Preacher Stole Five Figures From Church To Pay off Young Mistress

Preacher Stole Five Figures From Church To Pay off Young Mistress

The article says he’s a married guy who was a preacher at a church.

So much for the Christian “be equally yoked” teaching, or the idea that married sex is so rewarding and fulfilling that married people won’t sexually stray.

(Link):  Missouri pastor stole more than $21,000 from church to pay hush money to young mistress: police by T. Gettys

  • A Missouri pastor is accused of stealing more than $21,000 from his church to pay off his 20-year-old mistress.
  • Ralph Sawyer was charged with a felony count of theft after prosecutors said he ripped off money from Lindsay Lane Missionary Baptist Church in Florissant, where he served as a pastor, (Link): reported KSDK-TV.
  • Prosecutors said the church treasurer discovered money missing from the congregation’s savings account and launched an investigation — which revealed Sawyer had used his church-issued ATM card to make 35 withdrawals in June and July totaling $21,727.50.
  • The 30-year-old Sawyer resigned Aug. 11 and turned himself in to police Sept. 1.

    Police said Sawyer admitted to beginning an extramarital affair with the woman in March, and he began paying her to keep quiet about the relationship after she began asking for money.

    Sawyer, who goes by “Drew,” remains held on a $25,000 cash-only bond.


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Mother Had Own Daughter Raped To Pay For Drugs

Mother Had Own Daughter Raped To Pay For Drugs

In the last few weeks, I’ve not been posting too much at this blog. During this time, I’ve seen several news stories of parents who have raped or murdered their own children, sometimes because they have mental problems, or they are selling the kid for drugs, or what have you. I don’t have time to blog on all those stories (I’d advise you to visit (Link): my Twitter page for the latest marriage, dating, and abuse stories.)

Social conservatives (of which I am one myself, though I don’t agree with them on every topic) and conservative Christians have repeatedly suggested or claimed that being a parent (or being married) matures a person, is more representational of God, and makes a person more loving and responsible. Here is another story which shows all that is biased hog-wash.

(Link): Mother Had Own Daughter Raped to Pay For Drugs

Thirty-year-old mom April Corcoran allegedly had her daughter (Link): raped in order to pay for heroin. Those are the charges made by Ohio prosecutors after indicting her on 27 felony counts.

 Those counts include “complicity in rape, complicity in gross sexual imposition, endangering children, and human trafficking,” according to the Cincinnati website.

Corcoran pleaded not guilty to the charges on Thursday, but is being held on a $5 million bond.There were two individual instances of rape for heroin, prosecutors say, claiming that one occurred in February 2014 and the other a few months later in June.The daughter of April Corcoran, who was not named for her own safety and protection, was reportedly just 11 years old at the time when her mom allegedly dropped her off at the home of a 41-year-old accused drug dealer named Shandell Willingham.

A report from USA Today reveals that Willingham will face one less charge than Corcoran (26). Among those charges: human trafficking, rape, and allegedly videotaping himself raping the little girl multiple times.

In comments to WCPO TV, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters called the case “sad beyond measure,” adding that instead of protecting her child, April Corcoran “saw her as a way to get drugs because the lure of heroin was apparently too strong.”


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(Link): Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

Selfish Married Woman Cheats on Husband Who Has Cancer, Goes Blind (Dear Abby)

Selfish Married Woman Cheats on Husband Who Has Cancer, Goes Blind (Dear Abby)

Married people sure are selfish sometimes.

This letter to Dear Abby blew me away.

I feel so bad for the husband (who is now deceased). Can you imagine being married to someone for 30 years, but your spouse spent all 30 years cheating on you, even though you were good to them, and you later developed cancer and went blind? I don’t think this woman ever really loved her husband.

That poor guy, in this lousy marriage. I wonder if he knew or suspected that his wife was having affairs and didn’t really love him?

How terrible – even if he didn’t know, this is still terrible. Why didn’t this bitch divorce him years before, so he could have been with a woman who would have loved him and appreciated him??

In light of stories like these, it’s time for Christians to stop teaching the utter lie that “marriage makes people mature, responsible, and more godly.” No, no it does not.

I’ve never married, but I would not treat someone the way this woman treated her husband.

  • My sister, “Margaret,” cheated on her husband for 30 years out of their 30-year marriage. Her husband had a visual impairment that led to blindness, and for the last 10 years he was completely dependent on her.
  • I’m the only one in the family she confided in about her affairs all these years. We’re both now in our 60s.
  •  Margaret’s husband died last year of cancer, and then her boyfriend left her because he wanted a real relationship and she did not. She was devastated about both events, but cannot let go of being rejected by her boyfriend.
  • I am sick and tired of hearing about this boyfriend and his and her choices. I never approved of how my sister lived her life. Margaret’s husband was a good man who would do anything for her. I recently suggested she speak to her grief counselor about this so she can find some peace in her life.
  • Now she tells me she has cut me completely out of her life, but she continues to send me nasty emails. She’s also bad-mouthing me to my brother and my children (who know nothing). How do I deal with this?

Abby told this woman to tell the brother everything and to delete any and all future emails from the sister.


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Married Virgin Asexual Woman Allows Her Husband To Have Sex with Other Women – Why Christians Need to Emphasize Sexual Self Control For Everyone, Not Just Teen Girls

The married virgin ‘repulsed’ by sex who encourages her ‘perfect’ husband to sleep with escorts while helping him to find a live-in lover

Asexuals are not the same thing as celibates. Asexuals either experience little sexual desire, or none. Celibates experience sexual urges but chose not to act upon them, or cannot, if they are single and believe sex prior to marriage is wrong.

I find it sad I need to explain this up front, but many Christians are very ignorant about celibacy and often confuse it with asexuality: they assume that celibates and virgins over 30 have no sexual desire or urges, or, many Christians assume that celibates find staying celibate easy breezy, that God has “gifted” older virgins so that the older virgin experiences no interest in or desire for sex – which is a wrong view. Totally wrong.

This also goes to show that married sex is not, as Christians teach, “mind blowing.” Christians try to offer incentives to people to stay virgins until marriage, one of which is, “Once you marry, the sex will be frequent and awesome.”

In this article, you have a virgin woman who is also asexual. She wants male companionship minus sexual activity, so she is allowing her husband to have sex with other women.

This is yet another reason why Christians need to emphasize that sexual self control and celibacy is for everyone, even married people, not just for teen-aged girls – but Christians, when they do bother to address the issues of virginity and sexual self control – often only frame it in terms of teen-aged girls. They do not usually remind married couples that they too need to practice sexual self-restraint.

I would also like to remind Christians that married couples do in fact engage in sexual sin. Often times, Christians think that marriage is a cure-all for sexual sin, that if only people marry and marry by the time they are 25 years old, that the couple will not fall into sexual sin.

Christians seem to assume that any and all un-married adults over the age of 25 or 30 are having hot panther sex with a different person every week, which is not so. Yes, our culture is sex saturated, and there is a lot of pre-marital boinking going on, but at the same time, there are people who are sexually abstaining.

The people who are over 25 and 30 and older -who are celibate or who are virgins- could use examples of themselves on television, in sermons, and in books, so they can see they are not alone, so they can have figures in the culture that represent their lifestyle who they can relate to.

Adult celibates and virgins could maybe use some encouragement at remaining chaste, but Christians give them none. All of the Christian community’s energy is directed at supporting “the nuclear family,” and defending “traditional marriage” from homosexual marriage advocates. There is next to no effort at giving practical or emotional support to adult celibates and adult virgins.

(Link) The married virgin ‘repulsed’ by sex who encourages her ‘perfect’ husband to sleep with escorts while helping him to find a live-in lover

As to the news story above. I do not agree with adultery (or “open marriages”) even if both partners agree to it or know about it in advance. I have posted several stories on this blog of married couples who “allow” their partner to cheat on them, or who are “swingers.” This whole thing is awful and makes a mockery out of marriage.

Excerpts from the article.

Asexual Woman Repulsed By Sex Allows Her Spouse to Sleep with Escorts

  • Erica Holloway, 30, has known that she was asexual since the age of 15
  • She and husband Andrew, 30, have been married since 2012 but have never had sex
  • IT consultant Andrew has slept with ten other women, including a number of professional escorts, since he married Erica  
  • In the one and a half years they have been married Andrew and Erica Holloway have never argued, have no secrets and are more in love today than the moment they met.
  • Yet incredibly this Melbourne-based couple, both aged 30, have never consummated their marriage – and Erica admits that she has no intention of ever doing so.
  • For while Andrew would love to rip his wife’s clothes off, Erica is in fact still a virgin and reveals to the Daily Mail Online that the very idea of making love to her husband is a complete turn off rather than a turn on.
  • ‘I wish I wanted to have sex with my husband,’ Erica, a graphic designer, explains.

    ‘But I don’t and I know I never will as, while I love him, the idea of sex repulses me.

    ‘We are still very affectionate with each other and love to hold hands and kiss and cuddle, but that’s as far as I could ever go.

    ‘People might think our marriage would be a disaster because of this, but we are as happy now as the day we met.’

    She added that she has known since the age of 15 that she was asexual, after realizing she had never felt sexually attracted to anyone.

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Man Beats Wife on Wedding Night After Failing to Get Her Dress Off

Man beats wife on wedding night after failing to get her dress off

(Link): Man beats wife on wedding night after failing to get her dress off

  • February 17, 2015 | 9:50am
  • It was a dream wedding, a romantic ceremony, with the bride looking resplendent in white.
  • Yet it turned into an abject nightmare for the beautiful bride, 22-year-old Amy Dawson.
  • After a delightful ceremony in St. Mary’s Church in the village of West Rainton in County Durham, England, the reception for Dawson and her new husband, her long-term partner and father of her child, Gavin Golightly, in nearby Beamish Hall was full of love and laughter.
  • Then, at 12:55 a.m. the following morning, the newlyweds decided to retire to bed and Dawson asked Golightly to help take off her wedding dress.
  • Instead, he attacked her and she thought she was going to die.
  • …. “The defendant then jumped up from his chair, approached Ms. Dawson and pushed her over.“He then sat on top of her and started punching her with clenched fists. He then got up and left the room. It appears that the defendant then came back to the room.”
  • …Dawson received a cut above her left eye and bruises to her face and chest.“When I first met Gavin, he was lovely, I couldn’t fault him,” Dawson told the Sunderland Echo.

    “He was caring and loving, and when we found we were having a baby, we were delighted.

  • ..Dawson, an accountancy student, has filed for divorce.
  • …“He means nothing to me now.”

Let’s Hear It For Family Values – Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA (small pet dog) jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA (small pet dog) jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

The article says this guy is married with two or three children, and was caught having sex with the family dog, who sustained injuries.

This man’s penis and nuts should be slowly sawed off with a rusty, ragged saw.

The dog should be adopted out to a family who won’t abuse him.

And who would want to be married to this kind of guy?

At any rate, many conservative and evangelical Christians like to harbor an illusion that by mere virtue of marrying and/or cranking out a few children, a person automatically becomes mature, responsible, godly, and loving.

In contrast, Christians teach that people who do not marry, or who are still single into their late 20s, and/or who are without children are immature, selfish, and/or sexual deviants.

Stories such as this once more prove that there is nothing intrinsic about parenting or marriage that causes a person to behave with compassion and dignity.

(Link): Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

Marc Gonzalez, 61, from Palm Beach County, to spend 100 days in jail

Abused dog on patio of house he shared with wife and three children

Dog bore ‘physical trauma’ from attack and repeatedly tried to escape 

    • A Florida man who was caught on tape having sex with his family’s chihuahua has been jailed.
    • Marc Ramon Gonzalez, 61, from Palm Beach County, was found out by his wife after she looked at security camera footage of her husband abusing the pet near the patio door.
    • He pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and sexual activity with an animal and received 100 days in jail along with 12 months’ probation, the county clerk’s office told Daily Mail Online.
    • Gonzalez shared his Wellington home with his wife and three young children and would often go out into their backyard .

      A police report about the incident, in November 2013, included testimony from a dog expert who said that the dog was constantly in an uncomfortably submissive posture, with his head and ears down while Gonzalez abused him and touched himself.

      Gonzalez’s wife then rushed outside and confronted her husband.

      The animal, which bore marks of physical trauma afterwards, tried to escape multiple times unsuccessfully and ‘did not like what was happening’.

  • The man originally pleaded not guilty before striking a deal with prosecutors.

    Sexual activity with an animal is a first degree misdemeanor in Florida, punishable by up to a year in prison or a $1,000 fine.

    Animal cruelty is also a first degree misdemeanor and punishable by a year in prison or up to a $5,000 fine.

    Cruelty that ‘results in the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering’ is a third degree felony and punishable by up to five years in prison.

    ‘We wish there was stronger laws. We wish people would immediately go to jail and stay there,’ Capt. Dave Walesky, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, told WPEC.

    ‘It just doesn’t make sense why people do things like that. There’s no reason to justify something like that,’ he said.

    Florida is the number one state for animal abuse crimes, according to

    The state officially passed a law banning bestiality in 2011, after many years without one.

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The Joy of Sex is Over – National Review

The Joy of Sex is Over – National Review

(Link): The Joy of Sex is Over – National Review


  • By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.11.26.14
  • Two stories of sexual assault, one relating the alleged assaults committed by a Hollywood icon at the dawn of the Sexual Revolution, the other relating a tale of alleged rape that was perpetrated two years ago, both in different stories on a major newspaper’s front page—I submit the Sexual Revolution is dead.
  • Yet what will replace it? The Sexual Utopians’ beliefs are still around.

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Mother Says in Interview: ‘I Wish I’d Aborted the Son I’ve Spent 47 Years Caring For’

Mother Says in Interview: ‘I Wish I’d Aborted the Son I’ve Spent 47 Years Caring For’

And how do stories like this fit with the usual conservative Christian propaganda that motherhood makes a woman more mature, godly, loving, and self-less? It does not.

Stories like this go to show that becoming a parent does not necessarily make a person better or more ethical or caring than a person who does not procreate.

(Link):  ‘I wish I’d aborted the son I’ve spent 47 years caring for’: It’s a shocking admission – but read on before you judge


Gillian Relf, 69, regrets having her son, Stephen, 47

Stephen was born with Down’s Syndrome and needs constant care 

She worries about what will happen to her son when she dies

The pilot had been very patient but, after an hour of the plane waiting on the Tarmac at Heathrow, with my son Stephen refusing to get up off the floor, sit in his seat and buckle up, our bags were removed from the hold and he was carried off the flight, my husband Roy and I walking, hot-cheeked and humiliated, behind.

Our family holiday to Greece would not be going ahead, after all.

And no, Stephen was not an obstreperous toddler when this happened. He was 45 years old. This embarrassing scene happened two years ago and the episode is just one of the many challenges we have faced since Stephen, our second child, was born with Down’s Syndrome.

….Perhaps you’d expect me to say that, over time, I grew to accept my son’s disability. That now, looking back on that day 47 years later, none of us could imagine life without him, and that I’m grateful I was never given the option to abort.

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