Anti-Porn Activist: ‘Ethically Sourced’ Porn ‘Sounds Like an Oxymoron’

Anti-Porn Activist: ‘Ethically Sourced’ Porn ‘Sounds Like an Oxymoron’

The following is a response to this article (Link): Lutheran Pastor Defends ‘Ethically Sourced Porn,’ Wants to Remove ‘Shame’ From Industry

I have a comment or two to make below these excerpts….

(Link): Anti-Porn Activist: ‘Ethically Sourced’ Porn ‘Sounds Like an Oxymoron’

By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter | Nov 13, 2018 7:42 AM

An anti-pornography activist has taken issue with an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor’s support for “ethically sourced porn” and the removal of shame from the sex entertainment industry.

“What she is saying about shame sounds to me like a condemnation of shame in general, that there is nothing good about it,” Peggy Cairns, Education chairperson with the Maryland Coalition Against Pornography, told The Christian Post. “I would contend that there is a place for shame in life, it’s part of how our consciences work, and we need more of it rather than less in today’s compass-less world.”

Lutheran pastor and author Nadia Bolz-Weber recently argued that there should be no shame in consuming pornography, especially if it is “ethically sourced.”

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