Meet the Men In Love With $7,000 Sex Dolls

Meet the Men In Love With $7,000 Sex Dolls

This is not only creepy, but it’s sad and pathetic.

(Link): Meet the Men In Love With $7,000 Sex Dolls

The men in love with $7,000 sex dolls: Subculture of ‘iDollators’ who marry and develop romances with inanimate partners after swearing off ‘flesh and blood’ women

November 2018
by Shelia Flynn

…John and Jackie are the stars of new documentary Silicone Soul, which chronicles the lives of men who’ve fallen in love with dolls – as well as other doll enthusiasts who have interests and motivations separate from sex or romance, such as a female artist who uses dolls for photography and friendship.

In addition to John – who purchased Jackie for $7,000 – the film follows a man named ‘Davecat’ in Detroit who’s married to doll Sidore and owns another, Elena, with whom he’s involved (they’re polyamorous, he says).

There’s also a New Jersey husband going by the pseudonym of ‘Ben’ who keeps several dolls in the basement as surrogates for his severely ill wife.

And they’re far from the only people choosing such a lifestyle, according to director Melody Gilbert, who was wholly unacquainted with the phenomenon before embarking upon this project – though it immediately fascinated her.

…Gilbert was actually contacted several years ago by Long Island professor and psychoanalyst Danielle Knafo, who’d stumbled upon the subculture when a patient told her of his own unorthodox living arrangement.

‘Initially, I did not know,’ she says of the patient. ‘Initially, this patient of mine was telling me about this wonderful relationship he was in; he had had two failed marriages and now he found the love of his life – and, as he described it, it was a little too perfect, in my eyes.

…‘I had to go through a lot of mixed emotions. You know, I’m a feminist, and suddenly this man telling me that his best relationship with a woman was with a doll – and all these thoughts about objectifying women and blah, blah, blah went through my head. But little by little, I got to know him and his own story, the pain involved in his relationships … I developed sympathy and began understanding the appeal of this kind of relationship.’

She began seeking out similar case studies to further educate herself about the existence of what’s known as iDollators, or people attracted to dolls.

…‘But I did develop relationships with quite a few of these men, and they opened up to me about their relationships. In the beginning, I thought that most of the men were asocial, they were socially challenged loners, had difficulties with relationships – but what I discovered, over the years: Some of these men are married, some of them have relationships. They have a doll relationship in addition to a human relationship. So it’s not easy to just peg them as one thing.’

 …In the case of John, he’d been married before – and was actually alerted to the existence of such dolls by his stepson. The marriage disintegrated, however, and John ordered Jackie; the anatomically-correct silicone doll cost him $7,000 brand new, and Jackie requires occasional body replacements due to wear and tear that cost thousands more.

‘I worked my a** off to pay for it, to pay for her,’ he says in the film. ‘She was something I wanted; she was someone I wanted. She was everything I wanted.’

He says: ‘I was married to a flesh-and-blood person for eight years, and it didn’t work out … Now I’m with Jackie, and we’re happy – and it is weird, but it’s good weird. Weird doesn’t necessarily mean bad.’

He takes great pride in dressing Jackie, though his long-suffering niece, who tries desperately to incorporate the unusual couple into family life and even invited them to an awkward Thanksgiving dinner, complains that he ‘dresses her kind of like my grandmother’. He takes her for walks outside of his trailer in the modest retirement neighborhood where he lives and on trips to the zoo and to their favorite restaurant.

‘Real dolls don’t cheat,’ he says in the film. ‘They don’t lie. They don’t steal … She keeps me honest. She keeps me happy. [I’m] trying to learn the zen from her. She’s just so calm and so collected and so much more mature than me.


(Link): Dutch Pedophile Selling “Therapeutic” Baby Sex Dolls by Anna Slatz

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