Christian Conservatives Explain Outrage Over Dave Rubin’s Surrogacy Announcement – Women Used As Props in Homosexual or Transgender Communities

Christian Conservatives Explain Outrage Over Dave Rubin’s Surrogacy Announcement – Women Used As Props in Homosexual or Transgender Communities

I actually follow Dave Rubin on Twitter. I’ve known for awhile he used to be liberal and became a conservative at some point, and he is a homosexual.

I am not too educated on the topic of surrogacy, so that is something I need to research.

In the past year, and though I’m not a feminist myself, I started following a lot of anti-trans-agenda feminists (they tend to call it “radical feminism”), and some of them are strongly opposed to women being used as surrogates to provide babies for other people.

One of my only annoyances with this at this stage, based on what little I know, are Christians who criticize married, infertile (hetero) couples who turn to a surrogate mother and/or IVF, etc, to have a child.

The reason I dislike this, is that I find it hypocritical: most Christian churches, denominations, and persons present being married and having children as being “better” than being single and childless.

So, Christians shame adults for being single and childless, but when or if that adult then tries to take steps to make marriage or pregnancy possible (whether by using dating sites, IVF, a surrogate), that same Christian, church, or denomination will shame that single, childless adult.

You will get shamed or criticized by Christians for striving for the very thing or life goal they are constantly pushing in your face, whether it’s marriage or parenthood.

I may not necessarily be in agreement with all opinions expressed below by other authors.

(Link): No Allies Who Buy Babies

The problem of gay surrogacy reminds us that the right’s alliance with anti-woke liberals cannot and should not survive.

…This, of course, is the primary issue: the moral abomination of surrogacy itself, the commodification of the human child, the relegation of women to the status of incubators. But there is a secondary concern as well.

The same people who make a living being outraged that Lia Thomas, who is a man, is allowed to swim in the women’s races for his college cannot turn around and tell us that there’s nothing wrong with two dudes having babies together.

Is there a difference between men and women, or is there not?

The normalization of homosexuality, and especially the normalization of homosexual parenthood, necessarily leads to the more radical gender ideology advancing from the left today.

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Trans Groups Co-Opting Historical Racism Faced by Black, and Other Non-White, Americans to Promote their Trans Agenda

Trans Groups Co-Opting Historical Racism Faced by Black, and Other Non-White, Americans to Promote their Trans Agenda

Updates Below, March 2022

This is gross. In the past few months in particular, I’ve seen trans persons or their supporters keep comparing push back against the out of control trans movement or trans persons wanting to stampede over the rights of other people (usually biological men masquerading as women who demand access to women’s only spaces) to their situation to that of American Blacks – or, in some cases, to  Japanese-American internment camps of decades ago.

(There are three separate links below in this post discussing this topic.)

This phenomenon by Trans persons or their supporters is making a mockery of actual racism faced by other people years ago.

In the past few years, I’ve seen far left liberals and progressives complain about and push “intersectional feminism” down the throats of everyone else (even by gay, biological men! – that’s another topic for another day), who scream and yell about how hideous “White Feminism” is, and they toss out terms such as “White Fragility” and “White Women’s Tears.”

Permit me to educate any readers out there:
White women, the ones who are not naively and mistakenly aligned with the Men’s Rights Movement known as “Trans Rights,” totally recognize and affirm that biological women who have dark or brown skin are 100% women.

If you’re a Black, Asian, Native American, or Latina lady, you’re being “erased” not by people who don’t agree with the neo-Marxist approach to racism (ie, “Critical Theory”), but by men with a sexual fetish called “Autogynephilia,” and part of their fetish involves demanding that everyone around them affirm them as being real women (even though they are biological males, and even if this met demand comes at the expense of the rights and safety of biological females of any and all skin colors and ethnicities).

To put this another way, if you’re a Black, Asian, Native, or Latina woman, you are being discriminated against and “erased” not by white people, conservatives,  white supremacy,  Republicans, Trump voters, or Critical Race Theory opponents, but by biological men of any and all skin colors who claim to be “transwomen,” at least the narcissistic, pushy ones who do not and will not empathize with the concerns of biological women.

Link One

(Link): It’s Simple: Black Women Are Women. Men Are Not.


by Jennifer Sieland

I am a Black woman.

Until one year ago, I didn’t realize just how hotly contested my identity was. For me, it was simply a material reality – experiences coded into my very existence, experiences  that inherently influenced how I both perceived and was perceived by others.

But, blissfully ignorant of the culture war taking place in which my identity would be used as leverage, I ran in circles which impressed  upon me that I had some unsaid duty to ally with a certain group of people – trans people. Trans-identified males specifically.

…Since becoming conscious of the immutable material reality of sex, and equally aware of the consequences of ignoring that reality, I’ve encountered a wild, frustrating assortment of justifications for blurring this all-important line and for dismissing the implications of making “woman” an umbrella term under which anyone can simply identify.

But none of those justifications are more egregious than those which attempt to assert that males can be women because Black women are women.

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