Sex Robots Could Soon Feel Sensations ‘Just Like Humans’ After Creepy ‘Printed Skin’ Developed Giving A Sense of Touch

Sex Robots Could Soon Feel Sensations ‘Just Like Humans’ After Creepy ‘Printed Skin’ Developed Giving A Sense of Touch

(Link): Sex robots could soon feel sensations ‘just like humans’ after creepy ‘printed skin’ developed giving a sense of touch

by June 8, 2022
By Chris Bradford, The Sun

Sex robots could start to experience human-like sensations after scientists developed a new piece of artificial intelligence technology.

Researchers in California have created a printed skin that could see robots feel senses such as touch.

The technology is part of a robotic platform that connects to sensors attached to human skin.

Scientists are hoping humans will be given more control over robots while also being protected from hazards.

Researchers believe it will allow robots to sense temperature and whether chemicals are toxic, according to the California Institute of Technology.

Wei Gao, an assistant professor of medical engineering at Caltech, asked: “Can we also make them sense chemical like explosives and nerve agents or biohazards like infectious bacteria and viruses?”

The skin is made from a hydrogel that’s designed to make the fingertips of robots more like humans.

Scientists say that there will be sensors inside the hydrogel which makes it easier for robots to detect what’s around them.

Researchers added: “These sensors are literally printed onto the skin in the same way that an inkjet printer applies text to a sheet of paper.”

Gao thinks developers have demonstrated a “proof of concept” but he wants to continue developing the skin.

He wants to improve its durability so it can last longer, as well as its stability.

… Nearly 84 percent of people in the world own a smartphone, a survey reveals, and the devices are becoming something we can’t live without.

David Levy, a doctor of social robotics, thinks AI robots will fully integrate into human’s social and sex lives in decades to come.

He thinks sex robots would help people who don’t have access to sexual partners because of a variety of factors such as age, health, or “level of conventional attractiveness.”

But, critics claim the accessibility would breed social isolation as robots would be an easier option than humans.

Humans don’t always choose the easiest option, MacArthur said.

He said: “We default to variety, and this is also how we advance our lives and our careers – by choosing hard over easy by ourselves.”


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