“Lesbian” Dating App Frames “Trans Exclusion” A “Hurdle,” Attempts to Cater to Male Users by A. Slatz

“Lesbian” Dating App Frames “Trans Exclusion” A “Hurdle,” Attempts to Cater to Male Users by A. Slatz

I’ve never been happy with the LGB left harassing Christian bakers over not wanting to bake cakes for homosexual weddings, which they did for many years, but, I also really, really do not support progressives harassing lesbian woman (or any woman of whatever sexuality) into dating people they do not want to date, but that is what they’ve been doing the last few years.

Men who say they are “transwomen” want to force biological women who are lesbian into dating transwomen… even including transwomen (men) who’ve not had “bottom surgery.”

That is, these are men who still have penises who are running around on social media and dating apps screaming that they are women and lesbians, and they demand the women lesbians date them and/or have sex with them.

That is wrong.

It is disgusting, and anyone supporting this and writing off any critics as being “TERFs,” bigots or transphobes is way off base, because what they’re doing is framing misogyny and sexism as being acceptable.

I’m a hetero, celibate, conservative woman, I’ve never been a “radical feminist,” but the homosexuals and radical feminists are correct to object to women being asked to prioritize the needs and feelings of biological men who are “transwomen.”

These businesses, such as these “lesbian dating apps” are in the wrong to include biological males in their platforms.

 (Link): “Lesbian” Dating App Frames “Trans Exclusion” A “Hurdle,” Attempts to Cater to Male Users

By Anna Slatz
April 1, 2022

A lesbian dating app is under fire after it appeared to frame female homosexuality as a “hurdle” that needed to be “overcome” by trans-identified males.

On March 31, lesbian activist and TikToker Shay Woulahan posted screenshots originally circulated by HER, a dating app intended to cater to the lesbian community. The app offers searchable profiles in a similar fashion to Tinder and Bumble.

“@HERSocialApp is celebrating Trans Day of Visibility by framing lesbians sexual boundaries as “hurdles” that need to be overcome,” Shay wrote on her Twitter, posting a screenshot showing the results of a survey conducted by HER which apparently had sought user feedback on “trans-specific hurdles” experienced on dating apps.

Of the options, “trans-exlusionary preferences” took the lead with 35.2% of responses.

…She later posted a second screenshot showing HER announcing it was taking steps to accommodate transgender users, with two new features in particular targeting “transphobia” on the app. One was called “Improved TERF control” which promised “severe penalties for transphobic language and behavior on the app.”

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