Couple Die of Covid, Leaving Behind Newborn and Five Children

Couple Die of Covid, Leaving Behind Newborn and Five Children

Such a sad story. Condolences to the family and friends of the couple.

For those of you who may visit this blog every so often – especially if you’re an unmarried adult who wanted to marry (and maybe have children too), but you find yourself single (and childless) into your 30s, 40s, or older, I think news stories like this one are eye opening.

Just because some people do marry (and have children) doesn’t mean it’s a happy life or a happy ending.

I have more news stories on my blog (see “Related Posts” below) of people who died shortly before or right after getting married! I have news stories of people who died in a car crash on their way to their own wedding and so on.

Here’s a couple who each died shortly within one another, not long after the wife gave birth.

I feel particularly bad for the children – to grow up with neither parent. 

And really, Christians who “hype” marriage (and parenthood) way too much, to the point they shame singles for being single and not having children – such as Al Mohler – need to stop doing so (as they sometimes do) by falsely painting this picture of “most to all of your problems in life will be solved if you just marry and have children.”

(Link): California couple die of Covid and leave behind 5 kids, including newborn daughter

September 13, 2021
by William Wong

Daniel Macias wanted to wait until he and his wife, Davy Macias, recovered from the coronavirus before naming their newborn daughter.

But about a week after giving birth, the mother died of Covid-19 complications. And nearly two weeks after she died, so did her husband.

Davy Macias was 37, and Daniel Macias was 39, Terri Serey, Davy Macias’ sister-in-law, told NBC News on Monday.

The couple, both of Yucaipa, California, left behind five children, ages 7, 5, 3, 2 and 3 weeks.

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Designer Baby Revolution: Can We Outlaw Sexual Reproduction?

Designer Baby Revolution: Can We Outlaw Sexual Reproduction?

(Link): Designer Baby Revolution: Can We Outlaw Sexual Reproduction?

By Cameron English — August 30, 2021

Could governments mandate that we quit reproducing sexually for the sake of public health? It sounds outlandish, but there are prominent thinkers making that case.

Their argument is superficially plausible but ultimately absurd, both for scientific and ethical reasons.

…. However this particular dispute ends, the opposing sides and the underlying point of contention, who controls your body, aren’t going anywhere soon.

The reason is that advances in health care are enabling physicians to identify the genetic underpinnings of serious diseases and take preventative measures before their patients suffer the debilitating effects of these disorders.

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Regarding: ‘Imagine Thinking the Holy Spirit Will Protect You from Covid but Not from CRT’ – some thoughts

Regarding: ‘Imagine Thinking the Holy Spirit Will Protect You from Covid but Not from CRT’ – some thoughts

So, there’s this guy named Scott something- or- other (surname Coley?) who I muted or blocked on Twitter about a year ago, but sometime recently, Julie-Anne retweeted him (on her Twitter account). I don’t know if I can find his tweet again.

Every so often, this Scott guy posts something critical of Christian Gender Complementarianism I agree with, but I often find his bashing or mocking of conservatives or Trump-voting evangelicals on other issues to be hypocritical, condescending, or smug.

He may not come right out and name names, but it’s usually pretty obvious that his barbs are aimed squarely at “Trump evangelicals,” or any Christian church or group that is not progressive.

The tweet I saw recently via Julie Anne by this guy said something like this (link to Tweet):

‘Imagine Thinking the Holy Spirit Will Protect You from Covid but Not CRT’

Please note that sometimes leftists and liberals refer to CRT (Critical Race Theory) under other monikers, including “Culturally Responsive Education.” It’s all the same thing, just under different labels.

First of all, as I just posted the other day to this blog:

(Link, this blog): Secular Americans Less Likely Than Evangelicals to be Vaccinated: Poll


(Link, off site): Black Vaccine Hesitancy Rooted in Mistrust, Doubts

(Link, off site): Why Some Black and Latinx People Are Reluctant to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

(Link, off site): Only 28% of young black New Yorkers are vaccinated, some fear the government is experimenting on them

So, the reporting is showing at this time that the vaccine holdouts are not, by and large, Republicans, evangelicals, whites, and/or Trump voters.

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A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart

A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart

Ha ha ha haaaaa! And marriage-idolaters such as Al Mohler, and secular and Christian “pro nuclear family” organizations like to assure me, and try to brainwash me, to believe that marriage makes people more mature, giving, and ethical – and that it will “fix” society! LOL!

Marriage-idolater Bradford Wilcox has written articles in the past year to try to convince people that marriage makes people weather the Covid-19 virus fall out better than singleness.

Please understand, though, that the following is from left-leaning Huffington Post, and they will, of course, as liberals and leftists do, try to portray anyone who may have legitimate fears or concerns of coronavirus vaccines as being “conspiracy” crackpot kooks.

(This, from the same people who said when Trump was in office, that they’d not use any vaccines that were rushed out under or by the Trump admin. For example, see this CBS news article or this one from CNN. You liberals and Democrats have not been consistent on this vaccine situation.
You liberals and Democrats were against the vaccines before you were sniping at conservatives to hurry up and get vaccinated already.)

(Link): A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart

“He said if I take the vaccine I could pack my bags and leave his kids here.”
by Jesselyn Cook

For Lucy, a 59-year-old metastatic breast cancer patient from Washington state, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 was a matter of life and death.

After undergoing aggressive chemotherapy for months, the coronavirus almost certainly would have killed her.

Yet as relief washed over her upon receiving her final Pfizer dose in March, she knew she’d have to keep it to herself. Her husband had begged her not to get the shot.

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