Huffington Post Writer Exposed Tracking Down and Harassing Conservative Women

Huffington Post Writer Exposed Tracking Down and Harassing Conservative Women

This is a common move among those on the left – the liberals, Democrats, progressives – they claim to be opposed to sexism, and yet, they are perfectly fine when anyone from their political group harasses (or sexually abuse) any woman who does not agree with their social or political views
– and whenever I point this out to them on social media, they almost always deny it and try to justify this disgusting behavior (and hypocrisy) by trying to convince me that conservatives are so much worse.

(Democrats, liberals, and progressives also love to point out pedophilia or rape when committed by Christians or Republicans (or when Christians or Republicans are accused of it), but many of them almost always ignore it or rationalize it when it is done by another Democrat, liberal, or progressive.

Being partisan about sexism and sexual abuse and pedophilia is disgusting, but people on the left do so often.)

(Link): Huffington Post writer exposed tracking down and harassing conservative women


May 16, 2022

A number of other women contacted by Schlarmann reached out with their own stories during the process of writing this article, however none wanted their messages shared out of fear for retaliation.

A self-described “comedian” and former unpaid writer for the Huffington Post who now operates a web of political websites that garner minimal traffic has been tracking down and sending harassing messages to female conservative political commentators, it’s been revealed.

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