Some Trump Supporters Now Acting As Nutty as Trump- and Conservative- Haters (After four years of Liberals & Democrats Rioting, or Defending Rioting)

Some Trump Supporters Now Acting As Nutty as Trump- and Conservative- Haters (After four years of Liberals & Democrats Rioting, or Defending Rioting)

January 6, 2021: After having watched Republican Trump haters, leftists, and Democrats act like violent, unhinged lunatics ever since Trump took office, I don’t want to see any Trump haters, Democrats, and Leftists pointing to today’s nutty actions by Trump supporters to act morally superior: because they are not morally superior. Nobody, no group, comes out looking good at this point.

I have never been a liberal or a Democrat, and will never be a liberal or a Dem. I left the Republican Party a year or two before Trump ever even threw his hat into the GOP’s ring.

I remain conservative, but am currently a bit more moderate than I was a few years ago.

I’ve never been particularly for or against Trump.
I have been baffled by unrelenting hatred of the man by the left and by the “Never Trump” right – but I am also baffled by the extreme devotion to Trump as demonstrated today: apparently, some Trump supporters have (Link): started rioting during the electoral vote count (including video clips of Trump supporters sparring with police).

I do understand why some might find Trump appealing, in that he seems to listen to everyday people, and everyday people feel as though they and their needs have been ignored by both the establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats.

That much I fathom – but some of the MAGA (“Make America Great Again,” aka Trump supporters) crowd fighting with DC police today and apparently trying to storm the capitol building is inexcusable.

I do think that there was some voting fraud going on in Election 2020 (and liberals and Trump haters are dishonest for denying there being any fraud or voting irregularities at all), but I’m not sure it was as widespread as Trump supporters believe, either. 

I’m going to repeat here what I said on Twitter:

I recall previously telling a few very bitter, loser Democrats and conservative Never Trumpers after 2016 that they need to remember we have term limits, so there’s no point in getting worked up.

I will say the same thing now to the pro-Trump crowd: Joe Biden (or Harris) will get only four to eight years in office, then they are out. So go ahead and let Biden have this win. 

I did not, and do not, support anti-American or progressive, left wing groups or persons (such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter) rioting, punching police in their faces, destroying federal, state, or personal property, as they did almost all of 2020.
Nor do I support Trump supporters or Republicans rioting, storming federal buildings, and so on, because they believe that the 2020 Election was a fraud, or they’re unhappy with Trump not being certified the 2020 POTUS (President).

When I see clips of Trump voters charging at police, or trying to rush over barricades to get to federal buildings, it reminds me of the actions of the lunatics on the left, Antifa and BLM. And I don’t approve.

I don’t want to see “MAGA people” (i.e., Trump supporters) acting like the Democrats and left typically do. It’s disappointing.

I mean, I am fine with self defense – if you’re a MAGA guy going to a Trump rally, and some Antifa punk keeps trying to physically assault you or someone you’re with, I am fine with you punching back, if you must.

But I don’t support unprovoked, bat sh*t insane behavior I’m seeing from some Trump supporters today in the news.

I don’t want to broad brush the entire group, though; it may be just a small percentage of Trump fans engaging in this behavior; perhaps the rest disagree.

I have seen, on televised news, some of the Trump supporters simply marching up and down D.C. streets carrying American or Trump flags; they are not rioting or hurting anyone.

But for most of 2020, it was the left that engaged in violence, rioting, and harassment, and the liberals, leftists, and Democrats either ignored it all, or when they spoke up, they tried to diminish the behavior’s severity or they tried to justify it – which is inexcusable.

It’s sad to see some Trumpian guys or people on the right behaving like the violent, crack pot lunatics on the left usually do. I do hope they stop.

Trump has a huge ego, and I perceive him as being the sort of person who doesn’t like to admit to himself, or to others, that he lost at something. I suspect that is why he refuses to concede at this point or go away quietly. 

I do not have issues with Trump or anyone else wanting to have Congress hold inquiries into possible voter fraud in the 2020 election, but at this stage, it’s progressing to something else, something ugly, and I’m not liking what I’m seeing.

(If you’re a Democrat, progressive, or a Republican Never Trumper, or conservative Trump hater reading this:

I don’t like you or “your side” either, so don’t feel smug.

You guys are just as bad, if not worse, because you not only riot or defend rioting in the name of your politics, but you also have Big Tech on your side, and liberal-biased Big Tech love to censor anyone who doesn’t walk lock-step with progressive views.

Furthermore, you liberal guys (and some conservative Trump haters) also support “Cancel Culture,” where you try to harass anyone you don’t agree with off the internet, you try to get them fired from their jobs, and then you have the nerve to gas-light everyone by saying, “there’s no such thing as Cancel Culture.” You guys are just as bad.

“What About -ism” is a TOTALLY valid point at this stage.
That is, if you were a whiny cry baby about Hillary losing to Trump, and you spent four years screaming about Trump and did things like comparing him (or his voters) to Hitler,
…and you either rioted yourself, or defended or ignored rioting by Antifa, BLM, and other liberals after Trump won in 2016 (and over the summer of 2020), you’re just as bad, just as guilty.
You have no place to claim moral high ground now that the Trump supporters are going nuts in D.C. today. None.)

So… I don’t support this behavior from “MAGA” folks, but the left was doing this garbage at Trump’s 2016 inauguration and there ever-after, as well, and I didn’t support it coming from them, either.

Some of the Trump supporters are acting nuts today, but, I wouldn’t make the mistake of writing them off. These are highly motivated people.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Liberals and Democrats will spend the next oh-so-many years writing them and their concerns off and saying they are nothing but loons. If they do that, that may cost them more elections going forward.

I am more glad now than ever that I don’t belong to any group.

I am, nor have I ever, been a Liberal, Democrat, Critical Race Theorist, or Social Justice Warrior. I left the Republican Party a year or two prior to Trump.

I am not now in any political party.

When you’re not in allegiance with any one group or ideology, it’s much easier to be more objective.

Our Congress should not have to be ushered to safety or have to phone in the National Guard to be protected from fellow Americans who are upset that their preferred political candidate was not going to be proclaimed the winner of an election.

This is insane. This is the sort of thing one would periodically see in OTHER nations in years past. This is the sort of behavior I would expect to see from Democrats and Leftists – not from other groups.


(Link): D.C. MAGA Rally Goes Off Rails in Doomed Bid to Save Trump

January 6, 2020

Hordes of Trump supporters rallied across Washington on Wednesday in a doomed effort to somehow negate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, hours before Congress was set to certify the results and make Biden’s win even more fully irreversible.

By around 1 p.m., the scene has descended into total chaos, with thousands of Trump supporters breaching barricades and crossing the Capitol lawn. Protesters began throwing things at the building and urging one another to press forward, and multiple buildings were reportedly ordered evacuated.

After being published, I may edit this post in the future to add more links or commentary.

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This is great, but Trump need to do more, IMO, as his supporters are apparently whipped into a frenzy (edit: update from news station: Trump released a second tweet asking his supporters to be lawful and peaceful):

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