Trans and HIV Activist, 39, Arrested for ‘Soliciting Pedophile Hunter Posing as a 14-Year-Old Boy on Grindr’

Trans and HIV Activist, 39, Arrested for ‘Soliciting Pedophile Hunter Posing as a 14-Year-Old Boy on Grindr’

So many pedophiles are claiming to be transgender – usually “MtF” (male to female).

This trans movement is very dangerous, especially for biological females of all ages and for children.

The Trans Agenda is being exploited and used to justify pedophilia, men sexually harassing women in women’s locker rooms (etc), and as a cover for pedophiles and sexual harassers. It needs to stop.

I do not take issue with people who genuinely have “gender dysphoria,” who have been diagnosed with it by a doctor, who don’t infringe on the rights and safety of biological females, who don’t make unreasonable demands that everyone should date them, or who don’t mock womanhood (by way of regressive gender stereotypes), etc.

But for the self-identified transgender men (the ones who claim to be women) who keep using transgenderism as a rationale or excuse to harass or harm women, who act entitled, etc, yes, I do take issue.

Transgenderism is being used and exploited by immoral men to harass girls and women and to perpetuate sexist stereotypes about women.

The Transgender movement is by and large a Pedophile’s Rights Movement and a Men’s Rights Movement, and many liberals and all progressives and the Democrat Party are supporting this sexist garbage.

(Link): Trans and HIV activist, 39, arrested for ‘soliciting pedophile hunter posing as a 14-year-old boy on Grindr’

by Ronny Reyes
November 3, 2022

A prominent New York City transgender and HIV activist has been arrested and charged for allegedly soliciting a minor on Grindr and asking him for oral sex.

Lailani Muniz, 39, was taken into custody after corresponding with a man working with the NY Creeps Spotlight nonprofit, who posed as a 14-year-old boy named Josh on the LGBTQ dating app, Fox reports.

Muniz, who identifies as female and is HIV positive, works as the Chief Operations Officer for the New York Transgender Bodybuilding Federation and was honored earlier this year at Bronx Borough Hall during Pride Month.

NY Creeps Spotlight, which works to expose people who target children, posted chats Muniz allegedly had with the disguised man, who only identified himself as FM.

The messages show Muniz wanted to have sex with the minor, offering weed and ecstasy to make him ‘feel horny’, and asked him for oral sex even after finding out he was underaged.

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