Self-Described ‘Incel’ Arrested After Recording Himself Harassing and Pepper-Spraying Several Women in California

Self-Described ‘Incel’ Arrested After Recording Himself Harassing and Pepper-Spraying Several Women in California

I think I did a post about this sexist idiot a few months ago.

(Link): Self-described ‘incel’ arrested after recording himself harassing and pepper-spraying several women in Orange County, California


A self-described “incel” was arrested last week following several incidents in which the suspect recorded himself harassing and pepper-spraying women in Orange County, California.

KTLA reported that Johnny Deven Young, 25, was detained by San Mateo County authorities and charged with four felony counts of assault with great bodily injury, four felony counts of illegal use of tear gas, four felony use of a deadly weapon enhancements, eight felony hate crime enhancements, and five misdemeanor counts of violation of civil rights.

Young was convicted on the misdemeanor case and transported to Orange County jail. The suspect was previously convicted of a hate crime in Nevada, according to police.

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LGBTQ Community Triggered by Accurate Label on Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Show Identifying Him as Homosexual

LGBTQ Community Triggered by Accurate Label on Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Show Identifying Him as Homosexual

Why would homosexuals get upset over this? I’m a hetero person who acknowledges that some serial killers or mass murderers are hetero, such as Ted Bundy.

Not only was Dahmer homosexual, but so too was John Gacy (he may have possibly been bi-sexual?) There was some famous homosexual serial killer in the UK, I forget his name, but he had a pet dog named Buttons – or Bleep?

Anyway. I am so tired of this leftist identity political garage where each liberal, progressive pet group refuses to acknowledge that members of their own group can be, or have been, guilty of heinous acts. It’s not just white, hetero, biological men who’ve done bad stuff, but also “people of color,” women, homosexuals, and transgender people.

Not every single homosexual person (or hetero) is an innocent little angel. Some homosexuals (like some hetero persons) are evil, twisted, or great big jerks.

(Link): Netflix drops LGBTQ tag on Jeffrey Dahmer series amid backlash

(Link):  Netflix REMOVES LGBTQ tag for Jeffrey Dahmer series after backlash over classification 

(Link):  Netflix removes LGBTQ tag from “Dahmer” due to LGBTQ complaints: “This is not the representation we’re looking for.”

Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay, pedophile, cannibalistic serial killer who was finally caught in the early 1990s. Netflix’s adaptation of his story appropriately labeled LGBTQ.

However, within two days, the tag was removed as LGBTQ subscribers freaked out that the streaming giant would remind everyone that Dahmer was a homosexual.

As one LGBTQ subscriber wrote, “This is not the representation we’re looking for.”

(Link): Netflix removes ‘LGBTQ’ tag from Jeffrey Dahmer biopic following backlash: Report


Netflix has reportedly accommodated the demands of social media users who recently became enraged after the streaming service giant tagged a biopic about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as “LGBTQ” content.

On September 21, Netflix debuted “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a 10-part, fictional dramatization of the life, confession, arrest, and conviction of Dahmer. Dahmer pled guilty by reason of insanity to murdering 16 men and underage boys in Milwaukee and Ohio between 1978 and 1991, though a jury later found him to be mentally competent. He was charged with but not convicted of another murder.

…Most of Dahmer’s victims were gay and racial or ethnic minorities.

Ostensibly because Dahmer was a homosexual and most of his victims identified as members of the gay community, Netflix tagged the series as “LGBTQ” content. Many on social media then complained about the association between Dahmer and the LGBTQ community.

(Link): LGBTQ community TRIGGERED by accurate label on Jeffrey Dahmer show identifying as him as gay

Jack Posobiec tweeted, “Netflix hit with backlash after tagging Jeffrey Dahmer series as ‘LGBTQ’ despite Jeffrey Dahmer being gay.”

Sept 25, 2022

Netflix’s new series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” premiered on September 21 and faced immediate backlash for tagging the show as part of the streaming network’s LGBTQ content, despite the fact that the cannibal was a gay man.

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Mother Sold Her Six Year Old Daughter to Pervert for Sex In Exchange for Shoes and Cash

Mother Sold Her Six Year Old Daughter to Pervert for Sex In Exchange for Shoes and Cash

Motherhood does not necessarily make a woman more ethical, responsible, mature, godly, or loving, nor does it improve society. Here’s yet another news story of a mother who abused her own daughter – this is so disgusting.

Women such as myself – I’m a conservative woman who never married or had children – gets smeared by hyper- pro- motherhood, hyper- pro- nuclear family conservatives for being single and childless – would never sell a child for sex.

Sadly, this is not the only news story like this I have on this blog. There have been other news stories of other parents who have sold their child to be raped by another adult in exchange for money or drugs.

(Link): Mom sold 6-year-old for sex in return for sneakers, cash: prosecutors

Sept 23, 2022
By Mark Lungariello

A Washington state woman was hit with 23 years behind bars for sex trafficking her 6-year-old daughter to a pervert she met online in exchange for sneakers and cash.

Kylie Ruby Flores, a 31-year-old Spokane resident, sold her little girl to a man she met on the dating site Plenty of Fish, and who promised to pay with new Nike kicks, “small amounts” of cash and a place to stay, federal prosecutors said.

Flores and Trever Harder — who filmed himself raping the young girl in his apartment — have entered guilty pleas, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Washington.

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Vegan Mom Sentenced to Life in Prison For 18-Month-Old Son’s Starvation Death

Vegan Mom Sentenced to Life in Prison For 18-Month-Old Son’s Starvation Death

For the millionth time on my blog:
I am not opposed to the nuclear family, marriage, and parenthood, but my dog, do I ever not want to see another conservative annoyingly bang on and on about how “the nuclear family” (or marriage) is supposedly commanded by God in the Bible (no, God does not command it), conservatives declaring – falsely- that marriage and the nuclear family heals or fixes a culture, nope, sorry, but the Bible does not prescribe marriage or the family as “sin removers” for a society, or for the individual.

I never want another conservative or conservative think tank to repeat the same bullsh*t about parenthood they usually do: that parenthood makes a person more giving, self-less, loving, and ethical – no, no it does not.

Here’s an idiot who gave birth and didn’t do something as simplistic as feed her child the proper nutrition. So he died.

Motherhood does not make people more mature, giving, loving, responsible than being childless or childfree. Popping out a kid didn’t raise this woman’s IQ or level of common sense.

And no, Fatherhood does not make a man more mature, giving, loving, responsible – the article below says this woman’s husband is in prison for the same offense.

(Link):  Vegan mom sentenced to life in prison for son’s death from ‘severe malnutrition’

Florida ‘vegan mom’ Sheila O’Leary was convicted in June, while her husband awaits trial

(Link): Vegan mother convicted of murder in malnutrition death of her baby gets life

August 30, 2022
by Harriet Alexander

A vegan woman convicted of murder in the malnutrition death of her young son was sentenced on Monday to life in prison.

Sheila O’Leary, 39, whose family followed a strict vegan diet, was convicted in June on six charges – first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, child abuse and two counts of child neglect – in the death of Ezra O’Leary.

Her sentencing in Lee County, Florida, had previously been postponed four times. She showed no emotion as the sentence was read out, and told the judge she did not wish to make a statement.

Her husband, Ryan Patrick O’Leary, remains in jail while awaiting trial on the same charges.

Investigators said the couple, who lived in Cape Coral, told them the family ate only raw fruits and vegetables, although the toddler also was fed breast milk.

(Link): Vegan mom sentenced to life in prison for 18-month-old son’s starvation death

By Snejana Farberov
August 30, 2022

The vegan Florida mother convicted of murder in the starvation death of her 18-month-old son after feeding him only raw fruits and vegetables has been sentenced to life in prison.

Sheila O’Leary, 38, learned her fate Monday after her sentencing hearing was delayed four times following her conviction in late June for first-degree murder in the 2019 death of her son, Ezra O’Leary.

The Cape Coral woman also was handed two 30-year sentences for aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child, and an additional five-year term for child abuse and child neglect, to be served concurrently, reported the Fort Myers News-Press.

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Gang Used Sex as a Lure to Kidnap and Rob a Man – It Pays to be Celibate!

Gang Used Sex as a Lure to Kidnap and Rob a Man – It Pays to be Celibate!

I saw this news story go through my Twitter feed, and all I could think of, “Yes, being sexually abstinent pays off.”

If you’re not having sex (and especially if you’re devoted to having sex with only a steady partner or after marriage), you cannot be suckered into these schemes where someone lures you to a motel for sex, where they proceed to beat the soup out of you and steal your money.

Celibacy For The Win!

If Mr. Dumb Dumb (I refer to the 48 year old in the news report) would’ve practiced sexual self control, he wouldn’t have felt moved to meet up with some randos for sex.

I’m having a difficult time feeling sympathy for him, and guys like him, any more than I do for the people in the news stories in the past 25 years who’ve jumped zoo fences to pet or photograph, up close, tigers or polar bears and get an arm ripped off by the animal as a result.

I do, however, have sympathy for adults who use dating sites or dating apps to meet a person for what they assume will be a normal date – dinner and a movie. Nobody expecting that should be robbed, raped, or beaten.

But these dumb-dumbs who think it’s safe, prudent, moral, or wise to meet a group of strangers for sex, nooooooo.

(Link): Three MS-13 Members Used Sex to Lure New York Kidnapping Victim, Say Police

by L. Moreno
Aug 25, 2022

Two MS-13 gang members and an underage teenager also linked to the gang, are accused of using sex to lure and kidnap a man at a hotel in New York State.

The incident developed over the weekend when 19-year-old Tylor Salmeron, 23-year-old Yonathan Hernandez, and an unidentified 16-year-old female lured a 48-year-old man to a hotel in Nassau County, New York.

There they allegedly kidnapped the man and threatened to kill him during a robbery, News 12 The Bronx revealed.

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‘Dangerous’ Canadian Repeat Sex Offender Now Identifies as Trans, Seeks Lenient Sentence

‘Dangerous’ Canadian Repeat Sex Offender Now Identifies as Trans, Seeks Lenient Sentence

This trans-ideology has gone too far. Actual women are getting hurt, because too many perverts or rapists are lying about having “gender dysphoria” so they can rape or beat women and not pay the full penalty for their crimes, or so that they can gain easier access to women victims in women’s bathrooms and so on.

(Link): ‘Dangerous’ Canadian repeat sex offender now identifies as trans, seeks lenient sentence 

“Here it’s about a predator, convicted of a series of serious crimes, who now claims to identify as a woman in hopes of winning clemency from a judge,” said Isabelle Hachey.

August 28, 2022

A repeat sex offender in Canada has begun identifying as a woman in hopes of seeking a more lenient sentence, citing “gender dysphoria”.

Jody Matthew Burke, a 46-year-old mixed martial arts fighter, who is convicted of multiple violent sexual assaults, has now asked to be called “Amber” and referred to by female pronouns. The Crown and the Defense have obliged since Wednesday, during sentencing representations at the Montreal courthouse.

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Half-Naked Lawyer Beat Ex-Wife to Death in Front of Children: Officials

Half-Naked Lawyer Beat Ex-Wife to Death in Front of Children: Officials

Contrary to what my fellow conservatives say, marriage and “the nuclear family” do not improve society or make people more loving, ethical, godly, or responsible.

I’m not arguing the opposite, by the way – I am not saying being single or childless makes a person more godly, ethical, etc.

But conservative beliefs that The Nuclear Family will somehow “fix” a broken society is based on pipe dreams – nor is it mentioned in the Bible that marriage is a cure for a sin-filled world.

The Bible does not prescribe marriage or parenthood as fixes for society. The Bible says that marriage detracts a person’s attention from God and helping others to a spouse (see 1 Corinthians 7).

Jesus said your allegiance as his follower was supposed to be him and other believers, not to a spouse or biological family. Jesus never married or had children.

Did being married and a father make this man more godly, ethical, moral, loving, and responsible? Nope.

(Link): Half-naked lawyer beat ex-wife to death in front of children: officials

by Michael Ruiz,
August 25, 2022

A North Dakota lawyer allegedly beat his ex-wife to death in Minnesota on Tuesday as she clung to the youngest of their five children and two others screamed for help, according to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

The younger boy, 2, was so traumatized that he didn’t respond to questions from deputies after they had his father in custody and rushed his mother to the hospital.

Anders Odegaard, 31, and Carissa Odegaard, also 31, divorced last year, court records show.

In a custody dispute this week, he allegedly refused to let her take their kids to church and a fight broke out, deputies wrote in the criminal complaint after interviewing the children.

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Mom FaceTimed Ex to Show How She’d Slit His Kids’ Throats: Cops

Mom FaceTimed Ex to Show How She’d Slit His Kids’ Throats: Cops

Contrary to many secular and religious marriage idolaters and nuclear family idolaters, marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family don’t improve society or make a person more godly, ethical, loving, or responsible.

Motherhood did not make this woman more loving, godly, mature, or responsible.

(Link): Louisiana mom FaceTimed her ex to show how she’d slit his kids’ throats: cops

by Lee Brown
August 10, 2022

A disturbed Louisiana mom repeatedly video called her ex after slitting their two young kids’ throats — showing him his daughter “gasping for air” before she died, according to harrowing court documents of the “unspeakable” crime.

Jenee Pedesclaux, 31, first called her ex, Jermaine Roberts, to tell him she’d damaged his vehicle amid their bitter child-custody battle — and that she planned to kill herself and their kids rather than go to jail, according to court documents obtained by

She then FaceTimed him three times to show how she’d stabbed their 2-year-old son, Jay’Ceon, and daughter, Paris, 4, the report said.

In the last video call, she showed him how she had slit both kids’ throats — with their daughter “gasping for air” on the bed before later being pronounced dead in a local New Orleans hospital, the outlet said.

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Man on Honeymoon Busted in Prostitution Sting

Man on Honeymoon Busted in Prostitution Sting

This is very sad. I feel so bad for his wife, especially if she’s old school like me, takes marriage seriously, and believes the guy you marry should be stand-up, have good morals, etc. Can you imagine you thought you had married “Mr. Right,” only for him to betray you and for him to turn out to be a pervert?

What is the point in getting married, if the guy you marry ends up being willing to cheat on you on your honeymoon?

I know the guy cheating would be bad at any point in the marriage, but there seems something especially under-handed and cruel about having an affair on one’s honeymoon.

News stories like this betray older, and even some contemporary, conservative propaganda about marriage – such as, marriage will make a person more loving, ethical, mature and godly; a person has to reach some state of perfection or godliness before God will allow a person to marry.

Marriage certainly did not make the man in this news story any more loving or moral, and God sure was not with-holding marriage from this scum bucket.

I think news stories like this go to show un-seriously most people take sex, as though sex is nothing. Some people will just put out whenever, with whomever. Very sad.

(Link): Florida man arrested for calling sex worker on his honeymoon 

by I. Vincent
August 27, 2022

A Florida man was arrested on his honeymoon after he answered an ad for a prostitute, according to a local report.

Paul Turovsky, 34, left his new bride sleeping in their hotel room in Tampa and went out to meet a prostitute he had connected with online, authorities said.

When the self-employed businessman arrived at the Hyatt Hotel, he was placed in handcuffs, caught up in a sting operation by local police to crackdown on sex trafficking.

(Link): Sheriff: Man on honeymoon among 176 arrested in prostitution sting

August 25, 2022

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office announced that its newly formed Human Trafficking Squad cut a couple’s honeymoon short after the husband was arrested in a prostitution bust.

… “Sometimes the demand was so overwhelming that we had to go purchase a second, sometimes a third hotel room, because they would all show up at once,” Chronister told WFLA, noting the “disturbing” number of men arrested.

(Link): Florida Man Friday: Caught In a Prostitution Sting on His Honeymoon (paywall)

(Link):  Man on Honeymoon Busted in Prostitution Sting

by A. Morris
August 25, 2022

A couple’s honeymoon was cut short this summer after the husband left his new wife to solicit a prostitute, authorities in Florida said.

The suspect, a 34-year-old male, was among the 176 people arrested for alleged sex crimes following a monthslong prostitution sting in Hillsborough County, according to Sheriff Chad Chronister.

During his honeymoon, the man answered an ad from an undercover detective posing as a prostitute, Chronister said Thursday at a news conference.

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Pastor’s Wife Sentenced to Life in Prison for Convincing Lover to Murder Husband

Pastor’s Wife Sentenced to Life in Prison for Convincing Lover to Murder Husband

I think this is an update to a news story I posted about a month or two ago.

The wife claims that her pastor husband forced her to engage in a “menage a trois” with some other guy, she claims her husband was abusing her, and she got the third guy in the menage a trois to murder her spouse.

(Link): Pastor’s wife sentenced to life in prison for convincing lover to murder husband

August 12, 2022
By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter

The wife of a slain Oklahoma pastor who admitted to collaborating with her lover to murder her husband was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday.

Pontotoc County Judge Steven Kessinger sentenced Kristie Evans to life in prison with the possibility of parole for her role in the March 22, 2021, murder of her husband, David, who served as pastor of Harmony Freewill Baptist Church in Ada.

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Trans Activists Want Archeologists to Stop Identifying Skeletons as Male or Female

Trans Activists Want Archeologists to Stop Identifying Skeletons as Male or Female

Nobody is more anti-scientific than progressives, Democrats, and most liberals.

It’s popular on some sites to write off YEC (young earth creationism), literal six day creationist Christians, as being yokels and dumb-dumbs, but nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, takes the cake for stupidity and being anti-scientific like insisting or demanding that the sex of human skeletal remains cannot be determined, because perhaps the dead person “identified” as non-binary or some such idiotic queer theory stupidity.

Contra queer-theory advocates (which would include many Democrats, liberals, and progressives), women do not have penises and men do not have periods (ie, monthly shedding of the uterine lining).

Progressives will bend or flatly deny biological, scientific fact and reality in service of promoting their stupid “Queer Theory.”

(Link): There’s no such thing as a nonbinary skeleton


Trans activists are trying to rewrite ancient history.

August 10, 2022
by Elizabeth Weiss

According to woke archaeologists and anthropologists, ancient human remains should no longer be classified as either male or female. Apparently, this is because we do not know how these people would have identified themselves.

… There are always exceptions to the norm, but most individuals can be classified, according to biological characteristics, as either male or female. Trans activists in the archaeological community are now rejecting this mode of classification.

And they are doing so for a reason: they are trying to erase the reality of biological sex in the present by erasing it in the past. They want to make it look as if the natural human condition is nonbinary.

… In the same book, Raff also claims that binary sex division is a ‘duality imposed by Christian colonisers’. This touches on one of the most important aspects of the trans agenda in archaeology. This movement to retroactively de-sex skeletons is in fact part of a larger attack, within anthropology, on Western civilisation.

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Texas Family Dines At North Carolina Waffle House, Then Robs It

Texas Family Dines At North Carolina Waffle House, Then Robs It

Another example below of how marriage does NOT make society any better, nor does marriage make everyone more mature, ethical, and godly – as so many pro-Nuclear Family, pro-marriage Christians and conservatives repeatedly claim.

(Link): Texas family dines at North Carolina Waffle House, then robs it: police 

July 14, 2022
By Bradford Betz, Fox News

A Texas family who sat down for a meal at a Waffle House in North Carolina Monday before robbing it has been arrested, police said.

The Hillsborough police announced the arrest of the suspects on Wednesday, saying they received assistance from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and the US Marshals Service.

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