BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

The horrific, obnoxious, horribly sexist and insensitive views towards white women rape victims, as reported further below, is a product of Identity Politics, Critical Social Theory (including CRT, Critical Race Theory), and supporting and advocating concepts such as “white privilege,” and “Intersectional Feminism,” and constantly demonizing white women.

Long before I had ever heard of the neo-Marxist Critical Social Theories (such as CRT), I was seeing, years ago, what seemed to be far left liberals placing people into groups and assign stations to them, so that white people were at the very bottom ladder of concern, with black people and transgender people being at the top. I did a (Link): blog post about that.

I also became alarmed at the acceptance, in American culture, of leftists bashing, attacking, and harassing white women for being white – this was something that started around the year 2020.

This started with culture dubbing any woman who refuses to be a docile doormat with the name “Karen,” and escalated last year to some black people harassing white women, following those women home, verbally antagonizing them, all the while filming these incidents on cell phones, hoping to shame these women.

One example that comes to mind of that is (Link): Karlos Dillard, a black man who harassed a white woman.

See also:
(Link): ‘White man been profiting for years:’ [Black] Seattle man who filmed himself accusing sobbing [white] woman who said she had ‘a black husband’ of calling him the n-word defends selling T-shirts from it

(Link): Gay Black man behind viral “Karen” [white lady] video has a history of filming women, accusing them of racism)

Leftists and other assorted Trump haters blamed and sneered at white women for the 2016 Trump win, something I blogged about (Link): previously.

Now, we’re at a stage where Leftists, who adhere to all this “intersectional feminism,” woke, social warrior justice, critical theories shit, are advising white women who are raped by any “person of color” not to report their rapist to the police, because to do so would be racist and a mark of white privilege (never mind that Europe also already has a (Link): huge problem of Muslim migrant men raping white Europeans girls; they are called “grooming gangs”)

(Link): Oxfam LGBT paper blames “privileged white women” for male sexual violence

An Oxfam staff training document compiled by the charity’s LGBT network has claimed mainstream feminism supports “the root causes of sexual violence”

The ‘Learning About Trans Rights and Inclusion’ document alleges that “privileged white women” support the causes of male sexual violence by wanting “bad men” fired or imprisoned, legitimising criminal punishment which the authors imply leads to sexual violence.

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The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

(There are links to critiques or rebuttals below of the concept of “White Fragility”)

This whole post is another big case study in why I can never, ever be a liberal.

I was saying in a post or two in months past on this blog that liberals have thrown women under the bus, especially white women.

Liberals -(edit: as well as Marxists, socialists, Critical Race Theory advocates, and Black Lives Matter group supporters)- (Link): really dislike white people, but they dislike white women most of all, especially white women who are hetero, cis, and who are conservative and/or who vote Republican.

Over a year ago, I meant to do a blog post on the topic of “intersectionality” but never got around to it – I should have done it, because sometimes, hatred of caucasian women is done under the auspices of this feminist concept.

If you would like, you can read Wikipedia’s page that offers an explanation on (Link): what Intersectionality is.

On the one hand, a lot of liberals claim to stand for equality, they say they are opposed to sexism, but, they have a “pecking order” of victim groups, where some groups are more worthy of their protection than others – and white, cis, hetero women (especially who vote Republican) are at the very bottom.

That is to say, as I’ve (Link): explained before, if the concerns or needs of one favored liberal pet group clashes with that of white/ cis/ hetero women, the liberals will always, always, throw the women (especially if white / cis) “under the bus.” It’s creepy as hell.

Not only are white women subjected to sexism by all men, but they’ve been attacked or marginalized by all these other factions (which are usually liberal).

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