It’s Only A Culture War When the Right Does It by Matt Purple

It’s Only A Culture War When the Right Does It by M. Purple

(Link): It’s Only A Culture War When the Right Does It


The New York Times says America’s battles are spreading to other countries

May 18, 2022
by Matt Purple

[The piece opens by discussing the polarization of the topic of transgenderism in Australia; the American paper The New York Times is upset that a Liberal (right of center) Aussie party member has spoken out against things like biological men being on women’s sports teams, etc.

American leftists, like those at The Times, like to believe that squabbling over social issues is unique to conservative Americans only, that social justice issues are of little to no concern to other nation’s conservative groups.]

…In the end, the left sighs, all it wants is for its cultural revolution to be accepted wholesale and for all opposition to be silenced.

The problem is that, first of all, none of this is true. … [The author cites how other nations have elected their own populist versions of Donald Trump, or have had similar protests in other nations that are similar to ones put forward by American conservatives in the United States.]

… Can it even be that some foreigners care as much about culture as we do and would like to have their democratic say?

Run with this stuff long enough and it starts to sound like an American chauvinism all its own. We are not the only country that has ever arched an eyebrow at a trans flag.

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I Unfollowed Blogger Shelia Gregoire on Twitter Today – Re: Politics

I Unfollowed Blogger Shelia Gregoire Today

If I’m not mistaken, Gregoire is Candian.

I have followed her on Twitter for over a year. She does a lot of posts combatting complementarian-type takes on marriage, which I appreciate (though I must say I take some exception against a post or two or video or two she’s made criticizing the concept of remaining a virgin until marriage – I tweeted at her before awhile back explaining my objections to her about that, and I was polite about it).

I wish Gregoire well, but I had to unfollow her tonight on Twitter. I’m not sure if she follows me on there, but she is welcome to un-follow in return, if she wants to, I’d understand.

In the last couple of weeks, Tweets that Gregoire “likes” on there periodically show up on my Twitter feed (meaning I have to see them), and they’re usually these Tweets by conservative critics or Trump detractors who have really warped views about Trump voters or American conservatives generally.

In the past week, I did contact Gregoire on Twitter to try to clear up some misconception she herself Tweeted about American politics.

She doesn’t seem to possess any understanding of why Americans who voted for Trump voted for him or found him appealing. I myself did not vote for Trump in either election, but I understand why some were drawn to him and his message. (I’m an American who was born and raised in the United States, and I used to be a Republican for many years.)

I feel the piling on against Trump and his supporters is unfounded. 

I’ve also noticed this tendency by Gregoire and people like her to never acknowledge that persons and groups on the left (American Democrats and progressives in the U.S. and the world over) are actually guilty of some (or many) of the things they criticize Trump or conservatives of. 

I see no self-awareness in most Trump critics or critics of American conservatives.

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Twitter (pre-Musk) Really Doesn’t Want You Knowing About Those Hunter Biden Laptop Videos

Twitter (pre-Musk) Really Doesn’t Want You Knowing About Those Hunter Biden Laptop Videos – they’re a Democrat Platform

Updates below: new material 

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First, Twitter (Link): locked down the New York Post’s twitter account over the Post’s coverage about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and as of last night, Twitter not only locked down my “sololoner” account, but several of my other Twitter accounts. Why?

Well, for a few days, mainstream conservative sites, such as Gateway Pundit and commentators under Hot Air blog posts about the story, published links as to where some of the content from Hunter Biden’s lap top videos could be viewed (which is how I found out about it).

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