Depressing Testimony: “I Was A Stripper but Jesus Sent Me A Great Christian Husband”

Depressing Testimony: “I Was A Stripper but Jesus Sent Me A Great Christian Husband”

I’ve discussed these types of testimonies before. The ones about women who worked as prostitutes or strippers, or who admit to being very sexually promiscuous and knowing all that was a sin (in some but not all cases), but they say that God later sent them a great Christian husband.

Meanwhile, you have droves of women such as myself who have never worked as stripper, never appeared in pornos, never worked as call girls, who are still virgins into our 40s and have never been married, despite spending years petitioning God for a spouse.

These testimonies by former strippers who end up with great husbands are meant to convey God’s grace, or that people get second chances, but the end result – for me anyway- is to suggest there is no sense or purpose in practicing biblical standards of sexuality.

These testimonies also remind me of all the ones about people who prayed for a healing from cancer (or whatever condition) and were instantly healed. Meanwhile, I have had Christian family members and loved ones who I prayed for, yet they died of cancer and other issues.

Here is the interview with the former stripper who says Jesus sent her a great Christian husband, and note that The 700 Club, the site that produced this story, has this categorized as an “Amazing Story” on their web page.

Will I ever see The 700 Club show do an interview with an adult virgin such as myself and file it under “an amazing” story? Probably not, because Christians prefer stories of women that worked as harlots to women who have stayed sexually pure over their lives:

(Link):  Meleah Jones: A Stripper Comes Clean

May 2015

By Audra Smith

Meleah Jones’ parents divorced when she was five-years-old. By the time she was ten, her mother had remarried.  Then Meleah’s stepfather began to sexually abuse her

…“I ended up running away when I was 12. I just knew I didn’t want to go home, I didn’t want to go home. I hated it. I began to drink and use drugs, hanging out with the wrong people.”

….It wasn’t long before she moved out of her father’s house. She drifted from relationship to relationship. When she became pregnant she quit school.

“I had my daughter at the age of 17 and I raised her by myself. I didn’t have any help. She has never met her real dad. I was trying to be both the mother and the father, which was very hard.”

“I felt that because I quit school I was helpless and worthless. I couldn’t find a job. I couldn’t make enough money to ever have anything. I thought, this was my life and nothing was ever going to change.”

Then a friend told Meleah a way to make big money, at night.

“It was at a strip club. So I decided to try it and I believe I was 17 when I first started. So I went from one club where I could make $200 a night to the next place where I could make $1000 a night. I was getting deeper into drugs and I was getting caught up in the money. It was awful.”

…Meleah went to jail twice; the first time after a drug bust, the second time after a fight broke out in the club.

“After that, I had hit rock bottom. I knew deep down that there was something else out there for me; like, this can’t be my life. I was a stripper and a single mom. I was tired of it.”

“I drank all the time. Then I got introduced to pills. There were ways to get prescriptions. People knew people. I decided to go to the doctor and fake my pain.”

“I went to a new doctor and this doctor was very different. When I went back there and told him that I was in pain and all this stuff was going on, I believe that he could see right through me. He told me that there were a closet full of drugs that he could give me, but he couldn’t guarantee that would work; but that he could guarantee that Jesus Christ would work for me.”

A few months later she went to church with her mother, who had become a Christian. Her mother had recently divorced Meleah’s stepfather and moved to Nashville.

“The preacher said if there is anybody here that had never accepted Jesus Christ in your life as Lord and Savior I want you to pray with me right now. I prayed that prayer and the peace of God just came over me. I just remember feeling relief like burdens had been lifted; something happened to me that day.”

“I went through my whole house and I decided to get rid of all the high heels, all the stripper outfits, everything. I just cleaned house. Anything that I felt that God did not want in my house I got rid of. I just made the decision that day and said I’m never doing back.”

“I just got on my knees in the middle of the living room floor, and I said, ‘God, just come into my life and take over; just come in and take over.”

“After I prayed the prayer and accepted Jesus into my life, I met Brian two weeks later. I just knew as soon as I met him; I just knew he was from God. He was the first person I met that was flat out in love with Jesus. He just kept saying, ‘I love Jesus.’ I just knew he was for me.”

I’ve got the best husband in the world, in my opinion. I’ve got a daughter and a son, two beautiful healthy children.

We teach a Sunday school class. God has been using us and it is just amazing that he would even want to use someone like me that has done such horrible things and all the guilt and shame and the embarrassment of things that I have done.”

“He is the healer. He’s the God of restoration. If he will do it for me, I know He will do it for whoever else is out there hurting that has been in my shoes.”

“Once you surrender your life to Him, it’s just blessing after blessing. He will give you the desires of your heart.”
—- end —-

That is really nice and everything, but I’ve known Jesus my entire life, am still a virgin past the age of 40, never worked as a stripper, and yet I am still single.

I have no idea why God, if he exists, apparently rewards strippers and porn stars with spouses but women who obeyed and followed Him over their entire lives get bupkiss didley squat in terms of marriage.

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4 thoughts on “Depressing Testimony: “I Was A Stripper but Jesus Sent Me A Great Christian Husband””

  1. Remember, while the church is full of frustrated single women, the internet is full of frustrated married men.

  2. I know a girl Magda, who had at least 10 abortions, had sex with several border guards to get out of Eastern Europe when it was Communist and many more immoral things. She did all these things while a Christian. She ended up marrying the best Christian guy in town. In the same town at that time there were many Godly, Prov 31 girls in ministries serving God and remaining single. I asked the Lord about it and this is what I believe I heard. She was not rewarded by getting married and the Godly women were not punished by not getting married. These things really have nothing to do with God rewarding or punishing. God wanted the Godly women to find godly husbands. What happened is only explained by human choices, not be God’s actions. The man who chose her was 21 and she was 31. They ended up meeting at school. There were far better choices for wives than she was. He had very little experience with women and chose her because she was in the right place at the right time, nothing else. Luck and human choices, nothing to do with God. She was not the best choice for him, the other women were more godly, this is not a judgment, just a fact. God allows men to make their own choices but it doesn’t mean it is his will or even a good choice. Those other women deserved a good husband, more than Magda did. That is a fact.
    He made a choice that maybe he later regretted as he grew older, became more experienced and saw the other more godly women. Maybe not. The truth of the matter is that God allows people to make choices. He made a bad choice and she was very lucky. She was in the right place at the right time. The other women were not lucky. God wants all godly women to find godly husbands, not many men chose to follow God and make bad choices. So God doesn’t have men to provide for godly husbands.. That affects us all negatively. God allows us to exercise our free will.

  3. Actually, there’s another sinister side to this testimony. Why weren’t all the other nice girls who kept themselves pure not good enough for the guy this woman married? Odds are, he was surrounded by such women, and he ignored them. He went for the ex-stripper instead, who obviously must have been very pretty to look at.

    I’ve seen it over and over in every church I’ve been to. The guys always hold out for someone more exotic to walk through the church doors rather than give the women who already go to that church a fair chance. I’m so sick of it. Can’t they at least give the godly women they’re surrounded by a chance? But they never do.

    Once again, you are punished if you do things right, and rewarded if you do things wrong. I’ve come to realize that Christian men don’t really want a Proverbs 31 woman. They ignore them constantly in favor of exotic beauty, even if that beautiful woman did wrong, while the more average woman did everything right.

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