Affairs Don’t Start with Texts – via guest authors at Tim’s blog

Affairs Don’t Start with Texts – via guest authors at Tim’s blog

I agree with the following post. I have done several posts here on my own blog about the issues it addresses.

As a never-married woman, I have found myself treated with suspicion by Christians, especially married couples, because the church teaches them to sexualize all women. Single women quite often end up ostracized in Christian circles due to being sexually objectified by things such as the “Billy Graham Rule,” which says all women are sexual temptations to be avoided.

(Link): Affairs Don’t Start with Texts – via guest authors at Tim’s blog


In this guest post, Sarah Taras and Jon Wymer respond to Relevant Magazine’s article Is It OK for Married People to Text the Opposite Sex.

Conversation Doesn’t Equate to Infidelity

It’s not helpful to assume that conversation between a woman and a man leads to sex. Would there be less sex if men and women didn’t talk?

…We’ve created a whole new set of problems by teaching our fellow believers to treat every one-on-one interaction with the opposite sex as a potential sexual encounter. This is a distortion of God’s design in creation.

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The Real Bully: Not Tolerating and Misrepresenting Trump Voters and All Who Are Concerned About Islamic Terrorism Via Refugee Programs

The Real Bully: Not Tolerating and Misrepresenting Trump Voters and All Who Are Concerned About Islamic Terrorism Via Refugee Programs

The woman whose blog post I am addressing is guilty of the very things she accuses others of. The irony.

I am not positive, but I believe the following was written by the same woman who I had to un-follow or mute on Twitter over her non-stop ‘Never Trump’ ranting several months ago (and/or she Tweeted me several times disagreeing with my links to news stories about Islamic refugees who had raped women or killed people). (I believe she is on Twitter here (Link): @MYsongofpraise )

I am neither strongly for or against Trump.

I did not like Trump’s sexist comments or behavior, as reported in the media. I do think that gender complementarian Christians should have spoken out more forcefully against Trump’s sexism than they did.

In my view, some who support Trump go over board, but then, so do people who are opposed to Trump.

You have Trump supporters who get vitriolic over the mildest criticisms of Trump or his policies, and they seem to feel Trump is the second coming of Jesus and can walk on water and do no wrong.

On the other hand, Liberal Anti- Trumpers and conservative Never Trumpers are equally bad, but in the opposite direction – they behave as though Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler, which he is most certainly not (and the non-stop comparisons by them of Trump to Hitler cheapens the horror of the Holocaust).

Here is the person and blog post I am responding to (I will include excerpts from the post further below):

(Link): Watchblogging and #evangelicalbetrayal – from the “On Hope” blog, the URL contains the phrase “atckmelodythoughts”

The individual who is behind that blog post – I shall refer to her as “Hope” (is her name Melody?) – describes herself as a moderate conservative.

If I remember correctly, and unless I am confusing her with another person, I followed “Hope” on Twitter several months ago ((Link): @MYsongofpraise ) ) but had to un-follow her, as she is a rabid Never-Trumper. The frequent anti-Trump rants, and their companion worst-case assumptions of Trump supporters or Trump voters, got tiresome to read.

This blogger is (again, assuming this is the same person I encountered on Twitter months ago), very naive concerning Islamic-motivated terrorism in Western nations.

She’s the sort who wants Americans (and others) willy nilly accepting refugees from Islamic nations, without seemingly caring about the possible negative ramifications involved.

She thinks it’s mean, cruel, or un-Christlike to exercise caution and prudence into accepting migrants, refugees, and immigrants into one’s nation. We’re supposed to allow touchie-feelie, bleeding heart sentiments over-ride caution and good sense in regards to national security.

In her (Link): blog post, she says (and note: she is talking about President Donald J. Trump in the following paragraph):

Christians have now been effectively divided by the worst kind of reviler [she refers to Trump], and those who support him despite his pattern of public abuses [she refers again to Trump] are even proud of doing so, and censure those who won’t.

The very watchbloggers [she is likely meaning Deb and Dee of the Wartburg Watch blog] who cared about exposing evil are silent in the face of ongoing public abuse of journalists, attacks on alleged abuse victims, and humiliating by proxy of free thinkers who dare to speak truth to power or simply ask questions.  They don’t seem to realize these abusive attacks ultimately endanger their own freedom of speech or ability to combat abuse.

—(end excerpt)—

I saw Hope (or Melody) leave a post at WW (Wartburg Watch) recently, complaining in a round-about way that the ladies behind WW, Deb and Dee, were not supporting abuse victims because they do not permit political argumentation to occur on their blog.

I really do not see the connection there, and I’m not a dummy.

I fail to see how prohibiting regular or full-scale political debate on one’s spiritual abuse blog is somehow the same thing as facilitating the cover-up of something like, say, child rape by pastors.

I don’t always visit WW consistently, but if I am following developments correctly from what I have seen lately, another WW visitor named David (who has his own blog) apparently left posts critical of Trump (or some political figure) on the WW blog, which Deb and Dee later removed (as is their policy). “Hope” (also known as Melody) seems quite upset by this.

Deb and Dee of The Wartburg Watch blog usually choose to focus on subjects such as child abuse that is covered up by churches, and on spiritual abuse conducted by Christian churches – which is their prerogative, as it is their blog.

When “Hope” complains at WW, and there on her own blog, about “watch bloggers” (meaning, the women at Wartburg Watch blog) supposedly not caring about “exposing evil” and other such melodramatic references – due to their rule about not wanting political debates to take place in their comments section, as politics is not the focus on their blog or mission – she is really just upset that WW is not an Anti-Trump venue or is not promoting a “Never Trump” position on their blog. That’s what it boils down to.

First of all, it’s highly presumptuous  of Hope / Melody to insist that Deb and Dee (the women behind WW blog) should blog to suit her. It’s their blog, they get to call the shots.

If Hope feels so strongly about Trump, why doesn’t she start her own blog and post Anti Trump content all day?

Secondly, Hope presumes without proving.

She is (I can only take it), referring to Trump in the paragraphs above, as though he is a monster who is going to send all American journalists off to the ovens and jail any dissenters. The man has been in office for a month or two now, and none of that has happened.

The worst the guy (Trump) does is Tweet his disagreements with journalists on his Twitter account, hardly something to hyperventilate about.

I want to reiterate here that I’m not strongly for or against Trump – which makes me a hell of a lot more objective than Hope or than most “Trump Trainers,” anti Trumpers, or Never Trumpers out there.

On her blog, (Link): she writes:

Lately, it is the atheists, who are the ones who see clearly and truly tell it as it is.  The Christians in other countries who see this may rightfully wonder why we send them missionaries, when the American church acts like spoilt brats complaining of danger while rejecting those fleeing war.  If it is for freedom and love that Christ has set us free, why are American evangelicals some of the most miserly and cruel?  How is it that they are so easily turned against their neighbor?

–(end excerpt)–

And those dangers posed by refugees that folks are concerned about are in fact very real, they exist (links to follow, farther below, as this post goes on) – not like your souped up crazed paranoia that Trump is going to shoot all journalists in their faces for publishing critical pieces of him.

The Bible says you are not to bear false witness against your neighbor. But here Hope is, distorting the views of those who disagree with her.

Hope is misrepresenting the motives and views of those who don’t share her warm ‘n fuzzy “accept all refugees from Islamic nations” mindset, or her hatred and suspicion of President Trump.

Concerning Trump, some who voted for the guy did so in SPITE of the man’s sexism, not because of it. For her to sit there on her blog and on Twitter and act as though everyone who voted for him did so due to nefarious motives is deceitful and uncharitable on her part.

Here is an essay by a liberal woman who voted for Trump, where she implores the Trump haters, such as Hope, to stop bashing her and undestand WHY she voted for Trump:

(Link): Liberals [and conservative Never Trumpers] Should Stop Ranting and Seek Out Silent Trump Voters Like Me

I am an urban, millennial woman, and I voted for Trump. Now, I’m afraid to explain my reasoning to an angry, vitriolic left that will not listen to me.

—(end quote)—

 You know who the bully is? People such as Hope who scold, shame, and browbeat folks who didn’t vote the way she thinks they should have.

The actual bully here is the one who argues that any one who doesn’t walk lock-step with her concerning Trump or refugee policies is evil, supports evil, or loves abuse, and is not “Christian enough.”

You, Hope (a k a “Melody”), are actually behaving towards your philosophical and political opponents the way you accuse THEM and Trump of acting.

You were even using your Twitter account as a bully pulpit to snipe at folks – similar to what Trump does with his Twitter account. Let that sink in and chew on it for awhile.

These passages are applicable (Romans 14)-

Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand.

One person considers one day more sacred than another;another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord. Whoever eats meat does so to the Lord, for they give thanks to God; and whoever abstains does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God.

(end excerpt)

That could be re-stated as:

One Christian considers Hillary Clinton more sacred than Trump; another considers Trump more sacred (or less evil) than Clinton. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. Whoever regards one political candidate as special does so as to the Lord.

(end quote)

Concerning refugees and Islam.

I happen to be concerned about the safety of American citizens, which means, I support limits on refugee /  migrant / immigrant numbers, and making sure that those who do obtain access are here LEGALLY and are thoroughly vetted.

None of that makes me cruel, heartless, or a great big “meanie.”

“Loving your neighbor as yourself” does not mean setting aside prudence, safety, or common sense.

“Loving your neighbor as yourself” does not mean leaving your car doors unlocked when you go out shopping so a thief can steal your car. It does not mean leaving your home’s doors unlocked and windows wide open so a burglar can sneak in and steal your television set or slit your throat.

“Loving your neighbor as yourself” does not mean being a codependent doormat and a push-over.

“Loving your neighbor as yourself” does not mean allowing heart- tugging photos of dead toddler refugee children washed up on a beach over-ride practical cautions or national security measures on behalf of the still-living who have no desire to get blown up by Muslim radicals because you are weepy or concerned with how we look to foreigners.

Get a grip.

Further, I don’t give a rat’s ass how these views of mine as a U.S. citizen on this issue are regarded by left wingers in France, Germany, or Scandinavia – areas, by the way, which have Muslim refugees who have been groping and raping European little boys and adult women.

Where is Hope’s compassion or concern for VICTIMS of Islamic based terrorism and sexual assault, some of which is carried out by Refugees from Islamic nations?

I am more nervous about an ISIS member sneaking into the U.S.A. from among Refugees than I am about anything Trump may Tweet from his Twitter account tomorrow.

The following is more alarming than Trump, or just about anything Trump says or does
(by the way, if memory serves, and unless I am confusing her with another woman I had a run-in with on Twitter, Hope – also known as Melody – has a nasty, intellectually dishonest habit of refusing to accept news reports from any news source that conflicts with her views of the world – how very convenient for her):

(Link): U.S. mistakenly granted citizenship to hundreds of immigrants

(Link): US Government Mistakenly Grants Citizenship to Hundreds of Immigrants

(Link):  Flaws in Fingerprint Records Allowed Hundreds to Become U.S. Citizens

(Link):  DHS granted citizenship to hundreds of illegal immigrants from terrorist countries

(Link):  Report: U.S. Government Erroneously Granted Citizenship to 858 Immigrants With Deportation Orders

(Link):  Watchdog: Feds wrongly granted citizenship to hundreds facing deportation

 (Link): More than 800 immigrants with pending deportation orders mistakenly granted U.S. citizenship

(Link):  DHS: 858 illegals were granted US citizenship by mistake, ‘but the problem could be even worse’

(Link): N.Y.-area bombings raise immigrant screening concerns

Hope writes on her blog,

The seeds that led to this evangelical betrayal were sown in the willingness to cover up sexual abuses of the most vulnerable and precious people so the show could go on, and in the superior attitudes that lead to world missions that spread Americanity and lack humility.  (Again, remember I have personal experience of this subculture, and I have not lost my faith because God is both good and love.)

The callousness that it takes to condemn the innocent has manifested itself in a culturally acceptable callousness that hates and rejects innocent victims of war for the religion they were born into overseas.

Those 10,000 plus refugee kids that are missing in Europe apparently don’t matter to watchbloggers equal to American children, or to the “prolife,” equal to unborn American babies.  And the same folk who reject all Muslims, send out missionaries and thank servicemembers and their spouses, as if they really care about our emotional or physical safety.


I frame this as a betrayal because that is the best description of how this has gone down for those of us Christians, from whatever perspective, who stood against this insidious bullyculture.

…Many of them reading this won’t be able to get past the fact I frame it this personally- that I see fit to judge them on their character according to their actions and attitudes.  Their feelings being hurt is more of an issue to them than getting to and speaking the truth responsibly when human lives are at stake.

—(end excerpts)—

I come from a military family. Several of my family members are military.

If you don’t believe that some or most Muslims are terrorists, than how can you argue that discussing the relation between Islam and terrorism can entice a Muslim overseas to kill your military husband?

In other words, if your world-view is correct and there is no link between terrorism and Islam (i.e. all Muslims are innocent as little doves and don’t want to murder “infidels”), it should not matter if folks like me ring the alarm bell that allowing Islamic refugees into a nation may raise the possibility of more terror attacks.

If Americans and Christians ceased talking or posting about Islam and terrorism, it would not halt Islamic terror attacks. -You do realize that, right?

One reason the radical Muslims want to kill us is simply because we are not Muslims. They want to take over the world for Allah, to establish a Caliphate. Therefore, whether we tweet about how terrible they are or not and how they are terrorists is not going to sway them either way.

If Christians didn’t care about Muslims at all, then why oh why are they indeed sending missionaries out to convert them? Muslims who convert to Christianity are less likely to blow up civilians in the name of Jesus than the name of Allah. Isn’t that a good thing?

How bullying of you to insist bloggers blog to YOUR dictates and YOUR PET CAUSES.

How vomitous and callous of you not to give a damn, or take into serious consideration, the possibility of Americans (and other Westerners) being run over by cars, knifed, shot, or blown up by Islamic terrorists – some of whom have stated that they will seek to enter other nations via Refugee programs?

This is reality, sweet pea (you can Google and find many more news reports confirming this):

(Link):   Islamic State finds success infiltrating its terrorists into refugee flows to West

(Link):  ISIS fighters attempt to blend in with surging level of refugees leaving Mosul

(Link):   ‘Just wait…’ Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe

I guess Hope (Melody) does not care about the children (and women) being raped or groped by Islamic refugees and immigrants, such as:

(Link):  Cover-up: The Swedish Left’s Sacrifice of Women to Political Correctness

(Link):  ‘Easy Meat.’ Britain’s Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up

LONDON — Some scandals are so massive that they’re simply hard to believe. As many as one million white English children may have been the victims of Muslim rape gangs, better known as grooming gangs, in towns up and down Great Britain.

(Link):  Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in a ‘sexual emergency’ has his conviction overturned because the Austrian court ‘didn’t prove he realised the boy was saying no’ 

(Link):  Man [Islamic refugee] who raped 10-year-old boy at swimming pool in Austria has sentence overturned by Supreme Court

(Link):   Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control

Suppression of data about migrant rapes is “Germany-wide phenomenon.

(Link): Swedish women start ‘vigilante’ patrols at swimming pools after reports of sexual assaults by refugees

  (Link):   Germany tells refugees don’t touch women at pools

Where is Hope’s concern over these innocent women and children being raped or fondled by Islamic refugees? I guess she doesn’t love her neighbor as herself – how completely vomitous of her.

How dare Hope betray the populations of nations such as the USA, Germany, Sweden, and Great Britain.

And why is it Deb and Dee’s responsibility to turn their WW blog into a Pro-Refugee, Anti-Trump resource? That is pretty arrogant of her to demand or expect that or act like a petulant child when they won’t go along with that.

It’s also pretty arrogant to assume that their chosen focus – spiritual abuse in American / Western churches – somehow translates to them not caring about anyone outside of the United States? Maybe they do care but just choose not to highlight those particular topics on their blog.

Here is an editorial cartoon for Hope (via Twitter) –note: there is further commentary below this image:


The woman behind that blog, Hope (aka “Melody”) is quite presumptuous and sanctimonious.

Regarding this comment by Hope (source):

“Their feelings being hurt is more of an issue to them than getting to and speaking the truth responsibly when human lives are at stake.”

—(end quote)—

That is the pot calling the kettle black. You are asking people, such as Americans, to allow their feelings to over-ride mature, sensible, logical safety measures and concerns, all because you see a few sad photos of dead refugee kids washed up on beaches.

You, Hope, are the one asking me to put my personal physical safety at risk because of your misguided notion of what it means to be compassionate to refugees. Nope. That’s not going to fly.

The audacity you have. What an arrogant cookie you are.

If people don’t see eye to eye with you on debatable matters, you automatically cast them as bullies, jerks, or meanies.

Hope writes:

Bear with me also, because in the government of the culture I grew up in, people yell at and mock each other then go out and get drinks together having had a splendid debate, and having made progress as a nation, despite differences.

One of the wider problems of American culture is the inability to debate respectfully and say tough things to each other and yet stay in the debate without insulting each other and being cruel or petty.  The evangelical church here is notoriously thin-skinned, and I say this as a sensitive person myself.

—(end excerpt)—

You are guilty there of those very things yourself.   You have insulted anyone and everyone who does not share YOUR views.

You cannot accept that other people can have equally valid yet differing views to yours, so you resort to casting negative motives on them, such as assuming that they are heartless, non-neighbor-loving, sexist pigs.

All because they voted for a candidate you did not like, or because they believe immigrants should be properly vetted, and because they actually see that radical Islam poses a danger to Western societies (ISIS is not sending Non-Muslim persons roses and teddy bears but men wearing suicide vests, or nuts mowing civilians down with trucks).

Hope writes:

And it is a personal rejection of anyone like me who grew up overseas.  (I was told to go back to the UK for my concern for refugees back in 2015.  Most Christians were silent or said the same kinds of things to me.)

–(end quote)–

And just today, the UK suffered yet another terror attack, in London: a guy drove over several pedestrians and stabbed someone to death.

Dollars to doughnuts that the Loon behind today’s London attack turns out to be a Muslim.

(Link): London attack: Assailant shot dead after four killed near Parliament – CNN

March 22, 2017

A man killed four people, including a police officer, outside the UK Parliament on Wednesday in what British police are looking at as an act of “Islamist-related terrorism.”

—(end excerpt)—

I bet you anything the punk responsible for that attack was NOT a Lutheran or a Methodist. Oh, but how Hope’s heart bleeds for refugees (and how she will deny there is such a thing as radical Muslims who do kill Westerners and others). No compassion for the victims of the violent refugees or the radical Muslims from Hope, no.

Quoting Hope:

Do you not see the in-congruence of railing against Saeed Abendini’s domestic abuse while supporting the Americanity of Franklin Graham?  Do you not understand the craziness of claiming to care about religious freedom while praising Russia?  Do you seriously not understand the brazen hypocrisy of claiming to care about abuse victims (or even being a survivor oneself) and still voting for a self avowed “p*ssy-grabber”?

–(end quote)–

Some Christians who spoke out against Saeed also speak out against Franklin Graham’s excesses – but so what if they do not? Why does everyone have to have all the same exact boxes of out-rage ticked off on the Outrage Chart that you do?

Why do you feel you are the final or only arbiter of what or who other Christians or Americans should or should not support or condemn?

I condemn Trump’s sexism and even Tweeted numerous links against it during the 2016 elections, but unlike you, I don’t have the arrogance to shame and scold those who voted for the guy, or to accuse them all of being abuse supporters, abuse deniers, or sexists.

Again, many who voted for Trump voted for Trump in spite of his sexism, not because of it. 

Evangelicals and others who voted for Trump voted for him because they didn’t want another eight years of failed Obama policy in office, which is what we would have had under Hillary Clinton. They didn’t believe an establishment Republican nominee would bring actual change to Washington.

Some Trump voters wanted a conservative SCOTUS judge nominated, which they would not have gotten under Hillary.

Some of the folks who voted Trump did so because they believed he may be able to jump-start the economy.

In light of all those differing (and understandable) reasons people had for voting for Trump, none having to do with hating women, with hating all Muslims, or with hating black people, or with supporting abuse –

Hope, where in the holy hell do you get off equating every one who voted for Trump with people who excuse or cover up abuse – with child abuse, domestic wife abuse, spiritual abuse?  Why not also accuse them of hating rainbows and puppies while you’re at it?

Hope said,

Imagine what you are putting missionaries through- who love their Muslim neighbors.

–(end quote)–

I cannot imagine how you can be so thoroughly ignorant of the dangers radical Muslims pose to Western societies.

You want to place political correctness and what Muslims may think about us against our safety. Talk about having your priorities out of order. Talk about being codependent.

By the way… (and spoiler: their conversions have nothing to do with how American Christians act or if they voted for Trump or not):

(Link):  Muslim converts breathe new life into Europe’s struggling Christian churches

(Link): Why some Muslim Syrian refugees are converting to Christianity

(Link):  Droves of Middle East Muslims are converting to Christianity

(Link): Muslim refugees convert to Christianity after claiming to see Jesus in their dreams

Hope said:

Imagine how it is for their kids wanting a college education “back home” when a prominent evangelical college president lets slip the idea of “taking out those Muslims,” as if all such religious folk are extremist murderers!

–(end quote)–

Did he say ALL Muslims are “extremist murderers”? I don’t believe so. If they want to take his comment that way, that’s their responsibility.

Here’s a video by a moderate Muslim who agrees with me, not with Hope:

Video: By the Numbers The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics

Hope said,

I couldn’t even post a photo of the Obamas either as a milspouse or as an American citizen to advertise the time of his farewell speech without a nasty ad hominem comment about him on my Facebook from a former watchblogger friend who chose to delete me because I said (in summary) not cool.

I had to detach indefinitely from a Christian family member for the same unrepentant uncalled-for response to a photo wishing a former president well.  How is any of that behavior Christlike?

…And I am a moderate conservative and was no fan of Obama’s politically. But I can’t say I respect the man on any level without being accused of being a globalist or liberal by so many professing Christians.

–(end quote)–

I am not an Obama supporter. However, had I been your Facebook friend, it would not have bothered me in the slightest had you posted a “good luck in the future to Obama” type photo.

I am a right winger, but I would’ve found such a post by you wishing Obama well classy, harmless, in good taste, and so I would not have left you a nasty comment about it. So please, stop lumping all your right wing friends into the same rubric. We’re not all alike.

Hope said (in the comments on her blog page),

However, I do not accept nor understand Christians refusing to talk about or allow discussion of a significant and serious pattern of lying, alleged and repeated sexual abuse extending to possible spousal rape, and bullying of individual citizens and a free press by a political candidate favored by a vast majority of evangelical voters, on a blog ostensibly devoted to exposing spiritual abuses.

–(end quote)–

Trump, though, is not a spiritual leader. He’s a businessman who became a politician.

You honestly do not grasp how lambasting anyone who voted for the guy and doing so on a blog such as WW won’t offend Trump voters who lurk or post there? Or you just don’t care?

(Again: I did not vote for Trump myself, but I’m not going to assume the worst of every one who did.)

You have people who voted for Trump who are good, kind, moral people, including some evangelicals. You, however, continue to equate any and all who voted for Trump as being monsters.

You want WW readers to sit and read posts which say in effect,

“If you voted for Trump, you are evil, wrong, horrible, stupid, and you probably rape children for fun in your spare time. And Jesus loves me more than you because I did not vote for Trump. Thank you God for not making me like the sinful tax collectors or the Trump voters.”

And you really don’t see how that won’t cause a conflict or upset? Are you serious? And are you that obnoxious and arrogant?

By calling them abuse deniers, abuse supporters, and so on, you are being highly offensive. People will spend more time on that WW blog screaming at each other over politics than being supportive of spiritual abuse victims.

As to the substance of your accusations in the above excerpt:

What did Trump supposedly lie about, specifically? Where is your proof that Trump lied?

I should pause here to say that a lot of the stuff Trump Tweets – the man exaggerates, and the American media take him way too literally.

I wonder sometimes if Trump is playing the media – if he is, it works. The media are forever running down rabbit holes. I don’t think some of what the guy tweets is a lie per se, so much as it’s the way he communicates – the way he phrases things. He likes to over-state things, but I do not think he is deliberately trying to mislead anyone.

Last I checked, we still have a free press. Trump is not having reporters lined up and shot in their faces. The media is all over him, criticizing his every comment and policy.

As to Trump’s sexism, etc, even if I grant that point, what were people supposed to do, either sit the election out, or vote for Hillary?

Or write “Donald Duck” or “Mickey Mouse” in on the ballot?

The WW blog exists primarily to discuss topics such as complementarianism and spiritual abuse. That they may periodically allow a politically- tinged comment to go through by a member, despite their “no politics” policy, doesn’t mean they want the entire focus on their blog to be upon politics or Trump.

By the way, someone voting for a candidate you personally find repulsive is not a form of “abuse.”

A blog that chooses not to devote all its time and energy on ragging on that candidate you dislike is also not “abuse.”

Theirs is mostly a religious based blog, not a political one. It’s not rocket science to understand why they don’t want to broadcast “Never Trump” paranoia and loathing such as yours 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a reminder yet again: I did not vote for ANYONE in this last election, not Trump nor Hillary.

(But I also understand why some may have felt moved to vote for one or the other, or for a third party candidate.)

Hope said,

I could have told you in 2015 that if this person were to become president, our nation would be a bullyculture and that the most vulnerable people worldwide would be harmed by that; that people would die as a result of it.  And so it now is.

–(end quote)–

My dear, Trump is trying to protect us from the true bullies, which consist of…

The liberals (including the ones who by and large make up our media) who seek to use political correctness and the courts to shut the mouths of Christians and conservatives, to run Christian bakers, photographers and florists out of business, and the radical Muslims who want to literally kill us all. You have some of your views so terribly backwards, it’s painful to read.

Your attitude towards those who don’t share your perspectives is so very condescending and sanctimonious. And you wonder why some friends are deleting you or de-friending you or muting you on social media?

I suspect it’s due less to your views as they are but your manner in stating them, or that you are on this unrelenting crusade to keep pestering people over and over about these matters. And that you are dictating to people, as though you are a supervisor about how and what, they should blog about.

There’s nothing mean or hateful about speaking out and against Islamic terrorism, the possibility that some terrorists may infiltrate other nations via refugees, and there’s nothing demonic in and of itself for voting for Trump (which I did not personally do), and voting for Trump does not make one a racist, sexist, or a villain.

Until and unless you grasp those concepts, you’re going to keep mistreating people and keep alienating them.

Trump isn’t the bully, Hope. The people who have understandable, logical, and rational caution about accepting just any and all Islamic refugees into their nations are not the bullies, Hope. You are. You’re showing the very traits in your attitude that you accuse others of having.

Edit. Pertinent to this conversation:

(Link): ERLC Defends Russell Moore, Who Apologizes for His Role in Trump Divide


A week ago, Moore met with denominational leader Frank Page over an investigation into numerous complaints regarding the ERLC. The criticism centers around Moore’s vocal opposition to Trump and his campaign, his characterization of the faith and motives of Trump’s Christian supporters, and whether such messaging (toward fellow Southern Baptists not DC lawmakers) extended beyond the proper role of the ERLC president.

Moore reiterated and clarified the apology he shared in December, but ultimately stood by his positions.

“I stand by those convictions, but I did not separate out categories of people well—such that I wounded some, including close friends,” said Moore. “I cannot go back and change time, and I cannot apologize for my underlying convictions. But I can—and do—apologize for failing to distinguish between people who shouldn’t have been in the same category with those who put politics over the gospel and for using words, particularly in social media, that were at times overly broad or unnecessarily harsh. That is a failure on my part.”

…In Monday’s statement, Moore repeated that fellow Southern Baptists have “reasonable and defensible” reasons to disagree with him on matters of conscience, such as how to vote in the 2016 election.

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(Link):  Tolerance, Compassion, and Knowing People Personally

Teen Girl Gets Raped at Summer 2016 Baptist-Hosted Youth Event by Staff Cook

Teen Girl Gets Raped at Summer 2016 Baptist-Hosted Youth Event by Staff Cook

This sort of thing sends chills up my spine. I was raised by my Christian parents to ASSUME that Christian areas – such as churches and so on – are safe places to be, and a good place to meet single men to flirt with in the aim of getting married. But I continue to see news story after news story of girls and women who are raped, fondled, or secretly recorded on church grounds or at church-sponsored events (and by men who are Christians, too).

(Link):  Girl, 13, Allegedly Raped by Cook at Popular Church Summer Camp

March 2017

by L. Blair

The world’s largest church summer youth camp, hosted at a conference center owned and operated by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, could come under greater scrutiny this year after it was alleged in a recent lawsuit that a 13-year-old girl was tied up and brutally raped by a 35-year-old cook last summer.

…In the civil lawsuit that names the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, Country Estates Baptist Church of Midwest City, and First Baptist Church of Terrell as defendants, the unidentified 13-year-old girl claims she was raped by camp cook Benjamin Lawrence Petty of Midwest City on June 16, 2016.

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The Rise Of Born-Again Virgins by L. Barr

The Rise of The Born-Again Virgin

This is actually a rather old topic. I’ve discussed it in older posts such as (Link) this one.

I’m not a big fan of this “Born Again Virgin” terminology.

Regarding consensual sex (yes, I said consensual, because anti-Sexual Purity types always want to conflate or confuse consensual sex with sexual assault in order to dismiss the entire concept of sexual purity), either one is a virgin or is not.

If you’ve had consensual sex previously but are abstaining afterwards, I think the word “celibate” would be suitable and acceptable. You’re certainly not a “virgin” and so should not go by the “born again” term.

The Rise Of Born-Again Virgins by L. Barr

Miranda Kerr and Ciara aren’t alone – here’s why more women are skipping sex, pre-marriage.

…We’re not talking surgical reconstruction of the hymen here. Becoming a born again virgin isn’t a physical concept, it’s more a conscious decision to abstain from sex until you’re married. Essentially, it’s free virginity pass, even if you’ve already done the deed a plenty, or in Kerr’s case, had a child.

…Meanwhile back in 2008, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon also declared their abstinence. “We both have similar beliefs, and I just thought that it would be so much more special if we waited until after we were married,” said Carey at the time. She divorced Cannon in 2014. Plus sized, supermodel Ashley Graham says she’d “sowed her oats” so she decided to wait until after she married her husband, Justin Ervin. When US songstress Ciara, who has a son with the rapper Future, got together with now-husband and Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson, he proudly told the world they had decided not to have sex before their marriage.

‘I’m happier not hooking up’

However, it is not just celebrities that are abstaining from physical intimacy. Jo, a 28-year-old single, retail manager from Melbourne, relates to their desire to wait.

She has put the breaks on all sexual relationships until she’s found a man whose willing to put a ring on it.

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It is better to BE SINGLE than be in a relationship where you are abused!

As to this part of the news report:

But his domineering sister forced her to live with her instead, to prove she was good enough for her brother.

Okay, NO. That is a big, red flag. It tells you either something is wrong with the sister or with the entire family. My response would have been to tell the sister “F*CK YOU” and to walk away from the entire family.

(Link): DATE RAPE HELL user raped and kept as ‘unpaid skivvy’ by man she met on dating site

Colin Leacock, 34, allegedly forced the 37-year-old to give him oral sex at his home in St John’s Wood, northwest London after they met on the popular dating site

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Texas Man Charged with Indecent Exposure After Neighbor Claims He Was Having Sex with Fence

Texas Man Charged with Indecent Exposure After Neighbor Claims he Was Having Sex with Fence

(Link):  Texas Man Charged with Indecent Exposure After Neighbor Claims he Was Having Sex with Fence

March 2017

Austin police arrested a 32-year-old man last week after a neighbor complained to officers that she saw him having sex with a fence.

Eliodoro Estala faces a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure in Travis County, court records show.

The female neighbor told police that she was looking out of her duplex window on Wednesday morning when she saw Estala urinating on the fence that separates their properties, the Austin American-Statesman reported. The man undressed, put his mouth on the chain-link fence, stuck out his tongue and began having sex with the fence, the woman told police.

The woman took photos and videos with her cell phone and showed them to police, according to theStatesman. Police said Estala appeared to be intoxicated.

Father Raped Gay Daughter ‘To Prove Sex Was Better With Men’ – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Ethical, Loving, Mature, or Responsible

Father Raped Gay Daughter ‘To Prove Sex Was Better With Men’

This news story is beyond warped (link is much farther below in this post). I don’t have words for it.

I also wonder how much of this was motivated by this guy’s anti-Lesbian views and maybe more so than by the fact he’s a deviant and fantasized about incest before?

I am not arguing that a guy raping a woman based on her being a lesbian is any more acceptable, but I am just wondering if that is what is behind this guy’s actual motive.

I have a hard time believing or understanding how a man can rape his own daughter over the reasoning that she claims she may be a lesbian. I suspect he may have just wanted an excuse, any excuse, to sexually assault her.

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TV News Report: Most Johns Are MARRIED Men, and Public Shaming Most Effective Deterrent of Sex Crimes

TV News Report: Most Johns Are MARRIED Men, and Public Shaming Most Effective Deterrent of Sex Crimes

According to this Christian-based news report I saw on TV earlier today, men caught in this sex sting operation by the police are usually MARRIED (and white, middle aged, and college educated).

The report also said that PUBLIC SHAMING over buying sex was the biggest deterrent for men who are considering buying sex – the cops in this area were publishing photos and names of men who are caught soliciting sex (via under-cover cops posing as prostitutes).

This is all very interesting, as we have many conservative Christians who deploy propaganda stating either that married people are more mature and godly than singles, or that (in the reverse) single adults are all a bunch of harlots and immature dolts who need to get married to shape up.

Then we have liberals and squishy conservative Christians who feel everyone everywhere should cease and desist with shaming anyone over any sort of sin or crime – your liberal feminists in particular go ape crazy over “slut shaming.”

This sort of thinking has infiltrated the Christian community, where we now see bonkers editorials and opinions from Christians, on forums, blogs, and Facebook groups, railing against the concept of staying a virgin until marriage, or being celibate.

But here we have a report stating that SHAMING people over their SEXUAL CHOICES (in terms of the johns, the customers) works to REDUCE prostitution rates.

(Link):  Stopping the Sex Trade, One Buyer at a Time by H. Sells


SARASOTA, Fla.  – Across the country more than 1,000 towns and counties are stepping up tactics to deter men who buy sex. They include seizing vehicles, community service, “john” school, license suspension, public shaming and reverse stings.

Research shows that strategies like the reverse stings can reduce prostitution in a city by as much as 75 percent.

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Abortion Widens the Gender Gap and Exploits Women – editorial via the Public Discourse Site

Abortion Widens the Gender Gap and Exploits Women

I’m generally pro-life on the abortion issue. I’ve not had time to read this entire article closely. From what I’m skimming, I agree with much of it.

A year or two ago, I saw numerous articles about men (usually younger and college aged) who were calling themselves “Bro Abortion” or something (some abortion term with the word “bro” in front of it, to designate male support of women getting abortions legally).

The upshot from all this, is based on reporting I saw, is that the REAL reason a lot of these men so strongly support abortion is not because they care about women, or a woman’s right to choose for herself and so on, but because they don’t want to deal with getting a woman pregnant! They don’t want to have to raise a baby or kick funds to raise a baby. These selfish dolts are SEXIST. They are only for using women for sex.

Anyway, here are excerpts from the article.

(Link):  Abortion Widens the Gender Gap and Exploits Women by Brian E. Fisher

… Abortion: Men Started It

The exercise of power over the life of one’s offspring is not a new construct. In ancient Rome, for example, thepaterfamilias, or family patriarch, maintained a legal right to dispose of children deemed unwanted or unfit after birth. Likewise, a widespread preference for male children has compelled parents in China and India to terminate the lives of their daughters for centuries.

(Link): Gender-determination ultrasounds have been used more recently to terminate these lives (Link): prior to birth, but the brutal infanticide of daughters remains common.

What is startling about the “women’s rights” argument for abortion ubiquitous in modern Western culture is that it reframes the act of abortion as a means to women’s freedom, whereas historically it was, by and large, a reflection of male dominance.

… Men Use Abortion to Oppress Women

The passage of time revealed that the license to abort a child for any reason and at any point in pregnancy (thanks to the concurrent Supreme Court decision in Doe v. Bolton) would not yield the unfettered liberation contemporary feminists had predicted.

Indeed, there was a major oversight in their calculations—namely, how men would turn the perceived freedoms of abortion on the women who had worked to secure them. Roe effectively promised men consequence-free sex.

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Complementarian and Pro Family Values Christians Claim to be Pro Woman and Pro Family But By Their Actions Show They Are Not

Complementarian and Pro Family Values Christians Claim to be Pro Woman and Pro Family But By Their Actions Show They Are Not

Complementarians claim to be respectful of women, but their theological views help to enable mistreatment of women and bar women from taking positions and roles that should go to them, if they have the skills, talents, and education.

Many Christians claim to be pro “Family Values” but in reality treat children and women (you know, who tend to be parts of families) like dirt.

Here are some posts explaining in detail or giving examples:

First post:

(Link):  When I Became a Single Mother, Patriarchy Let Me Down by Bridget Jack Jeffries (excerpts from this first link farther below)

Second post:

And by way of WW – that is (Link): Wartburg Watch – (from a February 2017 post entitled, “Ignite: Remove Alleged Rapist, Ben Roethlisberger, and Joe White, Who Is Being Sued for Child Sex Abuse Cover Up, From the Speaker Lineup!”)

Christian Liberty University is holding something called “Ignite,” which pertains to advocating godly manhood or family values, or some such. One of Ignite’s scheduled speakers is a guy named Ben Roethlisberger, who is accused of rape by at least three different women. The guy is, or was, a football player.

A sub-heading on the WW page reads: “The troubling history of rape allegations against Ben Roethlisberger”

The WW blog owners in turn link to this page in  their post about this guy here:

(Link):   Without Consequence: When Professional Athletes Are Violent Off the Field

So, a Christian university is allowing an accused rapist to speak at an event that is purportedly about encouraging men to lead godly lives.

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Past Sin Does Not Make You A Better Spiritual Leader by P. Cooke

Past Sin Does Not Make You A Better Spiritual Leader by P Cooke

I’d say that this guy’s claim for pastoral sin in general is also very true for sexual sin in particular – sexual sin by anyone and everyone, that is, and not just pastoral sexual sin.

As I’ve blogged about before, rather than hiring celibate or virgin adults to give discussions or lectures about virginity and sexuality to teen-agers or in churches, most Christians oddly opt to get a known fornicator who claims to be a “born again” celibate to offer lectures, sermons, and to be guest speakers.

The assumption by Christians seems to be that if an adult has fornicated and now claims to be celibate that he or she is more qualified or more relatable to people than a virgin adult who is past the age of 25.

This seems like backwards thinking to me: you should want to hear from the man or woman who is over the age of 25 who has maintained their virginity and walked the walk, not the guy or woman who failed at it, who had sex prior to marriage but who now claims to be celibate.

Contrary to what many Christians and Non-Christians think, controlling one’s libido over a lifetime, and hence remaining a virgin into one’s 30s, 40s, or older, is not a heroic or an impossible task.

(Link):  Past Sin Does Not Make You A Better Spiritual Leader by P Cooke


In many cases I’ve encountered, that shortcut comes from the idea that because they’ve [preachers have] morally fallen in a particular way, they’re now more sensitive and understanding to those in the congregation who have experienced something similar.

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Pastor Forced to Flee Naked After Parishioner Finds Him in Bed With Wife and Once Wrote A Book About Godly Manhood

Pastor Forced to Flee Naked After Parishioner Finds Him in Bed With Wife and Once Wrote A Book About Godly Manhood

Another web page I saw about this story says that the pastor may have been married when sleeping with one of these women, which means he was committing adultery on his own wife (not just with some other guy’s wife). The story below seems to indicate that the pastor was married while sleeping with another guy’s wife.

Several lessons to derive from this news story below:

Equally Yoked is a stupid teaching single Christians should feel comfortable trashing and disregarding. If you’re a single Christian woman, find yourself a nice, reliable Non-Christian guy to marry, which will considerably widen your dating pool, since so many Bible-reading, church-going Christian men are cheaters, fornicators, and perverts (I am not arguing that all Non-Christian men are upstanding great guys, however).

Secondly, let this show that married people (or the previously married) are NOT more godly, mature, or ethical than single adults.

Lastly, this shows that God does not demand or expect an adult to clean himself up before God will allow that person to marry.

(Link):  Pastor Forced to Flee Naked After Parishioner Finds Him in Bed With Wife

Jan 23, 2017

by Leonard Blair

The Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons Sr., pastor of the popular (Link): Jacob Chapel Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, who recently authored a book focused on issues of godly manhood, was sent running for his life last Tuesday after one of his parishioners found him in bed with his wife.

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Pickup Artists’ Rape Survivor: ‘I Had to Do My Part to Break the Cycle’

Pickup Artists’ Rape Survivor: ‘I Had to Do My Part to Break the Cycle’

These PUA (Pick Up Artist) guys are sexist swine and dirt bags.

(Link): Pickup Artists’ Rape Survivor: ‘I Had to Do My Part to Break the Cycle’

After bringing her rapists to justice, an exclusive interview with a woman who infiltrated the online pickup artist community to investigate her own assault.


by BRANDY ZADROZNY | 02.07.17 1:21 PM ET

A woman’s mission to find and prosecute the (Link): men who raped her while she was drunk and unconscious in a downtown San Diego apartment ended this week, after a third man was sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in her attack—the maximum term possible under California law.

Friday’s sentencing of Jason Berlin, 28, wraps up a years-long investigation, undertaken in large part by the victim herself—a woman whom The Daily Beast has called Claire in previous (Link): exclusive reporting on the proceedings—and concludes a first-of-its-kind case that indicted not only Berlin and two co-defendants, 27-year-olds Jonas Dick and Alex Smith, but an entire underground community of so-called pickup artists, whose techniques San Diego Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Fraser likened to a “sophisticated criminal enterprise.”

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Cheating Christian Man Tells Wife He is Not Built for Marriage – Take Carrie’s Advice On Cheating Jerks – Equally Yoked Is A Stupid Teaching

Cheating Christian Man Tells Wife He is Not Built for Marriage – Take Carrie’s Advice On Cheating Jerks – Equally Yoked Is A Stupid Teaching

A Christian woman wrote to Pat Robertson, host of the Christian show ‘The 700 Club,’ with the following letter (you can view the video segment with this letter, as well as listen to Pat Roberson’s reply to her (Link): here (You Tube)):

[Dear Pat Robertson]

I married a man who I thought was a Christian … even though I knew he cheated on me a year before I married him.

He is addicted to porn and I just recently found out he was talking to another woman.

They both said they did not have sex, but I am crushed.

Is this adultery? What should I do? He says he wasn’t made for marriage,

[Signed] Caroline.

Robertson basically tells her she does not have grounds to divorce the guy (I disagree with him. More on that farther below).

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Groom Charged with Four Counts of Rape on His Wedding Day

Groom Charged with Four Counts of Rape on His Wedding Day

I grew up in a conservative, Christian background and have been a social conservative my whole life. I was a Republican from my teen years up to my mid-40s. I remain a right winger, but I don’t think I consider myself a Republican any more (no, I’m not a Democrat).

There is definitely a mythos and fairy tale among Christians and conservative political types that getting married is necessary to making a person mature, godly, responsible, and loving.

Often, Christian or right wing think tanks promote or peddle articles and studies that purport to show that marriage makes people happier or more mature (and these in turn are often debunked by Bella Depaulo – visit her blog here)

Of course, this idea that marriage will make a person more godly, loving, ethical and so forth, is magical thinking and a falsehood.

Marriage does not make people any more godly, responsible, loving, or mature than singleness does.

If marriage makes a person more loving, godly, and so forth, why do I keep seeing news story after news story of people who rape other people? Like this one:

(Link): Groom Charge with Four Counts of Rape on His Wedding Day

Newlyweds Forced to Be Celibate After Bride Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer Just Days After Honeymoon

Newlyweds Forced to Be Celibate After Bride Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer Just Days After Honeymoon

I hope this woman’s health recovers. (The link to the news story about this woman and her husband is much farther below. I wanted to make a few observations first.)

Growing up, I often heard or read Christians say that if one remains a virgin until marriage, that the married sex will be regular and great – I never once heard Christians discuss the possibility of a sexless marriage, where at least one partner does not want to have sex, or cannot (due to health problems, job stress, or what have you).

A lot of people, Christians certainly included, mistakenly think that sexual sin is the province ONLY of adult singles.

Therefore, Christian sermons and materials rarely discuss the possibility that married persons may have affairs, use prostitutes or pornography. Christians tend to teach that sexual purity (including chastity and celibacy) are only for adult singles, even though the Bible teaches that sexual purity is also expected of married persons.

Many Christians are in error to assume that the “marry if you don’t want to burn in lust” verse, as written by Paul, should be translated to mean, “Married persons will never commit sexual sins once they marry.”

The only sexual sin marriage takes care of is pre-marital sex.

Obviously, if two people marry and have sex with each other after marriage, their sex is not fornication (pre-marital sex). However, I have example after example on my blog (especially in the “sex sins by married couples one stop thread”) of married couples who use porn, hire call girls, molest kids, have affairs, etc.

There is nothing intrinsic about being married that makes sexual sin impossible.

A married man may still view porn, rape little kids, or have affairs on his wife. Being married is not a fail-safe or guarantee measure of sexual purity, but many Christians continue to act as though it is.

Sexual sin is therefore generally associated by many Christians with ADULT SINGLENESS (with the state of being single), so that single women (such as myself) are ostracized by the Christian community  (often under the Billy Graham Rule) as being “sexual temptresses,” although we are still virgins over the age of 35.

I, as a virgin adult woman, am ostracized and penalized by other Christians for something I have not even done (ie, had sex with a married man) – Christians just assume because I am single and female that I will want to lure a married man into bed. It is a very offensive view point that is common in churches and among Christians.

(Link): These newlyweds were forced to be celibate after bride was diagnosed with cervical cancer just days after honeymoon

Talking With Both Daughters and Sons About Sex – article via NY Times

Talking With Both Daughters and Sons About Sex

You will notice that this study which is mentioned below describes how sexual stereotypes influence how parents teach their kids about sex: daughters (girls) are encouraged to be abstinent and to delay sex, but not boys.

I see this same exact (sexist) pattern among Christian families: Christians buy into secular stereotypes that girls should be as sexually pure as the freshly driven snow and Christians wrongly assume females lack a libido, but males are assumed to be sex-starved horn-dogs who lack control, and boys are not generally expected to remain celibate.

Ergo, females are taught in Christian sermons and other Christian content to sexually abstain. Christian boys don’t generally receive as much pressure or sermonizing on abstaining. There may be something “off” about Christian teachings about sex, since they are mirroring secular cultural assumptions about gender and sex in these matters.

On the other hand, regarding other (non sexual) topics, I can see how Christians might BENEFIT (or, ironically, be MORE in line with the Bible) if they went along with secular mores instead of with their incorrect biblical interpretation of some topics. But on this issue, they sound quite similar to secular culture, and are off they mark, I believe.

(Link): Talking With Both Daughters and Sons About Sex – via the New York Times


Pastor Refuses to Step Down After Sex Tapes With Multiple Women Are Made Public

Pastor Refuses to Step Down After Sex Tapes With Multiple Women Are Made Public

Many of today’s American churches are more consumed with making sure the rank and file, average pew sitters are held accountable to church discipline, but pastors (especially of mega churches or famous pastors, like the ones who have their own TV shows) don’t feel that the same rules apply to them.

This article says that this guy was married (later got divorced) and was a preacher at a church.

Let all those facts belie usual conservative Christian propaganda and stereotypes which say things like – Marriage is necessary to make people more godly and mature (singles are supposedly not as godly and mature as marrieds); marriage makes people more sexually pure than singles; and, you have to be godly or close to perfect before God will send you a spouse or allow you to marry.

My parents taught me to buy into the idea that church is the safest and best place for a single adult like me who wants to be married to find a great marital partner.

Supposedly, the thinking goes, the quality of people one finds at a church will be a step above those one would find at a bar or night club. After seeing millions of stories like this one, about a church pastor who was boinking church members and/or those outside his church, I realize this is faulty thinking. I now suspect the quality of people one finds at a local bar may be of HIGHER quality than that of a church.

Also, I see no point in holding out for an “equally yoked” marriage, since so many self professing Christian men are abusive or sexual perverts.

As an added bonus, at least one article quotes a former church member as saying this same debauched pervy pastor was preaching against sexual sin (such as fornication) in the pulpit, all the while he himself was fornicating with numerous women and asking them to make sex tapes with or for him.

(Link):  Pastor Refuses to Resign Despite Multiple Sex Tapes Surfacing

(Link):  Houston Church Wants ‘Pastor’ Out After Admitting to Making Sex Tapes

HOUSTON, Texas — Some members of a congregation in Houston, Texas are calling for their pastor to resign after he admitted to making multiple sex tapes while serving in the ministry when a woman came forward about the matter.

“He’d been preaching multiple times about fornication, about shacking up. And to find out that you’ve been making sex tapes throughout your whole adult life—[as] recently [as] two or three years ago—and you’re a man of God at the highest point in a church,” member Lecobeun Lewis told local television station Fox 26 earlier this month. 

He says that he won’t return to Salem Missionary Baptist Church, led by Hosea Stubblefield, 32, until Stubblefield steps down.

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Angry Husband Rapes Wife With Rolling Pin, Angry Because She Is Infertile, She Almost Died From This Attack

Angry Husband Rapes Wife With Rolling Pin, Angry Because She Is Infertile, She Almost Died From This Attack

Law enforcement should rape this guy in his anus with a barbed rolling pin, in pay back for what he did to this woman.

Your wife is there for you to love and cherish.

It is beyond me how any man could think it’s acceptable or ethical to do what this deviant did to his wife.

And it’s not her fault she’s infertile.

This kind of thing seems to happen regularly in India – they have a huge problem there with misogyny, male entitlement, and violence against girls and women.

I see news stories like this and realize all the more it’s better to be single than married to a guy who acts like you are disposable, who abuses you.

(Link):  Woman almost dies after her husband ‘forced a rolling pin inside her as he tortured her for being infertile’ 

Jan 7, 2017

  • Victim was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day complaining of stomach pain
  • The husband and wife, both from Nepal, came to the Indian hospital together
  • Three days earlier, the man allegedly tortured his wife with the 40cm rolling pin
  • He is on the run on a rape charge having said to have threatened to kill his wife 
  • A woman almost died after her husband carried out such a brutal attack on his wife that he lodged a 40cm rolling pin inside her intestines, it has been claimed.

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Tim Challies, Who Is Fine With Single Adults Fornicating, Is Not Okay With Fake Sex on TV, As Portrayed by Married Actors

Tim Challies, Who Is Fine With Single Adults Fornicating, Is Not Okay With Fake Sex on TV, As Portrayed by Married Actors

The following comes from Tim Challies, who says in one previous, much older post of his, that “even fornicators are virgins now.” (No, I’m not kidding. I (Link): blogged about that obnoxious view a few years ago.)

Yes, that Tim Challies.

The same Tim Challies whose wife later wrote a guest post on his blog shaming married men who commit adultery (link to that).

In the Challies’ world, and their edition of the Bible, sexual sin by single adults is A-O’tay, but not cool when married folks do it.

In this latest blog post, Challies is upset by married actresses who pretend to have sex for movie or TV roles (is he equally concerned with male actors in sex scenes who are married in real life? Why not? Why use a woman as an example?):

(Link):   Sex on the Silver Screen – Outsourcing Depravity

Why is Challies so upset with a married woman who is a mother in real life having fake sex for a TV role, but he is peachy fine dandy keen with un-married women who have sex prior to marriage in REAL LIFE?

His sexual ethics are not consistent. At all.

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