Idiot Associate Professor Accuses Juedo-Christian God Of Being a “MeToo” Violator, Saying Mary Did Not Give Consent

Idiot Associate Professor Accuses Juedo-Christian God Of Being a “MeToo” Violator, Saying Mary Did Not Give Consent

Sprankle is one of those moronic Non-Christians who has a stick up his ass about religion, and so he enjoys harassing and trolling religious people (Christians are usually a favored target with people like this), so he can sit back and watch them foam at the mouth or get upset over his put-downs of their faith – which doesn’t exactly make his atheism or Satanism or whatever he’s into look very good.

The following story – about Sprankle saying that God took sexual advantage of Mary – was all over social media the last day or two.

When will Sprankle Tweet something about Islam’s Prophet Mohammed being a child molester?

(Link): FACT CHECK: Yes, the Virgin Mary Gave God ‘Consent’


by A. Mastrangelo

7 Dec 2018
God the Father fell under scrutiny Monday when Minnesota State University associate professor Eric Sprankle accused the creator of the universe of impregnating the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, without consent.

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Sexual Consent Apps

Various articles about consent apps for sex.

(Link): Sexual Consent Apps Aim to Start Conversations, Prevent Assaults

(Link): The Problem with Sexual Consent Apps

Not only are they far from sexy, which can hamper use, they miss the mark on discussing what consent actually is.

(Link): Saying OK to Sex? There’s an App for That – WSJ

(Link):  People are talking about sexual consent. Would an app help?


Smartphone apps We-Consent and Sa-Sie were among the first to attempt a digital solution with apps that allowed partners to check “yes” when they agreed to sex.

Now, LegalFling is joining the consent-by-click market, with the added cachet of being blockchain-based. The company says it will be available for download in the Apple and Android app stores in the next month.

Sure, it can be awkward to stop and talk about consent in the heat of the moment, which is why partners rely on non-verbal cues to give and interpret it.

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Teaching Consent: Could Oklahoma Lead a New Wave in Sex Education?

(Link):  Teaching Consent: Could Oklahoma Lead a New Wave in Sex Education?

How one teenager turned the worst night of her life into ‘Lauren’s Law’ – a state bill that could change the way high schoolers are taught about sex

April 2018
by Glyn Peterson

Lauren Atkins has had to repeat the story of the worst night of her life so many times that she can now tell it in three sentences.

So, when an Oklahoma legislator asked Lauren to share it at a recent committee hearing, she was nervous but prepared.

Sentence number one: she went to a party last spring. Number two: she was incapacitated and a boy at the party told her friends he would take care of her. Three: after she finished throwing up, she recounts, he helped her onto a bed and raped her. “The word rape is hard for some people to hear,” Atkins says, “but I feel like me saying it is what actually catches their ear.”

If passed, Oklahoma House Bill 2734, nicknamed “Lauren’s Law” after Atkins, would provide high school teachers with the training and resources required to have nuanced, evidence-based conversations with their students about consent.

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Saving Our Sexuality: Is #MeToo Enough? by A. Arndt

Saving Our Sexuality: Is #MeToo Enough? by A. Arndt

(Link): Saving Our Sexuality: Is #MeToo Enough? by A. Arndt


…Is #MeToo Enough?

“Carelessness” and “brutality” are two words that certainly typify the sexual “moment” we are in as a culture. How we expect to live in a 50 Shades sexual fantasy world while also managing to avoid it’s unintentional (but by no means unforeseen) ugly consequences totally escapes me.

…I rejoice that with the #MeToo movement we are seeing at least the beginnings of a reckoning—of society’s attempt to say, with a unified voice, “This we will not tolerate.”

But is #MeToo enough? It seems obvious to me that it is not.

As long as the roots of the problem are left unaddressed, the same ugly fruit will continue to spring up from polluted earth—now in one way, now in another. We will keep recycling brutality and abuse.

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