Older Pervy Dudes Hitting on Younger Women – and they meet them at church

Older Pervy Dudes Hitting on Younger Women – and they  meet them at church

A few years ago, I found an online article where some guy was advising other guys how to “pick up women” at churches.

If I remember correctly, this guy was promoting the idea of being deceitful and tricking and manipulating Christian women into casual relationships and sex.

I don’t think the author or the men he was advising were even Christians (not that it would be okay if they were Christians, it would actually be worse, IMO). If I can find that article again, I’d like to place it here on this blog.

I think Christian women should be aware not to let their guard down in a church environment just because it’s church. Don’t be trusting of a man just because he claims to be a Christian and has the external trappings of a Christian.

If secular men are targeting Christian women to take advantage of them, they need to learn what tricks these men are using. (I hope I can find that article again and post it.)

To Christian ladies: you are no more safer in a church or around church-goers than you would be at a night club, walking down a city street, among a group of Satanists chanting to Satan in the woods at midnight, or anywhere else.

You can be taken advantage of by church men, in a church, or outside of a church.

Men you meet at a church are not necessarily more safe, ethical, reliable or honest than guys you meet on dating sites or in bars.

Guys at your church may be drug addicts, child molesters, or whatever, but are very good at hiding these things and wearing a mask and saying all the Christian lingo so they can pass as Christian when they are around church people.

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“You’re not a real man until you have children” – childless, childfree women should be able to relate to this too

“You’re not a real man until you have children” by G. Proops – women should be able to relate to this too

The audio in this contains the “F bomb” a lot, but what he says is true.

He starts out focusing his discussion on childless men, but it becomes generic enough, so if you are a CF or childless woman, you should be able to relate.

Among other things, he talks about how parents today whine about having to take care of their own kids. He tells them to shut up, because it was their choice to have kids, and having a kid becomes your job.

He talks about how parents act as though single, childless people are nothing – parents can be very condescending to singles, childless, or childfree people.

(Link): Greg Proops On Having Children – The Smartest Man In The World



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Christian Tingle – The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage (parody)

The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage

This has been making the rounds on several sites that lampoon or criticize Christianity.

I truly think this parody nails the insanity of Christian teaching about stuff like dating and modesty.

(Link): The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage

    MAY 1, 2014 | BY JOEY WHITE

    After failed attempts to find love on other dating sites, John and Rebecca Esther Sara Bathsheba met one another on Christian Tingle. They both love the same famous pastor, their favorite “secular band” is Switchfoot, and — most importantly — they love Jesus…

    Update: There’s a second Christian Tingle ad from Tripp & Tyler out now. It might be even better than this one.

    Oh, and make sure to share this with your single friends…obviously. They’ll be so blessed…


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Perverted Christian Married Couple Wants to “Wife Swap” (For Sex) With Other Christian Couple – Why Christians Need to Uphold Chastity / Celibacy For All People Even Married Couples Not Just Teens

Perverted Christian Couple Wants to “Wife Swap” With Other Christian Couple

Oh no, married Christian couples and preachers, stop, stop, stop insisting that marriage makes people more godly or mature and makes people immune from sexual sin, when we have nonsense like this (video):

(Link): Question from Christian married viewer: My married Christian neighbors want to Wife Swap (for Sex) for the Night, How Do I Answer

Bring It On-Line:

Undefiled Marriage Bed

[Dear Pat Robertson, Christian host of TV show The 700 Club],

My wife and I have been happily married for seven years, but we have run into a problem.

I know the Bible says that “the marriage bed be undefiled,” but my next door neighbors who are also Christians want to wife-swap for an evening.



[Reply from Pat Robertson]



Robertson’s reply for that is one of those rare times I agree with him: Robertson tells the guy who wrote in that is ADULTERY, and no, it’s not okay.

You see, this is yet another example of why Christians need to teach chastity / celibacy is for ALL people, including married ones, not just single kids under the age of 25.

Even married Christian people need to be reminded on occasion that sex is for MARRIAGE ONLY, as the Bible teaches, because some of these IDIOTS have affairs on their spouses, their counselors are telling them to spice up a boring sex life by taking a mistress, other perverted idiots believe “wife swapping” is acceptable behavior, etc etc.

I just wrote of this kind of thing the other day:
(Link): Elderly Widower Dude is a Slut Says Adult Daughter – Why Churches Need to Teach Celibacy Applies to Even Married People Not Just Under Age 25 Singles

See too:
(Link): Why Christians Need to Uphold Lifelong Celibacy as an Option for All Instead of Merely Pressuring All to Marry – vis a vis Sexless Marriages, Counselors Who Tell Marrieds that Having Affairs Can Help their Marriages

You can view the segment here:

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Pole Dancing Robots At Tech Fair in Germany (Video)

Germany: Poledancing robots sleaze up CeBIT (Video)

(Link): Germany: Poledancing robots sleaze up CeBIT

(Link): Germany’s CeBIT Has Robot Strippers, Judgment Day Draws Near

    In a move that would make Dr. Evil proud, Germany’s Tobit Software has created pole-dancing robots as their own personal “booth babes” at the CeBIT computer expo at the Hanover fairground in Lower Saxony, Germany. You can watch them creepily swivel their metal hips and probably give our future robot masters a good reason to start their uprising.

(Link): Technology gets sexy: Robot strippers take center stage

(Link): Pole-dancing robots wow at high-tech fair

The pole dancing robot video reminds me of (Link): Rock It by Herbie Hancock.

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Ignatius the Ultimate Youth Pastor & Teaching Christian Singles About Sex

Ignatius the Ultimate Youth Pastor

The hipster youth pastor to a group of teen aged kids:

“Sex is a beautiful gift of God, to take place in the confines of marriage… so for you guys sex is so wrong, but for me and my smokin’ hot wife, it’s so right” – watch the video:

“He’s Got Muscles” – Pat Robertson Weirdness (Discussing Tebow’s Sexiness)

“He’s got muscles” – Pat Robertson Weirdness (Discussing Tebow’s Sexiness)

I almost forgot about this! On the June 11, 2013 broadcast of “The 700 Club,” host Pat Roberston was talking about Tim Tebow, the football player.

Robertson got a little nutty, though, going into details about Tebow’s physique. If I can find video of it on You Tube, I’ll add it to this post.

I don’t recall Robertson’s exact words, but he mentioned something about Tim Tebow’s “muscular body,” and I think Tebow’s “wide shoulders” and developed chest.

And I sat there listening, thinking, “What the hell? Did I just hear Robertson describe Tim Tebow like a randy woman would a Chippendale’s dancer in Vegas? I do believe I did. Ew. There is just something wrong about that.”

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Videos for Single Christian Women by a Spoken Word Christian Poet

Videos for Single Christian Women by a Spoken Word Christian Poet

I saw one of these videos on television earlier today and thought I’d share. It’s spoken word poetry by a Christian woman (who I think is herself single) for single Christian women. I think the target demographic for these vidoes are teens and 20-somethings, but if you’re older, you may still get something out of it, or find it inspirational.

(Link): Janette…ikz – “31 to be Exact” 31 Status Spoken Word

Bizarro Video By Bizarro Bearded Guy Giving Mostly Bad Advice to Christian Singles

Let’s hear it for insomnia! Here’s another 2:00 AM post.

Bizarro Video By Bizarro Bearded Guy Giving Mostly Bad Advice to Christian Singles

WTH is this?-

Video: (Link): Christian singles, beware of divorce and remarriage adultery

On the plus side, he did offer the standard advice that Christian singles need to look for more in a mate than lots of money or good looks, but that was one of the few sensible things he said in the video.

Granted, I’m not totally awake as I’m watching this video, but the guy in the video spends the first 2 minutes apparently saying if you’re a Christian but you marry a Non-Christian, you will go to Hell- from sheer fact of marrying an unbeliever.

This host guy in the video must be reading a different Bible from me, but then, I think this is the same kook that has the ‘evangelicaloutreach’ site that teaches the heresy known as “Conditional Security.”

He’s been on the web for years, sending out lots of e-mails and letters to preachers who teach OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) telling them they are going to Hell, and anyone who believe in OSAS is going to Hell. It’s his hobby horse.

He says that having sex outside of marriage can “lead you on the road to Hell” or it will put you in Hell. I don’t see that teaching in the Bible. There is some line in the Bible about “adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God” etc, but I take it that it does not apply to those who accepted Christ.

If anything, and as I have written before on this blog, God seems to ignore or even bless Christians who have sex outside of marriage, not condemn them for it, which makes me wonder why God bothers to say he’s against fornication in the Bible.

Video Host Guy (aka Weird Beard Dude) says not to marry Christians who don’t believe correct doctrine – this includes Christians who believe in Eternal Security. Hmm. I have always believed in Eternal Security (or, more accurately OSAS, Once Saved Always Saved). (Video Host Guy believes in the false teaching of “Conditional Security.”)

This guy is a wacko, and has too many rules about whom to marry.
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Videos About Family Idolatry by Christians / Desiring Marriage is NOT Idolatry

Videos About Family Idolatry by Christians / Desiring Marriage is NOT Idolatry

If and when I find new video about Family Idolatry, I will likely amend this post to add the new links at the bottom rather than make a new post.

I was looking for some videos of pastors addressing the problem of the idolatry of family/ marriage/ procreation in American Christianity.

So far, I’ve not found that many. Out of the 3 or 4 I’ve watched so far, they don’t frame the issue in a way I’d like to see.

In the video with Tim Keller of Focus on the Family, he seems concerned only that Christian parents are doting on their kids too much; the same view was taken by some other pastor in another video.

Another pastor (Norbit), in another video, mainly seems to take issue with spouses who place spouses above God. He rants about how Satan may use your devotion to your spouse to distract you from serving God and following God’s will.

Norbit also goes into a strange tangent about how, in his view, some Christians use Jesus as a pagan might use a witch doctor. He chides them for looking to Jesus to get their needs met – which is an unbiblical view for him to espouse; we’re told repeatedly in the New Testament to look to God to get our needs met (financial, physical, or emotional). And I don’t completely get what the “witch doctor,” “church planting,” and “Hindu multiple gods” bits he gets into have to do with making a spouse into an idol.

Contrary to what this Norbit guy says at one stage in the video, serving people is sometimes how one serves God. (Norbit says that Jesus conveyed to Mary that Jesus came only to serve God’s perfect plan and not to fulfill what humans wanted or needed. I disagree with him, depending on how he means it, for God tells Christians it is sometimes God’s will for Christians to meet the needs of other people.)

All this criticism by these preachers of parents catering too much to their children, or of spouses doting too much on the needs of their spouses, is all very well and good, but what I’d like to see exposed is how exclusionairy and alienating family-, marriage-, child- centric Christian culture is for those of us who do not fit the “married with kids” status. But this point is almost never addressed.

I am waiting for some pastor to say from the pulpit,

    “To all the never-married Christians over the age of 30, to the divorced, to those celibates struggling with same-sex attraction, to the widows and widowers, to those married couples childless or childfree, I apologize on behalf of all American Christians who have either excluded you, ignored your needs, or who have repeated and maintained negative stereotypes against those who are not married with children. I am so sorry. This exclusion needs to stop.”

I had high hopes for one video by Bill White, but was annoyed with it.

Bill White admits in his video to being a happily married man with two sons (and I believe one daughter? I listened to his video only one time in the wee hours of the morning while half-asleep, so I don’t recall all the details).

Expecting White to scold Christians for ignoring the needs of, or stomping on the feelings of, never-married Christians or married couples without children, I was dismayed to see him telling infertile couples who desire children and never-marrieds who desire marriage that they are making an idol out of parenthood and marriage!

Gee thanks, Pastor White! As if we never-marrieds don’t get criticized enough already as it is in the chruch. Thanks for adding to the mistreatment even more! Much appreciated /sarcasm.


By the way, this is a typical attitude (an anti-unmarried person stereotype) I see fostered by pastors and Christian authors often: they are under the misguided notion that each and every unmarried Christian who desires marriage is de facto, automatically “idolizing” marriage.

It’s just ASSUMED that every woman who is single has turned desire for marriage into an idol. This simply is not true. But it’s also a problematic idea, because these pastors almost never quantify exactly how much desire borders on to “idolization.” Telling me that it’s a “heart attitude issue” doesn’t clarify things much, either.

If I think about wanting to get married twice per month, is that idolization of marriage? Or is it ten times per month? Is it 50 times per month? Does it become idolization when I join a single dating site in a year? Or 20 sites? And who, other than God, can really determine when and where that line is?


I think White tried to qualify his views by saying that if your need to have a kid or spouse is all- consuming that it’s a distraction from serving God, it becomes idolatry.

However, at no time do I recall White going out of his way to re-assure his audience that there is nothing selfish, idolatrous, or sinful about merely wanting to have a child or to be married.

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