Sexual Consent Apps

Various articles about consent apps for sex.

(Link): Sexual Consent Apps Aim to Start Conversations, Prevent Assaults

(Link): The Problem with Sexual Consent Apps

Not only are they far from sexy, which can hamper use, they miss the mark on discussing what consent actually is.

(Link): Saying OK to Sex? There’s an App for That – WSJ

(Link):  People are talking about sexual consent. Would an app help?


Smartphone apps We-Consent and Sa-Sie were among the first to attempt a digital solution with apps that allowed partners to check “yes” when they agreed to sex.

Now, LegalFling is joining the consent-by-click market, with the added cachet of being blockchain-based. The company says it will be available for download in the Apple and Android app stores in the next month.

Sure, it can be awkward to stop and talk about consent in the heat of the moment, which is why partners rely on non-verbal cues to give and interpret it.

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