China’s New Three Child Policy (May 2021)

China’s New Three Child Policy (May 2021)

I did a similar post to this one a few days ago – it turns out, it doesn’t matter if China relaxes its limits on number of children per family, because this article I read said many Chinese women are not interested in having children, and the ones who do feel they cannot, because it would jeporadize their careers, etc

(Link): ‘Too much of a burden’: Chinese couples react to three-child policy

China has announced that couples will be permitted to have up to three children. What do couples think of the policy change?

‘Our parents lived for their children, we live for ourselves’
Jia Shicong is a 31-year-old education project manager. She is married to Hu Xuancheng, also 31, an engineer. They have a baby girl who is one year and seven months old. They live in Xi’an, in central China

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