Church Sues Zoom Over Being Zoom-Bombed By Porn During Church Zoom Services

Church Sues Zoom Over Being Zoom-Bombed By Porn During Church Zoom Services

Before I get to the links about the Zoom Church service being Zoom-bombed by porn, I’d like to say that not all Christians are pearl-clutchers about porn. (Some actually (Link): use porn themselves.)

Back when I was a very devout Christian, I did not look at porn myself, but neither was I terribly upset by it (nor do I use porn now).

I mean, yes, I think porn is degrading against people (especially women), so I do not approve of porn, but if I came across it then, I did not go into “pearl clutching mode” over it and get a case of the vapors and have to be revived by smelling salts.

And so, I really roll my eyes and despise the Non-Christians who think all Christians are easily upset by porn.

Those sorts of Non-Christians or snarky, progressive Christians (see Stephanie Drury or “Stuff Christian Culture Likes” -see link (Link): here or link (Link): here) think it’s really edgy, cool, funny, or witty to use dirty language, crack sex jokes, double entendres, or flash porn pictures at Christians, because they erroneously assume all Christians are naive little snowflakes who cannot cope outside of a G-rated, squeaky clean, goody two shoes bubble. They’d be wrong about that.

(Link): Zoom Sued by Church for Bible Class Hijacked by ‘Sick’ Porn

(Link): Bible class Zoombombed with ‘traumatizing’ porn, pedophilia, defecation videos: church

May 2020
by Nelson Oliveira

A California church has filed a class-action lawsuit against video-conferencing platform Zoom after a recent bible class was bombarded with a series of graphic videos depicting pornography, child abuse and even defecation.

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