Trans Pedophile [Biological Male] Who Sexually Abused His Own Daughter, Age 7, for Warped Porn Videos is Inmate of Women’s Prison ‘Despite Still Having Penis…’

Trans Pedophile [Biological Male] Who Sexually Abused His Own Daughter, Age 7, for Warped Porn Videos is Inmate of Women’s Prison ‘Despite Still Having Penis…’

Transgenderism is not only a men’s rights movement, but it’s being used as an excuse so that any male pervert can play the “I’m a transwoman” card to get out of negative consequences for their actions, or get off much easier.

The POS in the news story below should be slowly shoved alive into a woodchipper, not housed in a prison, especially not in a women’s prison.

Also note that marriage and parenthood do not make people more godly, loving, ethical, mature, responsible, etc, as so many marriage- and parenthood- idolizing conservatives like to assume or teach.

(Link): Trans pedophile who sexually abused her own daughter, 7, for warped porn videos is inmate of New Jersey women’s prison ‘despite still having PENIS – and wants to marry trans accomplice so they can share a cell’

May 3, 2023
by Neirin Gray Desai

A transgender female pedophile who filmed her [his] seven year-old daughter being sexually abused for horrific porn videos is being housed in a New Jersey women’s prison despite still having a penis, it is claimed.

Marina Volz, 34, is serving her 25 year sentence at the notorious Edna Mahan Correctional Facility alongside her [his] accomplice Ashley Romero, 30 [a biological male whose real first name is Adam], who joined in the abuse of the girl.

Volz, born a man named Matthew, is now recorded as ‘female’ in official prison records, with his presence at Edna Mahan said to be causing terror among biological women housed there.

Shockingly, Volz is even said to want to marry Romero, so they can share a cell together, Reduxx reported, after the publication spoke to other inmates there.

Volz, Romero and two others were found guilty for their roles in sexually abusing Volz’s daughter in the basement of her New Jersey home as part of a scheme to create pornographic films.

Volz, who ran a transgender fetish porn studio, took the youngster from her mother’s home in Oregon, then brought her back to New Jersey, where she was subjected to horrific sexual abuse, the details of which are too graphic to repeat.

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Mother Sells Her 3 Year Old Daughter for Petty Cash for Drugs in Exchange for Letting her Perverse Drug Dealer Boyfriend Rape, Murder the Girl

Mother Sells Her 3 Year Old Daughter for Petty Cash for Drugs in Exchange for Letting her Perverse Drug Dealer Boyfriend Rape, Murder the Girl

This is (very sadly and unfortunately) not the first type of news story I’ve seen like this and that I’ve posted to this blog.

I’ve seen news stories over years past of both mothers and fathers who sell their sons or daughters off to strangers for drugs or money, so that a stranger can rape and/or murder their child, or some of them do it just for kicks and giggles. This is beyond evil. Beyond.

It’s bad enough there are people are willing and wanting to rape children, but that their own PARENT (or other family member) is the one to sell them off for that express purpose is – I don’t even have the words for it.

These types of stories infuriate me. I’d love to meet the people who do the selling and the buying and the harming of these children and rip their throats out.

I’m not “anti motherhood,” nor anti-Mother’s Day holiday, but I swear to God, so long as we have “mothers” like this one in the world,
women who are willing to sell their OWN three year old daughters to men for drug money to be raped and murdered,
my fellow conservatives can damn well shut the hell up about “honoring” and “revering” motherhood already,
and stop their bellyaching, bitching, and moaning about corporations allowing people to opt out of their Mother’s day advertising like that’s the biggest sin in the world – it’s not.

The following is an actual example of one of the biggest sins in the world:

(Link): Carried away to be raped and murdered…after being sold by her mother for £10 of crack cocaine: Tragic last moments of three-year-old girl who suffered the ultimate betrayal


by Rachel Bunyan
April 27, 2023

When three-year-old Luz Maida was woken up in the middle of the night by her mother and thrust into the arms of a strange man, she could not understand what was happening.

And the truth is almost too horrifying to comprehend, as the little girl had just been sold by her mother to her drug dealer boyfriend in return for £10 worth of crack cocaine.

Chilling CCTV footage shows Luz being carried away in the early hours of Friday morning in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, by the boyfriend of her mother Aurelia Salinas, 42, before she was raped and murdered.

Heartbreaking CCTV footage shows Luz trying to escape from the clutches of Salinas’ boyfriend as he carries her away from her home.

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Famous Social Media Rabbi Charged With Raping One of His Several Adopted Sons, Molesting Others, While He Raised Them as a Single Dad

Famous Social Media Rabbi Charged With Raping One of His Several Adopted Sons, Molesting Others, While He Raised Then as a Single Dad

Have to point out that not all single adults are pedophiles or horn dogs. There are married people who rape or molest children, or who commit adultery – I have many examples of such on my blog.

Don’t automatically assume that any and every unmarried man who works around children is diddling the children.

This guy also supposedly faked having health problems in order to sucker people, manipulate them, and get pity from people, and I imagine he faked sickness so nobody would be as apt to suspect he was a child molester.

I’ve written a blog post or two before warning people, especially anyone who is very…

  • empathetic,
  • caring,
  • a people pleaser,
  • a codependent,
  • someone with
  • Emotional dependency, and/or who has
  • Dependent personality disorder,

to be aware of the fact that there are child molesters, and people with personality disorders such as sociopathy, NPD (pathological narcissism), and psychopathy, who will not hesitate to exploit your empathy and warm nature to use those positive qualities against you, or to manipulate you into lowering your boundaries or not investigating them too closely.

Also note that contra most conservative propaganda about parenthood, that being a parent did not make this man any less of a pervert, or any more loving, responsible, caring, or ethical.

(Link): Texan who posed as Hasidic Jew and adopted 9 boys charged with sexually abusing kids

(Link): Phony Hasidic TikTok-famous dad charged with molesting adopted sons after boy speaks out

March 7, 2023
by Lee Brown

A phony Hasidic dad who found social-media acclaim for adopting nine boys has been charged with sexually abusing most of them — while out on bond in an earlier child sex case, according to disturbing reports.

Single dad Hayim Nissim Cohen, 38, regularly blogged about his “unique family” in Houston, gaining nearly 200,000 followers on TikTok.

But “behind all that is excessive abuse,” local prosecutor Janna Oswald told a recent court hearing, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Cohen — who claimed to be a Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn despite being born Jeffrey Lujan Vejil in the Lone Star State — was busted last month after one of his sons went on a podcast to anonymously report being raped and abused, the local paper noted.

The terrified 17-year-old boy told BlindSkinnedBeauty that he’d been sexually assaulted since he was 11 — weeks after his adoption — and claimed many of his brothers were also abused.

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New Jersey Man Admits Paying $20k in Cryptocurrency to Murder 14-Year-Old in Order to Prevent Her Testimony in Child Porn Case

New Jersey Man Admits Paying $20k in Cryptocurrency to Murder 14-Year-Old in Order to Prevent Her Testimony in Child Porn Case

We are living in very depraved times.

Some news reports say that the teen in question is a girl other sources say it was a boy.

(Link): N.J. man hired hitman for $20K in Bitcoin to kill a 14-year-old, prosecutors say

John Michael Musbach used the dark web to pay for the hit in 2016 to prevent the teen from testifying against him in a child sex abuse case, authorities said.

(Link): New Jersey man admits to paying hit man $20,000 in bitcoin to kill 14-year-old child, Justice Department says 

(Link): A Haddonfield man who sent explicit photos to a 14-year-old pleaded guilty to trying to hire a hitman to kill him

A 31-year-old Haddonfield man admitted Thursday that he spent $20,000 in bitcoin to try to have a 14-year-old boy killed after learning he was under investigation for trading sexually explicit photos with the teen.

(Link): New Jersey man admits to paying $20k in cryptocurrency to murder 14-year-old in order to prevent her testimony in child porn case

Feb 3, 2023
by Carlos Garcia

A New Jersey man admitted to paying $20,000 in cryptocurrency to have a 14-year-old girl murdered in order to prevent her testimony in a criminal case involving child pornography.

U.S. attorney Philip R. Sellinger announced the guilty plea made by John Michael Musbach in a press release Friday.

Musbach was first arrested in March 2016 for child pornography over sexually explicit photographs and videos he exchanged with a 13-year-old teenager living in New York. The teen’s parents discovered the inappropriate interactions on the girl’s phone and contacted police.

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Florida Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Raping 12-Year-Old in Classroom

Florida Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Raping 12-Year-Old in Classroom

Like I was just saying in a post not too long ago, pedophiles have become much, much more brazen.

(Link):  Teacher at West Homestead K-8 Center arrested, accused of romantic, sexual relationship with student 

(Link): Florida teacher had sex with 12-year-old ‘girlfriend’ at school, cops say

by Emily Crane
Feb 13, 2023

A Florida teacher has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old student — whom he called his “girlfriend” — in a classroom multiple times.

David Augustine Hodge Jr., 30, was charged on Wednesday with four counts of engaging in sexual acts with a child after the girl’s parents discovered the alleged abuse and reported him, NBC 6 reported.

Police say Hodge, a science teacher and chess club mentor at West Homestead K-8 Center, allegedly started grooming the girl, who is now 13, in October last year.

(Link): Florida teacher arrested after allegedly raping 12-year-old in classroom

Feb. 3, 2023

David Augustine Hodge Jr, a 30-year-old teacher in the Florida’s Miami-Dade County Public School district, has been charged with four counts of engaging in sexual acts with a child after confessing that he had sex with his 12-year-old student multiple times in his classroom.

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To Forgive Or Not To Forgive Your Abuser – The Unintended Fallout: Possible Emotional Abuse or Exploitation Of Your Codependent Friend or Family Member

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive Your Abuser – The Unintended Fallout: Possible Emotional Abuse or Exploitation Of Your Codependent Friend or Family Member

I was watching a video today by psychologist Dr. Ramani, who I like very much, and I agree with her most of the time.

I even agree with most of her comments in this particular recent video she made that I will be discussing in this post, but it brought to mind one over-looked aspect pertaining to volatile or abusive relationships.

In the video (link to that video here, and I will embed it below, the title is, “Is there virtue in forgiving a narcissist who doesn’t apologize?”), Dr. Ramani expressed that she pretty much disagrees with the concept that people should have to forgive others, or that forgiving others makes a person stronger, etc.

Dr. Ramani rightly points out in that video that continually forgiving pathologically narcissistic persons is a waste of your time, for various reasons I shall not explain here (you can watch her video for explanations). I do agree with her on that.

If someone in your life keeps hurting, abusing, or mistreating you, no matter how many times you’ve forgiven them and given them a second, third, etc, chance,
you need to accept the fact this person is more than likely NEVER going to change and that they merely view your willingness to always forgive him or her as a weakness to repeatedly exploit.
So cut that person from your life, or limit time around them.

It’s not that I disagree with Dr. Ramani’s comments in the video on the face of things, but, I am concerned for Codependents.

On a similar note, in years past, I’ve also read books or seen videos about how people can help their abused friends.

I’ve seen videos by women who divorced their abusive husbands who reel off a list of tips on how you, the friend, can be supportive towards the friend in the abusive marriage.

These videos, books, and online articles, contain lists of things to say or to avoid saying when trying to help someone who is currently in an abusive relationship or someone who was abused in childhood.

Many of these books, videos, and web pages (most by therapists, psychologists or recovered abusive victims) often stress that you, the friend, should just sit and listen to the friend – just validate the friend, do not give advice, judge, or criticize.

I am a recovered Codependent (I wrote a very, very long post about that here).

I am also an Introvert. Introverts naturally make better attentive listeners than Extroverts.

So, as someone who is an Introvert and a one-time Codependent, I was very adept at giving the sort of emotional support a lot of troubled people seek out and find comforting.

For over 35 years, due to the parenting of my mother and the guilt tripping-, sexist-, Codependent- pushing- teachings under “gender complementarianism” of the Southern Baptist church I was brought up in, I had no boundaries, I was not assertive, and it was implied it is my job or responsibility in life to rescue or help other people, whatever format that came in.

All of that was taught to me as I grew up under the false, gender complementarian assumption (and my mother and father bought into some of this thinking too) that God created women to be more caring than men, it would be un-feminine or selfish for a woman to have boundaries, and I was taught that it was women’s “duty” to be care-takers for the hurting.

For me, most often, the support and care-taking my Mom and church taught me to engage in came in the form of “Emotional Labor,” and it made my already bad mental health in years past even worse.

(I was diagnosed at a very young age with clinical depression, I also had anxiety disorders and had low self esteem for many years. I no longer have depression or low self esteem.)

If you are an abuse victim, or if you’ve been bullied at a job, or you were abused in a marriage, or you were sexually or physically abused as a child by a family member (or by a neighbor, or by whomever),
I know it can be helpful, now, as an adult, to sit and talk to an empathetic listener about it, it can feel so good for that listener to sit quietly while you do most of the talking, and for that person to validate you and your experiences.

It can be very healing and feel like a tremendous relief for that listener to refrain from victim blaming you, offering advice or platitudes.

It can help in the healing process for another adult to believe you and just offer non-judgmental emotional support as you relate your trauma and pain to them.

I realize all that.

But have you ever considered that the caring, non-judgmental, empathetic person you keep turning to, whether it’s a friend or a family member, might be highly codependent and your repeated use of that person as your emotional support system may be damaging to THAT PERSON?

Because I was that person, for over 35 years.

I was the sweet, caring, understanding, supportive listener that many people – co-workers on jobs, family, neighbors, friends –
would call, e-mail, snail mail, or text with their problems, because they KNEW I would always listen to them rant (for hours on end, if need be, over months and years), I would NEVER put time limits on their rants, and I would ALWAYS respond in a timely fashion to ranting or sad e-mails or texts.

I spent over 35 years giving a lot of non-qualified, no-strings-attached emotional support to a lot of emotionally wounded or abused people over my life.

Some of these people called or e-mailed me over job stress, health problems, troubled marriages, financial issues, or, they were single and were lonely – they couldn’t get a boyfriend (or girlfriend).

None of these people who called or texted me to complain or sob to me ever once considered how their regular, negative phone calls (or letters or face to face chats) were impacting me. For the ones who considered it, I suppose they didn’t care.

If you choose not to forgive your abuser, that is your choice to make, but…

Be aware that if you choose to not forgive but to also hold on to your hurt and anger, and to choose to ruminate on the abuse,
and should you choose to deal with and vent that anger and hurt by regularly calling your Codependent friend to listen to your rants or sobbing – you are abusing your Codependent friend or family member, which is not acceptable.

In all the years I granted emotional support to hurting people (including but not limited to co-workers who’d stop by my cubicle during work hours to bend my ear for an hour or more about their divorce or health problems), I was never once thanked.

The non-stop support I gave was never acknowledged. And giving that non-stop support was exhausting and taxing for me, as I know it can be for other Codependent persons.

A “thank you” once in awhile from these people who came to me to dump their problems on me would’ve been appreciated. I never got one.

Reciprocation would’ve been appreciated and helpful too, but the people who were abuse survivors, or assorted chronic complainers who used me to vent to, very rarely to never asked about ME and MY struggles in life.

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Texas Pastor Caught with ‘BDSM’ and Bestiality-Themed Child Pornography Voluntarily Admitted He Has an Addiction, Feds Say

Texas Pastor Caught with ‘BDSM’ and Bestiality-Themed Child Pornography Voluntarily Admitted He Has an Addiction, Feds Say

I don’t know how conservative Christians can keep insisting upon “male headship” or male-only pastors, when so many male pastors end up being rapists and abusers.

Complementarians sometimes like to argue that complementarianism keeps girls and women safe – no, it does not. They seem to assume that men are more wise or moral than women… no, no they are not.

(Link): Former Faith Baptist Church pastor faces up to 20 years in prison after child porn arrest 

(Link): Pastor of Texas church ‘knew it was wrong,’ but kept downloading child porn, feds say 

Nov 14, 2022

The longtime pastor of a Texas baptist church was arrested on child porn charges after federal authorities said he downloaded and shared the explicit content — at times from the church.

David Lloyd Walther, the pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Round Rock, was charged with distribution, receipt, transportation and possession of child pornography, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas.

On this page, which is reporting on this crime, is this photo caption:

David Walther, wishing his congregation a Merry Christmas alongside a woman who appears to be his wife.

Ah, so he’s likely married.

Well, you know, contrary to most religious and secular conservatives, marriage does not fix society or make a person more ethical, responsible, loving, or mature. I am not against marriage, but I do very much dispute the undue emphasis that so many conservatives place upon marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family.

Considering that so many self professing Christian men, even ones that pastor or otherwise work at churches, turn out to be rapists and perverts, if you’re a Christian single adult, you need to get rid of the “equally yoked” rule and open your dating pool to non-Christians.

There’s no advantage in sticking to Christians only, and there aren’t enough single Christian men for the women who’d like to date.

Also, contrary to most Christian “how to get married” advice I heard when younger, God is not going to with-hold a spouse from you because you’re not good or godly enough… God apparently allowed this pervert pastor below to marry, so there’s no litmus test for “earning” a spouse from God.

(Link): Texas Pastor Caught with ‘BDSM’ and Bestiality-Themed Child Pornography Voluntarily Admitted He Has an Addiction, Feds Say

Nov 11, 2022
by Matt Naham

A 56-year-old pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Round Rock, Texas who was caught with”BDSM” and bestiality-themed child pornography in his possession admitted he has an addiction, the Department of Justice alleges. David Lloyd Walther now faces federal charges for distribution, receipt, transportation and possession of child pornography.

According to the affidavit, which Law&Crime is not sharing in this instance because of how detailed it is, the pastor had a “BDSM” folder containing an image of a nude boy with a collar on his neck and being sexually abused, a similar image of a female toddler, and images of nude young boys and girls being restrained by ropes and tools.

A “Zoo” folder allegedly contained a bestiality video involving a dog and a female toddler “likely less than three years old.”

The feds allege that the defendant also downloaded several videos through BitTorrent showing young girls being sexually abused by adult men.

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Mexican Illegal Immigrant Convicted of Child Pornography Possession

Mexican Illegal Immigrant Convicted of Child Pornography Possession

I am 100% opposed to illegal immigration.

Democrats, bleeding heart “Never Trump” Republicans, establishment Republicans, and progressives who defend open borders, or defend lax immigration, are traitors to the United States.

If you are an individual (regardless of political beliefs) who defends lax immigration or open borders in the U.S.A., you are complicit in pedophilia and child porn.

The Biden administration is a dismal failure in regards to border security (among many other issues).

(Link): Mexican illegal immigrant convicted of child pornography possession

There were 116 images of children on the illegal immigrant’s phone.

by Adam Shaw
August 11, 2022

A Mexican illegal immigrant who entered the U.S. earlier this year has been convicted of being in possession of child pornography — including images involving victims as young as three.

Christian Dolores Munoz-De La Rosa, a 24-year-old Mexican national pleaded guilty to transporting and possessing child pornography, the Justice Department announced.

Munoz-De La Rosa admitted to being part of a group of illegal immigrants caught near Carrizo Springs, Texas in June. When he was picked up, authorities examined his phones and discovered the illegal images.

The shocking haul consisted of 116 images of children, some involving children as young as three-years-old.

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Homosexual Couple Charged with Using Their Adopted Children to Make Child Porn

Homosexual Couple Charged with Using Their Adopted Children to Make Child Porn

I’ve noticed that in coverage of child rape, child porn, or other sorts of crimes and sins that the media are loathe to admit if the perps are homosexuals, transgender, or if they are married.

Liberals and progressives – many of whom comprise most of the field of journalism – will mention is a perp is a single (unmarried) or a hetero, however.

There was a similar news story from around 15 years ago, where a homosexual couple sexually molested their adopted son. People who knew about that abuse were reluctant to go to authorities for fear of being branded “homophobic.”

I acknowledge that not all homosexual persons are child molesters and rapists, so if you’re a homosexual person, you don’t need to leave me nasty comments screaming at me about this. But this is a problem – and many won’t call it out, because it would be politically incorrect.

(Link): Atlanta Couple Used Adoptive Children to Film Child Porn, Cops Allege

(Link):  Georgia couple arrested for allegedly producing child sexual abuse material (using their children, one of whom was adopted)

The two men each face charges of aggravated child molestation, sexual exploitation of children and enticing a child for indecent purposes

August 7, 2022

A couple in Oxford, Georgia, has been arrested after authorities allegedly discovered they produced homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one adopted child who lived with them.

… After interviewing the unidentified suspect, who admitted to collecting child porn, police allegedly learned of another individual in the county who was “producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

Detectives collected evidence confirming that the second suspect engaged in sexually abusive acts against the children and documented the acts on video.

Police executed a search and arrest warrant that same night at a home in Oxford, and arrested Zachary Zulock and William Zulock, adoptive fathers of a pair of brothers.

(Link): Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn

August 7, 2022
By Patrick Reilly

A Georgia couple [who are homosexual males] has been charged with using their two adopted children to record child pornography, police said.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office raided a home in Loganville July 27 on reports that a man there was downloading child porn.

After interviewing the suspect, who was not identified, police said they learned there was another suspect in the county who was “producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home,” the sheriff’s office said Thursday.

Around 11:30 p.m. that same night, executed a search warrant in Oxford at the home of William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35.

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Pastor Convicted of Raping Grandchildren Awarded $2M After Prison Beating

Pastor Convicted of Raping Grandchildren Awarded $2M After Prison Beating

It’s awful that a child rapist was awarded two million (granted), but the first half of this headline is something one never wants to see: “Pastor convicted of raping grandchildren.” Good lord.

I’m glad he received a prison beating. I hope his beating was from inmates who beat him for being a rapist.

Also let this go to show that the “be equally yoked rule,” as applied to marriage, is a bunch of crap.

(Link): Convicted child molester to receive monetary damages for injuries in prison 

June 2019
by: George Richert

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) An Orleans County pastor, who was convicted of molesting his grandchildren, will receive monetary damages for injuries sustained in Attica Correctional Facility. A trial will be scheduled for later this year to determine exactly how much he receives.

In April 2015, when Reverend Roy Harriger was sentenced to 15 years in prison for molesting his grandchildren, his own son George, a victim himself, was relieved. “I never thought he’d get caught, never.”

Now Roy Harriger has won a court judgment that NY State must pay him damages for something that happened in his first weeks as an inmate at Attica Correctional Facility. “What went down is Corrections Officers orchestrated a brutal unprovoked attack on Mr. Harriger, and they orchestrated a cover up,” said Edward Sivin, Roy Harriger’s attorney.

(Link): Former pastor’s sexual assault conviction upheld

November 2021

‘Disturbed and depraved’: Harriger’s serving prison time for assaulting grandchildren

… Harriger, who a judge called “disturbed and depraved,” served most of his life as a pastor at churches in Michigan, Pennsylvania and at Ashwood Wesleyan Church in Yates, Orleans County.

In 2017, Harriger was sentenced to two-to-five years for molesting a child while serving as pastor of a church in Mercer County from 1991 to 1997.

(Link): Pastor convicted of raping grandchildren awarded $2M after prison beating


 By Leonardo Blair, Senior Features Reporter July 7, 2022

Roy Harriger, a 79-year-old New York pastor convicted of raping two of his grandchildren and allegedly sexually abusing his oldest son and his sister, can now collect $2 million from the state for beatings he received at Attica Correctional Facility.

Harriger was convicted of two out of three counts of course of sexual conduct against his grandchildren and sentenced in 2015 to 15 years in state prison.

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Married Father, Mayor of Town, and Prayer Leader of His Church, Arrested for Solicitation of a Child

Married Father, Mayor of Town, and Prayer Leader of His Church, Arrested for Solicitation of a Child

Contrary to what hyper- pro- marriage and hyper- pro- parenthood conservatives will tell you, being a spouse or a parent will not make you more godly, ethical, or loving than being single or childless (or childfree).

Not all self professing Christian men are decent – the guy in the story below is apparently a Christian who was a prayer leader for his men’s group at his church.

You’re better off being married to a  non-child-molesting atheist or other type of Non-Christian than marrying a pedophile Christian man.

(Link):  Source: Pilot Point Mayor Matt McIlravy arrested for online solicitation of a child

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A source told CBS11 reporter JD Miles that Pilot Point’s new mayor, Matt McIlravy was arrested for online solicitation of a child, a second degree felony.

(Link): Texas mayor and teacher Matt McIlravy arrested for soliciting child online

By Jesse O’Neill
June 21, 2022

The mayor of a town in Texas was arrested for online solicitation of a child, a report said.

Pilot Point Mayor Matt McIlravy was charged with a second-degree felony for the offense, according to KTVT-TV.

The mayor, who is also a teacher, was busted by a Dallas Police undercover operation, the station said.mayorMatt2

McIlravy is a married father of two boys that works as a design engineer and also serves as a men’s prayer meeting leaderaccording to his government profile.

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Ex-Paramedic, Who Is A Married Father of Four, Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Injured Women and Child Patients in Ambulance

Ex-Paramedic, Who Is A Married Father of Four, Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Injured Women and Child Patients in Ambulance

News stories like this infuriate me. This guy should have every bone in his body broken and then shot in the face (by law enforcement. I have no intention of causing this guy harm myself).

The article says the drivers were present at each assault, but they claim they didn’t know – if they did know, they should also be shot in their faces (by law enforcement. I have no intention of causing these guys harm myself).

It’s bad enough when people rape people, but to rape them when they’re already vulnerable (ie, physically injured, or in a coma in a hospital bed, or emotionally vulnerable, etc) is beyond reprehensible, beyond demonic.

And I’ve read of similar situations, where men employed as police officers or firemen, who, when a woman runs up to them for help, to report she was just raped, these men rape her there on the spot!

I’ve read of male nurses in hospitals who were discovered to have raped women in comas. Months ago, I saw a news headline about a woman who was raped on the operating table in a hospital in India by either a male nurse or a doctor.

It’s disgusting. These people who sexually prey on vulnerable people should be shoved feet first, alive, in woodchippers.

This guy is a piece of sh💩t. Anyone who knew and did nothing to intervene is also 💩

For years (and I’m a conservative who is not anti-nuclear family or anti-parenthood), I’ve listened to secular and religious conservatives who try to defend or promote marriage by depicting singleness or being childless as awful. These types of conservatives off and on insist that marriage (or parenthood) are necessary to make a person godly, loving, responsible, or ethical.

As you can see from news stories like the one below, marriage and parenthood did not make this man caring, loving, or ethical.

(Link):  Monster: Paramedic Gets 40 Years for Raping Victims in Back of Ambulance


by Kevin Downey Jr
June 23, 2022

Serial sexual predator and father of four James Lavelle Walley was sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting six women and two children in an ambulance as they were being taken to the hospital. The attacks took place from 2016 to 2019.

… Walley pathetically attempted to apologize to several of his victims who showed up in court for the sentencing. He wept as he claimed he had been attacked by fellow prisoners in the hoosegow and had his jaw broken.

One of the victims was a pregnant woman who tried to fight Walley off. She lost her baby. Another woman had attempted suicide and was being whisked to the hospital. She was in and out of consciousness as Walley assaulted her.

The ambulance driver suggested a nurse do a rape test kit on one of the victims who complained she had been assaulted. The nurse stated that she was pressured not to do the test, though it is unclear who pressured her. She did the test anyway and found Walley’s DNA inside of the victim.

(Link): 2 women demand a rape kit, exposing a ‘brazen’ Coast paramedic in many ambulance sex assaults 

June 21, 2022

A former Mississippi Coast paramedic who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting six patients in the back of ambulances was sentenced to decades in prison on Monday.

James Lavelle Walley, 57, pleaded guilty in May to three counts of sexual battery and two counts of touching a child for lustful purposes before Jackson County Circuit Judge Robert Krebs. He also admitted to fondling two children ages 6 and 7 when the crimes occurred.

Several of his victims were in the courtroom to hear the verdict. Walley, a married father of four from Greene County, read from a prepared statement at times.

(Link): Mississippi ex-paramedic sentenced for sexually assaulting patients in ambulance

June 20, 2022
by AP

The former paramedic will serve 40 years in prison without parole

A former Mississippi paramedic has been sentenced to 40 years in prison without parole, weeks after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting patients in ambulances as they were being taken to hospitals.

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