Gang Used Sex as a Lure to Kidnap and Rob a Man – It Pays to be Celibate!

Gang Used Sex as a Lure to Kidnap and Rob a Man – It Pays to be Celibate!

I saw this news story go through my Twitter feed, and all I could think of, “Yes, being sexually abstinent pays off.”

If you’re not having sex (and especially if you’re devoted to having sex with only a steady partner or after marriage), you cannot be suckered into these schemes where someone lures you to a motel for sex, where they proceed to beat the soup out of you and steal your money.

Celibacy For The Win!

If Mr. Dumb Dumb (I refer to the 48 year old in the news report) would’ve practiced sexual self control, he wouldn’t have felt moved to meet up with some randos for sex.

I’m having a difficult time feeling sympathy for him, and guys like him, any more than I do for the people in the news stories in the past 25 years who’ve jumped zoo fences to pet or photograph, up close, tigers or polar bears and get an arm ripped off by the animal as a result.

I do, however, have sympathy for adults who use dating sites or dating apps to meet a person for what they assume will be a normal date – dinner and a movie. Nobody expecting that should be robbed, raped, or beaten.

But these dumb-dumbs who think it’s safe, prudent, moral, or wise to meet a group of strangers for sex, nooooooo.

(Link): Three MS-13 Members Used Sex to Lure New York Kidnapping Victim, Say Police

by L. Moreno
Aug 25, 2022

Two MS-13 gang members and an underage teenager also linked to the gang, are accused of using sex to lure and kidnap a man at a hotel in New York State.

The incident developed over the weekend when 19-year-old Tylor Salmeron, 23-year-old Yonathan Hernandez, and an unidentified 16-year-old female lured a 48-year-old man to a hotel in Nassau County, New York.

There they allegedly kidnapped the man and threatened to kill him during a robbery, News 12 The Bronx revealed.

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