tepid joke about Smith’s wife; Rock told a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair (or lack thereof) at the 2022 Oscars ceremony.

This topic is quite close to one I’ve been meaning to blog about for months now, which I may get around to later.

Here’s one example of several I’ve seen ever since The Slap, where progressives of whatever skin color are telling non-Blacks to shut up:

(Link): ‘Sit this out’: MSNBC host says white people ‘do not understand’ Will Smith slap

I have a few reasons why I don’t really agree with progressives on this topic.

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Twitter Continues To Suspend Any Person or Group Who Mentions Rachel Levine’s Actual Biology or Original Name

Twitter Continues To Suspend Any Person or Group Who Mentions Rachel Levine’s Actual Biological Sex (Which is Male) or (His) Original Name (Which is “Richard”)

Since I first published this post, Twitter has gone on to suspend yet another individual over the biological male, Rachel “Richard” Levine. Post edited below with new link(s)

I already have a post or two about this subject.

I myself was suspended from Twitter over a year ago for pointing out that Richard Levine (who goes by “Rachel”) is a man who makes for one unattractive woman (which is true; he’s not an attractive person whether he presents as a man or a woman).

Since that time, Twitter continues to suspend or block any person or group who makes similar comments on their platform.

Progressives (other than Twitter) just do not like it when anyone disagrees with their leftist views of biological sex or their views on sexuality.

In the past week, Twitter has suspended conservatives Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, and right leaning satire account The Babylon Bee for stating the truth: Rachel Levine is actually Richard Levine, a biological man who likes to wear skirts, lipstick, and his hair long.

As for me, I am a conservative, but I don’t really like Tucker Carlson or Matt Walsh and a few other conservatives across the board. These are conservatives who I do agree with on some topics while I disagree with them on others. Concerning the left’s lunacy in regards to transgenderism, though, I am in agreement with Walsh and Carlson.

For all the conservative men who keep asking, “Where are all the feminists?”

I’m not a feminist, I’m a conservative, but I loathe sexism, I follow several feminist social media accounts, and yes, some feminists have been calling out the Transgender movement for well over a year now, but they don’t receive much attention.

Such feminists are drowned out by the useful idiots (ie, feminists who support transgenderism). Transwomen refer to the feminist women who speak out against the radical trans agenda as “terfs” (trans exclusionary radical feminists).

Here is a round-up of the latest commentary or news articles about who Twitter has of late suspended for referring to Rachel Levine as being a man named Richard:

update: The Christian Post recently responded:

(Link): Disagreement is not hatred. Censorship is. (by The Christian Post editorial board)by Christian Post editorial board)


March 29, 2022

The Christian Post was (Link): canceled last week by Twitter, over referring to Biden administration official Rachel Levine with an unsanctioned but arguably accurate descriptive pronoun.

It was both unsurprising and surprising; unsurprising since CP regularly covers the controversy surrounding trans-identified individuals and surprising since Twitter thought this particular story was more “hateful” than other stories, and warranted suspension.

CP appealed, and so far Twitter has been silent. It actually brings a Pink Floyd lyric to mind:  “Welcome to the Machine.”

There is much to say in arguing that our pronoun was accurate, but the larger question is: who is the hater here? Eliminating the voice of a publication because of a description that likely more than half of the world’s population would not object to is, in fact, hating that segment of the world.

Granted, Twitter is a private company and can play by the rules it establishes within the confines of the law. But if we are having a conversation about hate, how is it kind to eliminate a voice that disagrees, especially if there is no rancor involved?


Twitter censored Breitbart News senior writer John Nolte after he made a joke about transgender Health & Human Services Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine.

Nolte was locked out of his account for 12 hours for tweeting that there should be a “Tweet Rachel Levine is a Guy Day.” He is the latest in a growing group of prominent conservative commentators who have been censored by Twitter this week for drawing attention to Levine’s real gender.

In an automated message to Nolte, Twitter informed him that he had violated the Twitter rules and would have to delete his tweet to regain access to his account.

(Link):  BREAKING: Charlie Kirk suspended from Twitter after naming Rachel Levine’s biological sex

“Everything I said was precisely accurate, and yet, Twitter still suspended my account. That should terrify every American, even those who disagree with me,” Kirk said.

Charlie Kirk, founder of TPUSA, talk radio host and outspoken conservative commentator, was suspended from Twitter on Tuesday after identifying President Joe Biden’s assistant health secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services as a man.

“Richard Levine,” Kirk wrote, “spent 54 years of his life as a man. He had a wife and family. He ‘transitioned’ to being a woman in 2011, Joe Biden appointed Levine to be a 4-Star Admiral, and now USA Today has named ‘Rachel’ Levine as a ‘Woman of the Year'[.] Where are the feminists??”

(Link):  Twitter is Punishing Another Account [Babylon Bee] Over Rachel Levine 


by Rebecca Downs
March 20, 2022

On Sunday night, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon shared over Twitter that the social media platform informed him that the account for the satirical news site “has been locked for violating the Twitter rules,” when it comes to “hateful conduct.”
The problematic tweet in question is from March 15, and links to a post from that same day proclaiming “The Babylon Bee’s Man Of The Year Is Rachel Levine.”

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World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

There’s already been a news outlet with a Christian outlook for years, CBN. I believe it was started by Pat Robertson.

After this news hit Twitter, I saw liberals and progressives screech that this new TBN news show will be a “right wing propaganda” type outlet, a complaint I find really rich, considering social media regularly censors any stated opinion that runs counter to left-wing talking points, and most other outlets – New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN and MSNBC all tilt heavily left and regularly silence conservatives, please.

(Link): TBN Launches New Show with Former Fox News Reporter Doug McKelway

(Link): World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

by Sara Fischer, author of Axios Media Trends

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which calls itself the world’s largest Christian television broadcaster, is launching a news show called “Centerpoint” with Fox News alums.

Why it matters: TBN is looking to build a “Christian lifestyle brand” rather than just “preaching and teaching,” TBN VP of Marketing Nate Daniels told Axios.

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‘The ONLY Clip You Need to See’: Viral Video Sums Up UNT ‘Anti-Trans’ Protest in Less Than 10 Seconds

‘The ONLY Clip You Need to See’: Viral Video Sums up UNT ‘Anti-Trans’ Protest in Less Than 10 Seconds

(Link):  Conservative University of North Texas student says police hid her in closet after activists disrupted event


March 9, 2022
By Audrey Conklin

The organizer of a Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) meeting at the University of North Texas (UNT) says campus police escorted her into a janitor’s closet for her own safety after activists disrupted the event featuring Texas House of Representatives candidate Jeff Younger.

Younger is the father of a 7-year-old child, who was born James but now goes by Luna, at the center of a 2019 custody battle that attracted national attention after his mother encouraged the boy to medically transition into a girl. A Texas judge granted Younger’s ex-wife full custody of the child and a sibling in 2019.

…But the March 2 event featuring the conservative congressional candidate and critic of transgender ideology turned into chaos when dozens of activists showed up to the event and scared away other non-disruptive students, Neidert said, adding that about 70% of the 80 attendees — the maximum capacity — in the classroom were protesters.

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One Woman’s Story of Becoming a Trans Boy and Later Detransitioning

One Woman’s Story of Becoming a Trans Boy and Later Detransitioning

(Link): One Woman’s Story of Becoming a Trans Boy and Later Detransitioning

by John Sexton
February 21, 2022

I saw people praising this piece on Twitter and wound up reading the entire thing. It offers a detailed and revealing first person perspective on how a teenage girl could go from mocking SJW’s to deciding that she was trans and needed to start living as a boy to be happy.

Not surprisingly, one of the key drivers in this story was social media where as a young teen Helena discovered a fantasy world inhabited by unhappy teen girls (Link): just like herself.

I developed an obsession with classic rock, and while searching the internet for photos of young Elvis Presley I found a website called Tumblr. I immediately noticed that on Tumblr, there were many accounts posting about 50s, 60s, and 70s artists and that best of all, they were other teenage girls.

I made an account and began posting scans of some vintage pop magazines I had bought off eBay, and soon enough, these accounts were following me back. Between sharing photos, drawings, and fanfiction, these girls were posting about their lives and going into deep detail about their struggles.

Many were social outcasts like me, also struggling with things like self-harm and eating disorders. Finding a community of such like minded people felt amazing, and I quickly began spending nearly every waking moment on Tumblr or messaging some friend I had met on there…

A major aspect of Tumblr culture has always been social justice ideology. Things that are now being played out and witnessed by the general public on platforms like Twitter and TikTok, like dissociative identity disorder LARPers, demisexuals, neopronouns, otherkin, and everything you see on @LibsOfTikTok, have long existed in an uncannily identical form on tumblr.com.

The oppression hierarchy of racial and gender identities now being written into law in many of our once serious nations was the state religion of the People’s Republic of Tumblr long before your political junkie uncle knew the term “CRT”.

 As cultish religions tend to operate, open devotion to the religion is mandatory. Perhaps the outsiders most likely to understand the way social dynamics worked on that website would be survivors of Scientology or the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

On Tumblr, the situation was such that any claim to being “oppressed” would accumulate social credibility, while any unfortunate “privileged” status was justification for verbal abuse.

As a “privileged” person, you were expected to constantly grovel and apologize, you had no right to speak on any issue involving the group you were “oppressing”, and you could not object in any way to any mistreatment hurled against you because of your race, gender, or sexuality.

Helena, a white, boy-obsessed teenage girl from a middle class family, was privileged.

However, she soon discovered there was an exception to the ordinary hierarchy on Tumblr.

Anyone who identified as trans was almost instantly met with respect (Link): and affirmation.

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Donna Hazel Cannot Quit This Blog

Donna Hazel Cannot Quit This Blog

I see there’s a comment from blog visitor “Donna Hazel” in the blog’s “Trash” area recently (since I have her blocked).

I feel like John Lennon to Donna Hazel’s Mark David Chapman, or Ronald Reagan to Donna Hazel’s John Hinckley Jr.

I just know Donna Hazel is reading this post, because it has her name in the title! *hello, Donna Hazel*

(I’d like to be wrong about that, but I suspect it’s going to be true once I hit the “publish” button for this… and if I check the “trash” can page, I bet she will leave me another nasty gram, one replying to THIS post, telling me how fascinated I must be with her. 🙄 Projection, much?)

I mean, this Donna person found my blog – I did not seek HER out, never met her before – and one of my posts ticked her off, and she keeps returning to patronizingly lecture me.

(edit: And I did not notify this “Donna Hazel” person of my last post, which mentioned her in passing,  and her name was not in the blog post’s title, which means, she is obviously coming back to this blog to visit it, and to read even posts that do not have her name in the heading.
Who is twisting your arm, Donna, to force you to visit this blog?)

At this point, this is no longer really about my ex friend, Emma. I’m not even sure this is really about me? This is about Donna Hazel and her peculiar hang ups.

Donna Hazel said:

Anyone would think you were after *more* attention from “DH”. Can’t let it go, can you?
Why’s that?

…Astonishingly you complain *I* have no recognition or compassion for what you’ve gone through? You’ve mentioned it several times. You needed that from a stranger? Someone you espouse to despise? Me? That’s interesting…very much so.
— end quote —

I don’t need or want more attention from you, no, and you never showed me any “compassion” in the first place, nor am I seeking any from you. I blocked you.

You can feel free to go away any time now.

You can feel free to stop reading this blog, visiting the blog, or leaving comments on this blog (which get sent straight to the trash folder).

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The Trans Assault on Freedom by Frank Furedi

The Trans Assault on Freedom by Frank Furedi

(Link): The Trans Assault on Freedom by Frank Furedi

Gender ideology is not about liberation – it is about coercion and control.
 October 22, 2021

Transgenderism has emerged as one of the most influential ideologies of our time. It is shaping people’s behaviour and thought in pursuit of a specific political objective – the erosion of the significance of biological sex.

And it is undermining long-held cultural assumptions about what it means to be a man or a woman.

Above all, it is an intolerant, coercive force – and it has been thoroughly embraced by political and cultural elites in both the UK and the US.

In the UK recently we have seen Labour Party leader Keir Starmer criticise one of his MPs for daring to say that ‘only women have a cervix’….

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Twitter Suspends Allie Beth Stuckey For Saying Trans Weightlifter Is A Man

Twitter Suspends Allie Beth Stuckey For Saying Trans Weightlifter Is A Man  (Which He Is – it’s another biological man who likes to say he’s a woman)

 I was blocked from Twitter for months for the same thing, only in my case, I was addressing Richard Levine, who runs around saying he is a “she” and referring to himself as “Rachel.” (Read this post to find out more about me being blocked by Twitter over that.)

I did not threaten, or harass, or even tweet at Levine directly – I just mentioned in a tweet that Levine is a man who makes an ugly woman – which does not violate Twitter rules – and they still blocked me for months, until I removed that tweet.

Stuckey is absolutely correct – the weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard, is a biological man.  (See also on NBC News site:  Transgender Olympian Laurel Hubbard fails to win medal in Olympic debut)

(Link): Twitter Suspends Allie Beth Stuckey For Saying Trans Weightlifter Is A Man

August 6, 2021

Twitter temporarily suspended commentator Allie Beth Stuckey Thursday for saying that a transgender weightlifter is a man.

The social media platform told Stuckey that she had violated their rules against “hateful conduct” when she tweeted about transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, saying, “Hubbard failing at the event doesn’t make his inclusion fair. He’s still a man, and men shouldn’t compete against women in weightlifting.”

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Harvard Professor Who Refuses to Use the Term ‘Pregnant People’ and Insists on ‘Woman’ is accused of Transphobia By Her Woke Ivy League Colleague

Harvard Professor Who Refuses to Use the Term ‘Pregnant People’ and Insists on ‘Woman’ is accused of Transphobia By Her Woke Ivy League Colleague

If an adult born of one biological sex later in life wants to pretend to be of the other biological sex, I don’t entirely care (so long as it does not negatively impact me or other people), but I DO NOT support this idiocy, where facts of life, like biological sex, are denied!

People should not be hounded online, or banned or suspended from social media, or receive hate mail from people, or face being fired from their job, for knowing and saying that most humans are born one sex or the other, or for stating or acknowledging truisms, such as men don’t get periods or get pregnant, and women don’t have testicles or penises.

Woke-ism does not respect science – but then, I suppose the idiots on the left consider science “whiteness,” and hence “white supremacy” (eye roll), so they’re fine with ignoring it, I suppose.

The far left activist crack-pots (and many in the Democrat Party) are demanding everyone else in society speak in their woke terms and deny scientific realities. This is not okay.

(Link):  WOKE ROW Havard professor Carole Hooven who refused to use term ‘pregnant people’ rather than ‘woman’ is accused of transphobia 

(Link): Harvard lecturer blasted by colleague for defending existence of biological sex

Harvard lecturer Carole Hooven took heat from her own colleague after an appearance on Fox News this week in which she asserted that biological sex is real and defended the continued use of terms like ‘pregnant women’ and “male and female.”

“The ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be,” Hooven told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “The facts are that there are in fact two sexes — there are male and female — and those sexes are designated by the kind of gametes we produce.”

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