I’m Not Anti-Motherhood, but This is Disturbing: Putin Offers $16,000 Reward, Honorary Title to Russian Women Who Have Ten Children 

I’m Not Anti-Motherhood, but This is Disturbing: Putin Offers $16,000 Reward, Honorary Title to Russian Women Who Have Ten Children 

This is so gross.

Though I’m a conservative, I can imagine a contingent of Conservatives (like Tucker Carlson and a few hyper, pro nuclear family types) extolling this and saying how the U.S. government should do the same thing. BARF.

(Link): Putin offers $16,000 reward, honorary title to Russian women who have 10 children

August 18, 2022
by Andrew Mark Miller

The Russian government announced this week it is bringing back a Soviet-era honorary title and financial reward bestowed upon Russian women who have 10 or more children.

In a decree this week that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed, it was announced that the title of “Mother Heroine” will again be awarded to Russian women who “birth and raise” 10 Russian citizens.

The title will come with a reward of 1 million Russian Rubles, equating to roughly $16,645 in U.S. dollars, once the tenth child turns one year of age. Recipients will also earn a five-pointed golden star medal, the decree states.

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Report: Russian Solider Arrested For Raping Ukrainian Baby on Video

Report: Russian Solider Arrested For Raping Ukrainian Baby on Video

(Link): Report: Russian soldier arrested for … raping Ukrainian baby on video

April 11, 2022
by AllahPundit

This is so horrendous that you’ll be tempted to assume it’s propaganda. Not even the Russians would do that.

But it’s real, apparently. …

Reports are circulating that the Russian soldier responsible has been arrested. Since he filmed his own atrocity, for once the Kremlin couldn’t attribute it to a Ukrainian “false flag.”

ONE of Putin’s soldiers has reportedly been arrested in Ukraine after a horrifying video of a baby being raped was shared online.

Alexei Bychkov was detained in Russia on Saturday after the vile clip emerged on social media over the weekend…

In the footage, he is reported to say he is recording a “fierce video” before assaulting the baby…

Bychkov is also alleged to have shared other videos of despicable child abuse with friends and colleagues.

… The fact that Bychkov allegedly circulated footage of his depravity, though, betrays a certain boastfulness about what he’d done. Any Russian patriot can execute a Ukrainian prisoner but how many are “fierce” enough to rape a one-year-old?

I bet he was surprised to have been arrested rather than commended. Hopefully he’ll end up back on the battlefield, as I’m sure the Ukrainians are looking for him.

That’s the worst allegation of rape in Ukraine I’ve seen in the past week but there’s no shortage of others.

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How Ukrainian Women Will Suffer by Julie Bindel

How Ukrainian Women Will Suffer by Julie Bindel

(Link): How Ukrainian Women Will Suffer by Julie Bindel


It’s not just Russian men waiting to exploit them

by Julie Bindel
March 8, 2022

Suddenly, images of Ukrainian women are all over the internet. Most of them are mothers, fleeing Russian convoys, carrying their children across borders.

Many of them are leaving husbands and brothers behind to fight.

But these heart-wrenching photographs, published by the mainstream media, are only part of the story. Ukrainian women will suffer in myriad ways before this war is over.

Pornhub has a new category: “Ukrainian girls and war rape videos”; it is dominated by Russian soldiers documenting disgustingly brutal crimes.

Domestic violence and street harassment have already spiked.

Female refugees are falling victim to pimps and traffickers; official channels — the police, hospitals, legal systems — won’t help them.

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Why Putin’s Desperate Push for More Russian Babies Will Fail

Why Putin’s Desperate Push for More Russian Babies Will Fail

I placed parts of the following article in bold-faced type.

Too often, a lot of people, religious conservatives in particular, shame people who cannot or do not marry and have children, whether it’s by circumstance or choice.

Too many religious conservatives, and a lot of progressive secular culture for many years, implied or outright stated if an adult didn’t marry (or have children) that there was something “wrong” with them, they were a loser, not a “true” adult, or were being selfish.

It is just quite irritating and insulting how so many people in many cultures the world over don’t treat adult singleness (or being childless or childfree) with respect.

Complementarian Christians in the United States have often tried to sell a “fairy tale” view off marriage, that if you just trust God, God will send you a great soul mate, and you will find nothing but happiness as a result.

(Those same Christians, though, will tell Christian women married to abusive Christian husbands that they cannot divorce their abuser!)

Christians also set up unrealistic expectations for sex in marriage. At least while I was growing up, and into the 1990s, a lot of Christians sold this bogus view that if you just hung on to your virginity that God would not only send you a great spouse, but you’d have regular and fantastic sex.

But witness those of us who remained sexually abstinent and yet still remain single, or those who married but ended up in sexually unsatisfying marriages.

I’m not opposed to Christians advocating for a traditional, Christian sexual ethos, but they need to stop making grand, sweeping claims and promises claiming that you will have a rosy (marital) future if you just remain chaste – because often, those promises do not come to pass.

I am not Russian, but if gender roles and gender expectations in Russia are anything like I’ve grown up with in the United States, it sounds like (based on a quote by a Russian woman I’ve included below) as though Russian culture – like American culture, especially Christian complementarians – expect women to place every one and every thing as a priority over what they, the women, want.

I am so tired of cultures the world over expecting that women defer to men generally, to what governments want, etc.

(Link): Why Putin’s Desperate Push for More Russian Babies Will Fail

Anna Nemtsova
Mon, September 6, 2021

Russia is facing a dire demographic crisis, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The country’s dramatic natural population decline in the past six months—more than double the rate from the same time period last year—is so severe that it prompted President Vladimir Putin to come out with a rallying cry in support of larger families last week. “A strong family bringing up two, three, or four children,” he said, “should be the image of a future Russia.”

Realizing this goal will be a Herculean task, for many reasons. No matter how conservative the country is made out to be on state television, the States Statistic Service reports that as of 2020 73 percent of Russian marriages ended in divorce, with 48 percent divorcing before having children.

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