Arizona Republican Busted for Paying $10 To Underaged Boys ‘At Least 10 Times’ For Sex

Arizona Republican Busted for Paying $10 To Underaged Boys ‘At Least 10 Times’ For Sex

(Link): Arizona Republican Busted for Paying $10 To Underaged Boys ‘At Least 10 Times’ For Sex

The Arizona House Ethics Committee on Friday released shocking documents from an investigation into former Republican Rep. David Stringer, who abruptly resigned on Wednesday.

The Arizona Republic reports the documents include a 1983 police report from Maryland.

“The police report states police arrested Stringer in September 1983, after a boy told officers that Stringer had met him and a friend in a park a year earlier, and asked them to come back to his apartment to have ‘some sex,’” the Republic reported. “Stringer paid the boys $10 after he performed oral sex on them, and they performed the same act on him, the police report states.”

 One of the boys reportedly had a developmental disability.

 “One of the boys told police he had been back to see Stringer at least 10 times to perform oral sex or penetrative sex,” theRepublican noted.

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