‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’: A Loser’s Guide to Dealing with Rejection by The Guyliner

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’: A Loser’s Guide to Dealing with Rejection by The Guyliner

(Link): ‘It’s not me, it’s you’: a loser’s guide to dealing with rejection by The Guyliner


Advances in technology, and the urge to express ourselves as loudly as possible, mean rejection has never been so easy to dole out. Swiping left on Tinder, blocking on Twitter, marching to the polling booth: a firm no is never far away, but the bitter sting never fails to shock.

We’ve witnessed an unusually high level of public rejection over the last few turbulent weeks, from politicians discovering their posses were lacking compadres and feeling their ambition turn to ash in their mouths, to the much-maligned EU, sadly opening its Dear John letter from 52% of the UK, all calls going straight to voicemail.

Rejection can teach you a lot about yourself and those around you. “No” may never be music to your ears, but you can learn to take it with dignity. Or, at the very least, store up ample fuel for your revenge.

….On a dating app

“Why don’t they love me?” I’d cry when I was single, throwing myself on to a fainting couch whenever someone I’d contacted didn’t reciprocate.

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Christian Mingle Dating Site Ordered To Accept Homosexual Singles

Christian Mingle Ordered To Accept Homosexual Singles

This is the same site that has hetero-sexual Christian rapists on it (see this link for more on that).

(Link): Christian Mingle Ordered To Accept Homosexual Singles

  • Dating website ChristianMingle has (Link): settled a lawsuit and now will accept same-sex searches. Previously, the site only allowed women to search for men and men to search for women.
  • A class-action suit was filed in 2013 by two gay men against Sparks Networks Inc., the owner of ChristianMingle and several other dating sites. The suit alleged that the sites were in violation of California’s anti-discrimination law

(Link):  Christian Mingle Can’t Block LGBT Singles From Using the Dating Site

(Link):  LGBT singles can now find love on Christian Mingle, after site settles discrimination lawsuit


  • The site that sparked the lawsuit, Christian Mingle, boasts 15 million registered members. But the switch might not change much for LGBT Christians, Justin Lee, the executive director of the Gay Christian Network told the Daily News.

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Personal Info of 70,000 Dating Site Users Leaked to Public Without Their Consent, Including Intimate Sexual Details

Personal Info of 70,000 Dating Site Users Leaked to Public Without Their Consent, Including Intimate Sexual Details

One of the side benefits of being a celibate is that you don’t have any private, potentially embarrassing sexual details to be made public because they don’t exist.

The researchers who dumped this data sound like real a**holes.

(Link): Scientists release personal data for 70,000 OkCupid profiles

(Link):  70,000 OkCupid Profiles Leaked, Intimate Details And All

  • by Emma Woollacott ,  CONTRIBUTOR
  • May 2016
  • The (very) personal data of 70,000 members of the dating site OKCupid has been released – not by hackers, but by university researchers.
  • The information includes everything from sexual turn-ons to drug use. And while it doesn’t identify individuals by name, it does include usernames – which may well be enough to make it possible to work out users’ real identities.
  • Danish researchers Emil Kirkegaard and Julius Bjerrekær, associated with Aarhus University, collected the data by scraping the site – arguably, perfectly legitimately.
  • Logged-in members of OKCupid can see a certain amount of information on other site users, and it would in theory be possible to trawl through the lot to put together the dataset.
  • …The researchers even say that the only reason they haven’t published users’ photos is that it would have taken up too much hard drive space.

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Online Dating Fatigue is a Real Thing and It’s Happening to Everyone by M. Vanderberg

Online Dating Fatigue is a Real Thing and It’s Happening to Everyone by Madison Vanderberg

(Link): Online Dating Fatigue is a Real Thing and It’s Happening to Everyone


  • … These women were deleting their dating apps because they were tired.
  • They had reached online dating fatigue
  • Curious to find out if anyone else had hit a wall in their online search for love, I polled a selection of singles who were actively dating and learned that all of them had deleted their dating apps recently, and most commonly, have deleted and reactivated their apps over and over again. The reason for deleting their dating apps all seemed to boil down to either time consuming, frustrating, or boring.
  • …“Honestly, I get really fed up with all the same bullshit and aggressively persistent men. I’m not obligated to talk to someone.” – Olivia, late-twenties.
  • “The constant swiping and messaging and checking my app was becoming a chore. A boring chore that took out all the supposed ‘fun’ in dating. And when I did go on a date, they were so underwhelming, it just felt like, What’s the point of this?” – Jess, late-twenties*
  • …According to a 2016 study by the (Link): Pew Research Center, 1/3 of singles on a dating app have not actually gone on any dates from the app. And among Americans who were married or in a committed relationship in the last five years, 88% of them met their partner offline.

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Woman Raped at Gunpoint by EHarmony Date

Woman Raped at Gunpoint by EHarmony Date

(Link):  Woman accuses eHarmony date of rape near busy NYC bus station

  • Cops in New York City investigated a woman’s claim that her eHarmony date raped her at gunpoint in a tunnel underneath the busy Port Authority Bus Terminal, several news agencies reported Friday.

(Link):  Woman Raped After Meeting eHarmony Date At Port Authority Bus Terminal

(Link):  NY Woman Accuses eHarmony Date of Raping Her at Gunpoint

(Link): Police: eHarmony date may have led to rape at N.Y. bus terminal

  • In a statement to 48 Hours’ Crimesider, eHarmony said that as of Friday afternoon, investigators have still not reached out to the company seeking information related to the case, “nor (has eHarmony) received any information other than what has been reported in the press.”
 (Link): Woman raped on eHarmony date

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Single Man Discovers That He Is Less Attractive Than A TENT After New Dating App Rates His Selfie As ‘OK’ – but Describes the Camping Equipment as ‘Hot’

Single Man Discovers That He Is Less Attractive Than A TENT After New Dating App Rates His Selfie As ‘OK’ – but Describes the Camping Equipment as ‘Hot’

(Link): Single man discovers that he is less attractive than a TENT after new dating app rates his selfie as ‘OK’ – but describes the camping equipment as ‘hot’

  • Imgur user WindowCleaner tested out the Blinq selfie app
  • The app first scored the tent behind him as ‘hot’ while he got a lower score
  • His picture has been seen over 2 million times since being posted to Imgur
  • A man who tested an app to see how attractive he was found out that he was judged as being far less good looking than a tent in the background.

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My Online Dating Experiment by C. Lloyd (Christian Author)

My Online Dating Experiment by C. Lloyd (Christian Author)

You see how the author of the following piece says men are too picky and discriminatory about age on dating sites? That’s why, if you are a woman, you should subtract ten to fifteen years off your true age when you put your age on a dating site.

However, I will not date men who are more than five, six years my junior, so should any super young guys contact me on dating sites, I don’t contact them back. I’ve written about all that in prior posts, so I won’t get into that here.

The lady who wrote this says her female friends (who also did this online dating experience at the same time she did) noticed that the Christian men on Christian dating sites were unattractive.

I’ve noticed that too.

About any time I see Christian men on dating sites or in singles classes at local churches, they tend to look dorky, dweeby, or are obese.

Physical appearance of a man is important to single women, even Christian ones, but you wouldn’t know that fact thanks to all the gender stereotyping garbage that Christian gender complementarians push in their blogs, articles, and sermons, which keep telling Christian men that women are “emotionally wired” and that women don’t care about sex or looks, and that men are supposedly “visually wired” and care about looks.

(Link): My Online Dating Experiment by C. Lloyd


  • A few months ago, we asked Carrie Lloyd to delve into the world of online dating. She reveals what it takes for a single Christian woman to hook up via cyberspace.
  • ————–
  • … A dedication to online dating, just for you; for this article. Having chatted to the Premier Christianity team, I agreed to experiment in trying to find love in the cyber world, with all its personality filters: lawn game champion, marathoner, political junkie, health nut, zombie survivalist, tree-hugger, vegan, die-hard carnivore, non-believer in cologne (or deodorant), and finally, but importantly for me, just how much are you a Christian – really?
  • Taking the plunge
  • So, at 35, and still yet to find the right man to marry, would the online dating world be full of desperate souls seeking marriage so their lives could begin?

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Millions of Adulterers Could be Exposed as Cheaters’ Social Network (Dating Site) Ashley Madison Faces Data Breach

Millions of adulterers could be exposed as cheaters’ social network Ashley Madison faces data breach

(August 2015 update below)

This is another one of those times I’m glad I’ve never married.

If I were married, I don’t see myself committing adultery – unless the husband I’m married to is abusive, or the marriage is dead and dying.

There would have to be some pretty serious problems going on in a marriage before I’d consider committing adultery. I’m not the sort who would willy nilly run around cheating, or join a site for married cheaters.

Also, if it came down to me being tempted to cheat over something like my husband (if I had one) “let himself go” and became really large or unattractive, I think I would level with him about it, divorce him over it, and remarry – rather than have an affair.

The dating site “Cougar Life” was also hacked one article said. I think I’d feel too embarrassed to join a site like “Cougar Life” (it’s a site for older women to hook up with younger guys). Not that I support “May December” relationships anyway.

(Link):  Cheating website Ashley Madison has been hacked and customer details leaked

(Link):  Hackers threaten to reveal Ashley Madison cheaters

  • A group of hackers who call themselves The Impact Team have threatened to expose the identities of the tens of millions of people who use hookup website Ashley Madison.
  • The controversial website, which uses the tagline “Life is Short. Have an affair”, provides a matchmaking service for people already in relationships. It has more than 37 million anonymous members.

(Link):  Ashley Madison hacked: Attackers threaten to name and shame more than one million British love rats

(Link):  Hackers Threaten to Expose 37 Million Cheating AshleyMadison Users

(Link):  Hackers are threatening to out millions of users of Ashley Madison, the dating site for married cheaters

  • Ashley Madison, the infidelity-focused matchmaking site whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair,” was the target of a huge hack this weekend, and hackers are threatening to reveal data related to the accounts of millions of members.
  • The hack, which was reported by Krebs on Security, appears to have breached “sensitive internal data” from Avid Life Media (ALM), Ashley Madison’s Toronto-based parent company. The hacker or hackers, who go by the name “The Impact Team,” stole “maps of internal company servers, employee network account information, company bank account data and salary information,” in addition to information relating to 40 million users of Ashley Madison and its sister sites, Cougar Life and Established Men.
  • According to Krebs on Security, some amount of Ashley Madison account data has already been published online. In a message posted online, the Impact Team took credit for the hack, and threatened to publish more information every day until its demands — a complete and permanent takedown of Ashley Madison and Established Men — were met.
  • “We’ve got the complete set of profiles in our DB dumps, and we’ll release them soon if Ashley Madison stays online,” the hackers wrote. “And with over 37 million members, mostly from the US and Canada, a significant percentage of the population is about to have a very bad day, including many rich and powerful people.”
  • …Ashley Madison, which drew national attention for its provocative ads, has become the largest online matchmaking site designed to facilitate infidelity. It’s safe to say that the vast majority of those users expected their profiles to remain secure and anonymous, and would be horrified if their names and other account details came to light.

(Link): Millions of adulterers could be exposed as cheaters’ social network Ashley Madison faces data breach 

  • July 2015Ashley Madison, a social network for adulterers, has been hacked by an individual or group that’s also begun posting users’ personal data online, according to security blog Krebs on Security.The site, which claims to have over 37 million users, told Krebs on Security that it was working to take down leaked data, including account details of users apparently sampled at random.

    An individual or group of hackers calling itself The Impact Team has claimed responsibility for the attack. In a manifesto posted along with the stolen user information, it said that it decided to publish the leaked data in response to alleged lies Avid Life Media (ALM; the company that owns Ashley Madison, as well as hookup sites Cougar Life and Established Men) told its customers about a $19 fee for completely erasing their profiles.

    The Impact Team said that the ‘full delete’ feature didn’t actually wipe profiles as advertised and that it brought ALM $1.7 million in revenue last year.

August 2015 update

(Link):  Hackers dump data from cheating website Ashley Madison online: reports

  • Hackers have followed through on a threat to release online a huge cache of data, including customer information, that was stolen a month ago from cheating spouses website AshleyMadison.com, several tech websites reported on Tuesday.
  • Reuters was not immediately able to confirm the authenticity of the posting. The data was posted onto the dark web, meaning it is only accessible using a specialized browser, although vast lists of hundreds of email addresses including many linked to corporations and universities sprouted up on other sites hours after the news broke.
  • The hackers, who call themselves The Impact Team, leaked snippets of the compromised data in July and threatened to publish names and salacious details of as many as 37 million customers unless Ashley Madison and EstablishedMen.com, another site owned by Toronto-based parent company Avid Life Media, were taken down.


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