Half-Naked Lawyer Beat Ex-Wife to Death in Front of Children: Officials

Half-Naked Lawyer Beat Ex-Wife to Death in Front of Children: Officials

Contrary to what my fellow conservatives say, marriage and “the nuclear family” do not improve society or make people more loving, ethical, godly, or responsible.

I’m not arguing the opposite, by the way – I am not saying being single or childless makes a person more godly, ethical, etc.

But conservative beliefs that The Nuclear Family will somehow “fix” a broken society is based on pipe dreams – nor is it mentioned in the Bible that marriage is a cure for a sin-filled world.

The Bible does not prescribe marriage or parenthood as fixes for society. The Bible says that marriage detracts a person’s attention from God and helping others to a spouse (see 1 Corinthians 7).

Jesus said your allegiance as his follower was supposed to be him and other believers, not to a spouse or biological family. Jesus never married or had children.

Did being married and a father make this man more godly, ethical, moral, loving, and responsible? Nope.

(Link): Half-naked lawyer beat ex-wife to death in front of children: officials

by Michael Ruiz,
August 25, 2022

A North Dakota lawyer allegedly beat his ex-wife to death in Minnesota on Tuesday as she clung to the youngest of their five children and two others screamed for help, according to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

The younger boy, 2, was so traumatized that he didn’t respond to questions from deputies after they had his father in custody and rushed his mother to the hospital.

Anders Odegaard, 31, and Carissa Odegaard, also 31, divorced last year, court records show.

In a custody dispute this week, he allegedly refused to let her take their kids to church and a fight broke out, deputies wrote in the criminal complaint after interviewing the children.

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Las Vegas Man Stabs Wife 30 Times After She Asks For Divorce, Reports Say

Las Vegas Man Stabs Wife 30 Times After She Asks For Divorce, Reports Say

Look, as I’ve said before, I am not “anti-marriage,” but I do think that a lot of other conservatives (religious ones particularly) hype marriage to an extreme and un-biblical degree.

I recently got into it with a few such marriage-idolaters, which I may blog about later.

But I’m having a difficult time buying into the “marriage is better for culture, improves culture, and makes a person more godly, ethical, mature and responsible and makes a culture cohesive” when I’ve seen many such news stories over my life of married people who beat or murder their spouses.

Marriage is clearly not the magical elixir or stabilizer of culture that conservatives think it is, which does not mean I am on team “anti marriage progressives,” because I am not.

In this case below (as in many others I’ve detailed on this blog in years past), marriage did not improve this man, nor help his wife, and it didn’t help society, either – police and tax payer resources were used up in getting this guy’s abusive ass hauled away to jail and court dates with judges.

It looks like some married people, of their own choice and volition, are “dissolving” the so-called bonds or supposed benefits of marriage by their own accord, with no help at all from “the left” (as opposed to what Auron MacIntyre – @AuronMacintyre – regularly suggests on his twitter account, such as) – the Bible doesn’t say that society is impossible, or will dissolve, without marriage.

If you think everyone getting married in a nation will or can save that nation, or is necessary to “save” a nation you’re gravely mistaken, and it’s a concept that is not taught in the Bible, no matter how much you assume it is, or need and want for it to be in the Bible – it’s not in there.

(Link): Las Vegas man stabs wife 30 times after she asks for divorce, reports say


August 3, 2022
By Stephanie Pagones | Fox News

A Las Vegas man appeared in court on Tuesday in connection with allegations he stabbed his wife an estimated 30 times when she asked him for a divorce, police have said.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officials said 60-year-old Clifford Jacobs was booked into jail Friday on suspicion of attempted murder and domestic battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Information regarding his defense attorney information was not immediately available.

According to police, Jacobs said he and his wife of 15 years began arguing Wednesday afternoon in an apartment before he blacked out.

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Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

Why I am posting a news article about a man who raped his own eight year old son to death with a stick (link is way below):

Conservative Christians today, including but not limited to Al Mohler, and secular conservative secular groups that promote marriage and the family – such as Bradford Wilcox’s “National Marriage Project” and “Institute for Family Studies” keep promoting a false view of marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family: they all keep insisting that marriage, parenthood, and the Nuclear Family are all necessary to somehow improve culture, or to make people mature, godly, or responsible.

But I have many examples on this blog going back years of married people who are parents, who are in a nuclear family, who have been arrested for child porn, raping their own children, beating their wives, etc.

One can turn to the pages of the Bible and read about the families who sinned. King David was married with children, but he raped and indirectly had a man murdered. That’s but one example.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing about the Nuclear Family, marriage, or parenthood that makes people “better.”

The Bible may say marriage is permissible and children are a blessing, but it nowhere argues that everyone should get married and be in a nuclear family, or that God prescribes marriage and parenthood as a means of “fixing” or improving people or culture.

Here’s yet another example of how being married and a parent did not make a person more godly, loving, mature, or responsible:

(Link): Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

March 2020

by D. Cinone

A DAD accused of killing his son allegedly yanked the boy’s teeth out with pliers, gave him coal for Christmas and raped him to death with stick.

The boy’s parents – Mauricio Alejandro Torres, 50, and Cathy Torres, 48 – allegedly beat their son Maurice ‘Isaiah’ Torres with cables and shoes, a jury heard Monday.

Six-year-old Isaiah reportedly died of septic shock after being horrifically violated during a camping trip in March 2015 [the boy was raped by his father with a stick over eating a piece of cake].

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